The Fairly OddParents

Season 3 Episode 7

Abra Catastrophe!

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jul 12, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Cosmo and Wanda plan a party to celebrate Timmy having godparents for one year. But Mr. Crocker has other plans that involve a magic muffin that grants one wish without rules to whoever eats it. So Mr. Crocker eats the muffin, so he wishes he can catch a fairy godparent. Crocker gets a butterfly net, and catches Wanda.moreless

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  • My Final Review of the Year 2011

    Cosmo and Wanda plan a party to celebrate Timmy having godparents for one year. But Mr. Crocker has other plans that involve a magic muffin that grants one wish without rules to whoever eats it. So Mr. Crocker eats the muffin, so he wishes he can catch a fairy godparent. Crocker gets a butterfly net, and catches Wanda. Well, I made this quick game which was that the 1st user to comment on my blog gets to request one thing for me to review as My Final Review of the Year 2011. marebear2009 was the 1st user to comment on blog and requested me to review this FOP movie so here it is. I love this TV Movie. It has very good action, the animation was very well done, the humor was excellent, and I enjoyed the whole process of the storyline. This FOP movie is totally worth watching because it is really awesome and it is action-packed with a lot of humor to laugh at. Timmy's dream in like the first 5 minutes of the TV Movie with some movie parodies like "Star Wars", "Spider-Man", and more was very funny. It was also interesting to see Crocker as a dictator and the fight scene between Timmy and Crocker was awesome and it's cool that Timmy defeated Crocker. That Bimpy the monkey character was also very funny and cute. A lot more parts made me laugh as well. I also enjoyed the ending to this movie. Butch Hartman and his writing crew must have gone all out with this movie because they did it right and it was amazing and it's definitely one of the best "The Fairly OddParents" movies I've seen. Overall, this is my final review of the year 2011... goodbye 2011 and hello 2012. 10/10moreless
  • An awesome Movie should of been in Theatres!

    I first saw Abracatastrophe when I was 8 years old. I loved it now I'm 13, and I still love it. It was very suspenseful. This movie revealed how evil Crocker was. He made me so mad hurting Cosmo and Wanda. I was shocked when Timmy revealed his secret I thought that was the end. The special effects were cool. This episode had lots of funny moments, and comments. This will always be one of my all time favorite episodes. This movie rocks no question. It was dark for the Fairly Oddparents, but hey it was really good! Timmy was so brave fighting Crocker to save his loved ones, and the whole world. Great Job FOP!moreless
  • Timmy recieves a Fairy-Versairy muffin and many other gifts to celebrate his 1-year anniversary since he gt Cosmo and Wanda. But the muffin ends up causing him a lot of troubles...moreless

    Woah, this movie was BEYOND awesome. The first half with Bimpy seemed just a little slow and unrelated to the second half with Crocker though. The part with the world being ruled by monkeys really only felt like an episode, but it did flow into how Crocker got his hands on the muffin, so I guess it was alright.

    The action parts with Timmy and Crocker were very suspending, and the near-end and ending was wonderfully done. You could've never suspected so many of the plot twistes in this movie like Crocker deciding to hurt Timmy's parents and Timmy telling his mom and dad about his fairies. And Timmy and Cosmo were both really sweet in this movie. If Abra Catasrtrophe was the first FOP clip/episode/movie/anything you've ever seen, then I guarentee that you'll be hooked on Fairly Odd Parents for life. This movie has to be my most favourite movie that I've ever ever got the pleasure of seeing.

    ((I would score it 100/10 if I could))moreless
  • The best fairly Odd Parents Movie to date.

    WHY! WHY! WHY! Why did they not release this into theaters, sure it was 3 episodes put together, but if they would have put it into theaters they would make it into a real 70 minute feature. Any way this episode/movie was great. Butch Hartman had a great directing and writing team. The story was really well written and funny. The animation was top notch and had a little three d here and there. And it was one of the last times we saw Cosmo really care for Wanda, not like now where he's a jerk to her 24/7. So in closing i give this episode a 10/10. great job Nickelodeon.moreless
  • the first movie of the show, and its exciting and cool

    well ive waited a long time for this and it came the fairly odd parents MOVIE!!!!! this movie was so awsome when it first came out i wanted to even buy this movie cause it was so cool this movie is also very exciting and some parts are silly though the beggining was alittle boring but the ending was cool when cosmo and crocker fight and also this is the first episode when timmy reveles the he has fairly odd parents to his own parents i was so shocked he did that and it keeps you wondering "will timmy have his fairys again?" well i dont wanna spoil it for anyone who hasent seen it lol but i rate this movie a 10/10moreless
Steve Marmel

Steve Marmel

Addition Voices

Guest Star

Gary LeMel

Gary LeMel

Fairy Cowlick Jr.

