The Fairly OddParents

Season 3 Episode 17

Chip Off the Old Chip / Snow Bound

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Nov 21, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Chip Off the Old Chip:
The school's director is doing a play and needs the kid with the best voice to be in the play, Timmy feels that his voice won't work so he wishes he had Chips voice and all attention goes to Timmy and not Chip.

Snow Bound:
Timmy's dad thinks mom is in danger from an abominable snowman so he rushes up to mount Dimmsdale...but while Timmy's dad is on an investigation Vicky is using Timmy as a snowboard and she screams too loud and ends up in a cave with Timmy after an avalanche.moreless

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  • Could've been better

    Chip Off The Old Chip

    Well, this is it: apparently Chip Skylark's final official appearance on the show, and not quite the best way to go out with a bang. Timmy has a new chance at impressing Trixie via a school play but can't get the lead part because of his terrible singing voice. So what does he do? Trade voices with Chip Skylark.

    I really didn't get the premise here. Timmy sang rather beautifully in Christmas Every Day, Scary Godparents, Shiny Teeth, Love Struck, and Abra-Catastrophe. Why would he stink now? Oh wait, never mind. His lousy voice is due in part to being nervous acting alongside Trixie. But still! Chip didn't have to pick on the poor boy during the musical number! What happened to that possible brotherly relationship I remember from Boys In The Band and Shiny Teeth? Sigh.

    Snow Bound

    I guess it was due to happen sooner or later. Get this: After getting trapped inside Mt. Dimmsdale during a ski trip, Timmy and Vicky temporarily become friends for the first time. Seems as a decent enough idea; you'd think Vicky, like Crocker, shares a lot more in common with Timmy than anyone realizes. Too bad they again become at odds with each other in the end. Yeah, what'd you expect? But one real problem here is that Mr. Turner could stand to be more open-minded (retarded sexist).moreless
Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

Recurring Role

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Vicky/Veronica/Tootie/Elmer's Mom

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • During "Chip Off the Old Chip", Wanda asks Timmy what he is going to do now that Chip is going to see his play, and Timmy once again watches television for the answer. The "Wheel of Fortune"-like show (Called "Wheel of Coincidence)shows a man going to solve the puzzle:


      The man guesses TIMMY TURNERS VOICE, But even though it was TOMMY TURNERS VOICE, neither way would be right. There was already an 'I' and an "O" up on the rest of the phrase which in "Wheel of Fortune" would have made that last letter up there already.

    • Why didn't Timmy use the heat vision Cosmo and Wanda gave him in "Father Time" to thaw them out or keep himself and Vicky warm?
      Timmy had completely forgot about his heat vision.

    • Chip off the Old Chip Da Rules states that a wish has to be made in the voice of the godchild. This is flatly contradicted in the episode "Tiny Timmy", where Timmy makes a wish using Vicky's voice, and it's granted. It's also contradicted in "Pipe Down" where Timmy mimes a wish (and again, it's granted). New rules are added a lot, perhaps this is one of them.

      Reply: Da Rules only stated a voice wish had to be made in the voice of the godchild. And in Tiny Timmy, it wasn't a voice wish. Just a wish to get out of Vicky's body.

    • Timmy's voice is not bad to sing, so being Chip a singer who have control over his vocal chords, he should have been able to sing without problems using Timmy's voice. Don't you think that?
      But it seems Timmy got Chip's skill as well.

    • Timmy isn't really a bad singer. After all he sings quite well in the Real and Scary song, and various other songs.

      He only stinks in this episode because he's afraid of singing with Trixie.

  • QUOTES (9)

    • Chip Skylark's song: 'Find your voice'
      When no one will listen to what you wanna

      You're too small, too young and you haven't begun to learn the games that they play.
      Don't sit around just wishin'
      For it to be a better day.
      Speak up, be heard
      If you don't say a word
      Everything'll stay the same way.

      If you wannna change the way your life's arranged,
      Then ya got that choice.
      To be the star that ya know you are
      Be loud be proud and rejoice.

      And go find your voice
      Just find your voice.
      You know you got that choice,
      Just find your voice.

      You see a girl that you know you wanna meet,
      C'mon, stop messin' around and get up off yo' seat.
      She might see inside of you,
      The boy you never knew.
      He was in there all the time
      And know she's let him through.

      If you wanna change the way your life's arranged,
      Then you got that choice.
      To be the star that you know you are
      Be loud, be proud and rejoice.

      And find your voice,
      Just find your voice
      You know you got that choice,
      Go find your voice. X2

    • Vicky: And then when I was eight my mom said my turtle ran away. But he didn't run away! Turtles can't run!!!

    • Vicky: I can't help being mean all the time. It's just that I really am.

    • (Timmy and Vicky enter in the lounge on their "snowboards.")
      Timmy's Mom: Timmy? Vicky? (the Yeti slides in, too) An abominable snowman?
      (The Yeti unmasks from a costume, revealing a big, beautiful muscular man!)
      A.J's Mom: No, it's an ABDOMINAL snowman!

    • Dad: Are you Chip Skylark?
      Chip: I used to be.
      Dad: I was Chip Skylark ,too, in a dream last night, but I was a much better singer than you - and there was peanut butter! Lots and lots of peanut butter!

    • Timmy: (In Chip's voice) Repeat after me: I pledge allegiance.
      Audience: I pledge allegiance.
      Timmy: To the flag.
      Audience: To the flag.
      Timmy: I wish I had Timmy Turner's voice.
      Chip: (In Timmy's voice) I wish I had Timmy Turner's voice.
      Cosmo: (On pizza box) Thats-a my que!

    • Vicky: This all your fault!
      Timmy: How's it my fault your the one who caused the avalanche?! You're the one who causes everything bad that happens to me!!
      Vicky: Well I... huh!? Wow it's so cold, the heat of my fury has finaly cooled.

    • Vicky: It's me, Vicky.
      Mr. Turner: Which means it's not you, Vicky!

    • Wanda: You're the most idiotic person that's ever been my misfortune to know!
      Cosmo: Okay, but there's a child present.
      Wanda: I love you.
      Cosmo: What, what's wrong with you...I thought you loved me! (Freaks out, cries)

  • NOTES (4)

    • Character Debut(s): Mr. Bickles, Sanjay's mom, Elmer's mom, Abdominal Snowman, School's Diector.

    • Running Gags:

      (Chip off the Old Chip) 1.) Timmy's awful voice causes glass to shatter, but Chip's beautiful voice fixes the broken glass. 2.) Asking television with a radioactive remote for the answers.

      (Snow Bound) 1.) Cosmo thinks insults are expressions of love and passion. 2.) Timmy's Dad trying to save the "doomed" mothers.

    • Crossdressing: Timmy and Chip Skylark as female cheerleaders (briefly during the "Find Your Voice" song)

    • First time Vicky and Timmy became friends. Hopefully not the last!