The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 1

Fairly Odd Baby

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Think its cool

    Love it
  • . Fairly Oddparents!

    From this episode on, the Fairly Oddparents episodes only go downhill never getitng back to how good it was before!
  • The decline of the FOP starts here

    Like many other FOP fans when I saw this special's commercials I got hyped up about it, but it was all hype and very little substance in this special. The special is about Cosmo and Wanda wanting to have a baby, and when they do have one everyone from the Pixies, to Jordon, to the Anti-Fairies want the baby to raise as their own. Now that's all good, and everything, but where this special falls apart is lackluster humor, a boring and predictable story, and very little cleverness. The episode begins in the park where Cosmo and Wanda are looking at babies while Timmy is busy doing stuff that he wished for. The same gag is used in this part of the story. Timmy is in danger, Cosmo and Wanda are too busy looking at babies, Timmy gets hurt, and repeat. Get used to these same gags being used people they will occur a lot at this show. Timmy eventually decides enough is enough and wishes for his fairies to have a baby. Here is where a major red flag comes into play here. Apparently in Fairy World it's the men that have the babies, and not the women. Now I know this is for kids, but when they grow up and learn about how a baby is created then they will be very confused. They could have kept the baby in Wanda, and not in Cosmo. All Timmy would have to do is wish for the baby, and it would be in Wanda's belly, and there you go. Wanda even says it's beautiful or something, but I am horrified instead about that. So as time goes by Cosmo goes through the wonders of birth. Such things are mood swings that aren't funny, eating baseball cards, and another gag that is repeated a lot is Cosmo puking on Timmy. In every scene Cosmo Cosmo is seen puking on Timmy, and it gets boring fast. After a pointless party scene and trying to find Cosmo after Timmy tells him to get lost the baby is ready. Timmy wishes the baby out of Cosmo's stomach, and word of the birth spreads to the Anti-Fairies and the Pixies. I also want to point out how awful the baby looks. Why do fairy babies look like bowling balls. Maybe it's cute factor, but seriously you mean to tell me fairy babies grow from bowling balls to what everyone else look like? A fight occurs over who wants the baby. The Pixies and the Anti-Fairies want him to use his power to take over the world. Jorgan even join and wants the baby to train him properly. A chase scene ensures, and after 5 minutes Timmy and his fairies with the baby go back home. I also want to point out that yet another running gag is used again and again the naming of the baby. All throughout this special it keeps using that gag constantly. Some of the names were funny, but it got boring fast. Eventually the baby is found again, and is captured. A rescue mission is planned, but fails and Timmy, Jorgan, Cosmo, and Wanda are captured. They all break out, and go forward to stop the plan of the Pixies, and Anti-Fairies. After some more bad jokes including the gag of naming the baby Timmy and the gang get the baby back, and all go home. Jorgan takes the baby in the midst of the celebration and goes back to Fairy World. However Cosmo and Wanda have the real baby, and they decide to name him Poof. Dumb name for a kid, but who cares? And so our special ends with all living happily ever after, or until the new episodes. This was such a poorly done episode. Very little jokes like Jorgan being in an Easter Bunny suit were funny, and the constant use of gags again and again got annoying fast. The idea that men have babies is not only creepy, but makes me feel uncomfortable. Sadly Butch Hartman wouldn't learn his lesson with this, and would make episodes of FOP that would fall into mediocrity. It's sad to see this, but after this special FOP wouldn't fully recover and the new episodes it has show how far this series went down after this special. Don't worry if you missed this special at all it was nothing more than a diaper full of stupidity, and awfulness.
  • Uhhh...

    This episode was just too unusual. Male fairies have babies?? Seriously, what sort of ideas were the writers trying to put into younger viewers' heads when they came up with this? I understand it's just a cartoon, but it's just downright ridiculous even for this show! I will admit I did sort of like the plot for this special, and I got excited when I first heard about Cosmo and Wanda having a baby, but this special just did not live up to the hype it got. Also, I might add that most of the jokes in this episode were really lame. A lot of the humor was running gags that got old very quickly, such as Cosmo throwing up on Timmy and the "new baby smell" gag. There was even a whole scene that basically repeated itself. If that isn't a sign of writers' block, I don't know what is. I also thought the ending was lame. However, there were a couple scenes I got a mild chuckle out of, the parts where Timmy corrected himself when he started talking baby talk and the scene with Jorgen dressed up like a pink bunny. Overall, though, I did not think this was a good special, and I would not go out of my way to watch it again. Final grade: F. Marebear2009, out!
  • The Fairly OddParents returned after a year hiatus and it gets an awful one...

