The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 5

Escape From Unwish Island / The Gland Plan

Aired Daily 7:00 AM May 11, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Escape From Unwish Island:
Timmy has so many unwished wishes Jorgen had to make an island full of his wishes. Timmy is forced to go to the island to rescue his friends and family and his most dangerous unwished wishes want 100% revenge on Timmy.

The Gland Plan:
Cosmo's Fagiggligland isn't working and might loose his job being Timmy's godparent. The gang must get Anti-Cosmo out of Anti-fairy jail in order to do a transplant performed by Dr. Rip Studwell. But Jorgen von Strangle won't let them through or let Anti-Cosmo out!moreless

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  • Meet Kelso and Eric. Eric is fighting for his friend, David. Kelso needs a transplant... oh wait, what was a talking about? Oh yeah!

    Escape from wish island: The Eric/Timmy episode. Timmy is uncertain that his love ones are gone, and then, finds out where they went to; Unwish Island! So, he plans a escape route to his evil plans. The characters act like themselves, but there's two problems. One is thatthe villains are kinda... kinda not accurate, but it was kinda not important. And 2, hints that Sanjay's gonna be out of the closet, but overall, it'd okay. An A-

    The Gland Plan: The better one, with Cosmo/Kelso. Cosmo has trouble with transforming and needs to get laid? No! Needs to have a transplant. With Anti-Cosmo! Problem is, Jorgen forbids it. So the gang tries to fix the problem in the long run. I LOVE this eppy, and I was suprised when Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo swiched voices. Ha! An a+

    Overall, this episode has my A on it! Whoo!

    Excuse me, but I also have a little thing to say; they wont let me say what I'm supposed to. Never mind...moreless
  • Escape from unwish Island: After Timmy's Parents and friends are captured by Gary,Timmy's Imaginary friend, it's up to Timmy to rescue them The Gland Plan: Cosmo's flagiggigland is failing so he can't transform, so Timmy and Wanda decide tomoreless

    Escape from unwish island: timmy finds out that his parents and friends are gone and is taken to Fairy world by Jorgen where he shows timmy many lockers with names on it and explains timmy that those lockers contain the kids' unmake wishes (it can be seen a locker with the name of Denzel Crocker, as we know in the episode secret origin of denzel crocker timmy's teacher had had Godparents in his childhood) timmy has unmake so many wishes that Jorgen assign an island to put them in the Bermuda Triangule, timmy uses his escape tube and rescue his friends and parents and tell them that it's all a dream... After that the leader of the unmake Wishes appears and it's revealed to be Gary timmy's imaginary friend but he wasn't superbike, pumpkinbot and other wishes joined Gary, Timmy calls som wishes he hasn't unmake and then appear the founder fathers and Mark they fight the other wishes and eventually lose, but Timmy convice Gary and the others that the hate they feel for timmy has joined them together so timmy builts a Hotel and gave them many copies of himself that serve gary and the other wishes and finally he comes back home safe.

    The Gland plan:Cosmo has a problem with his flagiggigland and can't transfrom properly Timmy and Wanda decide to take him to fairy world to see a doctor, the doctor says that the only way to save cosmo is by transplanting the flagiggigland from his evil counterpart Anti-Cosmo, but thingsget worse when Jorgen decides not to help Cosmo or Anti-cosmo, so Timmy Wanda and Cosmo has to help Anti-cosmo to escape from the maximum security prison that Jorgen built after the last time Timmy let Anti Fairies go out into the real world... Finnally after many efforts The operation is done but Cosmo and Anti-Cosmo now are sharing more than the flagiggigland...moreless
Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen von Strangle

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden


Guest Star

Gary Leroi Gray

Gary Leroi Gray

AJ (2002)

Recurring Role

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Jorgen Von Strangle, Anti-Cosmo, George Washington

Recurring Role

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • In the episode Hard Copy, Dark Laser lost Flipsy. So, how come Flipsy back with him?

      Responce: Dark Laser could of just bought on.

    • In The Gland Plan, at almost the end of the episode, Jorgen's gland starts malfunctioning followed by Jorgen exclaiming "I must find the Anti-Jorgen!" might allude that he is only child since Cosmo is one as well and could only obtain the donation through his anti-self.

