The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 11

Fool's Day Out / Deja Vu

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Oct 11, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Fool's Day Out:
Timmy is sick and tired of being pranked on every holiday, so he seeks revenge on April Fool's day. How? By bringing the April Fool down from Fairy World, that's how! But all of his jokes are mean, and they can't stop him!
Deja Vu:
Timmy is always stressed out at the end of the day, with being beat up by Francis, failing grades, and Vicky! So he decides to have a magic watch so he can turn back time and redo things. But when Vicky gets hold of the watch, who only knows what will happen next!moreless

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  • Redo! Redo! It's fun saying this word! Redo!

    I really thought April Fools was good. No much to say that. But, I LOVED Deja Vu! It is SO funny!

    In this episode, Timmy had a bad day, starting with Francis, goind to Crocker, and ending to Vicky. Then, coming out of the idea, Timmy wishes for a redo watch, Cosmo. Then, Timmy uses him in a avantage to make his day better. Later that day, Vicky gets Cosmo and... AHH!! Redo fight!

    This episode is awsome, because the characters are at their funny selves, the storyline is kinda iventive, and the humor? Try rapping South Park and Family Guy rolled into one big funny burrito. THAT'S awsome! And, the ending, is...

    Timmy:... not that long!

    Me: Redo!

    Timmy: FG, can you just finish the report?

    Me: Fine! Thank you, and have a good night.moreless
  • I'm gonna only focus my review on Deja Vu since it was hilarious!

    Okay, Deja Vu was the best Fairly OddParents episode ever! It's about Timmy using Cosmo as a redo watch to make his life eaiser, and it does. But trouble comes when Vicky comes and steals the watch from Timmy. So with Wanda as a new redo watch, he tries to get it back. This episode was just hilarious and even though the times kept changing on the watches (animation goof), it still goes in my Fairly OddParents top ten episodes book. REDO!


    P.S. Here's a list of when the times changed on the watches.

    First day:

    6:00 PM - Timmy enters his room when Vicky comes over

    7:30 PM - Vicky is watching the news

    Second day:

    7:30 PM - Timmy enters his room when Vicky comes over

    8:00 PM - Vicky enters Timmy's house

    Third day:

    7:32 AM - Vicky is ran over by the bus

    9:00 AM - Vicky is in the hospital

    3:00 PM - Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda walk away from Vicky in the hospital

    If I'm missing anything or have something wrong, contact me.moreless
  • Redo! lol

    I have only seen Deja Vu, and it was great. Fool's Day Out, I have not seen, but once I see it I will edit this review. So now I'm only reviewing Deja Vu.

    I thought this episode was so funny! Especially when Cosmo (the watch) kept saying, REDO! lol It was great. Deja Vu always happens to me... I really don't know why. Anyways, Timmy hates his school life (bad grades, Francis) and Vicky so he wishes for a magical watch that can send him back in time as much as he wants to go. For example (this is a made up one), he accidentally breaks something, so he uses his watch to "Redo" what he did. So overall, a wonderful episode and once I see Fool's Day Out, I will edit this review so that I review both episodes, and not just this once.moreless
  • One of the funniest pairs REDO! funniest pairs of episodes I've REDO! episodes I've seen!

    "Fool's Day Out" and "Deja Vu" are two of the funniest episodes I've seen in this series, and is pretty much an April 1st tradition for those who like to get more than a good laugh.

    "Fool's Day Out" had me laughing frequently, mainly because of the times Timmy was pranked and the pranks he pulled, but also for the April Fool's sense of humor (or lack thereof), and what happens when he hasn't hit the punchline yet!

    In "Deja Vu", REDO! "Deja Vu", Timmy wants to redo certain events REDO! certain events, and the constant REDO! REDO! REDO! makes me laugh a lot! REDO! laugh a lot! If there's any one thing that Timmy wished for that I'd want REDO! wished for that I'd want in real life, his redo watch would be one of the top two things I'd want most REDO! one of the top two things I'd want most, right up there with the Magical Time Scooter.

    Whenever April Fool's Day rolls around, REDO! rolls around, check out this pair of episodes, and you'll want to REDO! your viewing again and again! Then again, you can instantly do that if you tape it or REDO! tape it or TiVo.moreless
  • Fool's Day Out is one of my fav eps. He was hilarious, charming, great with kids and tbh was a downright rogue. His mischevious innocence and annoyance to Cosmo's stupidity made me laugh and fall in love with him immediately. Why did this get bad reviews?moreless

    The first thing that I'll say is that the Fool's Day Out episode was pure brilliance and it had something for everyone. Like the Christmas Everyday and Love Struck episodes it was a special episode in it's own way, and unlike most of the other episodes it's humour was not poor.

    The episode did start off rather slow though with Timmy being pranked, simply because it was the same thing over and over again, but as soon as the episode really started (when the April Fool arrived) it quickly picked up.

    In The Fool's Day Out, Timmy is sick and tired of being humiliated by his friends, his parents and anyone else who decides to play practical jokes on him. He never finds being having pie thrown in his face and then being attacked by a rabid animal (which I assumed to be a gopher or something) funny.

    However when falling for a prank of Cosmo's (the electric hand thing), Timmy decides that enough is enough and gets down to business by wishing that he could play the ultimate prank. So Cosmo tells him about this guy who's really funny (he holds up a signed picture of the April Fool with the words 'Cosmo - Stay Away From Me' on it) and who could probably help him.

    However Wanda thinks that wishing for his help is a bad idea since the April Fool usually gets carried away when playing pranks and they turn out to be nasty, cruel ones. But Timmy, who's suffered enough humiliation already from the towns people, decides that he doesn't care and reads out an introduction from cards that Cosmo holds up, under a spotlight.

    (I'm assuming that when an introduction takes place, the April Fool must automatically be summoned to wherever the person doing the introduction is, as in the episode he's in the middle of a show when he disappears.)

    So the April Fool arrives blah blah blah. I won't spoil the rest of the episode for you (although you've probably seen it anyway XD), and Timmy strikes a deal with him for a stick of gum lol. What I loved most about him is the fact that he's so hyper and hilarious, and he's just so charming that he's as funny as hell, particularly when you find out that he doesn't actually give a damn whether he annoys females or not XD

    You can see that to him Cosmo is a big question, and I love the bit where he gets annoyed and does the straight browed 'bad joke' hit on the drums when Cosmo keeps laughing like an idiot XD It's not often that he's serious looking, and when he is it's just so unusual that you can't help but laugh. His charm and humour and 24/7 happiness (and openness - "Thank you, you've been great!" [Cosmo laughs like an idiot] "..Except for you.") is just brilliant and is what held the episode together.

    I can't understand why this episode wasn't 20 mins long - all the other special character's episodes are. Cupid, Santa etc. If there had been a BIG story instead of just humour (like the Valentine's Day ep) it would've been perfect, but unfortunately it wasn't :( and I think because of that people have just decided to flame this episode.

    I mean deja vu had no story whatsoever and was just.. SO.. f*****g boring. You could tell that it was a cheap shot at an episode because they had a tight budget or something. It was the same thing over and over and over, often with the EXACT same scenes to fill up space. Sorry - that's just my opinion.

    What I also can't understand is why these episodes were cut out in the dvd volumes. The Totally Spaced Out dvd finishes with the episodes Twistory and Hail to the Chief, and the next dvd cuts out Fools Day Out and Deja Vu and just goes straight to Scary Godparents and carries on from there :(

    Two good episodes were cut out here (and I say good because even though the second one was boring, I can see that some people liked it - and also the Twistory episode really was boring.)moreless
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