    When Cosmo and Wanda are distracted by babies, Timmy wishes that Cosmo and Wanda would have their own baby. But the Pixies and the Anti-Fairies find out and join forces to kidnap the baby and use his untapped power for world domination. It will be up to Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, Jorgen, and some explosive burritos to save the first fairy baby born in 10,000 years. I thought that this an awful episode of the Fairly OddParents. Wow, 41 people reviews, I knew that would be a lot of people reviewing this TV Movie. I wanted to review a few Fairly OddPants I disliked. Anyway, speaking of this TV-Movie, it was just awful and unwatchable. I honestly can't stand every minute of it. The characters were super annoying. The vomiting gag was unfunny. Also, I thought Cosmo was at his worst here. IMO, he may give me some laughs from his dimwit stuffs, but half of them are annoying and unfunny. Another huge problem on why In hate this special so much was that Nick air this special a lot. What's the big deal? I watched it twice and I suffered from watching it. Overall, an awful special of the Fairly OddParents...can't believe this had to the first episode with Poof and it sucked (although the later episodes are not as bad as this one, expect for a few more) don't waste your time in this one. 1/10
  • The introduction of the new "Fairly OddParents" character named Poof

    I thought that this was a great "Fairly OddParents" 1-hour TV movie. It was a great introduction of a new "Fairly OddParents" character Poof. Timmy finds out that Cosmo and Wanda have always wanted a baby but they say that they can't because Jorgan won't let there be any more babies in Fairy World. Timmy wishes that Cosmo and Wanda would have a baby but then Jorgen disagrees with them and tells them "no" but the rule about baby wishing wasn't in the "Da Rules" book so Jorgan agrees to let Cosmo and Wanda have a baby. Now here is the weird thing that made my score low though... Cosmo was pregnant... not Wanda... Cosmo. How in the world can a male dairy be pregnant? I found it weird and didn't think it was appropriate for the little kids to see that. Cosmo gets the baby out and they all named the baby Poof (which didn't get the name until the end of this 1-hour TV movie). I thought that it was funny when Cosmo was going through his mood swings while being pregnant. The Anti-Fairies and then Pixies team up to get Poof to use his powers. It was funny when Jorgan kept going the restroom after eating those burritos. I also thought that Jorgan dressing up as a bunny was hilarious. Overall, despite the weirdness of Cosmo being pregnant, this was a great "Fairly OddParents" episode. 8/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.
  • My gosh, I've never hated an episode of any show so much.

    This episode of FOP is the worst. I think its really disturbing that Cosmo's 'pregnant', not to mention stereotypical and a little offensive. The show was bad enough the first time, but Nick played it EVERY FREAKIN WEEKEND. Whenever I hear "Hallababy! hallababy, halLAbab-y!" I run screaming out the door. (by the way, thats the song they sang over and over.)

    I love FOP, but that show crossed the line. Its a kid show, REALLY! A pregnant guy on a kids show! Disturbia
  • I cried when Poof was born!

    This episode made me cry it was so touching! A FOP episode that makes me cry happy tears don't come often. This episode was very good! I gave it 10,000 stars! This episode brought FOP back! It even made history! My favorite part was when Poof said "Mama? Dada?" I had to go awww when he said that. Cosmo and Wanda sure made a cute baby! This movie was hilarious! The Cosmo preganant thing was not as bad, but funny! Fairly Odd Baby brought Cosmo and Wanda back together,being even closer and loving each other! The old jerky Cosmo is gone for good. The kind, sweet, sensitive, loving, and now Daddy Cosmo is back! I couldn't be anymore happier with this epsiode! Amazing Job!!!
  • Lil' T! Elvis! and Twinkle OH MY!

    This was such a funny episode! Butch Hartman really outdid himself on this one! I wonder how they'll fit Poof in with the rest of the series... My favorite part was when they kept on thinking of names for Poof. Like Lil' T, Twinkle, Operah, Elvis, CashaGooGoo and Bill. :DI though Poof was a girl, cause of the purple-ness and the eye-lashes and the voice. I can just imagine Timmy having to babysit Poof while Cosmo and Wanda go to a meeting or something. I even tried to DRAW Poof! It came out kinda wrong cause I didn't have the TV in front of me so I couldn't see Poof in pause mode. D: Finally, a FOP character I can draw. Jorgan was especially funny! "Fireball burritos, Ay yi yi!" That is all.
  • Not worth the wait.

    Like a number of "Fairly Oddparents" fans, I took news of the show's return with equal amounts of trepidation and optimism. Would the show return to its roots of clever wordplay and gags without the desperate need to fall back on toilet humor and general stupidity? If "Fairly OddBaby" is any sort of indication, viewers need not worry about cleverness infecting this show ever again.

    A trip to the park sets biological clocks a ticking for Cosmo and Wanda; they want a baby. And since conceiving one the old-fashioned way would raise many a parental eyebrow, Timmy wishes for them to have a baby. Several acts of alleged humor ensue, such as Cosmo gaining the enlarged belly, Timmy getting vomited on at every opportunity and, of course, Cosmo's violent (and supposedly funny) mood swings.

    It isn't long before the baby is born and, being the first fairy baby in many millenia, its arrival is a blessed event (the term 'blessed' must apply to the characters, 'cause, by this point, I was ready to hurl bricks at my television). Its powers can be used for good or evil, and the forces of evil - in this case, the non-threatening (and, more importantly, non-funny) Anti-Cosmo and the Pixies - learn of this through the old 'don't tell the bad guys this super secret thing I'm yelling at the top of my voice!' trick, which, as anyone knows, is sure-fire in the laugh department.

    Then we're treated to a chase where Jorgen, Anti-Cosmo, the Pixies and Mama Cosma pursue Timmy, his fairies and their baby. It's decided to send the baby back to Earth with Timmy, who soon learns how to trigger its magic, with "hilarious" results.