      Reply: That's clearly what he means, you don't need to explain it.

    • Why were the Gigglepies there? Timmy didn't wish them away, he didn't even wish for them at all.

    • When Timmy, Mark, and the Founding Fathers are beaten and locked inside the "giant metaphorical iron Timmy head", Mark suddenly is gone.

    • Timmy's Super Bike appears in unwish island, but the bike wasn't unwished, he was taken apart piece by piece, and then he got flushed down super toilet. Also, The Pumpkinator wasn't unwished either. In the episode Scary Godparents when Timmy wished Halloween back to fake and safe, The Pumpkinator changed back into the popular kids in The Jackobot costumes. Dark Laser wasn't unwished either, because in the episode Hard Copy, Cosmo used the bomb wand to put him back in the Space Wars Catalog, so Timmy didn't actually wish him away and if Dark Laser and The Pumpkinator are still alive at unwish island, wouldn't they still plan to destroy the world but with each other? The sphinx should't have been in this episode either because in the movie Abra Catastrophe!, Crocker did bring it to life with Cosmo and Wanda trapped in his orb, and then Timmy made crocker hit the sphinx's nose and it became a statue again, so the sphinx shouldn't have been in this episode. In the audience you can see the giggle pies, but Timmy didn't wish them away, he got the Yugopatamians to eat them because they tasted like manuer in the episode So Totally Spaced Out. What about the founding fathers? Timmy didn't unwish them either, he brought them back to 1776 on his time scooter and if they're still in this time period, wouldn't America become a British Colony without electricity like in the episode Twistory? When Timmy's shrink suit and time scooter broke, why didn't he wish them fixed? He also still had heat vision and the heat beams are supsose to come out of his eyes when he's mad, but in other episodes when he was mad, the heat beams didn't come out of his eyes at all.

  • QUOTES (76)

    • Anti-Cosmo: (Cosmo's voice) Bye Timmy, bye Wanda! Oh! Oh, no!
      Wanda: Well that was weird. For a second, right as he left, Anti-Cosmo sounded just like Cosmo.
      Timmy: Yeah. You don't think more than their fagiggly glands got transplanted?
      Cosmo: (Anti-Cosmo's voice) Oh, perish the thought. Clarise, when did you get here? Have you seen Wanda?

    • Cosmo: Hello? Yes, I'll accept the charges.
      Anti-Cosmo: Cosmo, old friend, since we both carry a piece of each other inside of us, I see no reason for us to do battle, but I warn you, don't look for me.
      Cosmo: (Turns around to look at Anti-Cosmo)
      Anti-Cosmo: I said don't look for me!

    • Dr. Rip Studwell: I've got good news, bad news, worse news, and horrible news. The good news is the operation was a complete success and Cosmo is going to be fine!
      Wanda: Yay!
      Cosmo: Look at me, I'm back to normal! And I got this really cool scar. (Turns into a fork and pokes Wanda)
      Wanda: Hey, I thought you were cured.
      Cosmo: I am. I just never get tired of that.
      Dr. Rip Studwell: And the bad news is your insurance isn't going to cover this.
      Cosmo and Wanda: (Scream)
      Dr. Rip Studwell: The worst news is Anti-Cosmo has escaped.
      Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy: (Scream)
      Timmy: And the horrible news?
      Dr. Rip Studwell: He's on my cellphone for Cosmo, and he called collect! Your insurance won't cover that either.

    • Cosmo: If I don't make it, stay away from my wife!
      Anti-Cosmo: And if I do make it, take mine.

    • Dr. Rip Studwell: Fantastic. I've got good news.
      Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy: And bad news.
      Dr. Rip Studwell: And more good news! The first good news is you've just made it!
      Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, and Anti-Cosmo: Hooray!
      Dr. Rip Studwell: The bad news is we don't have time to get to the hospital.
      Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, and Anti-Cosmo: Aww.
      Dr. Rip Studwell: But the other good news is I'm a fairy doctor!

    • Jorgen: You fools! No one escapes Jorgen von- (Turns into a duck) - quack! (Screams) My fagiggly gland! I must find the Anti-Jorgen!

    • Cosmo: No, this way. Run for the gate!
      Anti-Cosmo: Cosmo, you ignorant boob, it's locked!
      Cosmo: Yeah, but remember that unmentionably magical job I hated. That job was being a magical key! Ah, so many dark locks. It's so cold, so cold!

