The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 2

Boy Toy / Inspection Detection

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 08, 2002 on Nicktoons Networks



  • Trivia

    • In Inspection Detection, How can Francis fit a tv,a video player or a giant gallon of lard inside his pants if there small?

    • Timmy says "wow this place is huge!" When he enters wall 2 wall mart. Is it safe to assume he has never been to the best market in town?

    • We learn that Francis was the Wall 2 Wall Mart shoplifter.

    • Regarding Jorgen taking Timmy's wishes away, likely he removed them to take out any suspicions of Godparent involvement. Since it was part of the test, it would have been on his head to make sure everything was cleaned up. It's unsure why Jorgen didn't take the tank that Timmy's parents arrived in that he had wished for though.

    • In Boy Toy, when Chester was hitting Tootie with water balloons in the shot when he is trying to push the button to fire more balloons, A.J's eyes are green.

    • In Inspection Detection, when Jorgen leaves, all of Timmy's wishes vanish with him. Wouldn't Timmy keep his wishes no matter what happens in inspection?

    • In Inspection Detection, at first, the As were green, but the As turned blue later.

  • Quotes

    • Timmy: I wish for rock 'n' roll laser show, a unicorn, a bear in a unicycle, a tank, a castle and a dragon, a team of superheroes, an atomic submarine, Irish dancers, cleaning products, fried chicken, a beauty pageant. And to wrap it all up, the Chinese Olympics Gymnastics Team.

    • Policeman: Find that punk and get him back here dead or alive!
      Mrs. Turner: What?!?
      Policeman: Uh, sorry. Alive, not dead, alive. Get a little carried away.

    • Francis: Uhh... I got this stuff of the internet!
      Policeman: Right?

    • Timmy: I'm not a shoplifter! I'm going to make you guys believe me!

    • (Mom and Dad break into Timmy's room with a tank he had wished for)
      Dad: Say! Where'd you get the nice tank, son?
      Timmy: Uhh... internet?
      Mom & Dad: Works for us!
      (They drive out of the room and over a car)
      Mom: Was that the Dinklebergs' Car?
      Dad: I hope so! That's what I was aiming for!

    • Timmy: (Talking to Tootie nicely then hearing Vicky's voice) Evil sister. Gotta go. Bye!

    • Timmy: (About Tootie) She's not mean, she's just a girl. It's not her fault!

    • Timmy: You know what? Love stinks!

    • Tootie: I'm so wet, you can't even see how much I'm crying. Can I at least come in to dry off?
      Timmy: Fire!

    • Chester: Check it out, a Timmy Turner action figure!
      AJ: With thumb-sucking action and kung-fu overbite. What should we do with it?
      Chester: Hmm, it is an uncanny resemblance to our best friend. Let's launch him into Mrs. O'Leary's yard!
      AJ: The lady with the bees? We can't do that! (Dips Timmy in honey) Now we can do it.

    • Crimson Chin Doll: Check out my dimple! It's huge!

    • Crimson Chin Doll: Of all my muscles, my brain is one of them.

    • Crimson Chin Doll: Brush your Cleft everyday!

    • Timmy: I'm sorry I let you get hurt! I should've taken more care of you!
      Crimson Chin Doll: You're- You're- You're- You're-
      Timmy: (Smacks Crimson Chin Doll's head)
      Crimson Chin Doll: You're my best friend!

    • Tootie: (Playing with Cosmo and Wanda as dolls) Do you Timmy, take you Tootie to be your lawfully wedded wife?
      Vicky: (Walks in) Well, well, well, what's this? Two new toys? (grabs Cosmo and Wanda) Well, guess who they get to meet!
      Tootie: Not Mr. Hammer!
      Cosmo and Wanda: Mr. Hammer?
      Vicky: Yes, Mr. Hammer. And his friend Mrs. Saw! (Takes out a hammer and a saw)
      Cosmo: Hi, Mrs. Saw! I'm Cosmo, and this is Wanda!
      Wanda: (Glares at Cosmo)
      Cosmo: Don't you want to be a good host?
      Tootie: Noo! Those are Timmy's dolls!
      Vicky: Oh, that changes everything. (Takes out a blowtorch)
      Cosmo: Hey! Mr. Fire! Have you met Wanda?

    • Crimson Chin Doll: (Grabs Chester's retainer) Without gravity, we'd float into space, Justice! Thy name is Chin!!!

    • Crimson Chin Action Figure: I have goats in my pants!

    • Timmy: Cool! Chester's retainer! Man, that got some distance!

    • Crimson Chin Action Figure: Icky redheads make boybands go 'Ewww!'

    • Cosmo: Timmy's the bomb! I read that in a magazine once.
      Tootie: Let's play Timmy and Tootie in their jungle home! (Points to Wanda) You're me! (Points to Cosmo) And you're Timmy!
      Cosmo: Cool! I'm the bomb!

    • Dad: Go for the DVD player! It's nice!

    • Vicky: Bad dog! You know you're only supposed to do that outside or at Timmy's house!

    • Crimson Chin Doll: I am totally into the idea of you giving me to Tootie. That way, she'll always have a little piece of you that she can smother and choke with love.
      Timmy: Wow! That's an oddly specific action phrase.

    • Dad: Our son is the Wall 2 Wall Mart shoplifter! (Screams like a girl)
      Timmy: What?! You really don't think I stole this stuff, did you?
      Dad: (Screams like a girl)
      Timmy: That's a yes. But I didn't do it!
      Dad: (Screams like a girl)
      Mom: That's it, young man! You know you're not supposed to make your dad scream like a girl 3 times in 1 day! When he wakes up, you're in a lot of trouble!

    • Jorgen: It was nice, it was original, don't do it again!!!

    • Mom: I can't believe it!
      Dad: Me neither! Why don't I have lard like that!?!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Wal-Mart

      Wall 2 Wall Mart is a parody to Wall-Mart

    • Tootie's "Timmy shrine":

      Tootie's Timmy shrine is similar to Helga Pataki's "Arnold shrine" from the cartoon Hey Arnold

    • In Boy Toys, when the Chin and Timmy were running across Vicky's backyard, it was the same scene as in "Honey, I Shrunk The Kids".

    • Crimson Chin Doll: Justice, thy name is Chin!
      When the Crimson Chin Doll said this in Boy Toys, it was a take-off on Hamlet's line, "Frailty, thy name is woman."

    • Anti-Girls Fortress: Similarity
      The Anti-Girls Fortress interior in Boy Toys is based on the bridge of the Enterprise from Star Trek.

    • Crimson Chin Doll: Icky redheads make boybands go 'Ewww!'
      When the Crimson Chin Doll said this in Boy Toys, it wass a reference to Chip Skylark's song "Icky Vicky", from Boys in the Band.

    • Store: Wall 2 Wall Mart
      In Inspection Detection, Wall 2 Wall Mart was a parody of the store Walmart.