The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 1

Fairly Odd Baby

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 18, 2008 on Nicktoons Networks



  • Trivia

    • Instead of chasing around looking for Cosmo, why don't they just wish to be where Cosmo is?

    • Why did Mama Cosma needed a parachute when she could fly?

    • The first airing of this episode brought in 8.8 million viewers, and a repeat airing the next day brought in an additional 4.8 million viewers

    • Where did Timmy suddenly get the electric razor to shave off the beard that Poof conjured up on him?

    • The rules state that you can't wish you were a fairy, but Timmy and Sheen did so in "A Mile In My Shoes" and "The Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour II", respectivley.

    • When Timmy, Jorgen, Cosmo, and Wanda are stuck in the net in Anti-Cosmo's castle, Timmy has knight's armor on that looks a lot like his armor in Knighty Knight. Could it be the same armor? Or does all armor look the same in this show?

    • How did the Poof decoy end up near Anti-Cosmo's castle when Jorgen threw it away at Dimmsdale Park?

    • During the baby shower there is a sign that has Cosmo's name on it but "Cosmo: is spelled Cosno"

    • Jorgen claimed in his list of rules that you can't bring someone back from the dead with magic. But in the episode 'Knighty Knight', Cosmo and Wanda brought Arnold back to life after he was eaten by the dragon. Also in "That's Life", Timmy wished for his mother's garden to return to life, as did all the dead pets buried there.

    • Goof:When everyone got sucked into the vortex after Poof farts look closely at Jorgan before he gets sucked in,he suddenly has fairy wings!!

    • Timmy states that Cosmo wears diapers all the time, but he has been seen in other episodes wearing underpants instead.

    • The High Fairy Council decreed that no more fairy babies would be born after Cosmo; however, in "The Big Bash" Wandisimo told Wanda that if he wins her in his bet with Cosmo, he would see to it that all their children would be named after him.

    • These are the names they gave the baby until they settled for Poof: Barftholomew, Keanu, Dagmar, Jose, Tallulah, Li'l T (Timmy), Twinkle, Flo Jo, Kajagoogoo, Elvis, Oprah, Fauntleroy, Bill, Makenzie, Farrah, Bosley, Liza, and Napoleon.

    • When Timmy is about to feed Poof and sees the labels, it appears that he throws "The Baby To Be Named Later"'s bottle away and keeeps Cosmo's.

    • In previous episodes, it is suggested that Cosmo's head is empty. But in this episode, Wanda says it is filled with jelly.

      Response: Cosmo must have filled it with jelly later on.

      That´s because Wanda uses Cosmo´s head as ice box and I quote: Cosmo: "It stays fresh because my head is vacuum sealed!"

    • We learn that wishing to become a fairy is against the rules. However, in A Mile in My Shoes, Timmy wishes to be Cosmo and Wanda's fairy godparent.

      Jorgen could have made it a rule that kids can't become fairies after Timmy made the wish.

    • It's said in this episode that fairies are immortal but in School's Out: The Musical when Cosmo and Wanda are locked in the dungeons we see a fairy skeleton, meaning fairies actually can die.

      There's a difference between Immortal and incapable of death. In the Lord Of The Rings trilogy, Elves will live forever, but can be killed in battle. Besides, there are other magical creatures in fairy prison besides fairies such as pixies, gnomes, etc., and they don't live forever.

    • Anti Cosmo is possibly the leader of the Anti Fairies, being that he sits at the head of the counsel table and seems to coordinate their meetings.

      This is already implied in other episodes, as he always gives orders.

    • Why would the Anti-Cosmo and the pixies put on Dr. Rip Studwell and Jorgen costumes when they can change shape?

      Anti-Cosmo lost his Fuhgiggly gland (the gland that allows Fairies to alter their shape) to Cosmo in exchange for his freedom. There is also no evidence that the Pixies can alter their shapes.

      Response: Anti-Cosmo re-gained his shape-changing power in "The Jimmy-Timmy Power Hour 2." Besides, Anti-Cosmo still has his wand to change his shape.

    • When Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, and poof come home. Poof turns Timmy's bedside table into ice cream. But then when Timmy starts talking there is a coat rack instead.

    • Running gag: Cosmo, Wanda, and Timmy keep trying to check if the baby is a boy or a girl but are interrupted.

    • When Cosmo said "Where's Timmy?" Cosmo got skinny.

    • Jorgen says Cosmo and Wanda will be able to visit the baby every other millenium, but when he holds up a calender it says "23rd Century". It should say "31st Century".

      Reply: Jorgen actually said 'half a millenium', not a 'millenium'. But 300 years still isn't half a millenium.

