The Fairly OddParents

Season 9 Episode 1

Fairly OddPet

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 23, 2013 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Well, it wasn't the worst episode, but still not good at all.

    This was one of the worst episodes I've seen the past couple seasons. Even though the idea of characters getting a pet is unoriginal, I was interested in seeing how this episode would play out. Unfortunately, it was executed horribly. First off, the pacing of this episode was really weird to me. The beginning and end were very rushed, and it jumped right into the plot. In the middle, though, it seemed to drag on and there was a lot of filler. I really think the writers could have made this plot work as an 11-minute episode. Also, I think this episode tried to juggle too many conflicts. First the episode is about Timmy wanting a pet and not being allowed to have one, then it's about Sparky destroying the city and everyone turning into werewolves, and last it's about Timmy almost getting killed and the city getting flooded. A lot of the plot also felt contrived and poorly written. How was Sparky able to bury Cosmo and Wanda's wands after they poofed the Turners' house above ground when he was on screen in the Turners' house from that point until Wanda told Timmy Sparky had buried their wands? Timmy's reason for deciding to keep Sparky even after all the trouble he had caused in the end also made absolutely no sense. This episode also felt way too predictable. As soon as Jorgan told Timmy to put the flea powder on Sparky I knew he wouldn't do it and some kind of chaos would ensue. As for the humor, while a few of the jokes were decent most of them made no sense and had nothing to do with the plot. For instance, there's a joke where Mr. Turner jumps into a barrel of pushpins for no reason. What?? It just felt to me like the writers were trying way too hard to be random and funny. One last thing I want to mention is the addition of Sparky to the show. While I don't think adding characters to an established cast is a bad idea, like Poof, it just seemed like there was no point in adding Sparky, especially since I recently heard Sparky was no longer going to appear in episodes due to his negative reception from viewers. So, overall, I did not like this episode, but I respect your opinion if you did. Final grade: F. Marebear2009, out!
  • Mediocre start to season 9

    Timmy gets a fairy puppy named Sparky. This episode was a mediocre start of season 9. Unlike most people, I don't think FOP is very bad nowadays but I understand that the writers are running out of ideas. I think Sparky is a decent character, but just like Poof, people judge him too much. They are really not the worst characters on the show to be honest and I don't think they ever ruined the show for me. One thing's for sure, I am getting a little tired of Crocker and Timmy's dad. The episode started off great but by the second act, it was getting worse. More will be explained specifically.

    STORY: It's decent, but the story seems dull. 6/10

    WRITING: The usual same old FOP writing style which is not a surprise. The episode was written by Ray DeLaurentis, William Schifrin, and Kevin Sullivan. 5/10

    HUMOR: There are some clever allusions like the well known Lady and the Tramp scene (even though it's a little gay) and that . scene. The rest is the usual same old hit or miss humor. 5/10

    AWESOME/HEARTWARMING: The last few minutes of the episode.

    ANIMATION AND ART: Believe it or not, I actually love the new animation and art style. It seems so new and updated. You'll noticed it in the opening which is updated because Poof is now in it. 10/10

    VOICE ACTING: Sparky is voiced by the same person that voices Snaptrap on . Puppy (Matthew W. Taylor). 6/10

    FLAWS: Sparky's voice is a little annoying to hear at times. Also, the running gags are pretty much bothersome since they're all over the place. I didn't like when Timmy was being mean to Sparky .

  • ... Why.

    Guys. I'm upset. I feel like, abandoned... Why? Because I decided to watch the Fairly Odd Parents today and saw hi to my childhood, and well... THEY GAVE A TIMMY A DOG. But not just any dog. A MAGIC dog. Oh. My. Gawd. Why.

    If ANYONE watched the older episodes, Timmy KILLED all of his other pets, why the heck would they let him have a dog? On top of that, they even made a joke on why Timmy shouldn't have one, and they didn't even mention the Summer Camp episode where all of his dead pets turned into ZOMBIES, I was so sure they would give older fans a nod of the head, but they didn't.

    Onto problems with the actual character, O_M_G he has an ANNOYING voice, he has the same actor of the dog from TUFF PUPPY and he's just as annoying here as he is in his own show. Not to mention, this dog is exactly like EVERY OTHER dog character from Nickolodean, I mean, they all act like cheap knock offs of Ren from Ren and Stempy, literally all of the dog characters I find from this company are the same. Hyper active, and not very bright. It got old... very fast. I actually didn't think the new dog would be that bad, until I heard his voice, they literally made him sound like he has down syndrome or something, which is a littler harsh considering they called him not very bright.

    Now this IRRITATING character is part of the main cast of one of my favorite cartoons, it seems to me like when they feel the need to add a dog character (in any show, which is why I just rolled by eyes at Krypto the Superdog when it first came out) seems to always be the crashing point in a series, do they really need this doofus to add anything to the characters? They've already got Cosmo, but he is lovable. "Sparky the Magic Dog" is just annoying.
  • Eh .... It's Okay.

