The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 16

Fairy Idol (TV MOVIE)

Aired Daily 7:00 AM May 19, 2006 on Nickelodeon
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Fairy Idol (TV MOVIE)
Norm the Genie is back with a devious plot to get revenge on Timmy and become a fairy. When his antics cause Cosmo and Wanda to quit, thousands of magical beings from all over Fairy World come to compete in a singing competition for their position. Who will win Fairy Idol?moreless

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  • The return of "old-school Cosmo" marks a return to glory for FOP

    Well, it took Butch Hartman long enough, but the fans have spoken and he finally listened. "Fairy Idol" marks the return of the old Cosmo many fans loved - not the false-hearted jerk of the newer episodes, but the silly funloving childlike fairy who loves his wife and cares about his godchild. Plus Timmy returned to being the unsinkable goodhearted underdog we once knew. All this put the heart back into FOP and the fun into this episode, which also boasts a strong storyline, intriguing character development (particularly with Chester) and some inventive comic moments ("Binky!!! Track Seven!!!") The exploitation of the "American Idol" phenomenon was thankfully kept to a minimum (thank goodness there weren't lame songs every 5 seconds as there were in "School's Out") and the show focused on the characters rather than on tiresome pop culture references (one of FOP's weaknesses). All in all, a return to glory for "The Fairly Oddparents". This special made me wish more were to come. But at least, thanks to "Fairy Idol", this series has a satisfying finale.moreless
  • Cosmo and Wanda quit being Timmy's godparents so the fairies will now compete in a singing competition to win their position

    Norm the Genie is back with a devious plot to get revenge on Timmy and become a fairy. When his antics cause Cosmo and Wanda to quit, thousands of magical beings from all over Fairy World come to compete in a singing competition for their position. Who will win Fairy Idol?. Happy Memorial Day everyone. I really loved this TV-Movie. I just saw this TV Movie for the first time in 3 Years and I still loved it. I'm so glad that Nickelodeon was re-running this TV Movie on Memorial Day. This TV Movie mostly certainly had heart and a lot of laughs. The most entertaining and hilarious moments of this TV Movie would have to be the fairies singing in Fairy Idol to try to win Cosmo and Wanda's position. That "We're Lawn Gnomes, NOT Pixies" song was an LOL moment and pretty catchy too. The musical numbers themselves were actually pretty good here. My FAVORITE musical number, however, would have to be the song "Gimme The Wand" which were sung by Norm the Genie and Cosmo (singing in a female voice) . Cosmo singing in a female voice cracked me up in that musical number and it was pretty weird to but I got a huge laugh out of that one. I also loved how this TV Movie revolved Chester as well. After this TV Movie, Chester pretty much isn't in this show anymore. Butch really doesn't show episodes with Chester and AJ hanging with Timmy anymore and even when both Chester and AJ do make an appearance in the later episodes, they don't even get a line. But yeah, I enjoyed seeing Chester's life has changed because of Norm the Genie and how he realizes that him and his dad living in his trailer and his dad being despised by everyone was a much better life than being having a mansion and a dad who ignores Chester because he is busy. I thought it was very heartwarming how Cosmo and Wanda decided to be back to being Timmy's godparents again after when Timmy cries and wants them back. What shocked me about this TV Movie, though, is how Timmy was almost going to literally lose Cosmo and Wanda but I'm glad that they got to stay with Timmy and that Timmy agreed to not make Cosmo and Wanda not to do stuff that Timmy can do for himself just like dressing up, making his bed, etc. The ending was nice as well and I got a laugh out of Santa's line "Hey ladies, how would you like it to be Christmas every day?". Overall, it's an excellent 1-hour TV Movie of "The Fairly OddParents" with a lot of humor, a lot of heart, and some pretty good musical numbers with Norm and Cosmo's musical number being my #1 favorite musical number in this TV Movie... watch this, I highly recommend it. 10/10moreless
  • This is one way to end the series with a bang.

    I must admit since the show was cancelled, this episode was an excellent way to end it in a blaze of glory. Cosmo once again became the lovable goof we all know and love, and Timmy for once learned from his mistakes and realized what a selfish, lazy jerk he was, and he then made amends. It also shows us what a true friend Chester is, but only one question remains. Since he found out about Cosmo and Wanda, does he still know about them, or has his memory about them been wiped out? All in all, it was a great episode.moreless
  • I liked it.Not bad at all

    A great episode.This is the fairy version of american idol.But their was not alot of singing as I thought.But overall it was a great episode.The plot is just that norm wanted to be a fairy.I say there is more songs in the musical than in this fairy idol.They show cosmo,wanda,cupid,the april fools guy and wandisimo singing.Even more I just do not remember them all.I am really just writing this review for no reason.So Chester has to do alot with this episode.Who would ever guess.So i will just end this saying this is a very goog good good good good good good good episode or movie whatever.moreless
  • Timmy's selfishness added with Norm's copy of him caused Cosmo and Wanda to quit being Timmy's fairies, without knowing that they quite fairy godparenting all together. A contest to decide the new fairy god parent, called 'Fairly Idol'moreless

    I found this episode a very special one indeed, why?

