The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 6

Foul Balled / The Boy Who Would Be Queen

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jun 07, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Foul Balled:
Timmy's little league team, The Losers, never win because of Chester. Timmy wishes that his friend, Chester is the best baseball player ever, but he starts taking over the team. Now that Chester isn't his friend anymore, the deal's off, and he's going to stink again.

The Boy Who Would Be Queen:
Timmy tells Trixie Tang that he has a great gift for her, so he can be invited to her party. Later that day, Wanda turns Timmy into a girl. Timmy decides being a girl can help him figure out what Trixie would like for her birthday, so he goes off to the mall. But also for his revenge, he wishes Cosmo was a woman and Wanda was a man.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • a very femenine example of timmy turner

    sfc) fgh ssc ffg ss g g v g y ib s r tt y y 6 o v f t f ggg girly things like shoes and make up g g bs gb gnm d) dvn vg vdc vdcvd fbhb c(cvv g f @8 ubb u g u bgn u f f f g gvvd k ingvm jh h u g u g f bhd vy timmy wants to be a girl gn f f g f f nk @@ 8fcnu bu gbhn g b yvv n bfb gb g b b b c f (hb g n cvbu j nnn vb b nnn g g g g v c h f h hb b g ffg fv vu yb g gb g h b v g h g y y y ffvvhh bv v f y r rvf timmy dont need to be a boy again gvvf gb b gd g g bb ff v v g bb bg b v vfvv f f vbmh t v y bhb bb g vgbj h h h h n nm n n timantha is better than timmy turner j r fbbn h nh s j gb v f bf bv vv h g g nu ubbb g g yb g gb b fc f gv g g g nbbt timmy is very femenine fvb h nbgb b u vy ybgbv g b h fb bn nh bb bbb f g yvf v b b b b nn h bn h bhbb this is my favorite episodemoreless
  • Awesome Episodes!

    Foul Balled and The Boy Who Would Be Queen are two superb episodes of The Fairly Odd Parents. I did like The Boy Who Would Be Queen better and it's one of my favorite episodes ever made. In Foul Balled, Timmy's team, the Losers, stink because of Chester. Timmy then wishes Chester to be the best baseball player ever. He takes over the team, but then Timmy wishes him back to normal. In The Boy Who Would Be Queen, Timmy wishes to be a girl so he can be invited to Trixie's party. He already bought her a present. Overall, two incredible episodes!moreless
  • Well it was a little awkward...

    Well the first episode it about when Timmy's team, the "Losers" kepp losing because of Chester, the worst player. He wishes that his "friend" was a really good baseball player. So he did but then Chester got all stuck up so he wasn't "friends" with Timmy anymore and it broke the wish. In the end they used teamwork to win. The next episode is...weird. Timmy becomes a girl, Wanda becomes a boy, Cosmo becomes a girl, and Trixie becomes a boy. As I said, awkward (well at least for me). It was an average episode, nothing really too great happened.moreless
  • I love this episode the best one yet.

    This is my favorite episode out of the whole season. Timmy is a very pretty girl lol. Cosmo was so funny in this particular episode his girlish charm. Hes also a very pretty girl I mean that green hair really brings out is eyes lol. Wanda as a guy is kinda creepy though shes really ugly man no affense to Wanda lovers out there. But I thought she was incredibaly gross. The basball episode was not that funny because they made fun of the New York Yankees whitch I took personaly because i'm a big fan. But other then that it was a great episode Chester really stinks at baseball. This episode was on today so I have it fresh in my mind last but not least i have to say COSMO IS AWSOME!moreless
  • Very Funny

    Okay, so sometimes the stories aren't original, or great, but this show manages to put out plenty of hilarious lines, it's what I think it makes it as popular as it has been. Yeah there are a lot of cheezy one liners, but alot of hilarious lines too, if u like laughs then u might find a few while watching this episode. The parody of the Yankees was funny. And the switching of Genders of Cosmo and Wanda made for plenty of laughs as well. It might not be one of the best episodes or one of the most pivital in the series, but its surely worth a look if you havent seen it.moreless
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Carlos Alazraqui

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Tara Strong

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (16)

    • While in her boy disguise, Trixie seems to have much bigger feet/shoes than she normally does

    • In The Boy who would be Queen, when Trixie is in her boy disguise, she still has on her eyeshadow

    • In Foul Balled, Timmy is the only Baseball Player in his team who uses a Baseball Helmet.