    If I'm giving too much away here, good. The less people are interested in watching this episode, the better. There wasn't a single thing that worked here. A lot of people could point to the fact that Cosmo wasn't insulting Wanda needlessly, and I admit that that's a positive; that gag was never funny. But the elimination of one minor character trait that really had no business existing in the first place is nowhere near enough to redeem this.

    Let me just list a few more issues I had:

    - The baby. Why was this child introduced? A new source of humor? A deus ex machina? What? A lot of people mention that the child (named Poof, if you care) was cute. Cute characters in comic cartoons can be done well if there's actual humor to back up the character (Chuck Jones's "Feed the Kitty", for example). Without it, little Poof was flailing. Then again, as a baby, it can't really do much else.

    - The Pixies. Ben Stein's performance as the Pixies is always good for a few laughs, even when the episodes aren't. This is, without question, the worst episode to feature the characters, and if you consider that the other episodes are "Wish Fixers", "Pixies, Inc." and "School's Out: the Musical", that's really saying something

    - The gags. The mood swings. The burritos. "Where the light is better." The baby names, which could've been funny had they not been bludgeoned to death along with everything else, not the least of which my will to live. Were the writers baked when they came up with these gags? Are they hiring the developmentally disabled as script supervisors? There wasn't a single gag here that was a fraction as funny as the 'no time to waste' gag in "The Same Game".

    - Cosmo's voice. I really miss the smooth, low-pitched voice from the early days of the show. I can just imagine Daran Norris getting jabbed with a cattle prod after every other take and being reprimanded, 'Higher! Whinier! I want people to wish they were deaf after listening to Cosmo's voice!'.

    To sum up, "Fairly OddBaby" is, in every conceivable way, a waste of time. I weep for the society that would allow this to be considered even slightly adequate, never mind great.
  • Pass out the cigars! Onto Cosmo and Wanda, a child is born.

    This is the best episode of the Fairly OddParents to come around in a very long time. Thanks to Timmy's wish, Cosmo and Wanda become the proud parents of an adorable baby boy. He is the first fairy baby born since Cosmo 10,000 years ago. Because of the infant's great magical power, the pixies and the anti-fairies team up to kidnap the little tyke in order to use him to take over the universe and destroy the world. It then is up to Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Jorgen to save the little magical bundle of joy. Whatever you do, don't fail to see this episode.
  • Worst Fairly Odd Parents Episode Ever!!!!!!

    The worst fairly Odd Parents episode to ever be made!!! This is just my opinion though. My score was going to be 0.0 but it won't let me choose that. Warning: This is not going to be the best review so you do not have to read this if you do not want to. There's no swearing in it though as I hate swearing but this is not a positive review.

    I'm sorry but the idea of Cosmo and other male fairies having babies just isn't acceptable and really depresses me. Yes I know male sea-horses have babies and yes I know Yoshi, that dinosaur on Mario has babies too despite being male, but the fairies? Come on now!!! That's where I draw the line!!!

    I've been watching Fairly Odd Parents since January or February 2002 and fell in love with the show, and I especially liked Timmy Turner, who is my most favorite character in the show and after a few years have passed, and after ceasing to watch the show for about nine months in 2005, I came to the realization that Fairly Odd Parents was my most favorite cartoon in the whole wide world and no other cartoon can amount to it, not even my first favorite cartoon, Donald Duck. But when Fairly Odd Baby came along, well the movie would have been a whole lot better if Wanda Had The Baby!!!!!!!

    "It's the boy fairies that have the babies, it's more beautiful that way" or however Wanda said it, Well It's Not To Me!!! It's Disgusting!!! I mean, Big Daddy being pregnant with and having Wanda and her sister Blonda, and Cosmo's father having Cosmo, and while some of the male fairies are not going to have babies they still have a potential to do so, and that really bothers, I cannot stand even the thought of that.

    Finding out that male fairies have babies destroyed my love for my most favorite ever cartoon in the world. I feel completely betrayed and let down. Now I don't know what to think about Fairly Odd Parents anymore. This movie needs to be rewritten and this time Wanda should be the one having the baby. Up until I watched Fairly Odd Baby, Fairly Odd Parents was the best cartoon in the world, but now I don't know what to think about the show anymore.

    I really miss the way I used to feel about Fairly Odd Parents. I cannot look at the fairies anymore without knowing they have babies. It's like the female fairies dominate over the male fairies. I even have dreams, well nightmares about the male fairies having babies and it's happened 3 times already and the reminders that male fairies have babies hurts me to the bone.

    I have almost lost total interest in Fairly Odd Parents now. I mean I can still watch it but my love for that cartoon has been strained. I'd just stop watching the show but there's no other show like Fairly Odd Parents and there's no show that's better. I know it's just a cartoon and that I should just suck it up and shut the heck up and accept the fact that male fairies have babies and I know a lot of you are really upset with me now and I know a lot of you support the idea of Cosmo and other male fairies like Jorgen, Big Daddy, Binky, etc having babies, but it's just too hard for me to accept and for a long list of reasons, reasons I cannot even tell you about. Some of it is from my very early childhood too, and I think my autism has some things to do with this, and this is why I just cannot take male faires having babies. And if I ever do it will be years. And I'm really trying hard not to run away from Fairly Odd Parents, and I'm trying to pretend that female fairies have babies but the reminders of males having babies really gets me down and it's really torn my life apart.

