The Fairly OddParents

Season 3 Episode 5

Cosmo Con / Wanda's Day Off

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jan 10, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Cosmo Con:
Cosmo is chosen to hold the notoriously short Fairy Convention. But things go haywire when he decides to hold it in Timmy's bathroom, especially while they're having Mr. Crocker over for dinner!
Wanda's Day Off:
Wanda's been working so hard, the boys give her a day off. Cosmo promises not to grant any wishes, to keep chaos at a minimum. But when Timmy has trouble doing his animal report, Cosmo messes things up big time! Can the boys save themselves without Wanda's help?moreless

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  • An excellent season 3 pairing!

    Cosmo Con: This one was the better of the two, I thought. The storyline was very creative, and it had a lot of excellent humor, like everyone's reaction to Timmy getting an A+ on his test and Mr. Turner's jealousy throughout the episode. I also thought Britney Britney's part throughout the episode was hilarious. The ending was a little too silly for me, but the episode as a whole was great. Final grade: A+! The second episode, Wanda's Day Off, was also great, but not as good. Humor wise, it wasn't as good. I think I laughed more at Timmy and Cosmo's subplot in this episode than Wanda's plot, which was actually kind of boring to me. My favorite part was probably the whole scene with the roaches taking over the world. The ending was really funny too. For my final grade, I'll give this episode a B+. Marebear2009, out!

    ~dedicated to tigerdude22~moreless
  • Two excellent pairings that have tons of classic and wonderful humor that will really make you laugh hard.

    Cosmo Con: Cosmo is chosen to hold the notoriously short Fairy Convention. But things go haywire when he decides to hold it in Timmy's bathroom, especially while they're having Mr. Crocker over for dinner! I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Fairly OddParents". It is one of my favorite episodes and I'm sure any FOP fan will enjoy this one. I laughed hard at so many parts watching this episode. Now, I haven't seen this episode in a while but I have seen like 100 times throughout all these years and I still love it. I did laugh very hard at the end of the episode when Timmy's parents said "Man, if you're gonna use the restroom then shut the door" when it was just Cosmo honking the RV. Timmy's dad beating up Crocker was also very funny. Cosmo just throughout this entire episode is funny as well. Overall, one of my favorite FOP episodes. 10/10

    Wanda's Day Off: Wanda's been working so hard, the boys give her a day off. Cosmo promises not to grant any wishes, to keep chaos at a minimum. But when Timmy has trouble doing his animal report, Cosmo messes things up big time! Can the boys save themselves without Wanda's help?. Just like "Cosmo Con", this is another favorite FOP episode of mine. A lot of parts made me laugh so hard such as Juandissimo throughout this entire episode, Timmy and Cosmo doing their project on the cockroach, and the very ending with the cockroaches invading the Fairy Spa and Juandissimo being covered in cockroaches. This episode has so many classic and wonderful humor to really get a good laugh at. Overall, an excellent episode of "The Fairly OddParents"... two very excellent pairings in my opinion. 10/10moreless
  • Pretty awesome for Season 2.

    Okay, here we go. In Cosmo Con, Jorgen spins the convention wheel REALLY hard. So, 1000 years later, Cosmo chooses the covention site, and it's Timmy's BATHROOM?! That's right! But that's not all the problem. Crocker has finished grading the recent tests, and it seems Timmy got an A?! And, as visiting the Turner's house, Crocker can smell FAIRES!! And... well, antics happen. Then this happens, then that happens, then Cosmo goes to jail. (hehe, sorry. But you gotta watch it)

    Then, here comes the next episode. Wanda, a bit tired, tryies to get a day off. But, all these distraction by Cosmo and Timmy? Wanda setteles down to a Fairy Hotel Spa, where she meets her high school sweetheart, Wandissimo Magnifico. Looks like she tooks some good advice. But, anyways, anytime now Timmy wishes for roach brains and they want EPIC FALIURE!!!