    • In Foul Balled When Timmy says "YES! He's GONNA STINK AGAIN!" His cleats are black but when Chester goes to home plate and Timmy is shown behind him, Timmy's rubber shoes are white.

    • In The Boy Who Would Be Queen, Timmy gives Aj and Chester their party invitations, and he is left with only his ticket in his hand, but moments later when he looks at his mini-tv, he has three tickets in his hand.

    • In The Boy Who Would Be Queen, at the beginning of the episode, Aj, Chester, and Elmer are eating sandwiches that are placed on the bench, but a shot later, they place the sandwiches on plates.

    • In Foul Balled, when Chester has lost his "powers" and is going to homeplate, he has a long sleeved undershirt, but when he reaches home plate and faces the referee, he doesn't have the long-sleeved undershirt.

    • In Foul Balled, the debris piece that fell on Chester's head after he destroyed the satellite, judging on the small size of the debris and the fact that it had fire (it is guessed that the piece would go at a great distance to do this), would have actually pierced his skull, not just softly landing on his head.

    • In Foul Balled, after Chester hit the satellite, some of the pieces started falling, and one falls in front of Chester, but in the next shot, the piece disappears.

    • In Foul Balled, Timmy's team lost because Chester's braces shred the ball into 27 separate playable pieces that the other team caught, but you can clearly see that some pieces fell on the floor, specially where Timmy is.

    • According to "Da Rules" you can't use magic to win a competition, but in Foul Balled Timmy uses magic to help Chester win baseball games.

    • Animation Error: When Chester walks onto the bats they fling at the New York Bankees. They fall over before the bats hit them.

    • In The Boy Who Would Be Queen, when Timmy is turned into Timantha, shouldn't he still wear the pink hat, as it was actually meant for a girl.

    • In Foul Balled, Timmy said that 9 people caught the ball, but there are only 7 people.

    • In Foul Balled, Bucky McBadbat was the worst Major League player of all time. If he's as bad as he is, how did he get into the Major League?

    • In Foul Balled, the kids on Timmy's baseball team wear white hats, but Timmy wears his pink hat.

  • QUOTES (30)

    • Timmy: Hey, batter-batter! Hey, batter-batter! Hey, bat- Hey, batter-batter! Hey, batter-batter! Hey, batter! SWING!!!
      (Corky, batting for the Bankees, swings, but gets misses, giving him a strike)
      Corky: Hey! Knock that off! It's very distracting!

    • Trixie: You know, all week people have been asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and you've given it to me.
      Timantha: I have?
      Trixie: You've given me a friend who likes me for whom I am
      Timmy: That's all you wanted for your birthday? A friend?
      Trixie: Yep! Someone who isn't afraid to say "Hey, I like Kissy Kissy Goo Goo and Skull Squisher!" If you were a boy I'd totally date you.

    • Cosmo: Ah yeah, face it Timmy, the only way you can think like a girl is if you wish you were one!
      Timmy: Ha! Like I wish I was a girl! Ha ha! What a waste of a wish! (Cosmo and Timmy laugh)
      (Timmy is transformed into a girl)
      Timantha: Ah! What did you do? I didn't wish for this!
      Wanda: Well you said "I wish" and "girl"

    • Chester: Well then, I guess we're not friends anymore! (There's a sudden flash of light, and Chester suddenly trips over a row of bats)
      Timmy: (To Cosmo and Wanda) What happened?
      Wanda: Well, remember when you wished that your 'friend' was good at baseball?
      Timmy: Yeah?
      Cosmo: (Head turns into Chester's) Well I guess we're not friends anymore!

    • Bucky McBadbat: Here ya go son, your own bag. (Places bag on Chester's head)
      Chester: Awesome!

    • Trixie: (To Timantha) You know, all day people have been asking me what I wanted for my birthday, and you've given it to me.

    • Timmy: Well, I think...
      Cosmo: Who cares what you think, you're a girl now!

    • Cosma: What do think? This? Or this? Which goes better with my eyes?
      Wando: Just pick something!
      Cosma: Oh, I give up! (Flies into bathroom) Would it kill you to leave the lid down?
      Wando: Would it kill you to look before you sit? (Belches)

    • Timantha: Do I still like comic books? Muscular guys in spandex fighting crime? Cool!