    I know I'm being over dramatic, and I'm being totally immature about this, but I cannot help it. And I'm really sorry about myself, but I'm just sickened at the fact that not only do male fairies have babies but that my most favorite cartoon in the world has been ruined and I cannot look at it the same way anymore no matter what I do.

    I know this is never going to happen, but I really think the movie should be rewritten and that Wanda should have the baby so I can finally be relieved of this uncomfortable feeling I have that I cannot get rid of. I know the movie wouldn't make as much sense if it was written that way but that's the way I'd rather have it. And I am fully aware that Fairly Odd Parents is not my cartoon and that its not my decision what happens in the show or to the characters and that there's nothing I can do about it. So for now the best thing to do is to just stick to the Pre-Poof episodes. And I don't think that Poof is a good name either.

    That's all I'll say. I know my review stinks and is totally immature and I'm really sorry I sounded like a huge jerk but I'm just getting as many things off my shoulders as possible and that's just how I feel about the movie, which I wish I never saw. This is now a show I cannot live with or without.

    And don't worry, this is my first and last post. After this I'm retiring from the website. And with this I leave you.
  • Hello character development and a cute wittle baby!

    Overall, I liked the episode for the character development, or rather, a reset to the olden days of FOP. Cosmo becomes a truly loving person again through the miracle of birth, and although he was cranky, it's excusable. Wanda was slightly nagging, but her "maternal instincts" saved the day, and for that she is forgiven. Timmy starts out the episode being a bit of a smart alek and is at his jerkiest when he wishes for Cosmo to quote "Get lost." Yes, Timmy, we realize you're irritated, but the man is pregnant, you do not wish him to get lost! It was a moment that made you want to slap Timmy silly. However, unlike the newer episodes, Timmy realizes almost immediately how much of a jerk he was and apologizes, which shows that he's realizing his wishes and his actions do have consequences.

    And to address the elephant that was in the room, or rather, Cosmo's pregnancy. For a kid's show, it's surprising they'd show this and make it the way they do it in the fairy-verse. However, it was rather humorous in that you could relate, Cosmo was adorably irratating, and you felt sorry for him when he was going through labor pains. And, thankfully, being a kid's show, the closest we got to actual labor was the baby being poofed out.

    And now, the baby, a.k.a. the cutest thing you ever saw. It's freaking adorable, no doubt about it. It doesn't talk much, but it's developed it's own character. While I find it a little too feminine to be a guy, (it's purple and has eyelashes,) and I despise the name Poof, you still gotta love the little cutie. I'm eager to see how they'll integrate Baby Poof into the new episodes and what it's character will be.

    On the subject of humor, it was relatively good for Fairly Odd Parents. Gorgon in the pink bunny suit was an instant classic complete with a cute little bunny song, the "Cosmo's head is full of grape jelly" joke was brought back in a tasteful and humorous matter, and Mama Cosma finally got told off while the fans cheer. However, the burrito jokes were too much. They were tacky and got old quickly. But, again, it's good for Fairly Odd Parents.

    Story line was pretty good; I would've liked to see Crocker in there, but other than that I have no complaints. I would give it a ten, but I must take off for the name and the burrito jokes. It still gets an A- in my book though.
  • Not bad.

    I liked most of the storyline for this hour long episode. The only thing I did not like was the couple of things that they kept repeating several time throughout the entire episode. For instance: "you got that new baby smell." It was funny to hear that at first, but they said it so many times they wore it out. But as for the actual storyline itself, that I really enjoyed. It kinda showed a new side of Cosmo and Wanda that you don't see all that much anymore. And if there are much future episodes, I don't really think they will keep the baby in the new plots. But I could be wrong.
  • This might have been a very good show, but, it has bugs. What I mean is, that they do have creative minds... just uses them in the wrond time.

    Okay. this may be a good show if you want that revival for a long time, or if your a really really, REALLY young fan. But, for us, we see bugs; creative mismashes that seem to fit together... and it does. Badly.

    This is gonna be long, so, try to get comfortable before reading.

