The Fairly OddParents

Season 1 Episode 18

Dream Goat / The Same Game

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 04, 2001 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • One was almost perfect while the other episode was great


    Dream Goat: When Timmy sees that the city mascot is miserable in captivity, he wishes for the mascot's freedom. Vicky takes the blame for stealing the goat, and Timmy is proclaimed a hero, but guilt causes him to wish in his sleep. I thought that this was an excellent episode of "The Fairly OddParents". It wasn't perfect but it was very close though. I really enjoyed the storyline with some fun humor such as everyone putting underwater over their heads in honor of Timmy being the hero, Mr. Turner screaming like a little girl twice, Timmy saying "So does this means I'm not in trouble?"and then the Mayor responds "Of course you are, GET HIM" after Timmy confessed about him being the hero, Chompy the goat giving Vicky a wedgie, and a few more. Overall, not my favorite episode but the storyline was very enjoyable and there was some fun humor to laugh on the way. 9.5/10

    The Same Game: Timmy wishes for everyone in the world to be the same when an evil dentist won't give him his ball back. Problems inevitably ensue, and Timmy can't wish things back to normal as Cosmo and Wanda aren't able figure out who he is. I thought that this was a great episode of "The Fairly OddParents". Not my favorite episode and it could have been a little better but it was enjoyable for the most part even though it wasn't as good as "Dream Goat". My score is a little low because I didn't like Dr. Bender and his son (well... mainly Dr. Bender) being a jerk to Timmy by telling him that his teeth aren't perfect and for him not giving back his ball. It was awesome when Mrs. Turner got the ball back from Dr. Bender and even destroyed his dentures. This episode also had some funny parts such as "Are you Timmy?" "No, I'm Chad" "Are you Timmy?" "I just told you, I'm Chad", Timmy slithering very slowly as a blob, Cosmo faking the explosion, and more. Overall, a great episode of "The Fairly OddParents". 8.5/10

  • Saw this today for the first time in years...


    Dream Goat: I don't know why, but when I was younger, this was my favorite episode of all time. In fact, I loved it so much I wrote a story based on it! Lol! Anyway, I probably wouldn't say this was my all-time favorite episode anymore, but it is still pretty close. While there weren't that many parts that made me laugh, the story was very interesting and compelling enough to keep me entertained. There were a few parts I did find funny, such as the scenes with Vicky in jail, especially when Chompy gave her a wedgie, the town hero hovercraft insurance joke, Timmy's Dad screaming like a girl and fainting, and anytime someone had underwear on his/her head in Timmy's honor. I don't really know why, but I also thought Timmy was especially adorable when he was sleeping at the end of this episode.:) For my final grade, I'll give this episode an A. The Same Game was also a good episode, but not as great. The main issue I had with this episode was Dr. Bender and his son. I just thought they were being total jerks, and they annoyed me. Other than that, this was a pretty good episode that had some good gags like Timmy as a gray blob trying to run and moving slowly and the ending. I also liked Timmy's mom standing up to Dr. Bender in the end. So, overall, despite that one problem, this was a good episode, although nowhere near as good as "Dream Goat" in my opinion. Final grade: B-. Marebear2009, out!

  • Having the same dreams.

    Given the alleged hilarity of the newer episodes, I think it's time to look back at what made me a fan of the show in the first of six reviews:

    Dream Goat - Chompy the goat is Dimmsdale's beloved mascot. Unfortunately, his happiness doesn't quite match his reputation. Timmy wishes for his freedom, but, through circumstances, he's thought to be a hero for nabbing the goat's kidnapper - Vicky. This is a charming episode with a lot of great lines (which I won't spoil) and a look at the dangerous effects of 'sleep-wishing'.


    The Same Game - Stung by Dr. Bender (a funny Gilbert Gottfried)'s remarks about his teeth, Timmy wishes that everyone looked exactly the same. Not only do the dentist's opinions remain the same, but everyone ends up sporting the same gray, blobby look...making it hard for the fairies to locate their kids. The opening bits with the game of 'Timmyball' and Dr. Bender's put-downs are funny, but the episode really takes off with the dull gray wish. Cosmo and Wanda failing to find their godson and 'there's no time to waste!' make for a pair of fantastic gags.

  • Horrible for so mnay reasons.

    Dream Goat Timmy becomes a hero after the Dimmsdale Mayor mistakenly thinks he said that the city hall goat is ugly. The Same Game Timmy wishes for everyone in the world to be the same when an evil dentist won't give him his ball back. Problems inevitably ensue, and Timmy can't wish things back to normal as Cosmo and Wanda aren't able figure out who he is. Just so bad for so many reasons. This may be the worst episode in the series yet. I mean at least the plots are being written a little bit better, but I still fail to see the element of comedy in these episodes.
  • cool

    yeah good episode for this season and i realy loved this episode when i first saw it years ago the only problem was that they show this epiosde to much in nicktoons network like every day they show this episode if this episode wouldent be so repetive then i would give it a 10/10 i loved the episode "dream goat" cause it was so funny and i loved the way they treated vicky LOL i also loved the other episode too but i like the episode "dream goat" better i just love it for some reason so i give this episode a 8.6/10 good episode!
  • Well it was a show of two Halves.

