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    [1]Jan 4, 2013
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    For some reason, I want to make a dedicated forums for FOP (a board for FOP alone in other words) but I need like 10 people to say yes. Only one so far said yes, and suggested posting here (which I was going to do anyways). Here is the blog post from the FOP wikia if you want it to happen:

    "Dear friends of the FOP wikia, I'm now presenting the idea of creating a forum for FOP on the lands of CreateMyBB hosting. However, there are still some obstacles standing in my way.
    So if you want me to create a dedicated forums for FOP, I need at least 10 people to agree on this. Just Google "Fairly Odd Parentsforums". I challenge you to find one that stayed active over time. That's what I'm trying to avoid.
    Decide carefully, and choose another forum software that is free (or supported by you, if you can), so to let open a stable forum for an unstable show."
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