    • It takes three months for a baby fairy to be born.

    • This is supposed to be Cosmo and Wanda's first baby, and Cosmo was supposed to be the last baby born. But in "Tiny Timmy", the Kidneyland operator was supposed to be their son.

      It was never suggested that the Kidneyland operator was their son, as he tells Cosmo & Wanda "Please don't tell my parents", however , he is still clearly younger then Cosmo.

      Note: The guy in kidneyland looks like a 17 years old human right?, and if we do the same with Cosmo and Wanda, they are like kids of 10 years old (Timmy´s age), so, The guy in kidneyland is older than Cosmo and Wanda, and that´s why he´s embarrased of the job.

    • Running gag: Everyone kept giving the baby different names except Timmy who wanted to call him Lil' T.

    • When Cosmo is in labor, Dr. Rip Studwell claims that no one knows how to give birth because the last fairy baby was born 10,000 years ago. If Cosmo was the last fairy born, then wouldn't Dr. Studwell have been around back then? Or anybody for that matter?

      10,000 Years is a long time. Given that they thought there would never be another Fairy Baby, Dr. Rip Studwell probably just forgot about how to deliver a Fairy Baby.

      It wasn't even Dr. Rip studwell, it was Anti Cosmo. Still, Anti Cosmo wouldn't know how to deliver a fairy baby either.

    • If Cosmo was last fairy born. Wanda's older.

    • We learn that fairies live forever.

      In this episode they do say that Fairies Live Forever but they said it in Timmy's 2D House of Horror. I quote Cosmo, "Since I'm Immortal that's Forever".

    • One of the wishes that can't be wished for is Tom Cruise. Also there is no "Electric Car".

  • Quotes

    • Cosmo: (knocking on the Timmy decoy's head) Hollow, just like the original.

    • Timmy : Let's rock.
      (Timmy, Jorgen, and Wanda all poof into rock outfits)
      Timmy : Now let's roll!

    • (Jorgen, Anti-Cosmo, and the Pixies are flying in jets)
      Jorgen: We have located the fairy baby.
      Anti-Cosmo: And so have we.
      Hp and Sadnerson: And so have we.
      HP: By the way, why are we in jets when we can fly?
      Jorgen: I thought it would be fun.

    • (Cosmo throws up on Timmy)
      Timmy: What's wrong with Cosmo?
      Wanda: He's having a little morning sickness, sport.
      Timmy: But it's 3 in the afternoon!

    • Jorgen: Give me the baby, its magic must be used for good!
      Anti-Cosmo: Give me the baby!
      HP and Pixie: Its magic must be used for evil.
      Mama Cosma: Oh, give me the baby. I just want to pinch its cheeks!

    • (The Fairies are searching for Cosmo)
      Cupid: He's not in Rio, but I'll keep looking!
      Jorgen: Darn. This could only mean one thing. I should have gone to Rio!

    • (Pregnant Cosmo has mood swings)
      Cosmo: (Cheerful) It's a beautiful sunshiny day! It makes me wanna sing! La la la la la…(is suddenly enraged) WHY DID YOU DO THIS TO ME? LOOK AT ME!! I'M FAT!! (Turns into a raging bear and smashes Timmy so he falls down the basement. Then becomes cheerful again) I'm so happy we're having a baby! Hey, where's Timmy?
      Wanda: In the basement

    • Cosmo: I'm lost! I'm lost! I brushed and then I flossed and now I'm lost!

    • Cosmo: Timmy, where are my burritos?
      (Timmy gives Cosmo the burritos)
      Cosmo: I don't like burritos, they make me gassy!
      Cosmo: Let's play games!

    • (Jorgen is telling Timmy what would happen if there was another Fairy Baby)
      Jorgen: But remember Turner if you...
      Timmy: Blah, blah don't know what I'm doing blah, blah, dire consequences blah, blah, blah.

    • Jorgen suit: Now lets take it out where the light is better!
      (Outside trying to look for Poof)
      Jorgen: Hey, the light really is better out here!

    • Jorgen: Turner! Where is the music? I want to get funky!

    • (Timmy comes out of the shower and sees the fairies in his bathroom)
      Timmy: I wish I had a towel!
      (gets a towel for his head)
      Timmy: I wish I had another towel!
      (Gets a towel for his body)

    • Timmy: Dance bunny boy, dance!
      Jorgen: (in a bunny suit) Ok! Lalala, Lilili, (hops up and down) I'm a silly pink bunny. I am cute, yes it's true (shakes his butt) I will shake my tail for you...

    • Poof: Poof.

    • Jorgen: Alright, here's the plan. I'm going to the bathroom while you two think up a plan.

