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FOP Submission Guidelines and Rules

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    These are just some rules and maybe some info for some users new to contribute to read before they start contributing to the Fairly Oddparents Guide.

    There are different types of submitting or contributing to a show guide, I consider these the main ones that people often contribute for
    0.1 - Allusions
    0.2 - Trivia
    0.3 - Notes
    0.4 - Quotes

    0.1 - Allusions
    An Allusion is something noted in an episode that is of reference to possibly another show or so.


    Title: The Hamburger on the Moon
    The title references the movie, The Cheeseburger on the Moon

    That is how I'd like to prefer how you put allusions.

    0.2 - Trivia
    A Trivia is any small detail or goof that might not be known to people who view an episode.


    In one scene, Bobby's eyes were blue. But in the next scene, they turned green.

    0.3 - Notes
    Notes are off-camera tidbits about an episode


    This is the first 1-hour TV Movie.

    0.4 - Quotes
    Quotes are specific dialogue between characters, please DO NOT submit something like this:

    Jeff: My name is Jeff.
    Teacher: Hello Jeff.

    good example:

    Edward: Hey, guess what!
    Fred: What?
    Edward: I saved 5% on my car insurance by switching to Geico!
    Fred: That lame company, I saved 10% on my car insurance by switching to Geico 2!

    If this is not helpful enough, try checking out the Tv.Com FAQ.

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