    Okay, I love this, so, thank you. It's funny!moreless
  • Cosmo is in charge of organizing a fairy convention; Wanda takes the day off at a spa.

    A great episode!!!!!!! It's definently one of my favorite episodes. I mean it's got hilarious antics with the roaches and the aliens and stuff, i think the leader roach was supposed to be Hitler or something. Anyway, it was very funny also in "Cosmo Con" with Crocker trying to detect the fairies with the detector thing and finally finding out that the convention's in a bathroom, well at least almost finding out. And there's also "Britney Britney" who comes over and has dinner with the turners! Hilarious!!!!!! I can't believe they let her in to have dinner with them. And there's also a little bit of a reveal that Wanda pretty much does everything for Timmy and Cosmo can't control his magic at all but Cosmo wasn't even that dumb in the first season and could control his magic just fine. Anyway, i thought it was a very good episode.moreless
  • Cosmo Con and Wanda's Day Off

    The thing I like about this episode was the fact that it showed off Cosmo as a complete and total idiot for eternity.

    Cosmo Con: When Timmy scores 100 on his test, Crocker uses that as an excuse to go to his house and capture his fairies. As for Cosmo and Wanda, Cosmo was chosen to select the location of the notoriously short fairy convention. He decides to hold it at the most strange of places-- the Turner's bathroom. With the convention going on, Britney Britney showing up, and Crocker on to him and Dad being jealous, Timmy has to deal with a lot so his fairies won't get exposed. Crocker leaves after he is knocked out by Timmy's dad. In the end, Timmy was safe, until Wanda holds an RV and boat show in the bathroom.

    Wanda's Day Off: Timmy wishes that Wanda was sent off to a spa so she can have a relaxing day off. Cosmo convinces her that he can handle everything without her nagging. Unfortunately, the two were working on a biology report, so timmy wishes that he could understand a cockroach. Faster than you can say "Cosmo, you idiot!", the roaches are planning world domination and even forming their one civilization. Meanwhile, Juandissimo charms Wanda at the spa and leaves her with almost no cares, until she actually does go back and sees what they have done. After constant begging, Wanda sends the roaches to attack the spa.

    This episode was not as good as all the others, but it does have a few good moments sprinkled here and there.moreless
Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker/Wandisimo / Mr. Crocker

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner/Britney Britney

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (3)

    • At the beginning of Cosmo Con, Binky claims that he got the Black Plague to come to last year's Secret Fairy Convention and wiped out over half of Europe and a short while later we flash-forward 1,000 years. In reality, the Black Plague ravaged Europe between 1347 and 1351.

      That was just a rough estimate. They probably didn't have time to research the perfect years.

    • In Cosmo Con, when Crocker barges in and can't see and goes sliding, the pot is on his head. But later, it's in his hands.

    • In Wanda's Day Off, when Wanda is in the other waiting room, the door is next to Wandisimo's room. The next time we see it, it is across from his room.

  • QUOTES (29)

    • Timmy: Got any threes??
      Cosmo: What's a three?

    • Wanda: Besides! All that's left is the closing entertainment!
      Cosmo: Fairy conventions are notoriously short!
      Timmy: Well, I guess that's okay, it's not like Cosmo would do something stupid like hire a human entertainer who'd come in here, see the fairies, blow the secret and make you guys go away forever.
      Cosmo: Uhh... actually there's a very funny story behind that (Doorbell Rings) Oops!

    • Wandisimo: (Covered in cockroaches) Wait! Come back! Beneath this crunchy roach exterior beats the heart of a lover!

    • Cosmo (making static noises to Wanda over the phone): Can't... shhh... hear you... I'm going through a tunnel... (sinks into the pile of cockroaches) Ack! This tunnel's itchy!

    • (Imminent world destruction as a nuclear weapon timer hits zero, Cosmo and Timmy scream in panic)
      Wanda: Music to my ears! (Poofs the cockroaches away)

    • Timmy: So that's why you put it in the bathroom! Because people always knock before they enter!
      Cosmo: Sure... let's go with that!

