The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 9

Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary / Nectar of the Odds

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Sep 13, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary:
Timmy gets really annoyed when a rich kid comes in showing off his money. He can't get away from him. Not even in a Crimson Chin comic book! How? He has a fairy godparent, that's how. And he's Wanda's ex-boyfriend! Now they are called into a fairy duel!
Nectar of the Odds:
Timmy needs to raise money for tickets to see Crash Nebula on Ice, so he starts a lemonade stand. But his lemondate tastes terrible! That's when Cosmo, stupidly, puts his sweaty socks into a glass. Believe it or not, it accually made the lemonate taste alot better! But the lemonade is granting everyone's wishes!moreless

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  • Very good episode.

    This episode actually was very good because it introduced a new character who is called Remy Buxaplenty in who he is apparently rich and has a fairy godparent like Timmy but he has one fairy and Timmy has two. Anyway I really enjoyed this episode and actually was very well writen and I liked the part when Timmy transforms into a crab with two heads and was really funny the way he transformed into that animal and the way the man who was in the stadium and when Remy threw him money and the man ran like a dog was a very funny part and also the monkey when he ate the bananas was really funny two and the other episode was exciting too but "Fairy fairy quite contrary" was funnier. This episode deserves a good rating i'll give it a 9.2 superb for my review.moreless
  • Not Bad

    In Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary, Remy comes into town, and starts getting on Timmy's nerves, so Timmy, Wanda, and Cosmo start playing detective. Wanda and Cosmo sure know somethings about Remy, while Timmy doesn't. Timmy wishes that they would tell, and it turns out Remy's Godparent is Wanda's ex, Wandissimo, now they have to go into a magical duel.

    And in Nectar of the Odds, it was a pretty swell episode, Timmy promises he'll get tickets for Crash Nebula... on ice, but when he learns that he can't just wish for tickets, he must get the money to afford tickets on his own, lemonade style. But his plan fails, but another backup plan is there to pick up.moreless
Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

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Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Butch Hartman

Butch Hartman

Painting Guy/Ticket Guy

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (19)

    • In "Nectar of the Odds", why didn't Timmy just wish everything was back to normal?

    • In Nectar Of Odds, when Cosmo and Wanda are explaining Timmy that he can't wish for money, a dollar bill appears. Watch the dollar closely, Bob Boyle's and Butch Hartman's signatures are in there.

    • Regarding the Wandisimo and Wanda/Cosmo discoverys for Remy and Timmy, as it states in the episode the kids are allowed to know about other fairies if they figure it out on their own. Just that Cosmo and Wanda couldn't tell Timmy or Wandisimo couldn't tell Remy directly about the other godparents.

    • If Remy lost in the duel,then why he still got his plane,if when a fairy godparent/s quite,all the things the fairy godchild wished for will go away too?

      REPLY: He didn't wish for the plane. He didn't wish to be rich. He only has a fairy godparent because his parents are too busy being rich to spend time with him, and therefore he's miserable.

    • If Timmy saw Wandissimo,and afterwards Remy saw Cosmo and Wanda,then won't Wandissimo or Cosmo and Wanda will be gone forever? Remy and Timmy both have fairies. That must be and exception to the rule.
      Reply: Since they both have fairies, there is no point in teying to keep it a secret from each other.

    • When Wandisimo turns Cosmo into a turtle the second time, he does it without his wand. But in several other episodes it's made clear that Fairies are powerless without their wands.

    • The mechanics for making the special lemonade isn't there when the monster attacks the garage.

    • Cosmo uses the lemonade full of hot sauce for his sweaty socks test.Then why didn't Timmy breath fire again

    • When Remy trips off a stick into a bush at the end,he finds wandissimo(which was not supposed to happen since Remy lost him and even wandissamo told him that they will never see each other again)when Remy pops out of the bush and yells "Who wants turtle soup!" the stick is gone

    • When Timmy's dad gets his lemonade from A.J he talks to Timmy.During this A.J isn't there and chester isn't around at all.

    • When Timmy is unwishing everything to the point where Doug Dimadome appears Timmy's lemonade stand isn't there.

    • When Chester and A.J. leave Timmy's house they are at the front door but before and after that they were in Timmy's room. The same happens when Timmy goes to the phone.

    • At the Magical Duel when Timmy and Remy switch places, they are nowhere to be seen.

    • When Timmy fantasises about getting the high score he says he will get his name on the BOYS BATHROOM but when Remy wins he gets his name on the GAMER'S LOUNGE not the bathroom.

      REPLY: That's because Remy was ten times as good as Timmy fantazized about being, so he got his name on something better than just the bathroom.

    • In Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary Remy says that if Timmy has godparents, then Timmy could wish he was richer than him. But in the next episode Nectar of the Odds Wanda says that you can not wish you had money because that would be counterfeiting.

    • In Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary, when Wandisimo is trying to rescue Remy from the ape, his ponytail is missing.

    • Timmy's Lemonade Ingredients:
      Taco Sauce
      Chocolate laxatives

    • In Nectar of the Odds, as soon as Timmy wishes all the money was gone there was still a pitcher of the lemonade behind him after even he wished everything was gone. But, in the next scene, the pitcher is gone.