    • Anti-Cosmo: Oh, Anti-Wanda, I do love you so much, but you are such a twit!
      Wanda: I feel your pain.
      Jorgen: Yeah well, prepare to feel my pain!

    • Timmy: Can we go now?
      Jorgen: Well, since your laundry isn't screaming like face cake, sure.

    • Wanda: This plan is brilliant!
      Timmy: Well, he is the Anti-Cosmo.
      Cosmo: Uh, what does that make me? (Turns into a donkey)

    • Timmy: Hey! This is a diagram and an escape plan!
      Wanda: Is it from Anti-Cosmo?
      Timmy: Lemme check. 'Dear Morons: Yes... this escape plan is from me, Anti-Cosmo, evil genius.'
      Cosmo: So, who's it from?!

    • Dr. Rip Studwell: It's me, Dr. Rip Studwell, with bad news and good news. The bad news is if we don't the fagiggly transplant soon, it's going to be too late.
      Timmy: What's the good news?
      Dr. Rip Studwell: I'm free under par after nine holes! See, at least one of us is happy!

    • Jorgen: (Kicks Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy out) Ha! You ignorant boobs, you are so pathetic! (Laughs) Pathetic fairies!

    • Timmy: Maybe Anti-Cosmo can't fly, but we can!
      Cosmo: Yeah. This plan is perfect. (Turns into an anvil) And now it's not!
      Anti-Cosmo: Cosmo, you ignorant boob!

    • Jorgen: Oh, look! There is Anti-Cosmo about to do the pole daunt!
      Anti-Cosmo: Tally ho! Ha ha, I'm free! So long, suckers! (Slams into the wall)
      Cosmo: You know- (Turns into a tennis racket) - for an evil genius, you would've thought he would've taken the time to measure that stick.
      Wanda: Why didn't you?
      Cosmo: Stupid! Remember? Stupid.

    • Timmy: This Prison Track Meet is bound to work.
      Cosmo: Yeah, they'll never expect prisoners to run away during a prison track meet! (Turns into a fork)
      Wanda: (Uses a trash can lid to protect herself) Ha!

    • Wanda: Any other bright ideas?
      Cosmo: (Turns into a lightbulb)
      Timmy: Yup!

    • Timmy: We're gonna use it to tunnel under the walls and get Anti-Cosmo out.
      Wanda: Tunnel? Wait, no!!!
      Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy: (Scream and fall)
      Wanda: We were on a cloud, you idiots!
      Timmy: What?!

    • Timmy: Then what we need is something suddle, and most of all, quiet.
      Wanda: Uh, this is suddle and quiet, how?
      Timmy: I can't here you!!! I'm sneaking up on the prison!!!
      Wanda: What's he saying?
      Cosmo: Ah! I love you too! (Turns into a fork and pokes Wanda)
      Wanda: (Screams)
      Cosmo: What?

    • Wanda: But Timmy, Fairy World prison is escape proof.
      Timmy: Ha! That's what they said about the Anti-Fairy zone, and I got Anti-Cosmo out of there, didn't I?
      Wanda: That was by accident, and it's the very reason they built this new prison - to keep evil geniuses in.

    • Jorgen: Really? It is all up to me? Let me see - I don't like you (Cosmo), and I don't like you (Anti-Cosmo)... (Throws Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy out)
      Cosmo: (Turns into a cucumber)
      Jorgen: And stay out!

    • Anti-Cosmo: I know you're here because Cosmo's fagiggly gland is going bad.
      Cosmo: (Turns into brocolli) How do you know that?
      Anti-Cosmo: Because I'm the opposite of you, Cosmo. You ignorant boob. And my fagiggly gland- (Turns into a cow) - is going good. Moo!

    • Timmy: Anti-Cosmo is the opposite of Cosmo.
      Cosmo: (Turns into a screw)
      Timmy: Smart.
      Cosmo: (Turns into a baseball)
      Timmy: Evil. Smart.

