The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 2

Boy Toy / Inspection Detection

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2002 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Inspection Detection was better.

    Boy Toy: This one was okay, but I didn't really like how Chester and AJ just ganged up on Timmy at the end. And Tootie's a teensy bit annoying.
    Inspection Detection: This episode was my preference out of the two. I liked the beginning, in which Timmy just happened to have all of the items announced on the news. "You know you're not supposed to make your dad scream like a girl 3 times in one day!" I usually enjoy Timmy's dad's random obsessions, and this time it was about "things that are nice". In conclusion, this ep gets an 8, mostly because of Inspection Detection.
  • Great episode.

    This was an excelent episode that for the first time Timmy when into a big store but unfortunelly he was accused of shoplifting in which he didn't do it, it was Francis. I liked this episode because it was good and it had to do with Timmy being in a shop in which his parents thought he was a shoplifter. I consider this episode a good one and deserves all it's respect as an episode of a great series like this one that has aired many times. Also the other episode was good but I liked better "Inspection Detection" and was good also because Timmy does many things and In conclusion I liked this episode alot and deserves a good rating. I give it a 9.2 superb rating for my review,
  • I liked the action and adventure.

    These episodes were good, but they could have been better.

    Boy Toy: Great action and adventure, and it has good laughs too. This episode is mediumly reccomended. But it has great jokes, and you should watch this episode.

    Inspection Detection: Great episode, I'd give it a 9. It has great action, just like the other episode. I really like it when Chester and A J come up disguised as Timmy, but they are only wering his hat, I think. I also liked it when the poilice catch Chester, Timmy and A J and then Chester and A J yell, "IT WAS HIM! !"

    Great episodes.
  • Tootie looks really cute!

    I liked the part when Tootie was getting hit by water balloons and she was crying and when tootie was excited about adding Timmys dolls to her love shine collection. Inspection Detection was ok It just needs a better ending. My most favorite episode in here is Boy Toy because I was very exicited to see Tootie with her new look. I also like when Timmy was playing with the Crimson Chin doll that he wished was alive. Then when Tootie started crying Timmy said sorry to her and she then got mad and thought he was going to hit him with another water balloon and Cosmo and Wanda were saying that he was stupid and then Tootie got so excited that she started jumping.
  • Ah, Love, and crime fighting.

    Girl loves boy, boy thinks girl is yucky, so boy throws balloons filled with a liquid at girl. That sounds about accurate for a 10 year old. ANyway both episodes are good. Who doesn't fin Jay Leno as teh Crimson Chin funny considering Leno's quite bizarre real life chin? Inspection Detection has plenty of funny lines as well. I'm sure we would all have betetr luck shoplifing if we could fit a tub of lard in out pants. And if i'm Timmy maybe I should wonder who I should fear more? Vicky? or Tootie? It's more than a crush for Timmy, it seems like its more like a crazed obsession for his eternal love. Sounds like she will cross that line between normalcy into psychotic and drive a few 100 miles into it. Kinda makes me think of that Alicia Silverstone movie.
  • Boy Toys and Inspection Detection rocked and rolled.

    In Boy Toys, Timmy is shrunken down to the size of the Crimson Chin to have his and the Chin's last moments together. But things go from worse to worse as they end up in Vicky's house. So during they're adventure, Timmy realizes that the Crimson Chin doll really meant more to him than he first thought. And that's pretty much all I thought of it.

    In Inspection Detection, Timmy is accused of shoplifting when his parents find out that he has a bunch of things that his parents didn't buy for him. Timmy even suggests a lie detector to sneak out of it, but it even comes out worse as Timmy comes up with a lie! So he is sent to jail with Chester, AJ, and Francis, but they all seem to escape, and there goes Timmy trying to find proof that he wasn't the shoplifter, but Francish was.
  • These two episodes have lots to offer

    Boy Toy
    Yahoo! The moment many of us have waited for: The first minor character in the entire show makes a comeback. Tootie is just so CUTE in this episode; even cuter than she was in "The Fairy Flu". I rather like her new appearance, and the voice...well, words can't describe it. Yeah, I don't really approve of her treatment from Timmy and his two friends, but at least he makes up for it at the end. Vicky's as bad as ever the way she blackmails those two boys and threatens to destroy her sister's belongings. Guess she forgot the supposed "kindness" I mentioned in said pilot. But will somebody PLEASE get the redhead's dirty foot off Tootie's face?
    One thing that bothers me just like anyone else was Timmy's comment that he's not interested in girls yet. What about Trixie Tang? Eh, maybe this episode occurs before A Wish Too Far, though it's not explicitly stated. The way Timmy realized how hard it must be for Tootie to live with such a horrid sibling is good fanfic inspiration. Tootie LIVES with Vicky and so gets subjected to the majority of the older one's abuse. From Timmy secretly listening in on Tootie's moping to where he gives her his Crimson Chin doll is all one of the best Timmy/Tootie indications to date. I kinda feel sorry for him at the end, though the way Chester and AJ sided against him isn't yet a big enough hint for anyone to give them a second thought.

    Inspection Detection
    Another peak moment in Francis' role as a major antagonist. Again, it sure seems Chester and AJ sided against Timmy after promising to help prove his innocence, but even I consider a little priceless. However, I enjoyed their repentence and redirected accusation of each other even more. Wonder how Francis got out of jail later on? Oh well. I won't comment on the session involving Jorgen. Other than that, this episode is really too much for someone NOT to bust a gut. Boy, are the police and shoppers dumb!