The Fairly OddParents

Season 4 Episode 4

Baby Face / Mr. Right

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Mar 19, 2004 on Nickelodeon
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Baby Face:
Timmy is sent to Flappy Bob's Learnatorium, because Vicky can't take care of him (because he had wished her to have a fish head.) He encounters Francis there, and in order to hide from him, he wishes he was a baby. However, the wish backfires on him when he realizes that he cannot talk anymore, and therefore, he can't wish himself back to 10 years...
Mr. Right:
Tired of being constantly wrong on everything, Timmy wishes that when he talks to people, he's always right. So, when he says something, it instantly happens. But trouble occurs when he says to Mr. Crocker that he doesn't have fairy godparents...moreless

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  • A Ridiculous Episode Overall

    Baby Face seemed partly startling. I would have to say that I felt very nervous when Timmy's parents showed up at the daycare center while Timmy was still a baby from his wish. I think Timmy would always be like a little kid because he usually would have a temper.

    Mr. Right was sort of like a "recycled" episode. I would agree with others that it was like Smarty Pants (where Timmy wished to know everything) and Mind Over Magic (where Timmy wished he could read other people's minds), but it wasn't quite the same idea. Timmy didn't actually know everything in this episode; he just magically made everything he said true.moreless
  • Unlike past reviews, this one is both episodes combined.

    Hmm, let's see: In Baby Face, Timmy wishes he were a baby so Francis wouldn't pick on him but unsurprisingly lands in hot water because his godparents can't understand what he says and therefore can't grant his wishes. And in Mr. Right, because he's tired of being wrong all the time, Timmy wishes he were right and ends up denying and almost losing Cosmo and Wanda. Francis is the top villain here with Vicky coming in a close second and Crocker just barely scraping the barrel. Since there'd already been episodes that hadn't agreed with me (Fool's Day Out, Where's Wanda, and This Is Your Wish, to name a few), half of me felt no need to worry when I first saw these two. It was just one of those occasions, right? Maybe the next episodes would be even better?


    Whereas one half felt relaxed, my other half got this sudden notion that the show was just beginning to go downhill. Vicky Loses Her Icky and Pixies, Inc. probably didn't agree with most other viewers, but Baby Face and Mr. Right seriously take the cake. Francis' behavior isn't surprising since he's already confirmed his lack of redeeming qualities, but the ending to the second episode here disturbed me. Timmy and his parents had been kicked out of their own house by the same individual before, but did the producers honestly NEED to have the boy get beat up on his own property? I thought this was better than many other wasteful shows on Nickelodeon.

    As if that's not bad enough, Vicky's lost her human side: She's just become too mean. On top of that, I'm also sad to mention that I'm getting sick of Crocker.moreless
  • Very good episode in the series.

    This episode was so good that it was about Timmy going to Flappy Bob's Learnatorium and there he encounters with Francis and they give him the tour of the place. I used to like the way Timmy wished himself into a baby that scene was one of the funniest in the series and the way they builded the giant robot that looked like Francis it was really funny. Also in the other episode it was funny the way Timmy wished himself that he was always right and the way he beated Francis it was funny to and many fun things happened in the episode also but the episode Mr. Right was one of the funniest and for being such a good episode I personally give it a 9.4 superb rating for my review.moreless
  • Fun box, oh, fun box, small and square and dark, Fun box, oh, fun box, check out these cool fun locks, Yay!

    In "Baby Face," Timmy is sent to the big kids' room in Flappy Bob's Learn-a-torium since Vicky is still suffering from a fish head disease Timmy gave her. Timmy is horrified of the big kids' room, especially when Francis wants to beat him up. Timmy wishes that he were a baby so that Francis wouldn't beat him up, but he needs to wish himself back to 10 before his parents arrive to pick him up, and that's not going to be easy since as a baby, he can't talk. Timmy's only choice is to spell out the wish, but can he do it before his parents get back?

    Then in "Mr. Right," Timmy is sick and tired of being wrong, so he wishes that whatever he says becomes right. (Ex: 49 stars on the American flag because North and South Dakota put their differences aside and became Dakota.) But when he says that he doesn't have fairy godparents, he really doesn't, so he needs to tell someone he does have fairy godparents. That too, is not going to be easy since he needs to find someone who doesn't believe him.

    Although there are many other great FOP episodes, these 2 are my all-time favorites.moreless
  • Episodes with mean humor.

    Baby Face was about Timmy not wanting to be with the big kids. So, he wishes to be a baby. Indeed he becomes a very cute one! The ending was cruel to Timmy and I really found this episode to be mean.