    • Jorgen: This is where we keep the truly evil prisoners. Like him: Anti-Cosmo.
      Anti-Cosmo: Hello, Clarice.
      Wanda: Who's Clarice?
      Cosmo: (Turns into a toilet)

    • Jorgen: You will notice we have equipped all of our prisoners with anti-flight and magic unfiorms. They prevent magic, and are both form-fitting and slimming.
      Anti-Wanda: It's true, y'all. Check me out. I look like one of them teeny little runway models. (Grabs a hot dog by her foot) Excepting forth my teeth, and the fact that I'm eating food.

    • Jorgen: Welcome to Fairy World Maximum Security Prison. It is here where we house Fairy World's most dangerous, villianous, and smelliest criminals.

    • Dr. Rip Studwell: Cosmo, I've got good news and bad news. The good news is I'm doing a tee off at 2:30!
      Wanda: Uh, hello? Bad news.
      Cosmo: (Turns into a vampire)
      Dr. Rip Studwell: Oh, right. The part about you. The bad news is there's only one treatment for fagiggly gland failure, a fagiggly transplant.

    • Wanda: Oh, give it to us straight, Dr. Rip Studwell.
      Cosmo: (Turns into a kitten) Meow!
      Wanda: Is Cosmo sick?
      Dr. Rip Studwell: Let me put this to you in terms Cosmo could understand. (While rolling his eyes) Yes!!!

    • Timmy: What's a gagiggly-whoey?
      Dr. Rip Studwell: The fagiggly gland. (Snaps) The special magical organ in the fairy's body that allows us to change shape.

    • Wanda: Cosmo, are you having problems with your - you-know-what?
      Cosmo: (Gasps) No! My fagiggly gland is fine!
      Dr. Rip Studwell: No it's not. Cosmo's fagiggly gland is far from fine.

    • Cosmo: (Turns into a fork)
      Timmy: Cosmo, what's wrong with you?
      Cosmo: Nothing. (Turns into a mechanical saw)
      Wanda: Ow! Oh, yeah. (Crown breaks in half) Why aren't you a goldfish?
      Cosmo: Ah, goldfish are so last week. (Turns into a jack hammer) Jack hammers are all the rage!

    • Timmy: Cosmo, you need to be more careful about what you change into.
      Cosmo: Eh, I know. It's a good thing my scream spoiled his appetite.

    • Dad: Oh, boy. Face cake! (Gets out a fork and knife)
      Cosmo: (Screams)

    • Wanda: (Alarm sound) Look out. Somebody's coming. Change into something inconspiculous. (Turns into salt)
      Cosmo: (Turns into a piece of cake)

    • Timmy: I'm just saying, what if Vicky's father suddenly got a new job in New Zealand and she'd had to move?
      Cosmo: Aye. Excellent plan, Timmy. But what did New Zealand do to you?

    • Timmy: And the Timmy copies don't just help my enemies...
      Dad: Wow! Timmy's cleaning so fast, he's everywhere at once.
      Mom: We sure are fortunate to have a son like Timmy.
      Timmy Clones: At least somebody likes me.

    • Wanda: Leaving Timmy copies on Unwish Island to serve Gary and his cronies was a good idea. I think they like it.
      Cosmo: Almost as much as they dislike Timmy!

    • Timmy Clone: What'll it be, sir? The I Hate Timmy Burger? The Timmy's a Jerk Chicken Sandwich? Or the I'd Like to Clug Timmy Club? And instead of a tip, you can punch me in the head.

    • Darth Laser: (Surfing on a Timmy clone) Cowabunga, Flipsie!
      Flipsie: Arf arf! (Flips)

    • Gary: Well, we do love this island and we all really can't stand up to overbite over there. I mean, I don't, do you? Yeah. Right.

    • Benjamin Franklin: Actually, now that Timmy has landed us in the 'who's cow', I feel as though I'm not loving him much at all.
      George Washington: Same here.
      Thomas Jefferson: Me too.
      Gary: You hate Timmy too? Oh, then come on out!
      Cosmo: I'm never voting for any of you again!

    • Timmy: Maybe I'm not dead. We rock!
      Gary: (Rings a bell) A ling.
      Timmy: (Ending up in jail) We reek!

    • Timmy: I'm dead.
      George Washington: Buck up, buck-toothed soldier. It's time to chop... some... butt!
      Mark: (Gets a big laser out)
      Benjamin Franklin: (Causes lightning to come out with a kite)
      Thomas Jefferson: I'll ammend... your face!