    Okay, so let me start to say the opening was rather a sign of crude humor. Cosmo and Wanda has ditched poor, weightful Timmy, plunging him in the ground... for a baby. WEll, Timmy does have a hard time with them, ehh?
    We find out that the Eric Donna couple has long for a baby, in a world where Fairy babies are banned. And, who's to blame? Cosmo. HE has set the trap to no babies. That's pretty sad. By sad, I mean a bit corny. So, Timmy wishes that a baby will be born. Jorgen von Strangle forbids it, but I don't think it's in the book. So, we go one.
    (Side note: I like the rules in Da Ruels)
    Okay, this is the major creative bug. Timmy goes home, only to find out that Cosmo is pregnant. HOLD everything! Just what is going on here? Well, Wanda explains that Cosmo is carrying the young youth for 3 months... darn. Soccermoms are so not gonna rant about this!
    But, anyways, 2 months of jelly barf, card cravings, and overhandled emotions, and we get to the baby shower. It's nice to know Mrs. Aimer is treating well, and Jorgan tends to help. Timmy, however, is in pain, as Cosmo moans around. Evneturally, Timmy wants Cosmo out, and there goes a next part of the movie.
    Jorgen, Timmy, and Wanda form an X-files groupe, and st off to the Anti-Fairies and Pixies. I'm pretty tired of them being the main villans. The villans don't kno about the problem... until Timmy and Wanda, respectivly, tells them. Oh, boy. Is a plot spwering!
    Eventually, Jorgen leaves the groupe, Timmy and Wanda finally find Cosmo... in a field of flowers, and the baby is due right know. WHAT?! It's rather pretty creative, but, again, bugs. So, you'll see these kinds throughout the movie.
    Then, the baby is born. It utters a queit "poof" and everyone goo-goo gaa-gaa around him. BUT, that is not the end of this movie. Dr. Studwell happened to be Anti-Cosmo, Jorgen was acutally the Head Pixie and Sanderson, and Mrs. Aimer... didn't have a disguse. How... creative?
    But, anyways, the gang escaps, and they don't give the baby a real name. Timmy calls it Little T, so, I guess it's fair.
    Eventually, Cosmo and Wanda are called fugitives, and Timmy must care for Little T. Then, with full powers, we learn Little T is god, who can create, bend, and destroy reality as it pleases. Jorgen comes to get it, only to find out that it's AC and HP! Oh, my god!
    Then, they go into th epic chase, tracking to AC's home, and a big creative fight starts away. Eventually, Timmy's brilliat F mind tells both Cosmo and Little T to drink up. Cosmo gives Little T a burrito, and the gang captures the bad guys before they suck away the power.
    Oh, but wait.... a blast from Mini-God shoots out, and he made a new world! Hooray! World's save!
    But... oh. They need to give Mini-Haruhi away. But, not really. That was the fake Harhui doll they give to Jorgen.
    So, now the conflic is saven, but there is one thing left to do; waht to call Haruhi? Well, they go change little Haruhi, and, Timmy claims it's a boy, because... it like water squirters! So, they name him Poof, because that's what he always says. Another crative bug.

    Overall, this episode was pretty good. But, it has problems to hardcore FOP fans. If you're a little kid, or just watch it for fun, then this episode is right up your alley, as the return of a ledgendary series.
  • Timmy has been noticing that Cosmo and Wanda have recently been distracted by babies a lot. So he asked why they didn't just have one, but they burst into tears saying that faeries can't have babies anymore. Timmy comes up with the idea to wish for one.

    I have to say that my favourite part about the whole movie has to be the comedy. I loved how Jorgen recieved so many new jokes that revolved around other things besides his 'awesome muscles', which was a running gag that was getting old. Though, he did seem OOC at some points, but I did like how Butch Hartman did his best to make that up by adding a bunch of old-seasn Jorgen quotes. Though it doesn't completely cover up those traits about his personality that I felt shouldn't be there.

    Another thing I loved aobut the movie, how Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy acted throughout the whole thing. Normally, the season 5/6 Timmy wouldn't have cared that Cosmo and Wanda wanted a baby and wouldn't really thinkl twice about a god brother since it didn't completely involve him. But instead of that, he right away grew concerned when Cosmo and Wanda started crying whenever he mentioned a baby, and he even wished for one. And then after the wish, he tried his best to hide his frustration on the simple fact that he would have a god brother and that Cosmo and Wanda would finally have a child; which I found really sweet of him.

    Cosmo was also very sweet in this TV movie, he was back to his innocent and clueless self from the first few seasons, espeically at the part when he thought giving birth would be fun. "Fun, let's just have fun! AHH!! THIS ISN'T FUN!!" Those few quotes really reminded me of the 2/3 season Cosmo, who was adorable in his Cosmo-ish way. The part when he took advantage of Timmy because he was pregnant was quite obnoxious though. I didn't blame Timmy at all for snapping at him, and I think it would've been better if Timmy wasn't the only one that apologized, since it wasn't completely his fault that they got into a fight.

    Let's not forget Wanda, the one character whose personality barely changed at all and endured the whole 'season 4-6 character breakdown crisis'. And in this movie/special, it definetly expressed how caring Wanda really was. When Cosmo was missing, everyone else except Timmy was only worried because Cosmo had a world-changing baby in his stomach, but Wanda was worried about that and so much more. And the part when they were all in the cage and Wanda had actually threatened to kill Anti-Cosmo and Sanderson if they hurt Poof definetly shown how serious she was being about her feelings, not to mention gave us viewers an emoitonal shock. And when she just brokedown hysterically into a cry during the following scene, that really showed how much care and worry she had for everyone she loved.

    I also got to say I loved the WandaXPoof MotherXSon development, the scene with her and Poof looking at each other and parting for the first time was so touching. And when Anti-Cosmo took Poof away and Wanda threatened him and Poof said his second and third word 'Mama' and 'Papa', that was a very sweet ParentXBaby scene. Butch Hartman definetly hasn't lost his touch to keep the plot and relationships between charaters emotional yet fun.

