The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 1

Boys in the Band / Hex Games

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Mar 01, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Boys in the Band:
It's Timmy's birthday and also it's the day of Chip Skylark and Timmy decides to put him in danger and he gets into Timmy's house and Vicky marries him until she realizes that he isn't rich.
Hex Games:
Vicky is the Queen of the Skate Park and she doesn't let the kids ride in the ramps, so Timmy decides to challenge her into a skating conpetition to let the kids ride skateboard in the park.moreless

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  • well about the episode was weird

    The episode has some drama at the beginning of \\\\\\\"Hex Games\\\\\\\" but is somehow...too common (like if they \\\\\\\"lived happy forever\\\\\\\").And it doesn´t make sense that timmy knew that his birthday was the same time that Chip then his parents told him that his birthday was one day after he knew :O ö O:
  • Boys in the band was my favorite. Hex Games was ok

    Boys in the band

    This was a great episode. Timmy wishes he would feel special when everyone knows his birthday. So far no one knows because it's Chip Skylark's birthday and he will sing live in concert. However Timmy wishes he will have bad luck and he did. He crashed into his house and he has to stay in his house until they find a way to bring Chip Skylark back in concert. Later Vicky(so icky) finds Chip Skylark inside Timmy's house then Chip was covered in chains and forces to marry Vicky so they will live happly ever after. However Chip doesn't feel happy at all. That's my favorite part when he was losing coolness then his teeth becomes brown. lol Then Timmy watches the tv and he sees people wanting Chip Skylark. Then his mother says "Whe want Chip or else we'll growned our son for no reason" Then his dad says "Timmy if you see this stay away from your mom" lol Oh yeah about the wedding. Vicky is with Chip and a guy holding a bible saying "Vicky will you take Chip Skylark as your wedded husband." "I do," she says. then timmy has a plan to free Chip by knowing Vicky that he has debts to pay.

    When Vicky finds out she's not in love anymore, then timmy wishes chip would go to sleep then he wishes he was in the concert then he woke up saying, "Why am I here" then Timmy says, "It's the power of music." lol Cool then he sang Icky Vicky. After the song Timmy feels bad that his parents forgot his birthday then his mother says "We wouldn't forget your birthday until tommorow" So his bithday is tommorow then he enjoy's himself by singing with Chip Skylark and that's it.

    Hex Games

    Nothing to say here but Timmy tries to save the park from Vicky so he would wear the crown and he complete his mission.moreless
  • Chip Skylark is very cute!

    At first, I felt a little bit sorry for Timmy because his parents forgot his birthday. The weird thing about it, though, is that the minute he goes down for breakfast, his parents get ready to leave for the concert. That's when Timmy wishes for the worst thing to happen to Chip (which is a tree appearing from the middle of nowhere in the road). Apparently, that wasn't the worst thing ever, because Vicky fell in love with him and wanted to marry him. Timmy soon finds out that it was Chip's birthday too and he gives Timmy the newest version of Crimson Chin's action figure. Timmy and Chip become friends, and Chip is released to go to his concert. There, he sings about Vicky being icky.moreless
  • Two Vicky Episodes - Better than I expected

    In Boys in the Band, Timmy is left with Vicky, but Timmy comes up with a plan and kidnaps Chip Skylark because his birthday's just getting crummier each second. But Chip knows how to make it better. So they poof up at the concert, and they rock and roll.

    In Hex Games, Timmy and Vicky compete in a contest to determine who'll be the queen of the skateboard park. Of course, Timmy and the kids come up with a plan, but Vicky decides to use it, but good thing she messes up. But now it's Timmy's go, even though Vicky cheated, Timmy managed to be queen!moreless
  • Warning: Show's Melodious Side In Expansion

    Boys In The Band

    Not only are we introduced to yet ANOTHER new character, but we're also treated to a musical number following the theme song and the two Christmas songs from the previous episode. Even though I never exploited it (and probably for good reason), Chip Skylark really does make a fine older-brother figure for Timmy. They really share a lot in common. In fact, the pop star is the only human being other than Tootie who understands the pink-hatted boy.