    • Timmy: Are you telling me these are my only wishes who still like me?!
      Mark: Dude, let's face it. You can be a little harsh.

    • Gary: And in the loser corner, fighting with the vile pink-hatted tutu is Mark Chang and the founding fathers, Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, and George Washington.
      George Washington: Must... chop... wood!

    • Gary: Introducing the largest gathering of able unwished wishes who totally want to crush Timmy. Pumpkinator.
      The Pumpkinator: Trick or treat!
      Gary: Darth Laser, cha-cha. The Sphinx, Super Bike, and Super Toilet.
      Cosmo: Ah! So much clogging!

    • Wanda: Objection! Timmy doesn't unwish all of his wishes. Why don't you give him a fighting chance.
      Gary: Fine. Timmy can bring any of his wishes that still like him. (Laughs) If there are any.

    • Gary: And now for your sentence, Phase Dos of my totally cool 3-part plan. A duel with your most dangerous unwished wishes. Gookie bookie boo. After which you will be locked away. Like you locked me away, in your head, represented here by this totally metaphoracal jail head.

    • Timmy: I'm-
      Gary Clone: Guilty! Ooh, I called it.

    • Gary: Order!- guilty. Order! Timmy Turner, how do you - guilty - plea?
      Gary Clone: Timmy Turner guilty!
      Wanda: The trial's not over!
      Gary Clone: I'll be back in 10 - guilty - minutes.

    • Gary: Now for Phase Uno! The totally rig - you're guilty - trial!

    • Timmy: I'm not afraid of you Gary- then, them, I'm afriad of.

    • Gary: Well, lookie at you. If it isn't Johnny Uncool Wishaway. Let's see you wish yourself out of this. And now, prepare for my diabolical yet, totally cool, 3-part revenge plan. (Laughs) Not cool.

    • Cosmo: Hey! It's the Sphinx you wished away!
      Timmy: But, I didn't wish it away.
      Cosmo: Oh. Well, it sure adds to the drama.

    • Timmy: Ha! And you said a second tube was an even stupider idea.

    • Timmy: Now go home, go to bed. When you wake up, you'll all be normal.
      Sanjay: See you in my next dream.
      Timmy: Go!!!

    • Timmy: Step away from the bars.
      Mom: Our son, Timmy has set aside his selfish and cowardly instincts.
      Dad: And has come to rescue us!
      Timmy: Yeah, and, uh, this isn't real and you guys are all in a dream. (Uses heat vision to free them)
      Chester: (Gasps) I'm having one of those dreams where I forgot to wear my pants. Sweet!
      Sanjay: And I'm having one of those dreams where Timmy saves me again - but where is your white horse?

    • Timmy: Mom, Dad, AJ, Chester, Elmer, uh, what...
      Sanjay: Sanjay.
      Timmy: Right.

    • Timmy: Guys, we have find everyone, quick!
      Everyone: Timmy!
      Cosmo: Wow, that was convenient.

    • Timmy: And there's my escape tube system to the unchartered Bermuda Triangle islands! Let's go to Unwish Island!
      Cosmo and Timmy: And you said this was a dumb wish!

    • Wanda: Hey! Don't you still have heat vision?
      Cosmo: (Butt gets burned) Ah, hot!
      Timmy: That's a yes!

    • Timmy: Rescuing my parents, friends, and back-up friends should be a snap. I have you guys, plus a closet full of cool stuff I didn't unwish. Like my shrink suit. It's so full of gizmos and gadgets, there's no way Gary can defeat me!
      (Shrink suit explodes)
      Cosmo: Did I mention I played with the suit a few times and broke it.
      Wanda: Did you play with anything else?
      (Time scooter explodes)
      Cosmo: I get bored when you're at school!

    • Timmy: There it is! The Burmuda Triangle!
      Wanda: What are you doing? You can't go to the Bermuda Triangle. Like Jorgen said, only a fool-
      Cosmo: I'm in! I've even got Bermuda shorts!

    • Cosmo: I love the Bermuda Triangle! It's my second favorite country, and my fourth favorite shape!

