The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 16

Fairy Idol (TV MOVIE)

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 19, 2006 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • The return of "old-school Cosmo" marks a return to glory for FOP

    Well, it took Butch Hartman long enough, but the fans have spoken and he finally listened. "Fairy Idol" marks the return of the old Cosmo many fans loved - not the false-hearted jerk of the newer episodes, but the silly funloving childlike fairy who loves his wife and cares about his godchild. Plus Timmy returned to being the unsinkable goodhearted underdog we once knew. All this put the heart back into FOP and the fun into this episode, which also boasts a strong storyline, intriguing character development (particularly with Chester) and some inventive comic moments ("Binky!!! Track Seven!!!") The exploitation of the "American Idol" phenomenon was thankfully kept to a minimum (thank goodness there weren't lame songs every 5 seconds as there were in "School's Out") and the show focused on the characters rather than on tiresome pop culture references (one of FOP's weaknesses). All in all, a return to glory for "The Fairly Oddparents". This special made me wish more were to come. But at least, thanks to "Fairy Idol", this series has a satisfying finale.
  • Cosmo and Wanda quit being Timmy's godparents so the fairies will now compete in a singing competition to win their position

    Norm the Genie is back with a devious plot to get revenge on Timmy and become a fairy. When his antics cause Cosmo and Wanda to quit, thousands of magical beings from all over Fairy World come to compete in a singing competition for their position. Who will win Fairy Idol?. Happy Memorial Day everyone. I really loved this TV-Movie. I just saw this TV Movie for the first time in 3 Years and I still loved it. I'm so glad that Nickelodeon was re-running this TV Movie on Memorial Day. This TV Movie mostly certainly had heart and a lot of laughs. The most entertaining and hilarious moments of this TV Movie would have to be the fairies singing in Fairy Idol to try to win Cosmo and Wanda's position. That "We're Lawn Gnomes, NOT Pixies" song was an LOL moment and pretty catchy too. The musical numbers themselves were actually pretty good here. My FAVORITE musical number, however, would have to be the song "Gimme The Wand" which were sung by Norm the Genie and Cosmo (singing in a female voice) . Cosmo singing in a female voice cracked me up in that musical number and it was pretty weird to but I got a huge laugh out of that one. I also loved how this TV Movie revolved Chester as well. After this TV Movie, Chester pretty much isn't in this show anymore. Butch really doesn't show episodes with Chester and AJ hanging with Timmy anymore and even when both Chester and AJ do make an appearance in the later episodes, they don't even get a line. But yeah, I enjoyed seeing Chester's life has changed because of Norm the Genie and how he realizes that him and his dad living in his trailer and his dad being despised by everyone was a much better life than being having a mansion and a dad who ignores Chester because he is busy. I thought it was very heartwarming how Cosmo and Wanda decided to be back to being Timmy's godparents again after when Timmy cries and wants them back. What shocked me about this TV Movie, though, is how Timmy was almost going to literally lose Cosmo and Wanda but I'm glad that they got to stay with Timmy and that Timmy agreed to not make Cosmo and Wanda not to do stuff that Timmy can do for himself just like dressing up, making his bed, etc. The ending was nice as well and I got a laugh out of Santa's line "Hey ladies, how would you like it to be Christmas every day?". Overall, it's an excellent 1-hour TV Movie of "The Fairly OddParents" with a lot of humor, a lot of heart, and some pretty good musical numbers with Norm and Cosmo's musical number being my #1 favorite musical number in this TV Movie... watch this, I highly recommend it. 10/10
  • This is one way to end the series with a bang.

    I must admit since the show was cancelled, this episode was an excellent way to end it in a blaze of glory. Cosmo once again became the lovable goof we all know and love, and Timmy for once learned from his mistakes and realized what a selfish, lazy jerk he was, and he then made amends. It also shows us what a true friend Chester is, but only one question remains. Since he found out about Cosmo and Wanda, does he still know about them, or has his memory about them been wiped out? All in all, it was a great episode.
  • I liked it.Not bad at all

    A great episode.This is the fairy version of american idol.But their was not alot of singing as I thought.But overall it was a great episode.The plot is just that norm wanted to be a fairy.I say there is more songs in the musical than in this fairy idol.They show cosmo,wanda,cupid,the april fools guy and wandisimo singing.Even more I just do not remember them all.I am really just writing this review for no reason.So Chester has to do alot with this episode.Who would ever guess.So i will just end this saying this is a very goog good good good good good good good episode or movie whatever.
  • Timmy's selfishness added with Norm's copy of him caused Cosmo and Wanda to quit being Timmy's fairies, without knowing that they quite fairy godparenting all together. A contest to decide the new fairy god parent, called 'Fairly Idol'

    I found this episode a very special one indeed, why?
    Well, this episode had much of the spark that the older seasons had but lost when the newer episodes came. Timmy has been uncaring and selfish throughout the newer episodes and it looks like he's finally paying for it. And by the looks of it, it's good to finally have a resolution to how classy the three were acting to each other in the past few seasons. This was a pretty good season 5 finale aside from Jimmy Timmy Power Hour numbers 2 and 3.

