The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 8

For Emergencies Only

Aired Daily 7:00 AM May 13, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Feeling that Cosmo and Wanda are neglecting him for Poof, Timmy gets his godparents to give him his own magic wand with ten wishes on it.

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  • Refreshing episode!

    Besides from a couple of things (I will come to them in a second), I liked this episode. The idea was fresh, heartwarming and engaging. I could have totally seen this coming at one point, and it's interesting to see Timmy's godparents battling between their duty and their new role as parents. It's endearing. :) I can see that they are trying to improve the show, I really can, and that makes me glad. But some scars of Season 4/5 remain. For example, okay, it's nice to not see Cosmo cracking mean comments to his wife, but, not when that means Wanda keeps her share of the bitterness. Calling Cosmo a moron isn't funny (just as it wasn't either when Cosmo called her a nag). It's fine for her to recognize her husband's shortcomings (though in Cosmo's defense, that was the writers' fault, for thinking that OVER THE TOP STUPID is the magic solution for good writing. Laziness!) but not when she insults him for it. Cosmo even showed that he's working hard to take care of Poof and loves him as his son, which wasn't really exploited before and it was sweet. Ironically though, part of me twinged when Wanda mentioned that now she has TWO babies to care for. I feel for you, girl. Writers...

    Oh, you get to see Francis, which you hadn't in a while!

    Timmy is kind of a jerk, as he has been lately, but what can you do. The ending is super sweet and it shows just how much Harman still treasures the tenderness of the OddFamily. Things haven't changed much now in Season 9 but I just sincerely hope that the continuous emotional whiplash that is this show finally stabilizes and we're able to get a consistently good season. Or even 3 in a row...

  • Yet another FOP episode that exploits Poof's cuteness...:)

    So basically the premise of the episode involves Timmy wishing up his own wand, due to the lack of attention he's been receiving from Cosmo and Wanda. Feeling neglected, he requests for his own personal wand to grant any wish in an instant. Unfortunately for him, while being given the wand, he also receives the "with great power, comes great responsibility" lecture. Wanda informs Timmy that the wand only contains 10 wishes and they can only be granted in case of an emergency. She reluctantly allows Timmy to use it, provided that he doesn't abuse this responsibility. Sadly though, Timmy takes advantage of the luxury of having his own wand and begins utilizing it for his selfish purposes, only for the situation to get out of control.

    This episode itself is an explanation as to why this plot wouldn't work earlier in the series. Needless to say, I really enjoyed it. Whether this plot/aspect should have been established earlier on hardly matters, because the episode was really fun to watch and seeing Poof only made it better, in my opinion. There are several reasons I could say as to why "For Emergencies Only" outranks most of what were exposed to nowadays, but one reason in particular would be that the episode was not only cute, but it also had a considerable amount of its heartwarming moments. Great episode. One of my favorites.moreless
  • Loved this episode

    Wanda and Cosmo have been ignoring Timmy lately because they are both very busy with Poof. This episode was well written and I didn't have a problem. Not even Mr. Crocker got on my nerves which he usually does almost everytime he appears in an episode. Anyways, Timmy asks Wanda for a wand that will grant all of his wishes and Wanda gives it to him. It was funny when Wanda didn't want to give the wand to Timmy and she said that Timmy will be a bigger moron than Cosmo then Cosmo had diaper on his face and then Wanda says "Okay, no one can be a bigger moron then Cosmo but you know what I mean". Wanda gives Timmy the wand but Wanda told Timmy that it is only good for 10 wishes and that Timmy must only use it for emergencies only. Timmy goes overboard with his wand thinking that it's an emergency which it isn't. It was funny that Timmy loses count on how many wishes he used on the wand. The car that turned into a robot was very funny because it was a reference of "Transformers". Wanda and Cosmo find out that Timmy has used up all of the wishes and then Timmy says I'm sorry and then Cosmo and Wanda tell Timmy that they're sorry because they have been ignoring him lately. The ending was very heartwarming when Cosmo and Wanda told Timmy to get in the family picture with them because they are family. The ending really made me smile. Overall, a perfect "The Fairly OddParents" episode with a heartwarming ending. 10/10moreless
  • A great episode with a great plot.

    For Emergencies Only was awesome! It had a great plot too. In the beginning, Timmy has a disgusting breakfast so he wishes he had a better breakfast, but the wish didn't work. Cosmo and Wanda are busy with Poof getting ready for a family picture, but Poof is getting into a lot of trouble, spitting up on Cosmo and Wanda. If they don't arrive on time then they have to wait 10,000 years (I think) for a family picture. Timmy wishes he had his own wand but Wanda said there are only 10 wishes and they have to be for emergencies only. At school, Timmy grants all 10 wishes, and there are none left. He thinks those were emergencies, although they weren't much of an emergency. A giant robot is chasing Timmy, and then Cosmo and Wanda finally help him and the robot is gone. They are late for their picture, but then Timmy wishes that they were on time.moreless
  • Of a family... Awsome!

    It's like a T7S with a twist. Timmy feels neglated because Cosmo and Wanda are taking so much time with Poof. So what does Timmy get? A credit card? No... but it's like a credit card! It's a credit wand, with 10 wishes. Timmy had=s to make it last, but dosen't. Then, his fairygodfamily comes to the rescue, and both say sorry, then, it the family photo, all four are happy.

    The characters are flawlerss, the story is original and never a day-maze, and the humor is just Hi-larious! It was oneof those times where the famiyl sticks together. So, there!moreless
Jim Ward

Jim Ward


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Faith Abrahams

Faith Abrahams


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Dionne Quan

Dionne Quan

Trixie Tang

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Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Denzel Crocker/Juandissimo

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    • Wanda: (seeing Cosmo dressed like a baby) I don't think that that's a proper outfit for Poof.

      Cosmo: Poof, Smoof! This is my outfit.

    • Wanda: If you can't get out of trouble with ten wishes, then you are an even bigger moron than Cosmo.
      Cosmo: (Wearing his head upside-down.) I'm thinking of wearing my head upside down for the photo.
      (He falls in the trash box.)
      Wanda: All right. Nobody's a bigger moron than Cosmo, but you get my point.

    • Mr. Crocker: Howdy partner! After living among the cows for several hours, I've gotten over my fear of unpasteurized milk, learned to communicate with them, and have made my own personal bovine army. I'm commanding them to raid....YOUR FACE!!!!
      (Jumps of cow)
      Mr. Crocker: Moo! Moo moo moo! moo moo moo! That means.........DESTROY THE BOY!!!!!!!
      Timmy: AAAAAAAAAGH!
      (Runs away)

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    • When Timmy wishes the car was a robot, it is a reference to Transformers.

      The car he was riding was a Hummer, which parodies the General Motors tie-ins of the recent movie.