    • In Fairy Fairy Quite Contrary, when Cosmo said 'And I don't need magic to turn it into a fist,' his hand was already in a fist.

  • QUOTES (28)

    • Wanda: What's wrong, Timmy?
      Timmy: (As a dragon) I fell sorry for Remy. I wish I could help him.
      Wanda: We can do that.
      Timmy: (As a dragon) I wish Remy could spend more time with his parents.

    • Timmy's Mom: How's the lemonade business Timmy?
      Timmy: Terrible, nobody's buying anything!
      Timmy's Mom: Well, I wouldn't want your self-esteem to be crushed. I'll be your first customer! Cheers!
      Timmy: To my first customer!
      (Timmy's Mom drinks lemonade and spits it out)
      Timmy's Mom: And your last! This stuff you make yourself is horrible. Give me that back! I'm afraid I'll be taking my business elsewhere.

    • Wanda: How do most 10-year-olds make money?
      Timmy: A lemonade stand. Oh no, there is no way, no way I'm selling...
      (Changes scene to outside)
      Timmy: Lemonade, 25 cents.

    • Dale: I wish my father was here.
      Doug Dimmadome: Why hello son!

    • Jorgen: Timmy gets to keep his godparents and you lose yours!
      Remy: Wandisimo!
      Wandisimo: Adios Remy Buxaplenty! We will not meet again.

    • Timmy: (In the Magical Duel) I wish I was a crab! With two heads!

    • Wandisimo: I am a fairy of principles! And principles -much like my biceps- are muy macho!

    • Mrs. Buxaplenty: (To Remy) Have fun with your oddly colored ferret, son.

    • Cosmo: Hunky-Chunky-Monkey!

    • Vicky: I need lemonade on the double! (Opens basement)
      Dale: The... light! Eyes... are... burning!!!

    • Timmy: Less talky, more sweaty!

    • Mr. Buxaplenty: Ahhhh... ohhhh... ehhhh...
      Mrs. Buxaplenty: Son.
      Mr. Buxaplenty: Oh, right, right, Son. It certainly was thrilling spending our daily two minutes with you!
      Mrs. Buxaplenty: Well, time is money.
      Mr. Buxaplenty: Money? Where?

    • Cosmo: Heys, Muscles Magoo! Look at me! I'm fancy, and my long black hair flows in the wind! I'm strong, but I still lost my woman to an idiot!

    • Cosmo: So that would be a no on the chocolate laxative?
      Timmy: (Realizes something) Bathroom! (Runs to the bathroom)
      Cosmo: Well you're not going to find it in there!

    • Wandisimo: Wanda...your voice is like the chorus of a thousand angels...
      Cosmo: Yeah, well my FOOT is gonna feel like the chorus of a thousand...! (Gets turned into turtle) Revenge, REVENGE!

    • Cosmo: Hey, Muscles Magoo! (turns himself into Wandisimo) My long black hair flows in the wind! I lost my wife to an idiot!
      Wandisimo: Don't make fun of my outer beauty!

    • Vicky: He's a hunksicle!

    • Timmy: How are we doing?
      A.J.: (Singing) We're going to see Crash Nebula! We're going to see Crash Nebula!
      Timmy: Dude, at this rate we're going to OWN Crash Nebula!

    • Remy: What? You think you're happier than me?
      Timmy: Dude, I know I'm happier than you, and I've got better godparents!
      Wandisimo: We shall see about that, little monkey! Call it!
      Remy: I call a magicial duel!
      (They are all zapped to Fairy World).

    • (Wandisimo gets out a guitar).
      Wanda: You're going to sing?
      Wandisimo: I must! It is who I am! It is the magic of my soul!

    • Remy: If Turner has godparents, he could wish he was richer than me.....I WISH HIS GODPARENTS WERE GONE!

    • Timmy: (As Cleft) Don't worry, CC, I'll-
      (Remy suddenly swoops down in a Cleft costume)
      Remy: I'LL save you!

    • Remy: Turner!
      Timmy: Buxaplenty!
      Remy: Let's cut to the chase, shall we? You know I have a fairy godparent, I know you have fairy godparentS!

    • Remy (Reading the rules of the magical duel): Winner gets to keep his godparents, and loser, and by loser I mean Turner, forgets he ever had them.

    • Timmy: Do you know this fairy?
      Wanda: (nervously) No! Not at all! Cluless!
      Timmy: You know him, don't you!
      Wanda: No, I don't know him at all!
      Wanda: Oh, darn! His name is Wandisimo Magnifico! He's my ex-boyfriend.

    • Jorgen von Strangle: the handsome fairy has failed to rescue his godchild...
      (crowd boos)
      Jorgen von Strangle:...but he is still very sexy!
      (Wandisimo begins playing guitar and the crowd cheers and throws roses)

    • Remy: Hey there little fella. You remind me of a long lost friend or something. Oh well, Who wants turtle soup!!?
      Wandisimo: No! I am too sexy to eat!

    • Wandisimo: Wanda, my love!
      (Begins kissing Wanda's hand)
      Wandisimo: I've missed you more than the sun misses the dawn!
      (Continues kissing Wanda's hand)
      Wanda: Well, that's all very flattering...
      Cosmo: But that's MY hand pal, and guess what, I don't need magic to turn it into a fist!

  • NOTES (3)