    Well, this episode had much of the spark that the older seasons had but lost when the newer episodes came. Timmy has been uncaring and selfish throughout the newer episodes and it looks like he's finally paying for it. And by the looks of it, it's good to finally have a resolution to how classy the three were acting to each other in the past few seasons. This was a pretty good season 5 finale aside from Jimmy Timmy Power Hour numbers 2 and 3.

    The reason that I didn't give this episode a perfect score however, was how the movie was lacking in a type of suspending plot that would keep the viewers watching.moreless
Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen von Strangle

Gary Leroi Gray

Gary Leroi Gray

AJ (2002)

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Aladdin Guy/Guard #2

Guest Star

Method Man

Method Man

Sanderson's Rapping Voice

Guest Star

Diana DeGarmo

Diana DeGarmo

Cosmo's Singing Voice

Guest Star

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker

Recurring Role

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

Recurring Role

Ben Stein

Ben Stein

The Pixies

Recurring Role

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (20)

    • In the van there is a picture of Chester's mother, who also wears a bag on her head.

    • Spelling Error: One of the newspapers about Chester's dad has a headline that reads, "Bucky McBadbat: Worse Baseball Player Ever," whereas the correct headline would be "Bucky McBadbat: Worst Baseball Player Ever."

    • If Blonda is a brunette, shouldn't her name be "Brunettea"?

      Since she's portrayed as a blonde, no.

    • After Norm introduces himself to Chester as a Fairy Godparent, shouldn't Chester be interested on how a genie suddenly became a fairy?

    • Why didn't Jorgen wipe out Chester's memory when he gave Norm to Timmy?
      It is because Chester did not actually lose Norm, unlike Timmy.

    • It's revealed that Binky's last name is Abdul.

    • When Cosmo and Wanda are ready to sing, Jorgen tells them that only one person can sing at a time. However, earlier three lawn gnomes were shown singing together in the contest.

      REPLY: Jorgen only said "no duets". He didn't prevent groups with other number of members. And since we only saw the gnomes through the tryouts and it's obvious Cosmo and Wanda passed them even if we didn't see his/her/their performance it's possible the "no duets" rule is only applicable after the tryouts.

    • It is revealed that Blonda dyed her hair Blonde from her natural brunette.

    • Robert Cait, Norm's voice actor in this episode, is actually a former contestant on American Idol.

    • There was a short blackout in this episode.

    • Wandissimo is Remy's godparent, but Fairy Idol is for Fairy Godparents without a godchild.

    • When Norm got magical build-up he had to wait about 2 weeks, but Cosmo and Wanda only had to wait only 24 hours.

      RE: Maybe because Norm is a genie and he can store more magic than a Fairy.

    • Look Hard:
      Norm didn't mention two books on his shelf, and they are "So You Want to Be a Lawn Gnome" and "The Big Book of Legal Loophole Humor".

    • Unanswered Question:
      Did Chester forget the incident, or does he remember it, knowing Timmy has fairies. (Reply:Chester wishes that he never met Norm in the end and as it was thanks to Norm's evil plot that Chester found out that Timmy had Fairy Godparents, so if he never met Norm he couldn't have known that Timmy has fairies.

    • In "The Same Game", when fairies get magic backup, they become a pile of dust, made of their signature color. But in this episode when it happened, they turned into a pile of confetti.

    • How can Timmy use the toilet with his pants up?

    • It appears that Dimmsdale is in California, near the bottom of the state.

    • The tone for Norm's pager is the theme song for The Fairly OddParents.

    • Song List

      William Hung - Fairly OddParents Theme Song
      Witch - "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"
      Tooth Fairy - "My Shiny Teeth and Me"
      Lawn Gnomes - "We're Not Pixies"
      April Fool - "Emotions"
      Wandissimo - "I'm Too Sexy for my Sexy"
      Cupid - "I Can't Live Without Love"
      Sanderson - "I'm Sanderson"
      Norm and Cosmo - "Gimme the Wand"

    • Chester "helps" the penguins in the North Pole, but there are none. Penguins only live free in the southern hemisphere, so he would've had to have gone to the South Pole.

  • QUOTES (63)

    • Santa: Hey, ladies. How would you like it to be Christmas every day?

    • Santa: Ho, ho, ho! (Sinking) NO, NO, NO!

    • Timmy: (Carrying Crocker's gear) Man! This stuff is heavy. No wonder he has a hunced back.

    • Chester: Nobody makes a fool out of Chester McBadbat except the school system, the government, and every girl I ever met.