    Though, with every few pros, there's bound ot be a con or two. I did love Butch's idea to have Timmy take the responsibility of keeping Poof safe by himself during the movie, and it definetly added a suspending plot twist. But then how Timmy just handed Poof over in the end really ruined it, even if it was Jorgen and not Anti-Cosmo and Sanderson. The whole point of that idea, I would've guess was to give Timmy a chance to bond with his new baby god brother, but his time with Poof was much too short and involved barely any bonding. Even if he did have some form of character development with him, than it was proved to be in vain when he chose to just hand Poof over, not only breaking his promise with Cosmo and Wanda, but insuring a ruined childhood for Poof in the future.

    I also didn't find Cosmo's pregnancy to be appropriate for 6 year old kids, espeically the scene in the hospital. Not only young kids but people who feel offended viewing these things might've felt very uncomfortable watching the special.

    Even so, I still give the whole Fairly Odd Baby special a 9.5/10, for being such an improvement to the past seasons starting from 4. But not a perfect score since there were just those little things that reintroduced each character's season 5/6 selfishness, and the slight OOC-ment of Jorgen.

    ((I wish Anti-Wanda was involved in the movie more though))
  • I'm a bit indifferent about this episode...

    At first, I absolutley LOVED the idea of Cosmo and Wanda having a baby. And then, it actually happened. But the episode itself was... Well, it made me think everyone who worked on was stoned the whole time.

    After Timmy notices that Cosmo and Wanda are distracted by babies, he wishes they would have one (after a brief run-in with Jorgen Von Strangle). This could have gone very well, except they screwed up right in the next scene. Timmy comes home from school and Cosmo barfs on him. Then, Cosmo and Wanda proceed to explain that COSMO is the pregnant one, not Wanda. That's really disturbing, if you ask me...
    And the Cosmo-barfing-on-Timmy-all-the-time-gag got pretty old pretty fast.
    At the baby shower, Timmy gets annoyed at Cosmo and wishes him away, leading him, Wanda, and some other people to go look for him. In the process, they blurt out the fact that Cosmo is pregnant to the Anti-faeries and the Pixies. I don't think that makes much sense on the anti-faeries part, I mean, shouldn't Anti-Cosmo (or Anti-Wanda) be pregnant, too? Since every faery has an anti? I was also quite annoyed at Timmy and Wanda's stupidity here, they should know better to do that.
    I admit I liked the scene where Cosmo was in labor, and when Poof says "Poof!" I was laughing (because that's my natural response to things I think are adorable).
    In a later scene, when the pixies and Anti-Cosmo have Timmy, Cosmo, Wanda, and Jorgen in a butterfly net (I was annoyed at the fact that the holes where big enough that they could escape) was another one that I liked. Wanda threatening to kill them if they do anything to the baby, Cosmo comforting her when she started crying... When the universe was flipped upside down, that was enough proof for me to know they were stoned. That was so weird...
    After all is normal, and Wanda changd the baby's diaper so they can find out what gender it is so they can name it, she gets sprayed in the face. By a water squirter. And that's how they found out Poof was a boy. "Becaue boys love water squirters!" I was SO mad, I wanted to teleport myself into the computer and give Timmy a good kick in the face. I' a girl, and I love water squirters, thank you. Well, now that it's happened, I really prefer the days when it was just Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy. I know it's just a cartoon, and I more than likely sound like I'm taking this too seriously, but I have Asperger's Syndrome, and we Aspies have a tendancy to do that. If you thought it was good, fine. If you thought it was terrible, fine! I personally, don't think it was THAT bad, nor do I think it was that great. I think it jumped the shark, and I really am not too crazy about Poof (who I think should have been a girl and gotten a better name). People will probably get mad at me for saying so. But hey, if you want to love him, go ahead, I don't care. I just hope you respect my opinion. Thank you for your time.
  • One of the best FOP TV movies!

    I was starting to wonder if faires can actually have babies! and this tv movie really proved it! it all starts with Cosmo and Wanda starting to ignore timmy and being distracted by babies so timmy wishes one for them! so we get to find out that BOYS are the ones who gets to be pregnant, It's even funnier when Cosmo throws up at timmy and having mood swings.
    We also find out that a Fairy baby is the most powerful fairy in the world so as they stay away from the pixies and anti-fairies they try to name him and it was really funny that jorgen fell for the fake poof baby :D at the end they name him "Poof" because it's the only word he knows. I wanted poof to be a girl though! Overall, Awesome episode
  • Very cute, very funny, and very special...

    I've heard some people say this is the best FOP movie to date, but I disagree with that. This movie was good, don't get me wrong, but I wouldn't say it was the best. I'd say it makes a close second. I didn't like the idea of Cosmo and Wanda having a baby at first because I thought it was destroy the show and take some of the fun from it. Boy was I wrong! This episode was hilarious! Some funny parts include: Timmy falling from the sky because Cosmo and Wanda were distracted by the babies, Timmy finishing Jorgon's sentences, Cosmo's mood swings, Jorgon constantly having to go to the bathroom, the anti-fairies and pixies planning world domination, the anti-fairies and pixies trying to kidnap Poof, Cosmo's mom nagging Jorgon when they were in the jet, etc. There are lots more to list, but I don't have time to list them all. Poof is soooooooo cute!!! Especially when he said "poof!" at random times. I laughed every time I heard him say that! Some parts of this episode could have used a little more work though. For example: the ending when they were trying to rescue Poof. It was funny, but also kind of intelligence insulting - no offense to those of you who loved that part. The other "disturbing" part was how the male fairies have the babies. When I first heard that I was like "WHAT!!??" It was funny though. Not to mention unusual.