    • (Seeking fairies, Crocker bursts into the bathroom, and into Timmy's mom, who's sitting on the sink (thankfully))
      Mom (Screams): Can't a woman clip coupons in the comfort of her own bathroom?
      Crocker: Heh! I guess I should have knocked first? (Turns around to find Dad behind him)
      Dad: (Cracking his knuckles) Also mine!

    • Wanda: Who else got the swirly pink hair dance? Anybody? Just me?

    • Wandisimo: You must not leave, you must stay here with me.

    • Briteny Britney: Ehh, Hi I'm Britney Britney, and these are the Britney Britney Dancers, and we're here for the fai-

    • Mr. Crocker: There's only one way Turner could've gotten an A+: Fairy Godparents!!!

    • Cosmo: That's okay, we can stop the cockroaches by introducing their natural predator (Poofs in an ecology book), the African bog frog!
      Timmy: That sounds logical, let there be frogs!
      Cosmo: (Poofs in several frogs)
      (9 minutes later)
      Cockroaches: (Tamed the frogs into mounts)

    • Wanda: Oh, for the love of Pete!
      Cosmo: Pete?! Who's Pete?! Someone I should know about?!

    • Timmy: Don't worry, we'll be okay. Cosmo is just going to help me with my report, so you just take osme time off and enjoy yourself.
      Timmy and Cosmo: (About to be eaten by a giant snake)

    • Britney Britney: Mean soap! You'll never work in this town again!

    • Mr. Crocker: Good news, class, The F's are in. (takes the F's out of oven) Smell those fresh, hot F's.

    • Wandisimo: Could it be... Wanda. The love of my life. Who I lost to Cosmo. Who married you when I lost you. So you stay lost to me?

    • AJ: Timmy got an A+! Its a sign of the Apocalypse!
      Chester: Everyone to the bunker! Run!!!

    • Dad: Hit it, Britney!
      Mom: Dad never told me to hit it.

    • Timmy: I heard everything you just said.
      Mr. Crocker: Good! I don't have to repeat myself.

    • Timmy: Wanda!
      Wanda: (On the phone) Is that Timmy yelling, 'Wanda!'?
      Cosmo: No, he's saying, 'I'm on the phone', you're breaking up! (Makes static noise and hangs up)

    • Wandisimo: (Looking at himself through a mirror) No!!! (Stops to admire his muscles) No!!!

    • Timmy: Cockroaches continue to show single-mindedness. Cosmo continues to show empty-mindedness.

    • Timmy: I wish that cockroach was smart enough to tell us what he thinking.
      (Cosmo does his magic thing)
      Cockroach: World Domination!

    • Wanda: You'd blow up the world just to give me a day off?!
      Cosmo and Timmy: Yeah, sure!
      Wanda: I love you two. But you're idiots!
      Cosmo and Timmy: But we're your idiots!

    • Mr. Crocker: I heard them! Fairies! Laughing! In the bathroom!

    • Dad: (Referring to Crocker) Those eyes, that hair, that figure... He's gorgeous!!!

    • Cosmo: Look at me! I'm seaworthy!look at the size of my boopdeck! (Horns with his boat)
      Dad: (Holds his nose) Son, if you're going to do that shut the door. Not mine!

    • Wanda: My Cosmo is going to make Timmy dead sense is tingling!

  • NOTES (4)

    • I'm sure everyone noticed this but, in Cosmo Con when Jorgen throws Binky at the wheel and when it's spinning it shows you a close up of the names on the wheel... you can see theirs about 5 different sections with Jorgen on them!

    • This is the first time Cosmo has his own convention.

    • Running Gags:
      1) Dad claiming everything that is his.
      2) Mom telling everybody to knock before going into the bathroom.
      3) Crocker talking to himself about people.

    • Cosmo Con and Wanda's Day Off are the first episodes directed by Sarah Frost.