    • Crocker: Neat, a can! I wonder what kind of soup it is! (sleeping gas comes pouring out of the can) It's sleeeeepy soooup.

    • Announcer: Another home run! Bucky McBadbat wins again!
      Chester: (walking out of baseball stadium) Man, that was a great game, and there's pop, and look how happy he is!
      Bucky McBadbat: (sounding sad) I'm sorry to say this, son, (sounding happy) but I've gotta go! (gets in limo)
      Rich Guy: A dinner with AJ, dancing with publisists, it's no place for a kid.
      Chester: But you wouldn't leave with out me, would you?
      Rich Guy: Leave without you? But if you insist, but here's twenty bucks. Go buy yourself a banjo.
      Chester: But I don't even like the banjo! Nobody likes the banjo!

    • Wanda: Aww, we're gonna have a day without magic!
      Comso: Come on, honey! Any day we're together is a magical one! (kisses Wanda)
      Wanda: Aww. Wait a minute, a day without magic? How long did he say he'd be gone?
      Cosmo: I dunno, why?
      (24 hours later)
      Comso and Wanda: (explode, become confetti)
      Wanda: (groans)
      Cosmo: Neat! I'm string! Yay!

    • Wanda: Everything's back to normal!
      Timmy: Not completely. (next day) Hat. Clothes. Shoes. Whatever! Bed - covers! Enjoy your day off, guys, I love you.
      Comso and Wanda: We love you too, Timmy!
      Timmy: (when the doorbell rings) I'll get it! Ready to have a banjo free one chip-a-rific day?
      Chester: You bet! Did you know I've always hated the banjo?
      Timmy: Who doesn't?

    • Chester: And I have one genie wish left! My third wish! The one where you get forcibly sucked back into the lamp! I wish everything was back the way it was before I found this stupid lamp!
      Norm: Aw, fez dispenser!
      Sun: (after Earth moves away from it) Hey! Was it something I said?
      Scientists and AJ: (become bald again)
      Girls: They're bald! Gross!
      AJ: (sighs) Back to the lab.
      Chester: Woohoo! (disappears)
      Norm: (in lamp) This isn't over! Turner!
      Jorgen: Ooh, a lamp from the '70s! I must have it! This will make the greatest urinal cake ever!

    • Jorgen: And this time, when I wipe your memory, it will stay wiped! With this, extra strength memory wiper! Now with Forget-a-cin!
      Announcer: Forgeticin side effects might include nausea, blurred vision, drowsiness and stomach cramps. Your doctor may have to perform a painful blood test to see if Forgeticin is right for you. Forgeticin should not be used in the presence of cats, banjos and democratic presidents. Forgeticin, don't forget it. Forget what? Why am I here? Who are you people?

    • Norm: So I said, who cares?
      Norm and 2 Genies: (laugh)
      Genie: Wow, Norm. I can't believe you haven't granted a wish in two weeks!
      Norm: Wish shmish! So, I'm saving up the magic. Big deal! I mean, really, it's not like you explode, right? (explodes, becomes confetti) Oh, aw, fez!
      Cosmo and Wanda: (pick up Norm)
      Norm: Hey, c'mon! Cut it out!
      Santa: Hey ladies, how'd you like it to be Christmas everyday?

    • Chester: Well, that was a great day of helping the world! I can't wait to see just how great the world is now!
      Chet: I'm Chet Ubetcha and the world is not great! This is world in crisis, minute 1! The Sahara Desert is now a gigantic and dangerous mud pit! The polar icecaps are melting!
      Santa: Ho ho ho! (sinks) No no no!
      Chet: Wait! Wait! I'm hearing a report that the smartest scientists in the world have gotten together for some sort of announcement! We're saved!
      AJ: Now that we have great hair, we can meet girls!
      Other Scentists: Girls, girls, girls, yes, girls!
      AJ: We don't feel like thinking anymore. Surf's up, dudes!
      Chet: (laughs nervously) This is Chet Ubetcha saying, 'Whose fault is this?'

    • Jorgen: Cosmo, Wanda? It is me, Jorgen, with candy, flowers, and string! I know how you love this string!
      Cosmo: (runs to get the string)
      Wanda: (grabs Cosmo)
      Jorgen: (sees just the bandages on the beds) No! They have turned into fairy dust, and I am not responsible! I will pound your bandages! (hits the bandages in his hand) It does not fill...the void!!!

    • Chester: (presses pager)
      Norm: Dinner is served, my dear. (realizes where he is, screams) What now?!
      Chester: Aww, look at these poor bald geniuses. I wish every bald guy had great hair!
      Norm: (groans, makes the wish)
      3 Scientists and AJ: (all suddenly have hair, have their hair like a girl)
      Chester: How great is this!

