The Fairly OddParents

Season 4 Episode 9

Fairy Friends and Neighbors / Just the Two of Us

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Nov 27, 2004 on Nicktoons Networks



  • Trivia

    • In Fairy Friends and Neighbors, when showing Timmy's Mom and Dad waiting, you can clearly see a blonde and an old man holding arm in arm. This is clearly supposed to be the late Anna Nicole Smith and her late husband, J. Howard Marshall II.

    • How could Timmy's parents get a cell phone connection on the moon?

    • In Just The Two of Us, Cosmo let go of his wand for a few seconds a couple of times, and it floated in mid-air.

    • We find out that Chester has an Emergency Couples Skating Kit.

    • In Just the Two of Us, Mark was poofed to the Washington DC and behind, you can see the White House.

  • Quotes

    • French Kid: Bonjour, mademoiselle. I am a French boy from a French school, and therefore...not from your school at all!

    • Timmy: Note to self, never break up with a girl at the violent gardening tools section!

    • Timmy: Operal, snails, vultures picking at my neckbrace! Can you get this thing off me?
      Cosmo: Wimp!
      Timmy: I'm sick with having to hang with my parents all the time! I wish they had adult friends!
      Wanda: Man, I feel sorry for whatever suckers that stuck with that job.

    • Timmy: Oh, great! My parents are so annoying too! (Snail pops out of his mouth) They don't have any adult friends to hang out with, and now they're gonna drag me to the opera where I'll die of boredom.
      Wanda: Oh, c'mon, Timmy! No one has ever died of boredom. (At the opera, Timmy is dying of boredom) I stand corrected. (A vulture starts pecking at Timmy's head)

    • (The Chamberlains are making sure it's safe outside, Mom and Dad are there)
      Dad: Hey, Chamberlains! The incredibly dull opera we know Timmy would hate is in town, and we got extra tickets!
      (The Chamberlains slam the door, and reveal a pond filled with alligators with Anti-Turner signs)
      Mom: Hmm, the alligators are new.

    • Timmy: Oh no, my snail sense is tingling!
      Mom: (At the French restaurant, feeds Timmy a snail)
      Timmy: I can't swallow with this neckbrace!
      Mom: Wimp!

    • (The Feifers are making sure it's safe outside, Mom and Dad come)
      Mom: Hey, Feifers! We wanna take you to a fancy French restaurant!
      Mr. Feifer: Oh my gosh! Quick! To the Turner Shelter! (Pushes a button to reveal an underground shelter and they hide)

    • Dad: (Holding up Extreme Twisty) Guess what you're doing tonight?
      Timmy: (Twisted up) I can't feel my legs!
      Dad: Wimp!

    • (Dinklebergs making sure it's safe outside, drive a car, and Mom and Dad pop out)
      Dad: Hey! Dinklebergs! Up for a game of Extreme Twisty?
      Mr. Dinkleberg: (Wearing a neckbrace) Sorry, Turner. Still sore from last night's game. (Drives off)
      Dad: Wimp!

    • Trixie: Missiles sold seperately?!

    • Dad: It's the don't-drag-your-kid-to-the-races...races!

    • Cosmo: Uh..I'm gonna go see what Wanda's doing. (Runs under table) What are you doing?
      Wanda: (Reading through "Da Rules") Seeing if its against the rules to eliminate your godchild's parents. These people are complete jerks!
      Mom: Hmm..Cosmo and Wanda have been gone for awhile now.
      Dad: They must be dead!
      (Both freak out)
      Dad: Quick! Lets establish alibis!
      (Both run off)

    • Trixie: (Racing in hallway) Timmy! Honk your horn!
      Timmy's horn: Gosh you're pretty. Gosh you're pretty.
      Trixie's horn: I know. I know.

    • Dad: Ding!
      Cosmo: Cookie!
      Dad: Its over...

    • Trixie: (Angrily) LOVE HURTS! (Pause; happily) And it makes a fine mulch for your lawn or garden!

    • AJ: (In Trixie's voice) Tell me I'm pretty.
      Timmy: Aaaahhhh!

    • Mark: I'm baaaack, a hostile alien bent on taking over the world. (Cops handcuff him) I mean, a harmless girl scout. Who wants cookies?

    • Timmy: (Nervously to Trixie) You're pretty?
      Trixie: THAT'S NOT GOING TO WORK ANYMORE! (Slight pause) But thank you, though.

    • Dad: (Trying to say Timmy can't come to the moon with them) We're at the mooooon-no-you-can't-come!

    • Mom: Were at the "only-adults-matter"-horn!

    • Dad: I haven't seen any houses for sale...
      Cosmo: That's because we're from the house... above you!
      (Wanda poofs house)
      Dad: Never noticed that house floating above ours...
      Mom: Not much of a yard.

    • Wanda: Timmy, I'm not the one to gloat, but.. I told you so! I told you so! Ha ha ha ha!

    • Timmy: (To Trixie) I was getting some soup. We're all out of Cream of Gosh You're Pretty and I was getting some I GOTTA GET OUT OF HERE! cereal!

    • Timmy: Do you expect me to let you get away with it?
      Vicky: No, Mr. Twerp, I expect you to cry!

    • Mark: (To Trixie) Earth female, as you can see from my gelatinous body and many waving tentacles, I am clearly not a boy of this earth. Shall we slide on this bed of frozen liquid, which is somehow amusing to all of you earth people?

    • Chester: And it's fun to skate without the shoes.

    • Cosmo: Ding dong!
      Wanda: Let me ring the bell next time!
      Cosmo: Hi, I'm Cosmo!
      Wanda: And I'm Wanda!
      Cosmo and Wanda: And we're your fairy (Put wands up, realize what they're doing and put them back down)
      Wanda: ...fairly... new neighbors!
      Cosmo: Yeah!

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Cloud: The Game Of Love
      When Cosmo poofs Wanda and him, the cloud says The Game Of Love. This is a parody of the game, The Game Of Life.

    • Game: Twisty
      This is a parody of the game Twister.

    • Timmy: Oh no, my snail sense is tingling!
      This is obviously a pun of Spiderman's famous quote, "My spider sense is tingling!"

    • Fairy Friends and Neighbors:
      Timmy: Do you expect me to let you get away with it?
      Vicky: No, Mr. Twerp, I expect you to cry!
      This is a reference to that scene in Goldfinger where 007 is strapped to a table and a laser is aimed toward him. 007 says "Do you expect me to talk?" and Goldfinger says, "No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!"

    • Fairy Friends and Neighbors: The Gilded Lily This is a parody of the famous Italian restaurant "Olive Garden."