The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 3

Blondas Have More Fun / Five Days of F.L.A.R.G.

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Apr 02, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Blondas Have More Fun:
Wanda and her actress sister, Blonda, argue about whose life is worse. To see who's is worse, they switch bodies and experience life in the other's body.
Five Days of F.L.A.R.G.:
Mark the alien is missing Flarg on his planet so he has it on Earth.moreless

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  • Blondas Have More Fun was good, but Five Days of F.L.A.R.G. was awesome!

    Blondas Have More Fun: Wanda is upset that she always has to give Timmy extreme wishes as her famous soap-opera sister, Blonda, doesn't like how she is the only one in Fairy World who doesn't have a Zappy and hates her show buisness. So, the two switch places to see how difficult their lives are. This episode was pretty good, Blonda gets a debut on the show as Timmy goes extreme. The annoucers of the Zappy Awards really got me at the point when Blonda almost got the Zappy, but Wanda got it instead, I feel very bad for her! ZAPPY FIGHT!

    GRADE: B+

    Five Days of F.L.A.R.G.: I just love this episode, one of the very few that goes into my top ten favorite episodes of Fairly OddParents. It's about Timmy bringing one of Mark's favorite holidays to Earth. Still, this episode made me laugh so hard! Especially the parts when Mark's spaceship farted on the first day and when Timmy and Carly finally met. ROTFL! Pretty great episode, I wish we could celebrate F.L.A.R.G here (but we'll change it to F.L.A.R, LOL!).

    GRADE: A-

    FINAL GRADE: Amoreless
  • Great eppisode. I loved it.

    This is one of my favorite eppisodes of Fariy OddParents. In Blondas Have More Fun, it was a great eppisode because it introduced Blonda, Wanda\\\'s sister. She is a soap opera star that has never won a Zappy award. They visit her and the two sisters get into a big arguement and they decide to switch places with each other. They both relize that both of there lives are difficult in different ways. Blonda invites Wanda, Cosmo, and Timmy to the Zappy Awards. They think that Blonda wins an award, but there was a smudge and the award goes to... WANDA. So they end up hating each other again.

    In Five Days of Flarg, Mark Cheng needs help. He must celebreate a holiday called Flarg, a holiday on his planet, or his appendix will explode. So Timmy helps him go threw the five days of Flarg. And Marks appendix didn\\\'t explode.

    I think that both of these eppisodes have countless jokes. They are both very memerable...and if you dont agree then we will have a

    ZAPPY FIGHT!!!!!moreless
  • Blonda's episode was the best part.

    I actually liked "Blondas Has More Fun". It was funny to see the rivality between Wanda and her twin sister Blonda. Her actings are purely inspired in some egomaniac celebrities of the real world. Don't miss the scene where Blonda (posed as Wanda) fights against Jorgen, it is priceless.

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen von Strangle

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Bob Goen

Bob Goen

Bob Glimmer

Guest Star

Mary Hart

Mary Hart

Fairly Hart

Guest Star

Dionne Quan

Dionne Quan


Guest Star

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Vicky/Veronica/Tootie/Waxelplax / Tammy / Computer Voice

Recurring Role

Gary Leroi Gray

Gary Leroi Gray

AJ (2002)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

  • QUOTES (18)

    • Wanda: And now I'm friends with my sister again!
      Cosmo: Yeah... your totally hot sister....
      (Wanda glares angrily at Cosmo)
      Cosmo: What? I chose you, didn't I? Of course, it was dark...

    • Timmy: So what does the 'G' stand for in FLARG? Gagging? Grossness?
      Mark: Goodbye... Timmy Turner, that is what the 'G' stands for in FLARG.

    • Mom: This is the sixteenth bath tonight and he still smells like... ugh... ALIEN barf!

    • Mark: The 'R' in FLARG stands for Ranksgiving!
      Timmy: (Noticing the fantastic food array on the table) Uh, dude? This stuff is delicious!
      Mark: Oh, you don't eat it, I eat all of it, get sick, and blow massive intergalactic space chunks all over my hosts!

    • (After Mark gives Timmy the Amulet which he says will make anyone fall in love with him).
      Timmy (To Trixie): Hello, Trixie! Don't you want to kiss me? Don't you find me irresistable? (Makes smooching noises)
      Trixie: (Outraged) SECURITY!

    • Timmy: (To Mark) You live at the Dimmsdale Dump... you go to Earth school... you've turned Kick-ball into a contact sport!

    • Jorgen: Which one of you is responsible for this mess?
      Cosmo: Uh, uh... Binky did it! To the escape pod!
      Jorgen: (Makes Binky dust)
      Cosmo: I regret nothing!
      Binky: Oh, FLARG!