    • Chester: Aw, you poor freezing penguins. (presses pager)
      Norm: (comes in wearing a Mexican outfit) El que pasa, duh-migo.
      Chester: These poor penguins are freezing! Freezing, I tell you!
      Penguin: You cold?
      Penguin: Nah, I'm good.
      Chester: I wish it was warm in the North Pole!
      Norm: (makes the wish)
      Sun: (when Earth comes closer to it) Hey, a little space, please!
      Chester: You're welcome, Arctic friends!
      Penguins: (sink while on ice)

    • Norm: (at Hawaii) Hm, don't mind if I do! (pager rings) Aw, fez! (at the Sahara Desert) Yes?
      Chester: I wish to bring life-giving rain to this barren landscape!
      Norm: (groans, makes the wish) If you need me, I'll be, uh, anywhere else.
      Camel: (sink in the sand)

    • Cosmo and Wanda: (scream) A butterfly net!
      Norm: And, now that you can't use your magic to protect to yourself - (poofs a wrecking ball)
      Comso and Wanda: (scream) A wrecking ball is going to hit us while we can't magically protect ourselves!

    • Cosmo: (to Norm) Ha! In your face, we're going back to work!
      Norm: Unless you can't fulfill your duties. Now to distract Jorgen. (poofs rope)
      Jorgen: Rope! It is like string, only manlier! Ha ha ha!

    • Jorgen: Cosmo and Wanda, Norm, Fairy World has voted and - remember, in the event that the fairy cannot fulfill their duty, the first runner-up will be appointed as Fairy Godparent.
      Cosmo, Wanda and Norm: We know! Just read the card!
      Audience: Read it! Read it! Read it! Read it!
      Jorgen: Cosmo and Wanda, you have been chosen to return to Earth and be Fairy Godparents!
      Everybody: (cheers)
      Cosmo and Wanda: We did it! We won!

    • Jorgen: Wandissimo, Cupid, I am sorry, you are also not going to be assigned to a Fairy Godchild!
      Cupid: What?! You people have no chase!
      Wandissimo: No, no! I am too sexy for this hook!
      Pixies: (holding up a sign that says "Aaawwww") Aww.

    • Jorgen: Sanderson, Fairy World has voted and... you are not going to be assigned a Fairy Godchild!
      Pixies: (holding up a sign that says "I'm A Fan-Derson") Aww.
      Sanderson: Yo, J-dog! This is some serious pu whack go whip pal! I'm out, dog!
      Cosmo: He's either really mad, or totally thrilled. We'll never know!

    • Jorgen: Contestants, you have all come a long way. But never forget, if you don't win today, you will still always be losers! How great is that!

    • Chester: (about his banjo) Ugh, I bought it. I paid for lessons. And it still doesn't make me happy.

    • Jorgen: And now, put your puny hands together for Sanderson!
      Sanderson: Check me as I whip out some serious beats, yo.

    • Timmy: Oh, man! If Jorgen finds me here, he'll know that he didn't wipe my memory! And I'll never get the chance to let Cosmo and Wanda know this wasn't my fault! But - those goons forgot to take my backpack! Please let there be something in here I can use! Anti-magic shirt, magic-slicing tie! Excellent!

    • "I'm Sanderson" by Sanderson

      Sanderson: I'm Sanderson, you heard me, son
      When I win here, I'm number one
      When you choose, don't be confused
      Gimme the crown and the wand to use
      So let this Pixie, be affixie
      With the crown, a wand, and wings for Tricxie
      HP: Hmm... that last sentence was seriously lacking in flow.

    • Jorgen: Your Godparents have quit, which means you lose everything!! Binky, I need more ominous music! Play Track 7!
      Binky: (plays fun music)
      Jorgen: I said Track 7!
      Binky: Sorry, sorry! (plays Track 7)
      Jorgen: (Timmy kicks the Timmy Clone out of the closet, Jorgen grabs the Timmy Clone) According to Da Rules and the very ominous music, you must forget you ever had Fairy Godparents! And now it is time you lose every single magical item you have ever come in contact with! (everything in Timmy's room disappears)
      Timmy: Sweet! I still have my memory, but Cosmo and Wanda are gone! Noo!

    • Jorgen: Timmy Turner! You have lost your Fairy Godparents!
      Timmy: (screams, hides in a closet)
      Norm: Now get him out of there, will ya? I gotta make Railroad McBraceface back in the singlewide.
      Timmy Clone: (goes into the closet)

    • Timmy: You made my Godparents quit! Why did you do that?!
      Norm: Isn't it obvious? With those two out of the way, that job is now open to anyone! Including me! All the power of a genie! All the freedom of a fairy! How great will that be - for me!
      Timmy: You'll never get away with this!
      Norm: Sure I will, because according to Da Rules, in about 4 seconds, Jorgen's gonna wipe your memory!

