The Fairly OddParents

Season 1 Episode 15

A Wish Too Far / Tiny Timmy

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Apr 13, 2001 on Nickelodeon
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A Wish Too Far:
Determined to impress Trixie Tang, the girl he likes and the most popular one in school, Timmy wishes for a list of things to make him popular. As a result of this, Cosmo and Wanda become overworked, and in fairy court he ends up losing them. Realizing the things that really are important, he must now earn his friends' forgiveness and get his godparents back.

Tiny Timmy:
Cosmo and Wanda shrink Timmy so that he can complete his assignment on the microscopic universe but problems ensue when they, who have also shrunk themselves, get eaten by Vicky. He must now go inside her to save them, but stirs up a lot of trouble in the process. To make matters worse, she plans on tearing the house apart and blaming it all on him to his parents.moreless

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  • Just not my favorite storyline at all!!! :[

    A Wish Too Far Determined to impress the girl he likes, Trixie Tang, the most popular girl in school, Timmy wishes for a list of things to make him popular. As a result of this Cosmo and Wanda become overworked, and in fairy court Timmy ends up losing his godparents. Realising the things that really are important, Timmy must now earn the forgiveness of his friends and get back his godparents. Tiny Timmy Cosmo and Wanda shrink Timmy so he can complete his assignment on the microscopic universe but problems ensue when Cosmo and Wanda, who have also shrunk themselves, get eaten by Vicky. Timmy must now go inside Vicky to save his godparents but stirs up a lot of trouble in the process. To make matters worse, Vicky plans on tearing apart the house and blaming it all on Timmy to his parents.moreless
  • Butterflies in the stomach.

    A Wish Too Far - To gain favor with the popular kids (especially Trixie Tang), Timmy wishes for stuff to make him popular. However, his lack of gratitude puts him in hot water with the Fairy Council. This episode introduces two unsavory elements that the show would lean on for years to come: Timmy's die-hard crush on a girl who could care less about him (seriously, after the fourth or fifth time, get the freakin' hint!) and the selfish attitude with which Timmy yields his wishes. Still, picking on this episode for those factors would be like blaming "Empire Strikes Back" for the sucky prequels. The courtroom scene is funny, as is the delivery of the line, "I inherited the internet". Also, there are few moments on the show more genuinely touching than the one here where Timmy loses his fairies.


    Tiny Timmy - Faced with a school report on the microscopic world, Timmy receives a shrink suit that allows him to go exploring. Unfortunately, there's not much he can do when Vicky starts breaking things...and plans to blame him. Or is there? This episode offers the most plausible explanation for Vicky's obnoxiousness (which was never followed up on), as well as an interesting tour of the human body.


    i think this is the first episode of timmys love trixie so good charcter inporvemnt second i like htis episode cause some stuff are real funny like the part when timmy had shiny teeth at verinaca (forgot name laittle) and then she was like "MY EYES!" this epiosde was a very good episode to this season and i realy dont see why people dident like this episode that much causei t was preety good i think that all the fans of this show should give this epiosde a chance and watch this episode especiall all trixie fans so i give this episode a 10/10moreless
  • I don't know why a lot of people don't like this episode.

    A Wish Too Far and Tiny Timmy were two great episodes. I liked Tiny Timmy better though. I don't know why a lot of people didn't like these episodes and thought they were boring. What I loved about Tiny Timmy was that it was cool to see inside Vicky's body. Kidneyland was so funny!! And Walt Kidney!! lol That was hilarious. And the flume ride was cool too. Cosmo was very funny in these episodes. It was cool that little people in Vicky's brain control how mean she is. That'd be cool if there were actually little people in my brain controlling me! lolmoreless
  • Boring

    This episode is stupid because its all because of Timmy wanting to like somebody and wanting to be poplular but then he ends up losing his godparents because they become overlooked. He always makes bad wishes and whats with the Tooth Fairy goof?! This is also the first appearence of Veronica, Trixie, Tad and Chad, and Elmer. I wish that they could change this episode into another one thats more funny. This episode was not very funny. Everytime I see this episode, I feel like I have to change the channel and turn my TV off. All in all, not good.moreless
Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz

Chester McBadbat (2001 - 2003)

Mary Kay Bergman

Mary Kay Bergman

Timmy Turner (Oh Yeah! Cartoons! episodes)

Faith Abrahams

Faith Abrahams


Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad

Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad

AJ (2001 - 2002)

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker/Comptuer Voice / Chicken / Jeasousy

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Vicky/Veronica/Tootie/Princess / Female Stomach Flu

Recurring Role

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen von Strangle/Jorgan von Strangle / Bouncer / Germ

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (6)

    • When the school bus pulled up in front of Timmy's house just as he was wishing for the "popular" clothes, Cosmo and Wanda were still floating in plain sight next to Timmy (though disguised as squirrels while doing so), right before changing into medallions. Apparently all of the kids on the bus had to be stupid to not notice that those floating squirrels were really fairies!

    • The rotating black hole in Vicky's heart is acting more like a wormhole than a black hole. Based on Kerr's solution for the equations of general relativity, it predicts that a way to escape a rotating black hole, which contains two horizons, is that the properties of space-time will allow an object to evade singularity(an even that happens frequently in non-rotating black holes and makes matter "disappear"), and pass through another set of horizons that will eventually lead the object to another universe or another part of the universe without exceeding the speed of light.

    • In Tiny Timmy, while his parents are explaining the value of the vase to Vicky, look at his mom's bracelet. It disappears while she's laughing.

    • In A Wish Too Far, when Cosmo and Wanda are explaining their pie chart to Timmy, there's a close up of them as a fish, and Cosmo is on the right and Wanda is on the left, but on the next shot with Timmy, Cosmo is on the left and Wanda is on the right.

    • In A Wish Too Far, the balloons rise to the ceiling after Timmy is poofed back to his room. How can balloons rise from the ground? Maybe the writers wanted to balloons to be deflated, in which case they would fall and not rise.

    • In A Wish Too Far, when Timmmy lost Cosmo and Wanda, shouldn't he have lost his memory and everything Cosmo and Wanda gave him?

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  • NOTES (5)

  • ALLUSIONS (11)

    • Elmer: Name
      Elmer is, in fact, Butch Hartman's first name.

    • In "A Wish Too Far", Trixie says she is going to 'Skip-E-Cheeze's', and then she is going to buy it.
      Skip-E-Cheeze's is a spinoff of the Chuck-E-Cheeze's, which is a pizza restaurant.

    • Cosmo: "This is one small step for a fairy, one giant step..."
      This is a reference for the famous line said by astronaut Neil Armstrong during his descent to the moon in July 21, 1969. The complete phrase is "That's one small step for (a) man, one giant leap for mankind"

    • Walt Kidney: And here is your magical guide, Tinkle Bell! This is an allusion to Walt Disney's Peter Pan's Tinker Bell.

    • Walt Kidney: From the kidney and beyond!
      This is obviously referring to Buzz Lightyear's catchphrase, "To infinity and beyond!"

    • Tiny Timmy: Title
      This is a pun off Tiny Tim.

    • Elmer's Boil: Name
      In A Wish Too Far, Elmer's boil, Bob, is a reference to the name of one of the the crew members of the Fairly OddParents, Bob Boyle.

    • Nice Vicky: Appearance
      Nice Vicky's appearance in Tiny Timmy is a parody of Snow White.

    • A Wish Too Far: Title
      The title of A Wish Too Far is a spoof of the 1977 movie, A Bridge Too Far.

    • Cosmo and Wanda: It's Walt Kidney!
      As Kidneyland is a spoof on Disneyland, Walt Kidney is a spoof of Walt Disney, as well.

    • Vicky's Voice Box: Welcome to Voice in the Box. Can I take your order?
      Voice in the Box is a spoof of the resturant Jack in the Box, as the order window is the same as the one in Jack in the Box.