    • Jorgen: Welcome to Fairy World Giant Unwished Storage, where all discovered Fairy Godchild wishes are stored.
      Timmy: Man, I didn't know I had unwished so much stuff.
      Jorgen: Your locker got so cramped, I had to give you bigger locker, and relocate your most violent Timmy-hating wishes to an undisclosed location.
      Timmy: Where?
      Jorgen: Duh! An unchanted island in the Bermuda Triangle, of course.

    • Cosmo: Oh my gosh! It's Darth Laser, Super Bike, and the Pumpkinator all in one evil, convenient location!
      Pumpkinator: (Waves)
      Wanda: But we got rid of those guys months ago? What are they all doing with Gary?
      Cosmo: Shouldn't they all be in storage?
      Timmy: Storage?

    • Timmy: Imaginary Gary?
      Gary: That's right, Timtim. It's me. Your former imaginary friend who vowed I'd make your life miserable. Me and a bunch of your othe runwished wishes have captured your family, friends, and your back-up friends. Now you can suffer the loneliness-
      Sanjay: Hi, Timmy. It's me, Sanjay!
      Gary: I suffered when you left me alone to rot in your head - before someone left the door unlocked and I escaped, ha ha.
      Cosmo: (Whistles)

    • Wanda: Uh, don't you think you should be looking for your Mom, Dad, friends, and back-up friends?
      Cosmo: Or we could just watch this tape I was given by imaginary Gary.
      Timmy: What?! Imaginary Gary?
      Cosmo: Sure, Gary. You remember Gary? Your imaginary friend who doesn't really you, tried to kill us all, remember? Good times, good times.
      Timmy: When did you get this?
      Cosmo: Remember when you were bouncing on the bed with the supermodels who made the cookies?

    • Timmy: Finally! Every 10-year old's dream. A room full of supermodels! Can you guys make cookies?
      Supermodels: Super cookies!
      Timmy: Yay!

    • Timmy: (Takes off his clothes) Hmm, not messy enough.
      Cosmo and Wanda: (Poof a clothes volcano)

    • Timmy: Weird! I haven't seen Chester and AJ, or my back-up friends, Sanjay and Elmer in hours. I wonder where they are. Mom, Dad? They're gone too. What am I gonna do?!
      Cosmo: (As a dog) Well, I know what I'm gonna do. (Puts his leg up)
      Timmy: And I know what I'm gonna do. Everything I've always wanted to!

    • Dark Laser: Are you friends with Timmy Turner?
      Flipsy: (Flips and barks)
      Elmer or Sanjay: And we kind of hang out together, but I've never been to his house.
      Dark Laser: Close enough.

    • Mom: I don't have any idea how that happened. I was just driving while I did my make-up, hair, and taxes.
      Super Bike: Hey, Turners. Need a lift?
      Dad: I know it's wrong to take rides from talking bikes, but OK!
      Super Bike: Hang on... for your life!

    • Chester: Yay! Now my butt, and the dishes are clean!
      The Pumpkinator: Happy Halloween!
      Chester: Wait, wait! I don't have any clothes on! And it's not Halloween.

    • AJ: There we go! One more drop, and I'll have salty energy crisis! Huh, what? (Screams)
      Super Toilet: (Flushes)

    • Wanda: Good idea making us monkeys, Cosmo.
      Cosmo: I just wanted to scratch my butt without being judged.

  • NOTES (5)


    • Jail:The Unhappiest Place Off Earth

      This is a parody of Disney Land's slogan, "The Happiest Place On Earth".

    • There are several allusions to the 1991 movie "Silence of the Lambs": 1. When Timmy, Wanda, Cosmo go to prison to talk to Anti-Cosmo, he calls Wanda "Clarise" just like Hannibal Lecter. 2. At the end of this episode Anti-Cosmo says through the cell phone: "Don't look for me", just like Hannibal Lecter did at the end of the movie. 3. Anti-Cosmo's prison cell is made of plexi-glass, like Hannibal Lecter's.

    • Escape from Unwish Island:
      A lot of the lockers in Escape From Unwish Island spoof real-life super stars, such as P. Diddy, Tina Turner, Duran Duran, Carrot Top, Walt Disney, some of the Fairly Odd Parents cast, and many more.

    • Escape From Unwish Island: Title
      The title may be a reference to the game series 'Escape from Monkey Island.'