    Some people may hate FOP and have quit on it by now. Some people want it cancelled. Other people don't even care. In case you didn't know, I really think FOP went downhill after the character Poof was added in, and I REALLY hated the show afterwards. However, the show seems to be regaining its quality here, despite it still being at the pinpoint of mediocrity. My lame speech aside, let's move on to the episode.

    So, after our new REVAMPED intro (Now in HD!!!!), we see 30 seconds in that Timmy already has a reason he wants a pet: he seems to be the only one who doesn't have one, even though fairies are "fish" most of the time when they're at home. Anyway, Mr. Crocker has a parrot, Turner's dad has a pet rock, etc. So, Timmy wants a pet, but since he has been banned from all the normal pet stores, he goes to the Fairy World pet store and gets a dog named Sparky, which turns out being a HUGE responsibilty. C'mon, writers, we've had the irresponsible Timmy scenario MORE THAN 7 TIMES. Doesn't it get old after a while?

    However, later the next day, Sparky causes a... dog-pocalypse in DImmsdale, and soon enough, Timmy finds he isn't responsible enough to own a dog. Sparky overhears him and runs off. Everything after that.... I'm pretty sure you can predict. Sparky and Timmy apologize, Sparky almost dies but doesn't since he's a fairy dog, and they return the world to normal and live happily ever after.

    Was this episode good? Ehhhh.... Sort of. It was very clever at some points, and it even got a few chuckles out of me here and there. However, the episode wasn't really that good, and now it seems like they're not even trying to implement Poof anymore.... Oh well.

    Ranking: 5/10

  • Sparky- Great!

    This was a great episode! Much better than Fairly Odd Baby. I really like Sparky, he's cute and funny. This is looking to be a great season of one of my favorite shows!
  • FOP Is Back With A Dog Named Sparky Introduced In The Show And The Season Didn't Start Out So Well

    I know a lot of people don't enjoy FOP anymore while there are still loyal FOP fans out there. It's the same with SpongeBob... I'm obviously a SpongeBob fan. Am I fan of FOP??? Um... not anymore honestly. I still find the show enjoyable but it's definitely lost its charms as the years were coming by. It does irk me when people put all of the blame on Poof though. If they complain about the storylines? that's ok. Jokes? thats ok. Character Changes? thats ok. Poof? not really ok. I enjoy the character Poof. Anyways to my review. "Meet The OddParents", I thought was going to be the series finale of FOP and I wasn't really sure if it was the ending or not if you all read my review for that but now I know it's not the ending. First of all, I was kinda excited about there being a dog in this show. Looking at the promos, it had me somewhat interested so I was pretty excited for the Season 9 premiere of this show. Unfortunately, Season 9 did NOT start out so hot. I was pretty disappointed and letdown by this episode. The first half of the episode was actually pretty good and I got a good amount of laughs in the first half of the episode. Sparky was actually an enjoyable character in my opinion, there were a few times where Sparky's voice did annoy me a little though and I think it will take some getting used to his voice but for the most part it actually did fit him though. I thought Sparky was a cute character though. Some of the jokes (mostly in the first half) were very good and gave me good laughs. The animation, for some reason, feels different though. I don't know if they got someone new to animate the characters and background but it feels a bit different to me and I don't know why. Some moments of the episode (especially in the second half of the episode) really bored me and it was very predictable and just very cliches and it just felt lazy as well. A few good jokes in the second half but overall it was mostly a miss and the storyline honestly started to fall more apart in my opinion. I thought Timmy and Sparky's friendship was adorable and it actually did make me smile and my heart did break a little when Sparky was crying because Timmy didn't want him anymore. I was a sucker for Sparky despite his voice annoying me just a few times but not a whole lot. It's not a bad episode at all but when I compare this episode (which was mediocre) to "Meet The OddParents" (I really LOVED it). You would expect it to be better. I don't think the blame should go to Poof or Sparky though since they are not the reasons the show has lost some of its charms. The show losts some of its charms before Poof even came so I don't blame Poof nor Sparky. They are both enjoyable and adorable characters in my opinion. Will I stay tuned for the upcoming new episodes for Season 9? Of course, I still enjoy the show even though it's not as good as it used to be. This Season 9 Premiere honestly isn't really worth your time though. This Season 9 premiere was pretty disappointing overall and I hope the upcoming new episodes of Season 9 will be better and that they won't feel as rushed or lazy as this one felt. It's watchable but definitely a letdown especially since FOP made its official return. Let's hope for the better in Season 9 though. 5/10
  • Great Episode

    I love this episode and i especially loved the new character Sparky season 9 is good so far.
  • How do they keep doing it??