Guest Star

Cara Newman Ruyle

Cara Newman Ruyle

Female Gorilla

Guest Star

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker/Mr. Crocker / Ape #2

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (15)

  • QUOTES (39)

    • Jorgen: (Destroys the bridge) There, I have destroyed the bridge between Fairy World and Earth.
      Soldier: But sir, we could've destroyed the bridge without scrambling the fairies...
      Jorgen: I LIKE to scramble the fairies!! (Turns back to bridge) Now that the only connection for any human to get to fairy world is destroyed, we can prevent any further puny fairies from being captured.
      Solider: But sir, w-we usually poof to Earth; you didn't have to destroy the bridge.
      Jorgen: I LIKE to destroy the bridge!!

    • (Crocker's scepter is now useless without Cosmo and Wanda to power it)
      Crocker: Well, I can still smack you around with it.

    • Jorgen: I have broken the bridge between Fairy World and the Earth!

    • Timmy: (Eating muffins) Blueberry... cranberry... banana nut...
      Mr. Crocker: (Scanning the flying muffins) Oat... wheat... (Two muffins fly into his face) POPPY SEED!

    • Jorgen: What was I gonna do?
      Cosmo: Scramble the faries?
      Jorgen: Yes! I like to scramble the fairies!

    • Fairy: You know, we usually just poof to Earth. We didn't have to destroy the bridge.

    • Wanda: When are you gonna let me go?
      Crocker: What day is it?
      Wanda: Tuesday.
      Crocker: Wednesday... Thursday... NEVER!

    • Timmy: I'll never bow down to you, Crocker! I don't care how powerful you are, you're still a second-rate elementary school teacher. An shrimp puffs reak!
      Crowd: Ohh.
      Crocker: What would an angry dictator say to that?
      Wanda: I'm gonna let the fairy go?
      Crocker: No! Nice try though, I respect that. He'd say SILENCE!!!!
      (Fires a magic blast at Timmy)

    • Timmy: Chimpsdale?! (Sighs) When this is over, I'm wishing for a world without puns!

    • Crocker: Students, this is a math problem. But in a world where fairies exist, math means nothing! A fairy can make two plus two equal fish. (Draws fish on the board and twitches crazily to students)

    • Fairy: We could have destroyed the bridge without scrambling the fairies.

    • Dad: Hey, Timmy! Normally I don't like the chain look, but you pull it off quite nicely!

    • Monkey #1: So I heard, He gave him an Banana Ring!
      Monkey #2 and Monkey #3: NO!
      Monkey #1: And guess what? IT TOOK 3 WHOLE BUNCHS!
      Monkey #2 and Monkey #3: (Start speaking monkey) Ho ho ho!

    • Crocker: Hey, Turner, if you don't get dissected by Friday, do you wanna come to my dinner party, I'll be serving shrimp puffs.
      Timmy: Shrimp puffs are gross!

    • Crocker: (In cage) Hey look a muffin. Wait, according to this feeding chart, I'm not supposed to be fed till March. I better save this...

    • Ape #1: Hey, did you read the daily banana?
      Ape #2: Yeah, Banana stocks are up.
      Ape #1: That's bananatastic!

    • Cosmo: I like the species that throws their own feces!

    • Muffin Man: (Singing) Muffin. Muffin. How about a muffin.
      Crocker: MUFFIN! MUFFIN! MUFFIN!

    • Jorgen: Something has interrupted my very muscular bath! What in the name of bulging triceps is going on?!

    • Crocker: I'm quiting teaching-
      Students: Yaaaaaaaay!
      Crocker: I'm quitting teaching...LORD OF THE UNIVERSE!!!

    • (During the Star Wars parody...)
      Cosmo: (Wearing a Darth Vader-style costume) Because I am your father... (Removes the mask) your godfather. Ha-ha, gimmie five!
      Timmy: (Accidentally lets go of the handrail and falls) Cosmo, you idiot!

    • Timmy: (Referring to his Mom and Dad) Man, I wish they didn't lie to me. (Cosmo and Wanda grant wish)
      Wanda: Uh, did we just make it so Timmy's parents couldn't lie.
      Cosmo: Yeah. (Pauses for a second) You've gained weight.
      Wanda: Ya know, we can still lie to each other.
      Cosmo: Yeah, I know.

    • Wanda: (about Jar Jar Blinks) He's the guy from that movie everybody hated!

    • Kids: AHHH! Spinach!
      Crocker: Excellent!
      Sailors: Ahoy! Spinach!

    • Timmy: (Whispering) Mustn't move. Mustn't make a sound.
      Cosmo: (Appears and yells into a megaphone) Hi Timmy! I got your hand!

    • Sanjay: Can I go to the bathroom?
      (Crocker turns his head into a toilet)
      Chester: Can I go to the Sanjay?

    • Timmy: The Crimson Chimp? Chimp Skylark?