    The reason that I didn't give this episode a perfect score however, was how the movie was lacking in a type of suspending plot that would keep the viewers watching.
  • An alright episode.

    the songs were really good, the animation was different, and It felt a little confusing. Other than that it was an alright episode. i was glad to see the Steve Marmel-Butch Hartman writing super team write this. It was suppose to be the last episode of Fairly Odd Parents just as a seires, but not anymore! It's coming back with 20 freaking new episodes! Gotta love it! Anyway the episode was funny, tried to be emotional, and had great animation. Love Fairly Odd Parents and I am glad to see it coming back. the songs I loved. I have "Gimme the Wand" stuck in my head.
  • Yes! It's a whole entire TV movie staring CHESTER!!!!!

    This is the best Fairly Odd Parents TV movie EVER!! Why? Because it stars CHESTER!! (well, not exactly STARS, but he is essential to the plot!) Timmy is being pretty much a jerk to Wanda and Cozmo, making them do every little thing for him.. Like getting out of bed, getting dressed, brushing his teeth... Yeah. Meanwhile, Chester has no one to play with because AJ went to collage and Timmy has been all kinds of busy. Meanwhile, The Mayor has aquiered Norm the Genie, who gets the Mayor to say: "I wish I had never met you, and that your lamp ended up next to Timmy Turner's best friend. This gets the ball rolling. Norm tricks Chester when Chester wishes he could spend more time with Timmy. To do this, Norm creates an Evil Timmy Clone, and if you thought TIMMY was being a jerk, wait till you see evil Timmy Clone! It's so bad, Wanda and Cozmo Quit their jobs. And just how do you replace two fairies? Supprisingly enough, a Singing contest. The part where Norm and Cozmo sing is GREAT!! I wish I could find it for my MP3 Player. Well, Cozmo Technically wins, but Norm blows them up and gets to be a godparent by default. He becomes Chester's Godparent, and Chester wishes his dad was a better baseball player, that all the smart bald men had hair (including AJ) that the Artic were warmer, and that there was rain in the Sahara. All out of goodwill, but all go horribly wrong. Eventually Chester finds out Norm used him to get at Timmy, and he decides to not make any more wishes, which backs Norm up. Afterword, Timmy learns to be nicer to Cozmo and Wanda, and that he needs to spend more time with his friends. ALSO!! it never shows Chester getting his memory erased... so i like to think maybe he remembers! and is keeping it a secret incase of emergancy. Ya I know YEAH RIGHT.
  • Great one! This was very enjoyable

    Thia episode was one of the best I ever seen. I really enjoyed Diana DeGarmo guest starring as Cosmo's girlie singing voice. it was very very cool. The episode was very well played, I enjoyed the reality of Norm's 3 wish...rubric shall we say? That was good. I also liked the returning appearences of Binky, Simon, Blonda, Juandissimo, The April Fool and Cupid. Great acting on all their parts. I kind of found Crocker's Fairy World Portal to be a little far fetched since they haven't shown where he has gotten the materials to build it. His secret lab was also a little far fetched but it would be understandable that he would have one. and what was in the Fairy Hunting Stuff backpack to make it so heavy? A butterfly net wouldn't be that heavy, would it? All in all it was one of the best tv movies Nickolodeon, Fedarator, the producers and directors have come up with. I look forward to plenty more throughout the years to come. A toast to many many more episodes, seasons and tv movies to come! Keep up the good work, Fairly Oddparents cast and crew!!
  • This is a very good T.V. movie.

    Norm the Genie has had enough of being a Genie. He's sick of all the lame masters he's had to serve throughout the centuries, he's sick of granting the same unimaginative three wishes over and over again, and he is sick and tired of his lamp. But this will all soon change. While reading a copy of "Da Rules," Norm learns that if a Fairy God Parent quits his or her job, all the magical wish-granting creatures in the universe may apply for the vacant post. And Norm knows just the two fairies that could be tricked into quitting: Cosmo and Wanda. He finds his way to Chester, who rubs the lamp and wishes that his dad was the greatest baseball player ever, not the worst. Chester now lives in a huge mansion, with a swimming pool and loads of cars. With Chester satisfied, Norm rushes to Timmy's house. Creating a Timmy clone, the clone works the fairies so hard they quit. They return to Fairy World, followed by Timmy, who has come to explain everything. But with a godparent position now up for grabs, the entire of Fairy World has turned up for the Fairy Idol singing competiton, in hopes of becoming a godparent.
  • No Offense, But this episode sorta sucked

