The Fairly OddParents

Season 7 Episode 10

Crocker Shocker

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Sep 28, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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"In Crocker Shocker", Mr. Crocker stops believing in Fairies after he has been hypnotized. This leads to Fairy World losing all of its magic, as it is his belief that fuels it. Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda must find a way to make him believe in Fairies again, otherwise Fairy World will fall into the Giant Bucket of Acid World.

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  • Cosmo: Mr Crocker! I love your hair!

    So Crocker is going to therapy to stop obessign with fairies, and Dr. Fancyfree hypnotizes him to be normal. Then Crocker is suddenly a ladies man and fairies start to lose their magic. As Jorgen points out, magic came form people believing in fairies, but when Crocker started obessing they chose to use him as their only power source. Now fairies start losing their magic. So Timmy & gang have to make Crocker believe again. After all his attmepts fail, he takes him on a magic bus to fairy world. That fails too, so Wanda squeezes the last of Cosmo so they go to FancyFree's so they can learn the coe to undo the hypnosis. but Cosmo takes them back to Fairy World early, so they have to guess it before FW falls into Giant Bucket Of Acid World. Timmy guesses it, it was "You're the best teacher in the world", everythign comes back to normal and he spazzes out again. Later Jorgen decides to use every nutjob's beleifs as power and Timmy goes all fairy on Fanctyfree, who spazzes out ala Crocker.

    Overall: Okay, it had a really ambitious idea, and that deserves points, but there was few humor so 8/10.moreless

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    • (Everyone is trying to guess the phrase that will reverse Crocker's trance)
      Wanda: Mr. Crocker, you're a gorgeous hunk!
      Jorgen: Mr. Crocker, you're not a pathetic weirdo!
      Cosmo: I love your hair.
      Poof: Poof poofpoof poof!
      Timmy: Aah! We're falling!
      Wanda: Uh, Mr. Crocker, you've won the Nobel Prize!
      Jorgen: I think it's cool that you live with your mother!
      Cosmo: Seriously, I love your hair.
      Timmy: Wait, I've got it! I can't believe I'm saying this,'re the best teacher in the world!
      (Crocker begins to spazz about fairies, Fairyworld stops falling)

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