    • Cosmo and Wanda: We quit!!!
      Timmy: Oh no, what did my clone do?!
      Cosmo and Wanda: Goodbye forever, you ungrateful twerp!
      Timmy Clone: (opens window)
      Cosmo and Wanda: (scream, leave)
      Timmy: (bursts in) What have you done?! (grabs Timmy clone by the shirt)
      Norm: Hey, anybody else here have an evil plan go super great today? No? Just me. (laughs)

    • Timmy Clone: (playing with the paddle ball Cosmo and Wanda) This is getting boring.
      Cosmo and Wanda: Whew.
      Timmy Clone: I wish Cosmo was the paddle and Wanda was the ball!
      Cosmo: Yay!
      Wanda: That's it! We put up with a lot of your selfishness because we love you and we're friends. But if you're gonna just treat us like dirt, all bets are off!
      Cosmo: Yeah, what she said! Whatever it is she said.

    • Timmy: Man, what a great day!
      Chester: You bet, pal of mine! Same deal tomorrow?
      Timmy: Wouldn't miss it for the world! Wonder what Cosmo and Wanda are doing? I bet without me, they had a nice relaxing day at home!

    • Timmy: Wow, he's good. Tricky and untrustworthy, but good.
      Wanda: Well, I'll have to be better.
      Cosmo: (poofs in) Allow me! During the first part of the song, I poofed home and got this!
      Timmy: "How to Sing Like Diana DeGarmo"? You picked a female voice?
      Cosmo: Hey, she's #1 on the chart, and she's my little boo! I'll take it from here, baby.

    • Jorgen: You are on next after Norm. Which one of you is going to perform?
      Cosmo and Wanda: Which one?!
      Jorgen: Stupid puny fairies! There are no duets in Fairy Idol! (walks off)
      Wanda: Oh no! Cosmo and I are only good in a duet!
      Cosmo: She's right! My shrill, girly voice is only complimented by her gravelly man voice! We're doomed! Doomed! (turns into a chicken)
      Timmy: Well, this is working out fabulously.

    • Anchorman: And we're back, in 3, 2, 1. (points to Jorgen)
      Jorgen: So, Norm, you may be a filthy genie, but you have been doing a great job in this competition.
      Norm: Well, Jimmy McJarhead, I'm hoping I can go from filthy genie trapped in a idiot fairy not trapped in a lamp.
      Jorgen: And why do you want to be a fairy?
      Norm: I'll tell you in song!

    • Norm: Ah, the time between wishes. That magical time a genie can kick back, relax, and watch his evil plan unfold!
      TimmyVision: (shows Timmy and Chester riding on skateboards with ice cream)
      CloneTV: (shows the Timmy Clone walking on Cosmo and Wanda)
      Cosmo: Must, retain, joy, of being, a godparent!
      Timmy Clone: Faster!
      TimmyVision: (shows Timmy and Chester in the arcade)
      CloneTV: (shows the Timmy Clone bowling with Cosmo and Wanda)
      Cosmo: Um, Timmy. Could you use a regular ball?
      Wanda: With regular pins?
      Timmy Clone: No, regular balls and pins don't scream when you get a strike.
      Cosmo and Wanda: (scream)
      TimmyVision: (shows Timmy and Chester enjoying fireworks)
      CloneTV: (shows the Timmy Clone using Cosmo and Wanda as a paddle ball)
      Timmy Clone: One million eight, one million nine, one million ten, one million eleven, one million twelve -
      Cosmo and Wanda: (scream)
      Timmy Clone: Oh man! All your screaming made me lose track! Now I have to start over! One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten!
      Norm: (laughs evilly)

    • Norm: Well, there you go! So I whipped this little baby up to cover for you with them.
      Wanda: The ankles are filled with marshmallow!
      Cosmo: Ah, oh, oh no! It broke!
      Norm: And get ya out of school! (poofs a clone) Tada!
      Timmy: A clone? Been there, done that.
      Norm: Not like this. Watch. What are the answers to today's pop quiz?
      Timmy Clone: D. All of the Above. Lincolnwood, Illinois. The South Pole.
      Timmy: That's awesome!
      Norm: Now get out of here, you crazy scamp. You have a day of adventuring ahead of ya! And you, you know what to do?
      Timmy Clone: Yes, master.
      Norm: Ha, ha ha, "master", I love that!

    • Timmy: What about me, Norm? You got anything for me?
      Norm: What I have for you, is a proposition. (poofs them outside) Look, here's the thing, you can't tell anybody. But, I've got a new master, eh?
      Timmy: Chester?
      Norm: What are the odds, uh? Now, he was telling me he wanted to use his first wish to do cool stuff with you!
      Timmy: Yeah?
      Norm: Like, uh, cheating on competitions together!
      Timmy: Yeah?
      Norm: Getting girls to fall in love with you guys. Girls like Trixie Tang.
      Timmy: Yeah, yeah!
      Norm: And printing your own money!
      Timmy: Counterfeiting? That's totally against the rules! I don't know, I don't trust you.
      Norm: And I like that about ya! But you trust Chester, right?
      Timmy: You bet, he's my best friend!