    • Mark: Dude, you're right. This is my home.
      Timmy: (Smiles)
      Mark: But, if my missile doesn't destroy the world, my appendix will!
      Timmy: (Face changes into a frown)

    • Timmy: (Smiling after recent panic)
      Mark: What's with the face? It is happy, yet at the same time disturbing.

    • Cosmo: And not that we're scared or anything, but we've decided to watch the celebration from the safety of Fairy World! To the escape pod! I regret nothing. (Crashes in a dump) Wow. Fairy World has really gone downhill. This place is a dump!

    • Timmy: I wish the missle was gone!
      Wanda: You got it.
      (Fart noise)
      Cosmo: Ah! Is it the first day of FLARG again?

    • Dr. Bender: I sense a disturbance... in my wallet!

    • Computer: Earth to get seriously FLARGed in T minus 10...9...8...

    • Timmy: Relax, Cosmo is a extreme net in Australia and he is going to catch me.
      Blonda: Really???
      Cosmo: (In net form, to a kangaroo) Check this out! I'm going to catch Timmy!
      Blonda: It's been so nice knowing you.
      (Jorgen poofs in)
      Jorgen: Wanda, you must stop the madness...You bumbling idiot, you must...
      Blonda: (Interrupting) That's enough I'm putting my foot down! Now back off, jarhead!
      (Blonda points the cannon at Jorgen)
      Jorgen: Whoa! Hey!... Calm down! There's no reason to point a loaded child at me!
      Blonda: You calm down! I've busted my liposuctioned butt keeping bucky deathwish here happy! And what do I get?
      Jorgen: Uhhh...
      Blonda: An over-pumped musclehead yelling at me all day?
      (Blonda has a revelation)
      Blonda: Wow! I never knew how tough Wanda really had it.
      Jorgen: But this isn't about you it's about your getting-less-hot-by-the-second sister, Blonda! She wont kiss Dr. Poof Everwish and they are going to cancel All My Biceps!
      (The fuse burns low on the cannon pointed at Jorgen)
      Timmy: Uhhh... Guys?
      Blonda: (To Jorgen) I'll save the show but you have to prormise to stop blaming Wanda for everything!
      Jorgen: I don't know why we are talking in the third person but okay! Jorgen will stop yelling at Wanda!
      Blonda (To Timmy) And you promise to stop the extreme wishing OR YOU'LL BE KISSING JORGEN AT MACH 4!
      Timmy: Yes... Timmy promises to stop his extreme wishing!
      (Blonda points the cannon at Austrailia and it goes off)
      Timmy: (While flying) Extreme!!!!
      Cosmo: (To the kangaroo) There's a baby in there?
      (Timmy misses the Cosmo Net)
      Cosmo: Ooh... So close!

    • Timmy: Alright! I love the second day of FLARG!

    • Wanda: Thats it! We're going to Fairywood!
      Cosmo: Hey! Thats where Blonda lives.

    • Wanda: Zappy fight! Oh, that's right, you don't have one.

    • Blonda: I know how to settle this.
      Wanda: Samurai Swords to the death? (Changes into samurai)
      Blonda: No! We can switch places (Turns herself into Wanda and Wanda into Blonda) and see who's life is worse.
      Both: And nobody will ever know!

  • NOTES (8)

  • ALLUSIONS (10)

    • The 5 Days of F.L.A.R.G.:
      The title of this episode is an allusion of the well-known Christmas song titled The 12 Days of Christmas.

    • The fact that Blonda is the only fairy without a Zappy is a spoof of soap opera star Susan Lucci never winning an Emmy Award in 20 years.

    • Fairymont Studios: It's a take on the Paramount Studios, which is owned by Viacom, which also owns Nickelodeon.

    • Blondas Have More Fun: Blonda's Dress
      The dress that Blonda wore to the Zappy awards is like the dress worn by Bjork at the 2001 Oscars.

    • Five Days of F.L.A.R.G.: Poultron
      When the Yugopatamian newswoman calls her partner "Poultron", it is referring to Poultra from the movie Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius.

    • Blonda's Have More Fun: Title
      This is a spoof of the saying, 'Blondes have more fun.' Blondes Have More Fun is also a music album/song by Rod Stewart.

    • Blondas Have More Fun: All My Biceps
      The soap opera that Blonda starred in was called All My Biceps, which is a parody of the ABC daytime soap, All My Children.

    • Blondas Have More Fun: Fairywood
      Fairywood is a spoof of Hollywood which is in California.

    • Blondas Have More Fun: Zappy
      The Zappy is a pun on the Oscars and the Grammys. This marks the Zappy Awards' second appearance (the first outside of the original Oh Yeah! shorts).

    • Blondas Have More Fun: Fairy Tonight (F.T.)
      Fairy Tonight is a parody of Entermaintent Tonight, which is a show that tells us what's going on with celebrities.