    At First I thought it would be cool but it wasn\'t all that great, Poor plots, dumb songs,Chester being the kind and caring one? Cosmo singing a woman's voice? and Timmy dressing like Crocker?!?! That was just too weird! I know Butch didn\'t do this episode! If he did, it would be a whole lot better! The ending was nice though. But The rest of the episode sucked bad!
  • pretty boring

    it seemed funny at first the idea spoofing american idol with fairy idol but i just didnt like it. it was boring and there wasnt that many good jokes. for an hour tv movie i was expecting alot more jokes.norm kinda got annoying after a while. i think they would have been better off making this just a half hour special cause is seriously one of my least favorite episodes of the series. the part with cosmo sing with diana digarmo voice was pretty stupid. i know butch hartman could have done way better than this. this was almost as bad as the schools out episode

    the way they brought Norm back was perfect! This movie was teh cherie on top of the ice cream! i love this movie because they put the whole "favorite reality tv show" into one of the best cartoons and then it all just came together in the end. the only thing I would have changed is the end because it was confusing and sorta rushed together. I think this is the last time we will see Norm for a while, but I could easily be wrong. Jorgan was the perfect host for the Fairy Idol. i think that the way they even made like audition videos was the thing that went over the top and became the best ever.
  • The whole plot was OK at first, but then it kind of gets confusing and ruins it.

    When you hear of the Fairly Odd Parents special "Fairy Idol", you know you'll want to record it on your DVR, but when you watch it it takes a little too long to get to the whole "Fairy Idol" concept and when it finally does it doesn't have much of an effect on the movie and ends quickly. Though there are some funny jokes and parodies it gets confusing figuring out who has a genie and who doesn't and who has a genie and god parents and who doesn't. Basically the movie could've been much better but with all the ideas they've already used for movies, games, and TV right now it gets kind of hard for the creators to make new episodes (that explains "Snakes On A Plane"). So lets go easy on them and give them a 5.8!
  • Norm is back and starts an evil plot to make Cosmo and Wanda quit and take their places as Fairy God Parents in the singing competition "Fairy Idol"

    The whole plotting was fantastic. Filled with funny moments and situations. Cosmo stupid and hillarious as always. This was a really good comeback after the mildly good episodes of season 6.
    Timmy calling Cosmo and Wanda stupid and fat (in order)
    Cosmo and Wanda calling Timmy an ingrateful twerp.
    Jorgen stapling a "set of manly wings"(in his on words) to Norm
    The whole banjo thing with Chester
    Cosmo's love for string and Jorgen's for rope ('cause it's like string, but manlier)
    Really awesome episode, hats off to Butch Hartman and crew. An episode fully deserving of the perfect score: I give it a 10!
  • Wow.....this was pretty bad!

    Dissagree with me if you want, but I seriosuly hated this episode! I think that everyone knew from the start that the two main characters (Cosmo and Wanda)would win because isn\'t that what always happens? Come on people, Wanda didn\'t even SING! And for once, I thought Timmy would FINALLY loose his Fairy Godparents! I mean, come on! When are they going to make that episode?

    I am so glad the show is ending! It is just so stupid and annoying! People think it\'s funny but the jokes are about as stupid and annoying as sin, especially from Cosmo!

    Butch Hartman really didn\'t do it with this episode in my opinon! So, go ahead,. Disagree with me if you want, but trust me, THIS EPSIODE STINKS!
  • greetings .and what the heck is a summary

    a very great episode indeed,one of my favorites,and the song¨gimme the wand¨was great.the plot was well planned and the pixie rap was cool. indeed i own the video dvd
    it was hilarious.....hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah.....sorry about that.i like the part of the sting and cosmo.....\\\'.\\\' and i like the part when cosmo and wanda quit that was cool and suspense thigth and chester´s dad face seen for the first time ever that was surprising surprising i tell you!the plan that norm planned was brilliant indeed very diabolical and brilliant. I hop that you seen this episode it was cvery cool indeed very cool i must say
  • Wow a fairy contest! Just what the show needed.

    This episode is about some fairy contest named "Fairy Idol". Norm (Who was seen in a couple previous episodes) wishes himself to be a fairy to participate in the contest. Unfortunatly Norm won and Timmy loses Cosmo and Wanda but somehow Timmy forces Norm to bring them back. This is a special episode for Fairly Oddparents and overall it's pretty good. Norm is as tricky as ever. Mr. Crocker is as crazy as ever too which is a good thing. I think this episode is supposebly copying the show "American Idol" This is one episode that any fan of faries would enjoy watching.
  • A total fab hit!!! but the \"Norm\" part drew it across the line...