    • Crocker: (Singing) I am the master of man and ape I am the ruler of man and ape. Everybody sing!

    • Cosmo: (As Vader) Girls dig this cape! (Holds up cape)

    • Waxelplax: Crocker, what's this fork doing in my fanny?
      Crocker: It's, uh, Cupid's fork of love. I love you!
      Waxelplax: How surprising...and unwanted.

    • Sanjay: My goodness, this muffin, it sparkles like the dew on the back of the cobra.

    • 8-year old Timmy: (About Vicky) Did anyone else notice the lightning?

    • Cosmo: I don't wanna go away forever!

    • Wanda: We brought gifts!
      Cosmo: We brought pals!
      Wanda: I brought guys!
      Cosmo: I brought cows!
      Timmy: But just what the heck did I do?
      Cosmo: (To Wanda) You brought guys?

    • Cosmo: Hey, did somebody die?

    • Mom: I bet we can go through every single one of these tapes and not find even ONE little white lie! (Pops tape into VCR)
      Mom and Dad: (To Timmy, on tape) The Stork!
      Dad: Oh well.

    • Dad: Timmy! The school vine is here.

    • Muffin Guy: It's Muffin Monday!
      AJ: (With monkey) Oh. I thought it was monkey monday!
      Chester: Aw man! Then what am I gonna do with this thing!? (Holds up muffler)

    • (Timmy's hand gets cut off)
      Timmy: I only have two of those you know!
      Cosmo: (As Vader) Don't worry, you'll get another one in the end. A really cool robotic one.

  • NOTES (6)

    • Crocker's outfit when he is ruler looks a little like his dream is "transparents", but there are noticable differences.

    • Right after the intro song for The Fairly OddPrimates Cosmo and Wanda wake Bippy the same way they woke Timmy at the beginning of The Big Problem. Even their dialogue before waking Bippy was the same but with Wanda being sad now.

    • Crocker's fantasy of being supreme magical ruler of the world in TransParents comes true in this movie. In fact, when Crocker turns two kids into ice sculptures, he says he wanted them to become piles of ashes, which is what he imagined himself doing to two people during that fantasy.

    • This is one of the few episodes to be rated TV-Y7 until 2006 when the show was rated TV-Y7 from that point on.

    • This is the first Fairly OddParents movie.

    • Chester's voice is now done by Jason Mardsen.

  • ALLUSIONS (15)

    • Timmy: And that is why I had to tell the Truth because, THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE! This is a reference to what Jesus quoted in The Gospel of St. John 8: 31-32 "Jesus then said to those Jews who believed in him, "If you remain in my word, you will truly be my disciples, and you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free."

    • Spongebob Squarepants:
      The boy who askes for a Chocolate Whiz Pie sounds similar to Spongebob from Spongebob Squarepants.

    • When Cosmo (who just had new muscles) was about to punch Crocker, he yells "Wandaaa!". It was an allusion to the 2001 movie A Knight's Tale, starring Heath Ledger. There's a scene in the movie where the main character is about to strike his oponent, and yells "WIlliaaam!" (his name).

    • The world ruled by primates is a take on Planet of the Apes.

    • Timmy's dream is a spoof of Star Wars, Spider-Man, and Jurrasic Park.

    • Byline: Created by Elmer Apeman

      This is a pun off of the show's creator's real name, Butch Hartman.

    • The song "Wish Come True" was played by a character named Fairy Cowlick Jr. (Magic Connick Jr. in the Latinamerican version). He's an allusion to singer and pianist Harry Connick Jr.

    • Timmy: One of America's most beloved comedic entertainers.
      Timmy is refering to Groucho Marx.

    • Muffin, Monkey, Muffler Monday
      This is a parody of an episode of Spongebob Squarepants called "No Weenies Allowed", where they there is Mega Monday, Super Weenie Wednesday, and so on.

    • Title: Abra Catastrophe
      The title is a pun off "Abra Cadabra".

    • 8-Year Old Timmy: Scene
      The scene where Timmy was 8 years old, it was a parody of "I Love Lucy!"

    • Crocker: You're not Shemp! You're not even Curly Joe!
      Crocker is apparently a fan the late "Three Stooges" shorts. Shemp, and later Curly Joe were replacements for the then deceased Curly Howard as the third stooge in the late '40s and '50s.

    • Gorilla: That's bannana-tastic.
      The phrase "banana-tastic" is a parody of the phrase "smurf-tastic" from The Smurfs.

    • Crocker: Ruler Outfit
      Crocker's outfit seems to be a cross bewteen the Marvels Comics characters, Galactus (head and armor) and Annihilus (wings and staff).

    • Sailors: Ahoy! Spinach!
      The sailors crowding around Crocker's spinach van is a play on how "Popeye the Sailor Man" eats spinach and suddenly obtains superhuman strength.