    • Norm: Whoa whoa whoa whoa, hey hey hey hey! Easy! I come in peace! And, I brought a little something for each of you!
      Wanda: Oh, a hunky chocolate candy bar! How is it that our enemies are nicer to us than you are lately? (eats the brain off) I like to eat the brains, because models never use them.
      Cosmo: Ah, ooh ooh, ooh what did your bring me?
      Norm: (holds up a piece of string)
      Cosmo: String! My current favorite! (laughs) The fun just never stops!

    • Norm: Hey there! Naggy McNaggynag and Colonel Brainless! What's shaking?
      Timmy: Flush. I said - (sees Norm, screams) It's Norm the Genie! He's returned from Mars to exact his magical revenge from me! (screams, runs to Wanda) Protect me.
      Wanda: Wow, two words. Now we're really communicating. Timmy Defensive Manuever K-88!
      Cosmo: (turns into a carrot) Oh, sorry. I thought the "k" stood for carrot!
      Wanda: (puts on a robot suit)
      Cosmo: (as a carrot, falls to the ground)
      Rabbit: (takes Cosmo away)
      Cosmo: (screams)

    • Timmy: (alarm goes off) Covers.
      Cosmo and Wanda: (poof covers off)
      Timmy: Floor.
      Cosmo and Wanda: (poof Timmy to the floor) Uh, sport. How 'bout a good morning?
      Timmy: (snaps) Hair, clothes.
      Cosmo and Wanda: (poof Timmy's hair neat and clothes on)
      Cosmo: Oh yeah! How great is this?
      Wanda: It's not! Timmy, don't you think you should be using our powers for something other than things you're too lazy to do yourself?
      Timmy: Answer.
      Cosmo: No.
      Timmy: Toilet.
      Cosmo: You heard the man!
      Wanda: We're here to grant wishes, not to be your slaves, we don't have to take this, you know!

    • Norm: So, uh, trackster teeth, what do you say we get some real wishing done, huh? How about, uh -
      Chester: I wish I could hang with my friend Timmy, but he's been so busy lately. Could you fix that?
      Norm: Man, that is vague enough for me to totally use for my own evil needs! You stay right here. (snaps)

    • Chester: Aw man, AJ's going to college, my best friend's never around when I need him. I wish there was something I could do! (magic lamp hits him on the head) Ouch! What the? A lamp from the '70s? (rubs lamp)
      Norm: (comes out of the lamp) And not just any lamp from the '70s, a magical lamp from the '70s! I am Norm! And you, my metal mouth friend, get three wishes!
      Chester: Killer! I wish -
      Norm: Uh bup bup bup bup! (gets a sandwich out)
      Chester: Oh my gosh! You're a mind reader!
      Norm: And no need to waste that first wish on something stupid, eh?

    • Mom: (flashback) I'm sorry, Chester. But Timmy can't fly kites with you until after he cleans the attic.
      Timmy and Cosmo: Yay! (fly off in a rocket)
      Dad: I'm sorry, Chester. But Timmy and I are spending the day together. Uh, a little to the left, son.
      Timmy: (fixing the TV)
      Dad: (TV turns to a show called "Home Shopping") There we go! These are days we'll remember in our golden years!

    • Chester: No! I hate the banjo!!!

    • Timmy: But you both ate one of my apology cookies!
      Cosmo: Actually, I had two. They're sorry-tastic!

    • Cosmo and Wanda: (get caught in a butterfly net) Cosmo and Wanda: (Timmy is disguised and looks like Crocker)
      Timmy: No, guys, it's me! I'm wearing Crocker's clothes and this butterfly net is so...heavy! It gave me a hunch! And this special apparel lets me move faster. It's me, Timmy Turner!
      Cosmo and Wanda: AHHH! EVEN WORSE!

    • Chester: I'm off to see AJ, so we can go pla-ay, today is da-ay to pla-ay with AJ!
      AJ: Hi, Chester! Bye, Chester!
      Chester: Bye? W-where you going?
      AJ: I got accepted to the best college on Earth! I'm gonna get my degree in every study known to man.
      Chester: Noo!!!
      AJ: Relax, it's just college, I'll be done in two weeks, why don't you see what Timmy's up to?
      Chester: I've been trying all weekend.

    • Cupid: (singing) And I can't live without loooooove!!!! (judges stare)
      Simon: I don't care how many magic arrows he shoots me with I won't fall in love with that performance.