    • (Timmy is skydiving with Cosmo)
      Cosmo: Timmy! Pull my finger! I mean ripcord!

    • Timmy: (while falling) I wish I had another (hits the ground) parachute.
      Cosmo: Timmy, watch where you fall. You almost hit the baby.

    • Jorgen: We must save little baby Elvis!... What? Kajagoogoo is so 5 minutes ago.

    • Timmy:I have a plan!
      Cuts to shot of Timmy, dressed as a Knight, Cosmo dressed as a fast food employee, Wanda dressed as Robin Hood and Jorgen dressed as a bunny, all trapped in a giant butterfly net.
      Jorgen: Worst. Plan. Ever.

    • (Cosmo skipping through the woods)

      Cosmo:(singing) I'm lost, I'm lost, I brushed and then I flossed and now I'm lost!!!

    • (Poof makes it rain Ice-cream)
      Small Girl: Its an Ice-cream miracle.
      Small boy: I'm Lactose intolerant, but I don't care.

    • Jorgen von Strangle: Now go...(camera starts zooming in)...while the camera pushes in on me dramatically.
      (camera continues to zoom in for a few more seconds)
      Jorgen von Strangle: Too much! Back off!
      (camera stops zoom and quickly backs off a bit)

    • Woman: Are these oddly-colored, hysterically weeping dogs yours little boy?
      Timmy: Uhhh...yeah! (hesitantly)

    • Head Pixie: Fauntleroy? We are not naming the baby Fauntleroy. I was thinking Bill. Bill is the name of a guy you can trust with your stock portfolio.

    • (after making the baby cry)
      Wanda: Stop it Cosmo, your scaring little Talula.
      Cosmo: Yeah, well I'd cry too if my name was Talula.

    • Timmy: No don't cry. Please don't cry Little T. Uh koochi coo. (Poof's stomach starts growling) Oh you must be hungry. Lets see what Mommy and Daddy left you to eat. (He looks in the bag Cosmo gave him then at the two bottles inside) Lets see "Cosmo" "Baby to be named later" ok. (Takes Poof and starts talking in baby talk) Lets take care of you. Lets go, lets go. I got to stop talking like this.

    • (Timmy is skydiving with Cosmo as his parachute)
      Timmy: Thanks Cosmo. Its always comforting to know that my fairy god parents will always be there for me.
      Wanda: Aw. What a cute baby.
      Cosmo: Where!? (Cosmo leaves to see the baby leaving Timmy to free fall)

    • Dad: Aww, isn't that cute...and is that a baby?
      Dad: Well it sure looks like a baby....
      Dad: ...Ooh, and it's got that new baby smell!
      Timmy: And that's why it's the most popular new battery operated baby doll on the market.
      Dad: OOH I WANT ONE!
      (Dad takes Baby Poof and bounces him about)
      Dad: Hey Tommy, this is fun! it's like the child I never had, and it makes me feel younger! Father time will never get.....
      Poof: BURP!
      (Dad gets striken by lightening)
      Dad: Uhh...I think it has a short in it.
      Timmy: And that's why i'm taking it back to the store, BYE DAD!
      (Dad collapses)

    • Cosmo: I want everyone to come to the hospital and enjoy this beautiful moment.
      (The scene then changes to the hospital with Cosmo in labor)
      Cosmo: (screaming) This is not a beautiful moment!!!!!!!

    • Timmy: Has it been 3 months yet?
      Wanda: Close, 3 hours.

    • Jorgen: That burrito went right through me. I must file a complaint with the great white round one!

    • Wanda: (As an airplane) If you look over my armpit, you can see Dimmsdale park.

  • Notes

    • This is the first episode in over a year, mainly due to a cancelation.

    • This episode premieres in Singapore, Malaysia and Philippines on Nickelodeon on 31 August 2008.

    • Small running gag: One of the pixies and anti fairies talking about getting a big elephant and making it stomp on stuff.

    • This is the first time ever on a Fairly Odd Parents TV Movie Special where a new main character is born, Baby Poof.

    • It was first hinted that there was going to be a baby joining the cast at the end of the "77 Secrets of The Fairly Odd Parents Revealed" special, which aired on 7/7/07.

    • Timmy implies that boys love waterguns in this episode when everyone figures out Poof is a boy.

    • The field where Cosmo 'got lost' was very similar to the place that Cosmo and Wanda sent Chompy when he was miserable.

    • Running gag- Cosmo asking everyone if they want jelly.

    • Running gag- "You just said the B-word!"

    • First Fairly Odd Parents episode to use stock footage.

    • Cosmo, like in every other episode, forgives Timmy very easily.