    I think the writing on FOP has gotten better than ever over the past couple of years. The episodes are funnier and sweeter than ever before, which is amazing, considering how many they've made. How they keep turning out fresh ideas is beyond me, but I hope they keep doing it! Sparky is a hilarious character, and a great addition to the cast. I hope we see a lot more of him in future episodes!! I also thought the colors and backgrounds looked beautiful. Keep up the good work, guys!
  • The FOP offically goes to the dogs

    Ever since the adding of Poof into the FOP, the show has been tanking in terms of quality and it was clearly on its final legs. Well Nickelodeon decided that instead of giving this show the rest it has long since deserved, they decided to once again add in another new character to the show. That's right, despite Poof ultimately ruining the FOP, Nick decides to bring in yet ANOTHER character in the sad hopes of reviving this show.

    Our episode starts off with Timmy noticing everybody has a pet but him and decides he wants one as well. Wanda though shows him footage of all his previous pet ownership disasters though, except for Eddy, the gerbil, from That's Life for some weird reason. With no hopes of getting a dog, Timmy comes up with a plan. He wishes his house was filled with cats since his mom is allergic and prompt his dad to go get a dog. The plan works and Timmy goes to Fairy World's pet shop and meets Jordan. He shows Timmy a magical dog who has been notoriously known for being returned to the store by unhappy owners. Timmy decides to buy it anyway and names the dog, Sparky and gets instructions on how to care for the dog such as flea powder being put on him every 4 hours. So Timmy and Sparky play around a little and do a lot of deeds such as motorcycle stunts, getting the paper, and messing around with Vicky. Things take a turn for the worse though the next day as Timmy discovers Sparky buried the house, made a mess all over the house, and magic fleas are now all over him. The magic fleas in turn cause humans bitten by them to turn into werewolves and Cosmo and Wanda lose their wands. As the fleas spread, so do the number of werewolves and Timmy now has to figure out what to do. He decides to use a crop duster his dad made from their entertainment system remains and to spread the magic flea powder all over Dimsdale. The plan takes a bad turn though as the plane falls apart and Sparky takes the last parachute and jumps out, resulting in Timmy crashing into the pool. He tells Cosmo and Wanda that he's ready to return Sparky, which the dog hears and is heartbroken and leaves. When they get home, Timmy and his fairies find a video left by Sparky telling them that he's run away and won't return. Timmy feels bad about how he acted, but has no time to grieve since the dam, which is behind his house for some reason, is about to burst. They find Sparky, but he isn't willing to help out since he feels more like a nuisance than a pet. The dam then bursts and engulfs all of Dimsdale, but Timmy manages to save Sparky and drag him to some dry land. He gives him CPR and manages to revive the dog, which makes Sparky grateful for what Timmy's done. He manages to find the wands for Cosmo and Wanda, allowing them to fix the dam and make all the water disappear. Timmy and Sparky become pals again and so the episode ends with the two of them walking off and Timmy's dad saying he's a lamp.

    So now that the introduction of Sparky is over, how does this episode hold up? Well to be fair this episode isn't as bad as when Poof was first brought into the show, but it still has some numerous problems and issues that really bring this episode down. For one thing, the plot feels like it was rather rushed and was predictable. We weren't even 30 seconds into the episode and Timmy says he wants a dog with no real reason given except that he's the only person without a pet. It also feels cliched and has the same format of things going well, then things turning bad. The jokes are rather bland and feel more overused. Some of them like Cosmo describing the pound and turning the dog into a British Pound sounded really bad and I didn't find a lot of these jokes funny. The dog, Sparky, is another issue I have with. In particular, I am not fond of his attitude or his voice. He sounds rather annoying and acted more or less annoying as well. Now I know he's energetic and all, but they went a little too far for Sparky here and I really wasn't a fan of him at all.

    Now I did like a few things in this new episode. One, the scene with Mr. Crocker and his parrot yelling fairies was pretty amusing. Two, Timmy's dad acting like a lamp throughout the episode was pretty funny as well. Three, Sparky bringing in that paperboy when Timmy told him to "Go get the paper, boy". That was actually pretty clever and smart of the writers. But really, it's not enough for me to really like this episode at all and really wasn't that good at all. Granted it does have a few strong points, but this episode has far too many problems for me to like this episode, especially our new character in the show.

    Really, they should've just let the show end and put it to rest already instead of adding in even more new characters to save the show. I honestly doubt that Sparky here is going to save the show and will probably get worst now, if that's even possible. This is just getting sad at this point in the show and I hate to think what new character will be added into a show that's already knocking on Death's door. The only other consolation with this episode is that at least it's better than when Poof first debuted in his episode. I really wouldn't recommend this episode at all, even if you are the biggest FOP fan in the world you probably won't really enjoy this episode.

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