    • "Gimme the Wand" by Cosmo and Norm

      Cosmo: I'm a — oh, hang on — F-A-I-R-Y
      We did our very best with this buck-toothed guy
      Shoop bap shooby doo WAH!
      That fez-wearing slob
      He may want our job!
      Norm: Well duh!
      Cosmo: But give us one more try
      You really can't deny
      Cosmo and Norm: Give us the wand
      Cosmo: We'll have a ball
      Norm: Gimme the wand
      Wanda: He'll enslave you all!
      Cosmo and Norm: Give us the wand
      A doo doo dow
      We really hope you all respond
      Come on, give us the wand
      Norm: Then set me free
      Cosmo and Norm: Give us the wand
      And hear our plea
      Give us the wand
      A doo dow dee
      Don't let yourself be conned
      Now give us the wand!

    • "We're Not Pixies"

      Lawn Gnomes: We're not Pixies, we're not Pixies
      Check out our mad mamas mixies.
      Not pixies, not Pixies
      We're Lawn Gnomes, not pixies!
      Jorgen: Lets hear it for the Pixies.
      Lawn Gnomes: We're Lawn Gnomes!

    • "Gimme the Wand" by Norm

      I'm a swinging G-E-N-I-E
      Huh? Hey!
      Let me tell you what that spells to me
      When I'm shoved in a lamp
      It's cold and damp, man!
      My wishing power stops at three
      And that's pretty dang annoying to me
      I want that crazy powers you fairies got
      To grant those wishes that you grant a lot
      To give each and every child a great big smile
      To me this means a lot
      It ain't no evil plot!
      Gimme the wand
      And you'll all see
      Gimme the wand
      A fairy I'd be
      Gimme the wand
      Da doo da dee
      I'll make you a natural blonde
      If you give me the wand!

    • Witch: And now, I'd like to sing a little song called, "Somewhere Over the" - (gets squashed by an outhouse)
      Simon: Whoa, you really brought the house down.
      Tooth Fairy: My shiny teeth and meeee!
      Blonda: Those notes were so high, only dolphins could here them!
      Dolphin: (holds up sign that says, "We Love Tooth Fairy!")
      Simon: Are you a singer, or a slide whistle?
      Binky: You have pretty shoes!
      Simon and Blonda: (glare at Binky)
      Binky: What? I don't do mean!

    • Jorgen: With only our judges, Simon, Blonda, and Binky Abdul. Standing between them and fame.
      OddParent, Fairly OddParent!
      Wands and wings, floaty crowny things!
      Hey! OddParent, Fairly OddParent!
      You're watching Fairly OddParent!
      Simon, Blonda, and Binky: (turn green, puke)
      Jorgen: Oh, and talent, that also will stand in the way.

    • Jorgen: Let the super fantabulous contest, to see who will replace Cosmo and Wanda begin! (the words, "Fairy Idol" appear)
      Timmy: No way!
      Jorgen: From all over magical lands they have come! Some by poofing, some by flying. All with some sort of goofy hat or crown, and a dream.

    • TV Announcer: It's big, bad news! Hang on to your crowns, folks. In a stunning developement that has never happened before, a pair of fairies have quit their jobs as Fairy Godparents. When asks what their plans were now they quit being Fairy Godparents, they had this to say.
      Cosmo: Are we on TV? Hi Momma!
      Wanda: We didn't want to quit being Fairy Godparents. We just wanted to quit being Timmy's Godparents.
      Jorgen: Tough toenails! You quit one, you quit both! And now you must pick a new Fairy Godparent!
      TV Interviewer: Mr. Von Strangle! Mr. Von Strangle! How will you fill this vacancy?
      Jorgen: With a super, fantabulous singing contest that is now open to any magical, wish-granting creature in the known universes!

    • Timmy Clone: (after drinking tea with water from Cosmo and Wanda's fishbowl)
      Wanda: Don't you have anything to say?!
      Timmy Clone: (spits out tea at Cosmo and Wanda's face) This tea tastes like Stupid Green Fish and Fat Pink Fish!
      Cosmo and Wanda: WHAT?!?
      Cosmo: Nobody calls Wanda fat, except my mother. And me at one time, and I'll never make that mistake again!
      Wanda: Nobody calls Cosmo stupid, except me, Jorgen, and - well, everybody. But it's still not nice!
      Timmy: (outside) Uh-oh, that doesn't sound good.

    • Norm: Mayor of the world not working out the way you hoped, ah? Here, wrote your third wish out for ya.
      Mayor: I wish everything was back to the way it was before I met you, and that the lamp appeared next to Timmy Turner's best friend.
      Norm: (laughs) Ah, this is gonna be sweet!

    • Norm: Ah, "How to Clean Your Wings", "What to Do When Your Wand Makes a Fart Noise", "What to Do When a Fairy Quits"! Oh, hello! (reading) When a Fairy Godparent quits, the position can be filled by any magical creature! Well, all I need to do, is to get an idiot fairy to quit! And I can use that to get out of this lamp forever! (sees a picture of Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda) And I know just the idiot fairies to use!

