The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 3

Action Packed / Smarty Pants

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 22, 2002 on Nicktoons Networks



  • Trivia

    • In Action Packed, before Timmy punches it, his pillow is horizontally from the bed, but when he starts punching the pillow, the pillow is vertically from the bed, similar to a punching bag

    • In Smarty Pants, during the quiz competition, the Banana Slug is refered to as an insect. Slugs, snails and other animals in that group are gastropods, not insects!

    • In Smarty Pants, Timmy talks about the Texas Revolution. He says that the Alamo was when they won their independence, but it was actually in San Jacinto.

  • Quotes

    • (While on the phone)
      AJ: Are you playing the Crash Nebula video game? shouldn't you be studying?
      Timmy: What are you? my mom?
      (Timmy hangs up)
      AJ: Hey genius, you missed the receiver
      (Timmy hangs up again)
      AJ: Nope, still off

    • Timmy's Dad: Son, do you know why we're disappointed in this F?
      Timmy: Because I could do better than that?
      Timmy's Dad: You can?
      Timmy's Mom: What? What a relief! We were going to blame ourselves!

    • Timmy: In an infinite universe where reality is interpreted through our continuously fluxuating perception, providing absolute definitive proof of anything becomes a little more than speculation based on random data.

    • Jorgen: My muscles are to big and can't reach face!

    • Timmy: I wish I had some more ninjas to fight! (Silence) Hellooooo?

    • Rooster: COCK-A-DOODLE-Uhh who Cares?

    • A.J.: (After breaking his trophy into pieces) I gotta work on my gloating.

    • Timmy: The horror! The adult un-rated PG-13 horror!

    • Jorgen: I, Jorgen von Strangle, very tough fairy and obligatory action movie villain, and my kitty, Mr. Tulip-toes...KITTY KITTY KITTY...are planning to kidnap all the fairies in the world! And then, using my brilliant magic-siphoning invention, I will suck the magic out of their pathetic fairy bodies...and transfer it into my wand! (Tosses the cat into the trash) HAHAHA!
      Wanda: Timmy, help! (Turns old and decrepit) He's taking our magic!
      Cosmo: Uh, I like older women, but... (Also turns old and decrepit) Wait! Wait! Stop!!
      Jorgen: (Laughing maniacally) Soon, the world will be mine!

    • Dad: (Reading the Action News) Sports... Actiony! News... Actiony! Weather... Hey!
      Mom: (Does a backflip)
      Mom and Timmy: What?
      Dad: A 100% chance... of action! (Rolls the newspaper into a ball and throws it away and it explodes)

    • Wanda: What flammable-
      Cosmo: Pudding!

    • Jorgen: Nooo! Why did I put a reverse switch on it?
      Timmy: Because this is MY movie! (Seeing Jorgen's invention) Uh-oh! It's overloading!
      Jorgen: Eh... My muscles! My beautiful muscles!

    • Jorgen: Prepare to change your name to the late Timmy Turner!

    • AJ: Spell calculator.
      Timmy: C-A-L-Q-
      AJ: (Stares at Timmy with a smirk on his face)
      Timmy: Later!

    • Lawyer: You did that all your own. Well, I still get paid.

    • Mom: We grounded the smart kid!
      Dad: Yeah!
      Mom and Dad: Go parents, go parents, go parents!
      Dad: Indeed, Yee haw.
      Mom: Yes, sir. Go parents.

    • Tape Recorder: Pass the butter. This tape will now self-destruct.

    • Dad: (Reading the newspaper) News... Same. Sports... Same. Weather... Hey!
      Mom and Timmy: What?
      Dad: Same.

    • Timmy: Well mom, if your math is as good as Dad's spelling, I could have turned 21 for all you know
      Cosmo and Wanda: Gasp!
      Dad: Those gasping mice are right, Timmy!
      Mom: Timmy, you can argue with me until it's 13:00 but you will not act like a smarty pants.
      Timmy: Can you prove I was being a smarty pants?
      Dad: Eh?
      Timmy: (Says smart stuff)
      Dad: Guhhh... My brain hurts...

    • Timmy: Uh-oh! I don't know anything anymore!
      Cosmo: Welcome to my world!

    • Cosmo: Hey Timmy wanna play the Not-Study Game?
      Timmy: How do you play?
      Cosmo: (Makes all the books disappear from the table) You're already playing!
      Cosmo and Timmy: Yaaaay!

    • Timmy: Not so fast, Jorgen von Poophead!

    • Dad: I wish my life was like that!
      Timmy: Believe me, no you don't!

    • Timmy: (Grabs popcorn from Popcorn Bag Cosmo)
      Cosmo: Ahh! My brains! Babble and drool!

    • Timmy: Cool I have 5:00 shadow
      Cosmo: (Pulls out a clock) And it's only 7:00 A.M.!

    • AJ: I'm gonna add this A to my A collection.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Dad: Apperance
      The apperance of Dad in the action world is similar to Neo in The Matrix.

    • Music: Mission Impossible
      When Timmy jumps out of a plane, the music in the backround sounds similar to the Mission Impossible Theme.

    • The game console that Timmy is playing with in Smarty Pants resembles closely Playstation One features. The game controller resembles the controllers from the Nintendo SNES controllers

    • Timmy chased by a big rolling boulder

      This is a reference from the famous scene where Inidana Jones is being chased by a huge rolling boulder after he steals the Hovito Idol from an ancient temple in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The way Timmy evaded the boulder seemed to be from Matrix

    • Quizmaster: The category is Potpourri.
      In Smarty Pants, the subject for the last question is "Potpourri", which is also the name of the grab bag category on Jeopardy!

    • Action Timmy: A parody off of Bruce Willis' appearance in the movie Die Hard

    • Dad: The boring dog who can shoot boring hoop
      This is probably a reference to the movie Air Bud, a movie about a dog that can play basketball

    • Wanda: Game Show
      In Smarty Pants, the set-up they used to test Timmy is the set-up for The Weakest Link.

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