    Mr. Right might be what you say alot similar to Mind Over Magic and Smarty Pants. But this time, Timmy wishes that whatever he said, he was right. So, when he said he never had godparents, they vanished. SO, he wished them back and he got hurt again.

    Overall, a funny and yet very painful episode to watch.moreless
Ralph Grairl

Ralph Grairl

Pops The Adult

Guest Star

Tommy Widmer

Tommy Widmer


Guest Star

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

Recurring Role

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker/Mr. Crocker

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • In "Baby Face", Happy Peppy Mark and Betty punish Baby Timmy because they were nearly eaten by gators, but how did they know that Timmy was the one responsible for them ending up in the everglades?

    • In "Baby Face" Francis said Pops had been at the Learnatorium for sixty years, but this can't be possible because Flappy Bob is only 37 and he didn't make the Learnatorium until he finished college.

      Reply: It's a small joke, the fact that his parents never picked him up.

    • If Timmy can make written wishes, why didn't he do it to undo the voice swap instead of tricking Chip into wishing his voice back?

      Reply: Timmy probably didn't know he could write a wish when he could still talk.

    • We learn that everytime Pops the adult escapes from the Learnatorium he gets caught.

    • We learn that Pops the adult never made it out of Flappy Bob's Learnatorium.

    • When Timmy first finds the place in the license plate maker where you stick letters in, there were 7 slots, but later when we see him spelling "I wish I was ten", there are 12 slots, enough to fill in that sentence, without the spaces.

    • The episode "Baby Face" represents a major continuity breach: Happy Peppy Gary and Happy Peppy Betty, who were both last seen being taken away in Mark Chang's spaceship in " Totally Spaced Out," somehow managed to escape from Mark with no explaination.

    • If what ever Timmy says is right, why is he wrong about AJ and Vicky not listening?

      RE: Because he said "surely", he was doubting that could happen, when in the other cases he was always sure that was gonna happen.

  • QUOTES (16)

    • Crusher: WHO'S THE MAN?!

      Timmy: Not You!

      Crusher(as woman): You're right!

    • (Happy Peppy Mark and Betty shut the door on a bunch of gators chasing them)
      Mark: Somebody sing the "I-Don't-Want-To-Be-Eaten-By-A-Gator" song!
      (Betty starts playing a ukelele)

    • Vicky: What's black and white and red all over?
      Timmy: I know this one! A newspaper? A sunburned skunk? A penguin with a rash?
      Vicky: WRONG! It's your comic book collection! I'm using it to roast marshmallows!
      (she reveals Timmy's comics burning in the fireplace as she roasts marshmallows over them)
      Singers: There goes the Crimson Chin!
      (a bit of marshmallow falls onto Timmy's copy of the first issue of the Crimson Chin, and Timmy screams)

    • Timmy: I wish I wasn't always right!
      Francis: So do I!

    • Principal Waxelplax: Hey children guess what! The Dakotas have declared their differences and formed one Dakota! Now we have 49 states!

    • Francis: Hey Turner! Do you know what's behind my back this time?
      Timmy: The gift of friendship.
      Francis: No! I have scorpions, wasp nests and my new girlfriend Nancy the wrestler.

    • Crocker: Admit it Turner! Admit that you have Fairy Godparents!
      Timmy: I don't have Fairy Godparents! (Cosmo and Wanda vanish, Timmy realizes what he'd done)

    • Timmy: Being right is all right.
      Kid in Locker: Right Timmy!

    • Francis: AAAH!!! Wasps nest!

    • Francis: What do I have behind my back?

    • Happy Peppy Gary and Betty: Fun box, oh fun Box, Small and square and dark. Fun box, oh fun box, Check out these cool fun locks.

    • Timmy's Dad: Have fun, Timmy! Well, we are going to the beach, I mean, to hear the president speech!

    • (When Timmy was about to be bullied).
      Timmy: (To bullies). Look, a hot shower!
      Bullies: AAaaah!

    • Wanda: O chear up Timmy, everybody's wrong sometimes!
      Cosmo: Yeah, except you Timmy, you're wrong ALL-THE-TIME!

    • Pops the Adult: So long, suckers!

    • Cosmo: Wanda, the babies, they know we're Timmy's fairies!They can see us!
      Wanda: Sure they can see us, but that doesn't matter because babies brains are so tiny, they won't remember any of this anyway!
      Cosmo: Who's brains are tiny? Remember what?

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