The Fairly OddParents

Season 7 Episode 35

Dad Overboard

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jul 13, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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Dad Overboard
While the Turners get stranded on a tropical island, Cosmo and Poof find and accidently activate a bomb.
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  • One of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten from Nickelodeon was an awesome new FOP episode "Dad Overboard"

    Just like the new FOP episode "Lights Out", this episode also premiered on my birthday and I'm happy that it did premiere on my birthday. As I mentioned in my previous review for the new FOP episode "Lights Out", I told all of you to read this review to get the answer. You all now know why tigerdude22 (that's me) said ONE OF (in the previous review "Lights Out") because Nickelodeon gave me two awesome birthday presents that I'll never forget which are two new FOP episodes. Too bad both the episodes that premiered on Nickelodeon tonight didn't get very high ratings but everyone has their own opinions... the important thing is that I enjoyed this episode on my birthday. The only thing that bugged me was that Crocker was being a little out of character because he wanted the bomb to explode to kill Timmy... he sort of angered me but because it is my birthday, I am going to let it slide. Plus, I really enjoyed this episode. Mr. Turner driving through Santa's Workshop (beginning and end) was very funny. That military sergeant who always yells made me laugh so hard. It was also good to see Chester and AJ again. Although, it was really good to see Elmer and Sanjay again because we haven't seen them in a new FOP episode in like forever. The plot to this entire episode was just so much fun to watch and Nickelodeon delivered me one of the best birthday presents I've ever gotten. 10/10moreless
  • Hmmm...we don't know hwat it is or what does it, LET'S HIT IT WITH A HAMMER!

    Dad gfets lost in the way to a crappy motel and they end up on a deserted island, where Dad swaers that if he doesn't save them he will consider himself a worthless woman called Linda. Timmy decides to let him keep his pride, and wishes for typical tropical resort stuff. Cut to Crocker not able to fill the void Timmy's absence left, and considerinf himseld a worthless woman named Linda.

    So Dad goes overboard (title!) and to get a boat he builds a boat store (and a laundromat, and a hospital, and an airport, and Stanley, and Eduardo). Crocker then takes the kids to a military base (I thought these didn't allow public access..) Poof fins a bout, Cosmo activates it, and then the bomb's magnetic field makes magic unusable (okay, as seasons, go on, magic is more an more useless, you can't use it anywhere or against anything!) The military tires to stop it as it would kill people, but Crocker spills juice on the panel to make sure Timmy dies.

    Then Timmy and his family manage to escape just in Timmy, the miliary sargeant hits on "Linda", Dad becomes Dad, and they all fall into a volcano with Santa (makes sense in context).

    Overall: Pretty lousy hour. Not much humour. Mainly the quote of my summary. And Crocker was SO out of character that it bothered ME who commonly doesn't care. 7.5/10.moreless

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