    The Hex Games

    Woo hoo! Timmy certainly gets to shine in this episode. The way he stood up to Vicky thereby providing recreation for all those other kids creates a hopeful atmosphere in his less-than-tolerable social life. Francis actually amuses me this time the way he dared take on that illegally high skateboard ramp. "Oh, problems, problems!" the guy at Mission Control says, "Don't you people ever call just to say hi?" Ha ha! Oh, and get this: "You have a better chance of some 12-year old loser falling out of the sky and pile-driving me into the ground!" Vicky retorts after Timmy defeats her. And once Francis makes her prediction comes true, she hands Timmy the crown saying in a rather compromising tone, "Here you go, Timmy." LOL!!moreless
Frankie Muniz

Frankie Muniz

Chester McBadbat (2001 - 2003)

Faith Abrahams

Faith Abrahams


Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad

Ibrahim Haneef Muhammad

AJ (2001 - 2002)

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen von Strangle

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • In Boys In The Band, Timmy's mom says "We'd never forget your birthday Tommy" implying she forgot his name, but seconds later her and dad say at the same time "Happy Almost Birthday Timmy" calling him by his name.

    • In Hex Games
      Timmy's skateboard wheels would not deflate when the spike speed-bump touched it because they are made of polyurethane, which is a flexible and rigid foam

      Reply: Its a joke, as Vicky's cheating was very clear, yet no one cared.

    • In Boys in the Band, when Chip is chained with a bunch of chains, there's a lock hanging from one link, but there are scenes where it's hanging from two links. (It can be mostly be seen when he's dancing)

    • Mentioned in Boys in the Band, the Turner's phone number is 555-9597.

    • In Hex Games, when AJ and Chester show Timmy "The Timmy Tuck", AJ says it has a 1400 degree turn. The diagram shows 140°.

    • In Boys in the Band, the Santa in Cosmo's band is different to the Santa in the previous episode.

      Reply: He was probably a different Santa.

    • When Timmy is talking to Cosmo and Wanda, you see a soda next to him. But then there is a shot of Cosmo and Wanda and then one of Timmy and the soda is gone.

    • In Boys in the Band, some boys were shown in the audience at Chip's concert! So Dad wasn't the only man who liked Chip after all.
      [REPLY]: It is possible they were on dates

  • QUOTES (40)

    • A.J.: Timmy better win, or we're not gonna love him anymore.

    • Mrs. Turner: We would never forget your birthday, Tommy!

    • Timmy: (After Chester crashes face first to the ground, messing up his braces) Does your dentist buy you tickets to this place?
      Chester: Yeah? Why? (Braces fall out) Darn it!

    • Chip: (Dazed by sleep gas) Th-the album comes out on... July 24th... (Passes out)

    • Timmy: Cookies? For dinner? With our... phone number on them?
      Dad: These aren't for you son, these are for the Chip Skylark concert!
      Mom: We're going to hurl these on stage and hope that Chip calls us, and offers to be your big brother!

    • A.J.: I call it the one-hundred and eighty degree, arial flippy-trick.
      Chester: Oh yeah, that rolls off the tongue, poindexter. How about we just call it the 'Timmy Tuck'?

    • Women in Audience: We want Chip!
      Dad: Or else!
      Women in Audience: We want Chip!
      Dad: Or else!
      (Cosmo appears on stage)
      Cosmo: Hi everyone! (Speaks in a deep voice) Are you ready for Chip Skylark?
      (The audience cheers excitedly)
      Cosmo: Well, he's not here yet!

    • Vicky: Now I have to find someone who can marry a teenage girl and her celebrity teen hostage... to the internet!

    • Timmy: I wish Chip was free, and out of Vicky's clutches!
      (Wands don't work, the rule book appears)
      Timmy: What's wrong?
      Wanda: You remember how 'Da Rules say we can't interfere with true love?
      Timmy: So?
      (Vicky bursts into the room with flowers)
      Vicky: Hello, love, the love of my life, the love I love with all my heart LOOOOOVE! (Showers Chip in flowers)
      Timmy: Oh...

    • Chester: And you'll be the new queen.
      Timmy: King.
      Chester: Whatever.

    • AJ: (Referring to Vicky) She's totally cheating! I mean (Takes out dictionary) cheating!

    • AJ: What a wipe-out! Uh... (Gets out dictionary) I mean... "wipe-out."

    • AJ: Wow, look at Timmy nimbly perform agile moves on his skateboard. Uh...(gets out dictionary)

    • Timmy: I am not uncoordinated! (Trips over a ladybug)

    • Cosmo: Wow! He fell straight on his face! He must be really good!!!

    • Chip: Sorry, dude, I'd laugh more, but these chains are crushing my lungs.

    • Chip: Hair... losing... sheen...

    • Chip: I actually didn't have to go, but the sound of flushing calms me.