    I loved FOB. I thought Poof was insanly adorable and I love the fact that Cosomo, yes, Cosmo was pregnat. That made me LOL. I felt like I was going to die laughing. I liked it when Timmy was taking care of Poof. It made me laugh when he was talking to him weirdly. Ha! Ha! I was also surprised by the fact of how Timmy saved the day. It made no sense, but it was good. The whole movie was suspensful, and funny. However, I thought Poof should've been a girl, because they need another female character on the show. I didn't like the name either. I mean, what kind of name is Poof? But, anyway, I would recomended this to anyone who's an FOP fan.
  • kewl!

    i totally loved it. it was like totally funny, disgusting and kinda weird at times.
    i took away .3 because of cosmo's pregnancy. i thought it was kinda weird. how they poofed the baby out was also kinda awkward. but i love all their jokes and humor. i loved it when Jorgen went singing that lalala lilili im a cute pink bunny. hilarious!
    in this episode, timmy was kinda smart. i mean he solved all the problems and all. he kept on getting vomit at by cosmo and its great to see that Tom Kenny came once again to be Cupid. its almost as gd as spongebob squarepants!
    yay fairly oddbaby!
  • Welcome to the family Poof!

    This was a really good special about a fairy baby being born, and a new charecter being added to a cartoon show. This show showed alot of action, humer, cute moments, teamwork, and parents love for thier new baby! It was well done, and slow paced to help you understand what's going on. For being 40-50 min. long, it told alot, how they wanted a baby, Cosmo being pregnant and barfing all over Timmy, Poof being born, Anti Cosmo and HP stealing the baby, Cosmo, Wanda Timmy, and Jorden saving little Poof, and Poof reunited with his new family! "Poof! Poof!"
  • best episode ever

    When this show "ended" as a movie along with jimmy neutron i was like WHAT? not only did they end a good show with a movie that i still havent seen the full version of, the show was just to darn good to end anyways. thats so cheap of nick to end 2 shows with one movie. so wjhen i saw the commercial and heard it was coming bak for one final season i was soo happy =).when this show first came out, it was one of those shows i watched when i got bored but now i like this show. and after seeing this episode, i like this show ALOT. this is the best episode out so far and it made me laugh alot. i hope the season as as good as this episode and im lookin forward to seeing the remaining 19 episodes :D
  • Is it a dream? A marage? NO! Cosmo and Wanda have a baby!

    Ho baby! This episode was good! And, it was much better than Abra-catastropy! And, Channel chasers! But, equal to Fairy idol. Well, the ending was werid . They got real clips at the end! Well, it was undesited if it was a boy or a girl. But, I was right! It was a boy! But, the eyelashs did confuse a few people. And, that Jorgon guy! He had to go to the bathroom alot! "We have to save little baby Elvis! What? Gertruth is so 3 mintues ago!" That was my favorite line! Oh, boy this was a great episode and, that was a great line!
  • Good but not great.

    Fairly Odd Parents AKA: FOP, has been entertaining us for around five years. It seems as if every season seems to get better in the comedy department. As for the plots, it's okay, they're better but not great. This episode needed some extra time to improve. There are a lot of predictable moments in this one hour special. (Actually 44 minutes without commercials.) It's still as funny as any regular episode, if not, funnier. The plot is fine, and the humor gets better. The plot seems to improve throughout the episode, not by much, and it still seems predictable. Overall, I'd say the Fairly Odd Baby is fine, just not exaclty living up to it's potential.
  • Could have been better

