The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 1

Fairly Odd Baby

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • The decline of the FOP starts here

    Like many other FOP fans when I saw this special's commercials I got hyped up about it, but it was all hype and very little substance in this special. The special is about Cosmo and Wanda wanting to have a baby, and when they do have one everyone from the Pixies, to Jordon, to the Anti-Fairies want the baby to raise as their own. Now that's all good, and everything, but where this special falls apart is lackluster humor, a boring and predictable story, and very little cleverness. The episode begins in the park where Cosmo and Wanda are looking at babies while Timmy is busy doing stuff that he wished for. The same gag is used in this part of the story. Timmy is in danger, Cosmo and Wanda are too busy looking at babies, Timmy gets hurt, and repeat. Get used to these same gags being used people they will occur a lot at this show. Timmy eventually decides enough is enough and wishes for his fairies to have a baby. Here is where a major red flag comes into play here. Apparently in Fairy World it's the men that have the babies, and not the women. Now I know this is for kids, but when they grow up and learn about how a baby is created then they will be very confused. They could have kept the baby in Wanda, and not in Cosmo. All Timmy would have to do is wish for the baby, and it would be in Wanda's belly, and there you go. Wanda even says it's beautiful or something, but I am horrified instead about that. So as time goes by Cosmo goes through the wonders of birth. Such things are mood swings that aren't funny, eating baseball cards, and another gag that is repeated a lot is Cosmo puking on Timmy. In every scene Cosmo Cosmo is seen puking on Timmy, and it gets boring fast. After a pointless party scene and trying to find Cosmo after Timmy tells him to get lost the baby is ready. Timmy wishes the baby out of Cosmo's stomach, and word of the birth spreads to the Anti-Fairies and the Pixies. I also want to point out how awful the baby looks. Why do fairy babies look like bowling balls. Maybe it's cute factor, but seriously you mean to tell me fairy babies grow from bowling balls to what everyone else look like? A fight occurs over who wants the baby. The Pixies and the Anti-Fairies want him to use his power to take over the world. Jorgan even join and wants the baby to train him properly. A chase scene ensures, and after 5 minutes Timmy and his fairies with the baby go back home. I also want to point out that yet another running gag is used again and again the naming of the baby. All throughout this special it keeps using that gag constantly. Some of the names were funny, but it got boring fast. Eventually the baby is found again, and is captured. A rescue mission is planned, but fails and Timmy, Jorgan, Cosmo, and Wanda are captured. They all break out, and go forward to stop the plan of the Pixies, and Anti-Fairies. After some more bad jokes including the gag of naming the baby Timmy and the gang get the baby back, and all go home. Jorgan takes the baby in the midst of the celebration and goes back to Fairy World. However Cosmo and Wanda have the real baby, and they decide to name him Poof. Dumb name for a kid, but who cares? And so our special ends with all living happily ever after, or until the new episodes. This was such a poorly done episode. Very little jokes like Jorgan being in an Easter Bunny suit were funny, and the constant use of gags again and again got annoying fast. The idea that men have babies is not only creepy, but makes me feel uncomfortable. Sadly Butch Hartman wouldn't learn his lesson with this, and would make episodes of FOP that would fall into mediocrity. It's sad to see this, but after this special FOP wouldn't fully recover and the new episodes it has show how far this series went down after this special. Don't worry if you missed this special at all it was nothing more than a diaper full of stupidity, and awfulness.