    • Norm: So, uh, until you make your second wish, think long and hard.
      Mayor: I wish I was mayor of the world!
      Norm: Of course you do, uh, you're gonna need a different sash. Well, this should take about 12 minutes. What do I have in my Stuff to Read During The Big Dumb Second Wish shelf? Leprechauing for Idiots, 1001 Snappy Nicknames Huh? Da Rules? Huh, where did I get, uh?
      Cosmo: Here, you can have this, there's no pictures in it! (gives Da Rules to Norm)

    • Norm: And it always goes the same way, Wish 1, something stupid. Like a giant sandwich, or something. See, it's that sandwich wish that made us make this video. Second wish, a big reality changer. Something that involves money and power, until it goes horribly awry, which gives us the third wish.
      Aladdin Guy: I wish I never met you!
      Norm: And then we get sucked back into the lamp.

    • Norm: Now genies got a lot, huh? I mean, one, you get a really cool hat! And two, we can do anything, as long as we do in for some idiot human who rubbed our lamp!

    • Norm: (in his magic lamp at City Hall) Ah, lemme guess, eh. First time in a genie's lamp.
      Mayor: (in the lamp) Yes!
      Norm: Now sit back, kick your shoes, and learn a little about this wonderful world of genies.

  • NOTES (16)

  • ALLUSIONS (21)

    • Santa: Christmas every day.
      This is a reference to the FOP episode, "Christmas Every Day."

    • Product: Forget-A-Cin

      This is a pop culture refrence/joke to the various prescription medicine commericals that appear on shows such as CBS News, complete with health discriminations of various groups (race, age and gender, for instance), and the warnings the announcer say about taking prescription drugs (Ask your doctor if -Standard medicine name- is right for you.)

    • Genie: Comparison
      One of the genies who are with Norm when he got magical build-up, looks like Jeannie, main character from TV show I Dream of Jeannie.

    • Magic Carpet: Reference
      The carpet that Chester rides on is similar to the one Aladdin rides.

    • Timmy: Trademark Shirt
      When Timmy kicks the Timmy Clone out of the closet to trick Jorgen, you will see the trademark shirt, but with shades of pink on it, of Charlie Brown, from the Charlie Brown TV show and the Peanuts Comic strip by Charles M. Schulz.

    • Jorgen: The Known Universes
      When Jorgen talks about the known universes, he is refering to the Jimmy Neutron's world.

    • Book: "So You Want to Be a Lawn Gnome"
      The title of this book is a parody of the show, Who Wants to Be a Millionare.

    • Norm: Aw, Fez Dispenser!
      This is a parody of Pez, which was a popular candy in the '90s, and came in small dispensers with cartoon character heads.

    • Timmy: (in Crocker suit) Excellent!
      This is an allusion to The Simpsons, being the catchphrase of Montgomery Burns. It is also a reference to the first Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, where Timmy says the exact same thing.

    • Wandissimo: Song
      When Wandissimo sings "I'm Too Sexy for my Sexy", it's an obvious spoof of the song "I'm Too Sexy for my Shirt".

    • Store: TV's R'Us
      TV's R'Us is a spoof of the chain of stores called Toys R'Us. Also, Chester made a similar reference when saying, "The world's not ready for Possums R'Us."

    • Jazzy Swing Music: Aladdin
      In all of Norm's appearances, a jazzy swing music is played over the title card. This same music was adapted into "Gimme the Wand." Old-style swing like that assosciated with Norm was also assosciated with the Genie in Aladdin, especially with the song "Friend like Me."

    • Binky Abdul: Paula Abdul
      Binky Abdul is a reference to American Idol judge Paula Abdul.

    • Simon: Simon
      This is a reference to a judge of American Idol named Simon.

    • Wanda: Defensive Maneuver K-88
      The robot suit that Wanda put on during Defensive Maneuver K-88 was similar to the appearance of a Gundam.

    • Cosmo: Diana Degarmo
      Diana Degarmo is the runner-up of American Idol's third season.

    • Portal to Fairy World: Ghost Zone
      The portal to Fairy World looked very similar to the portal to the Ghost Zone in Danny Phantom.

    • Timmy: (in his Crocker suit, laughs) Excellent!
      This might be an allusion to the first Jimmy Timmy Power Hour, when Timmy says the same exact quote.

    • Witch: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
      The witch who starts to sing "Somewhere Over the Rainbow", then gets squashed by an outhouse is a reference of the movie The Wizard of Oz.

    • Wiry: Character
      Wiry is a reference to William Hung, one of the singers who tried out for American Idol.

    • Title: Fairy Idol
      The episode title is a very obvious allusion to FOX's American Idol.

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