    • Cosmo: They like us, they really like us!!!

    • Timmy: I wish something bad would happen to him!
      Wanda: Fine, but you cannot wish him maimed.
      Timmy: (Opens mouth)
      Cosmo: Or injured.
      Timmy: (Opens mouth)
      Wanda: Or beaten or dead.
      Timmy: Fine, I wish that the worse possible non-lethal thing could happen to Chip Skylark right now!!!

    • Timmy: (Talking to Chip, since he wished for something bad to happen to him) I'm really sorry about this, Chip.
      Chip: That's all right, little pal. It's not like you wished for this to happen.

    • Vicky: How come I couldn't do that?
      Chester: (Chart and easel pop from his braces)
      AJ: Timmy's small and nice, you're tall and weighed down with too much evil.

    • Astronaut: Houston, we have a problem.
      Houston: It's always problem, problem, problem! Don't you all ever just call to say hello?

    • Wanda: What's wrong, not Chip?

    • Chip: How did we get here so fast?
      Timmy: Uhh... the power of music?

    • Vicky: It's called Pay-Per-View. That mean's if I don't view, SOMEONE'S GONNA PAY!

    • Chip: Tuesday is...applesauce day! (Faints)

    • Crash Nebula Action Figure: What a jerk!

    • Preacher: We are gathered here today to join two lovesick teens against their will. Does anybody.....
      Chip: (Starts to object)
      Preacher: Except for the groom, have a reason for these two to get married?

    • Cosmo: Santa!!
      Santa (After getting a tomato thrown at him): You better watch out!!

    • Timmy: Attention ladies and... Timmy Turner's dad!
      Dad: Hey, that's me!

    • Timmy: OH MY GOSH! I have to get Chip to the concert or else all those women and my dad will TEAR THE TOWN APART!!!!

    • Chip: Sometimes it's hard being pretty and talented.
      Timmy: And delicious!
      Chip: What?!
      Timmy: My dad said that.

    • "Icky Vicky"
      Hit it!
      V-I-C-K-Y! The sound of her name makes the little kids cry!
      Hey Vicky you're so so icky
      Just the thought of being around you makes me oh so sicky
      Hey Vicky won't you please explain
      Why you get so much enjoyment out of causing kids pain?
      A chick who's just plain mean
      A sour sweet sixteen
      She's a fire breathing dragon in a pair of black jeans!
      Hey Vicky won't you tell the truth
      How'd we ever get the bad luck to be stuck with you?
      Oh Vicky can we say one thing
      It's your super total yuckiness that makes us wanna sing!
      Icky Vicky
      Icky Vicky
      Icky Vicky

    • Beethoven: (Yells in German) Stay back!

    • Cosmo: Can I get a hot dog? Is it halftime yet?

    • Chip: Hi, I was just in a non-lethal accident in my record company's car, all of the sudden I hit this tree that seemed to pop out of nowhere. (Shows Chip's car crashed into a tree in the middle of the pavement) Totally weird

    • Chet: It's a mass scene of chaos at the Dimsdale Dimmadome; where everyone is angrily asking the same question. Where is Chip Skylark?
      Mom: If Chip doesn't show up, I'm going to punish our son for no reason!
      Dad: Timmy, if you're watching this, run!

    • Vicky: Does this make me look like Mrs. Chip Skylark, or does this make me look like Mrs. Chip Skylark!?

    • Vicky: I'll get all my friends to come to the wedding... First I need to find some friends.

  • NOTES (7)


    • Timmy: Let my people Skate!

      This is a reference to the words of Moses and Aaron to Pharaoh as is stated in Exodus 5:1 "After that, Moses and Aaron went to Pharaoh and said, "Thus says the LORD, the God of Israel: Let my people go, that they may celebrate a feast to me in the desert."

    • Cosmo: Learn to skate in difficult enviroments, you must. For afraid of gorillas am I!
      When Timmy is skating with Cosmo on his back in Hex Games, it is a parody of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back, when Yoda is training Luke Skywalker to be a Jedi.

    • Chester's Braces: Similarity
      When Chester launched his braces on the giant ramp to save Timmy from falling in Hex Games, it is similar to The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Movie

    • Boys in the Band: Title
      The episode title, Boys in the Band is a reference to the movie, Boys in the Band.

    • Hex Games: Title
      The episode title, Hex Games is a parody of The X Games.

    • Chip: The album comes out July 24.
      When Chip says this in Boys in the Band, he is refering to an N'Sync album that came out on July 24.