    • Jorgen takes the Poof doll. It is unknown if he will figure out it is a doll and come back for the real thing.

    • Poof changes Timmy's bed into a race car.

    • Jorgen finds Mama Cosma naggy.

    • Timmy is apparently good with babies, as he even uses baby-talk. (Though he is not good at protecting babies)

    • The Anti-Fairies use a bat-looking jet to fly, while the pixies use a jet that comes out of a briefcase.

    • Dr. Rip Studwell has no idea how to help with birth.

      Reply; Not necessarily, that Dr. Rip Studwell was Anti-Cosmo in disguise after all. For all we know, he could've been lying about no one knowing how to give birth anymore.

    • Ending scene: Poof makes the house grow legs and it runs off, with Timmy's parents trying to keep up with it.

    • Poof gets a rattle similar to a wand at the end of the episode.

      Reply: By just watching this episode, we actually don't know. Jorgen could've given the rattle to the doll.

    • Poof loves water squirters.

    • Cosmo was supposed to be the last fairy born before Timmy wished for Poof.

    • Elmer and Sanjay also do not appear in this episode.

    • Timmy wished for Cosmo and Wanda to have a baby.

    • A.J, Chester, Vicky, and Mr. Crocker do not appear in this movie.

    • Vicky's Head Gag: Baby Bottle.

    • We learn that it's the male fairies that give birth, not the female fairies.

    • The new baby boy's name is Poof because it is the only word he knows.

      Reply: Ehh, not really. Remember when Anti-Cosmo took Poof away from Cosmo and Wanda who were in the cage? Poof had said the words "Mama" and "Papa".

    • The baby's laughter causes good things to happen, his crying causes bad things to happen, his burps cause lightning to strike, his hiccups causes natural disasters, and his breaking wind alters reality as we know it.

    • Running Gags: 1) Jorgen running to the bathroom because he ate a bad burrito.
      2) Someone commenting about "new baby" smell.
      3) Someone trying to check if Poof is a boy or girl.
      4) Everyone calling Poof a different name.
      5) Timmy making a baby voice for Poof and then stopping himself in the same voice.
      6) Cosmo barfs on Timmy.
      7) Jorgen mistaking the decoy baby doll for the real thing.
      8) Someone saying to go outside where the light is better.

    • This episode is an hour long.

    • As most people know, this episode was created after a cancellation, but in January of 2007 Nick renewed FOP for 20 more half-hours.

    • This is the Season 7 premiere for The Fairly Odd Parents.

  • Allusions

    • The name of Jorgan's cereal is Raisin Bland.This could be a parody of the cereal Raisin Brand.

    • The cow in the tornado is a reference to a cow in a twister in the movie Twister.

    • "No Tom Cruise..."

      The Rule Book states that one of the things that cannot be wished for is Tom Cruise. This is a possible in-joke regarding Paramount Pictures cutting its ties with the actor. Paramount is a subsidiary of Viacom, which also owns Nickelodeon.

    • Several of the baby names considered before settling on Poof are references to famous people:

      -- Keanu - actor Keanu Reeves.
      -- Tallulah - actress Tallulah Bankhead.
      -- Flo Jo - athlete Florence Griffith Joyner.
      -- Kajagoogoo - 1980's pop band of the same name.
      -- Elvis - singer/actor Elvis Presley.
      -- Oprah - talk show host Oprah Winfrey.
      -- Fauntleroy - book/movie character Little Lord Fauntleroy.
      -- Farrah - actress Farrah Fawcett.
      -- Bosley - possibly a reference to actor Tom Bosley or the character of Bosley from the 1970s series Charlie's Angels.
      -- Liza - singer/actress Liza Minnelli.
      -- Napoleon - French military and political leader Napoleon Bonaparte.

      -- Barftholomew - Bartholomew the apostle

    • After the Pixies were unmasked while posing as Jorgen at the Fairy Hospital, one of them says they thought the Jorgen suit would work this time. It's a reference to Wish Fixers, where they were first seen using the trick.

    • The plot of the episode is the same as the recent story arc in Marvel comics, X-Men Messiah Complex. Timmy must protect the first fairy baby to be born in a while from evil forces, as the X-Men had to protect the first mutant baby to be born since M-Day from evil forces.

    • Cosmo refers to the Beegees in this episode which was a popular 70s or 80s band.

    • Chet Ubetcha: Dogs and cats are living together. Mass hysteria!

      This line is almost an exact quote from the 1984 movie "Ghostbusters". The Ghostbusters are describing to the mayor of New York what is going to happen to the city. The character Peter Venkman says the line "Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria!"