    The Same Game was as bland as all the blobs. I did'nt like it at all. And Gilbert Gottfried is annoying, the only charachter I ever liked that he did was Iago from Aladdin. The other hand, The Goat episode was lots of laughs, WHo doesn't love the humor of wedgies in cartoons? Underwear + Gravity = WEDGIE !!!! SO we have two sides of a very different coin here. My recommendation is that you see Dream Goat (good enought to make it thumbs up) and Skip Same Game (would have made it thumbs down if not for Dream Goat). Thumbs in the middle overall.
  • Dream Goat is the episode which Timmy is the hero of capturing the goatnapper but actually it doesn't turn right in the end. Same Game is the episode which Timmy wants the entire world to be the same.

    Overall, I like Dream Goat better is when Timmy gets to put Vicky into her own torture. Not until Chompy gave her the wedgie which shows her pink panties, and I love it when that happened. A taste of her own medicine when she wedgied Timmy with his own underwear.

    The Same Game seems different when the world turns black & white. It's kind of good when the fairies exploded to confetti when they can't find their godkids. Yeap, Cosmo seems funny when he pretends to explode and also gets hit by Wanda's cinderblock game.

    Lastly, that's an episode which is worth watching.
  • What was that?!

    In Dream Goat, hooray... ! ...for - boringness. Man, this episode was really disappointing, I was expecting way better from Butch Hartman and the gang. I mean, it was just like blah. Timmy is accused of calling Chompy stupid, he blames Vicky, Vicky goes to jail, Timmy gets guilty, blahblah, and all, I meant, this part got a 1.0.

    In The Same Game, it was the same game as Dream Goat, but, it was a little better. This part was the 6.5 of the episode. Timmy, Chester, and AJ play Timmyball, but the ball accidently goes over Dr Bender's fence, Dr Bender finds the ball, and takes it from them, so he wishes that the whole world looked the same, causing all fairies to report to Fairy World. But when Timmy puts on a pink hat in a grey world, it stands out and Dr Bender and a small gang start crowding around, but Cosmo and Wanda come in at time to make the world back to normal.
  • DREAM GOAT: Timmy is at the Dimmsdale Museum with Vicky. He frees the town goat and blames Vicky. Will Timmy tell the truth? THE SAME GAME: Timmy wishes everyone the same can Cosmo and Wanda find the real Timmy?

    DREAM GOAT: This episode starts out when Vicky takes Timmy to the Dimmsdale Museum for the day. They are there to see Chompy the town hero, which is a goat. When Cosmo, diguised as a baloon says an insult about Chompy to the Mayor and Timmy takes the blame. When everyone leaves to give Timmy time to forgive Chompy.

    He sees that he is miserable and wishes him free. Then Vicky is standing at the scene of the crime and Timmy is standing on her by accident. The mayor thinks that Timmy stopped Vicky and that she freed Chompy. They seize Vicky and declare Timmy town hero.

    Timmy's guilt is rising after every gift, compliment, and title he is given. He begins dream wishing for terrible things haooen in Dimsdale, such as raining ducks, swarm of loud mice, and a giant monster that wont go away until he admits the truth. Once the guilt becomes unbarable and Timmy declares a town meeting. At the meeting Timmy he speaks the truth.

    The town forms an angry mob and chases Timmy into an ally. All of the sudden Chompy comes and saves Timmy, with his wife goat and kid goats. THe mayor thanks Timmy and says he is glad that we four happy mascots instead of one miserable one. In the end Timmy's parents ground him for a couple of months, but Timmy feels a lot better inside.

    THE SAME GAME: This episode begins with Timmy and his two best friends Chester and AJ playing a ball game called Timmy Ball. While smaking AJ in the head the ball bounces in to Dr. Benders yard. Dr. Bender is an evil dentist with perfect teeth.

    When Timmy asks for it back Bender refuses and tells Timmy only people with perfect teeth can have the ball, so Bender give to his son Wendel. Angered at this Timmy makes a wish that every person on the planet looked exactly the same. After the wish all the fairys a teleported to Fairy World. They can't grant wishes so they begin to explode. Cosmo and Wanda must find Timmy before they explode.

    Timmy finds a pink mold and makes it look like his pink hat so Cosmo and Wanda will notice him. People see Timmy as weird because he made himself look different and they form an angry mob a begin to chase him. Once Timmy is cornered he is spotted by by Cosmo and Wanda who are both about to explode and they grant him the wish of everyone to be the same again. In the end Timmy, Chester, AJ, and Timmy's mom all go to Dr. Bender's house and Timmy's mom gets the ball back and begins to play Timmy Ball with Timmy and his friends.

  • Interesting/funny show but missed "The same game"

    The "dream goat" episode was a funny episode and one that i really enjoyed as I like wedgies and Timmy gets an Atomic one from Vicky at the beginning :D Then a good story line with the goat and the dream wishes which were funny and right at the end whilst Vicky is still trapped in the stocks along comes the goat which she thinks is going to free her but gives her pink panties a big WEDGIE! that was my favorite part of this episode ;)