    • Cosmo: Timmy found out that women love sensitivity.
      Wanda: Awwwwww!
      Cosmo: And if you can fake that, you're in!

    • Timmy: Okay, we're playing 3-year olds today, so we might have a chance. Are you ready? Are you in the zone?
      Chester: (Looks, screams)

    • Timmy: I wish you were back to the way you were born!
      Cosmo: (Appears with a big nose) What? This was the nose I was born with!

    • Chet: Losers win! Losers win! Losers win!

    • Timantha: (Screams) What did you do?! I didn't wish for this!!!

    • Chester: (Runs to steal home)
      Man: My wallet!!
      Old Lady: My watch!!
      Dad: My pants!!
      Mom: Dear, you came without those.
      Dad: Right.

    • Timmy: Hey Batta, Batta. Hey Batta, Batta. SWING!
      (Ball goes by)
      Umpire: Strike 1
      Bankees Player: Hey stop that, it's distracting!

    • Dad: Timmy-O's? Those are for Pack-Mules!

    • Bankees: (Laugh)
      Timmy: Stop laughing at my friend! You're still down by 29 runs with 1 inning left. There's no way you can catch us!
      (10 minutes later)
      Chester: I can't believe they're about to catch us.
      Timmy: Hey, we got 2 outs.
      Chester: Only because 1 guy laughed himself into a coma, and another guy got traded to Boston as he rounded second.
      Timmy: One more out and we win. Legally! Just pitch. I have a plan.

    • Trixie and Veronica: Blah, blah, blah, shopping! Blah, blah, blah, clothes! Blah, blah, blah, hair! Blah, blah, blah, boy band! Blah, blah, blah, we'll never notice you!

    • Chester: Dude, be my packmule and carry my stuff.
      Timmy: At least I'll get to touch the equipment.

    • Chet: Bottom of the Ninth. Bases loaded. One out to go. I'm extremely handsome.

    • Chester: (Hammering boards over the bathroom door) I don't know what's up with those girls, but we'll be safe here.
      AJ: Don't you think you're overreacting?
      Chester: Dude, boys like comic books; girls like dolls. Boys like video games; girls like makeup. We're different! That's why we have different bathrooms!
      Veronica: (Comes out of stall) Um, am I in the wrong room?
      Chester: (Screams) Nothing makes sense anymore!!!
      AJ: Frog?

    • Girls and Timmy: Roderick! No!

    • Elmer: Timmy sir, are you watching one of those dumb girly soap operas?

    • Trixie: (Rips picture of Veronica in half)
      Veronica: (On escalator) Ow!!!

    • Timantha: I wish you were a woman and you were a man.
      Cosmo and Wanda: But...
      Timantha: Eh! You're my godparents. No choice.
      Cosmo and Wanda: (Grant the wish)
      Timantha: Congratulations. You are now Cosma and Wando.

    • Chester: (About the New York Bankees) They may be unconcious but they're making $3000 dollars every second.

    • Chester: (Screams) I lost my friend!!! (Cries) AJ!!! Come back!!!

    • Crowd: (Boos)
      Timmy: That's Chester! The worst player on the team! That's how he got the nickname Chester, The Worst Player on the Team.

    • AJ: Dead frog?
      Timantha: Yuck!
      Trixie: Cool!

  • NOTES (7)


    • Foul Balled: Chester-o's cereal

      This is a clear spoof of the Cheerios cereal

    • Foul Balled: Spinning Chester
      When Chester pitches the baseball during the World Series game sequence, the ball whizzes past him and makes him spin around, causing his clothes to come right off. This is a take on a classic Charlie Brown gag from the "Peanuts" comic strips and animated specials.

    • The Boy Would Be Queen: Title
      The title is a parody of the Rudyard Kipling short story, The Man Who Would Be King.

    • Foul Balled: Chester: Baseball senses... tingling.
      This is a parody of Spider-Man's "My spidey senses are tingling" phrase.

    • Foul Balled: New York Bankees
      The Bankees are a parody over one of the most popular teams, New York Yankees.

    • Foul Balled: Chet: Mighty Chester has struck out!
      This quote is a variation of the last line of the poem "Casey at the Bat" by Ernest Lawrence Thayer.