    I loved the comedy in Fairy Idol and how they brought up a American Idol scene. Animation was steller and cool and Cosmo and Wanda were funnier than ever!!! I loved to see Chester get rich and famous (and also make a world crisis)star in this episode. I loved this episode and it was truly a hit! But, the whole Norm part when he was plotting revenge to become a fairy was lame and dumb. You knew what was going to happen to Norm! Norm is so overrated that episode didn\'t need him to make the episode a success. The next season of Fairly Odd Parents is supossed to be better and funnier.
  • this is my favorite episode of FOP!

    this was the best episode of FOP that I have seen in a while. it was really good and it was really funny! i loved it! my favorite contestants was Norm and Cosmo. they were great! i loooved their song. it was also funny how in the beggining, Timmy only used Cosmo and Wanda's magic to do things for him because he was so lazy. then at the end when Cosmo and Wanda turned into dust and then Timmy was all sobby. it was also funny when Norm gave Wanda the hunky chocolate bar and then Wanda ate the head first. then she said that she always ate the head first because the models never use them. then it was really funny when Jorgen got rope. he said it was "like string, but manlier!" that was hilarious!
  • This is definetally one of my favorite episodes!

    I thought it showed the relationship between Timmy and Cosmo and Wanda better. I thought it was sooooo cute when Timmy thought they turned to dust. He was all sad and crying. Hey I like it when cartoons cry can you blame me? The other one was on Jimmy Timmy Power Hour 2.
  • Horrible, waste of time!

    this episode or movie was dumb. The plot was so stupid! They didnt spend a lot of time on Fairy Idol and there was one thing that really ticked me off! You can tell that even though so many people voted that no votes counted and thats stupid. Also the story was just silly. Norm had no idea that they would of had Fairy Idol, but he still sang perfectly! I think the writers just wanted to find an excuse to have an American Idol spin off! I know a lot of you are going to disagree, but I felt this episode was just to fill an unneed gap.
  • A nice musical, as well as a nice plot add-on to not keep the whole episode into singing.

    I think that this was a good episode, and Fairy Idol fits it. Pretty funny too, my favorite part is the second half of the song, \'Gimme the Wand\', when Cosmo sings as Dianna DeGarmo. A doo doo dow! ^^ I was so bored, I saw every episode over the weekend it was released and put two bits on my phone. It was a bit strange when Timmy was \'Timmy Crocker\' during the whole Fairy Idol part. I also believed that they made Norm the main enemy good and giving Chester a staring role also, he hasn\'t been very important until this episode. That\'s my review. -_^
  • It was a nice episode but I was hoping for more than what I saw.

    I saw the episode and I have to speak the truth, it was prett good but I believed that it was a bit off. For one, it's called Fairy Idol and there was a little bit of singing, which I was expecting for some. However, I didn't get that. If it was gonna become another musical, I would maybe like it more but not really much. Anyway, it followed the plot of just Norm trying to be free from being a genie to a fairy to get freedom. That was mainly the plot. Even though I won't say that there is something wrong with that but it's just it won't fit much of an evil plot with a title "Fairy Idol". I know I didn't make much snense but that's what I saw from this episode.
  • Fairy Idol was Great

    This was just a really great episode, Fairy Idol, a spoof of American Idol. It had its funny parts in it.
    Norm is up to his evil plots again, and now when Cosmo gives him Da Rules, he learns that he can become a Fairy Godparent, instead of being trapped in Genieland. So he has an evil plan, and gets an evil Timmy clone to boss Cosmo and Wanda around to get rid of them, and it actually works and Cosmo and Wanda quit.
    Now Timmy has to go to Fairy World, and apologize to Cosmo and Wanda, but they don't believe what he tells them, as a Timmy Clone is just playing with Cosmo and Wanda as if they were dirt. But now, they have to become Godparents, through Fairy Idol.
    There's not much good singers, except for Norm and Cosmo as Diana DeGarmo.
    Cosmo and Wanda manage to win, but Norm's up to it again, and the runner-up gets to be the godparent... of Chester, now. But thanks to Chester, using his 3rd wish, he wishes everything back to normal, and Timmy is reunited with Cosmo and Wanda.
  • Definetely better than what I expected!

    Timmy is the laziest kid ever...he actually needed magic to flush the toilet! Cosmo and Wanda got mad at him for being so ungrateful, but get this, it was Timmy's clone who actually got them to quit. Luckily, the actual Timmy got to keep his memory and fix everything.

    So, in his desperate plan to get his fairies back, Timmy goes through a portal in Crocker's house that leads him to Fairy World (did you guys see the resemblance of the portal to the one Danny Phantom has?). Oh, and Timmy dressed as Crocker so that no one would recognize him was hilarious, and creepy, he looked like his son!!

    At the end, everything went back to normal thanks to Chester (what a good friend!); he used his last genie-wish to wish everything back to normal...