    When I first heard that Nickelodeon had renewed The Fairly OddParents, I was afraid that it was going the same direction as SpongeBob SquarePants in its later episodes (down the toilet). Later, when I found out that their first returning episode would be about Cosmo and Wanda having a baby, I smelled a shark about to be jumped. So, were my fears realized? Not exactly. There were a fair amount of laughs to be had throughout this episode, but the jokes reeked a bit of trying too hard. What made the show great in the first place was that it was able to tell a coherent story while sprinkling witty observations and edgy pop culture humor throughout. The gags here, however, almost interrupted the story. Instead of trusting its audience to understand the material, the characters basically shouted the jokes and punchlines at you, ruining their effect. The problem with the pregnancy humor was pretty basic: we've heard it all before. You can turn to any movie or TV show involving a pregnant woman and hear about morning sickness, weird cravings, mood swings, and painful childbirth. Another bad choice made in this episode was relying too much on the show's blandest villians and supporting characters. Jorgen Von Strangle can be very funny in short doses, but making him a central character and giving him only one joke to repeat over and over again (burrito diarrhea) gets old very quickly. Also, didn't the ending seem like a deus ex machina? No one had any idea what making the baby break wind would do, so how could Timmy work this into his plan? There were a few high points in this episode. Mama Cosmo was perfectly in character here, and it was a nice touch to have her continue nagging after being ejected from her jet. Another good add-in was Timmy catching himself baby talking the baby. This is something I think many of us find ourselves falling into around babies, and wasn't over-used like most of the gags included. While I wouldn't say this was a bad episode, it seemed F.O.P. wasn't at the top of its game. It's understandable since the show has been on hiatus for a year, but I hope they are able to pick up the pace in the coming episodes. It will be interesting to see how the baby is worked into the series, and hopefully it won't ruin the show's dynamic. Here's to hoping Butch Hartman will be able to get this usually hilarious series back on track.
  • THE BEST EPISODE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Oh my gosh, I just absolutely loved the 'Fairly Oddbaby'! It was, by far, the cutest and most adorable episode I ever saw of the Fairly Oddparents! Since Cosmo and Wanda want a baby so badly, Timmy wishes them a baby. Over the course of the year, they wait and wait for the baby to be born. Of course, Cosmo's the one having the baby, because all male fairies are the ones who give birth. ^_^ Anyway, the day finally arrives that the baby's being born. Unfortunately before, Timmy gets tired of Cosmo, so he tells him to get lost. Wanda, Timmy, and Jorgen have to look all over the universe for Cosmo, but accidentally telling the Anti-fairies and Pixies about the birth of the baby. When the baby's born, they come to kidnap him and raise the baby to use its powers to destroy the universe. Throughout the wild goose chase, we learn that the baby's magic can have a positive and negative effect on people. For example, when it cries, bad things happen. When it laughs, good things happen; like raining ice cream. When it hicupps, there are natural disasters. When it burps, lightning is struck at the closest person. Timmy has a plan, which everyone thinks has failed because the baby was kidnapped by both the anti-fairies and the pixies. They almost destroy the universe, but when Timmy feeds it, the universe is pulled back together again (because of its high amount of gas :rolls eyes:. So, when they get home, we find out that the baby's a boy because boys like water guns, and his name is now Poof, because all through the course of the episode, all he said was 'poof'. THE END
    Anyway, greatest episode ever, even better than the ones Chip Skylark was in. And I love him! *but not as much as I love Poof!* :D
  • This was one of the best Fairly Odd Parents episodes I have seen in a long time!

    Fairly Odd Parents was about to be canceled so i'm glad that they saved it with this movie.Fairly Odd Baby shows the normal show with movies that's why I like it so much Fairly Odd Parents is awesome!So that's is what I think of Fairly Odd Baby. Plus I like when the baby has diffrent powers.When it laughs good things, happen when it burps people get shocked, when it cries bad things happen, when it hiccups things change and when it farts everything becomes insane and weird.P.S. i'm new to this review thing.Thank you for reading my first review in along time. I hope you enjoyed it.
  • Just click continue, you know you want to read it, you just know it... Why are you still reading the summary???????? You should be reading my review!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Still here, you are going to be very hard to convince are you not? Well, READ IT NOW!!

    A very special episode of the Fairly Odd Parents that really does make you cry. I mean, how cute was Poof too? I am so glad they brought a baby to strengthen Cosmo and Wanda's chemistry.And I really knew that Poof would either make or break the show! And he made it, he really, really, really, really, really, really, really positiveley made the show, it was great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The running gag were those Fire Ball Burritoes and Jorgen Von Strangle's urge to go to the toilet, ah the gas. Hilarious, funny.

    I am glad that Fairly Odd Parents is getting a Seventh Season, I felt that the last episode did not end the series quite right and I admit the later episodes had been absolutely horrible. So I am hoping that all of the new episodes in the Seventh Season are at the quality of this episode, Fairly Odd Baby. Good name for the episode too!

    This episode was advertised greatly as well! Nickelodeon usually always fails you with their tactics of advertisements. But during most every show, there was a commercial for Fairly Odd Baby. And it did not get annoying like most Nickelodeon commercials either, it just got you even more excited than you already were. Cosmo and Wanda actually cared about each other in this episode as well. In the newer episodes of Fairly Odd Parents, they hated each other.

    Nickelodeon! Fairly Odd Baby was definitely a job well done! Keep it up!
  • A Very Special Season Perimare!

    It Was On Yesterday But I Was In UK!
    But I Found A Way So That You Can Watch It In Any Other Contry But The USA!
    Search For Turbonick Mynick!
    BTW, Here's The Plot!

    One Day, Timmy Wanted To Go Skydiving.
    But Cosmo And Wanda Loves Babies!
    So Timmy Wished They Can Have A Baby!
    But Jorgen Von Strangle Said "This Is The First Baby Born In 10000 Years. If The Baby Falls On To The Enemy's Hand, Evil Can Happen!"
    So The Baby Was Born, BUT The Pixies And Anti-fairies Joined Forces To Kippnapped The Baby And Use It For World Domination!
    That's Include Raining Ice-cream, Volcanoes, And Earthquakes!
    And So It Up To Cosmo, Timmy, Wanda And Jorgen To Save The Universe!

    I'll Call It 10/10!
    Don't Forget:
    Search For Turbonick Mynick!
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