The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 7

Hassle in the Castle / Remy Rides Again

Aired Daily 7:00 AM May 12, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Remy Rides Again:
Remy returns and has a diabolical plan to get Timmy to become his friend and spend more time with him, just so he could get rid of his godparents.

Hassle in the Castle:
Timmy wonders what's inside Cosmo and Wanda's castle, so he decides to take a closer look at it, despite whatever could be inside the castle.moreless

Who was the Episode MVP ?

  • Funny EPisode!!!!!

    These episodes were really funny.

    Possible Spoilers:

    Hassle in the Castle:

    Laugh out loud funny. I liked it when it showed Timmy in the different positions then it flashed to the clock and it was only one minute. That made me laugh alot. We FINALLY get to see the inside of the castle! In the 20 newer episodes of The Fairly Odd Parents, we should see the castle again. Definantley watch this episode.

    Remy Rides Again:

    Very Funny. Highly reccomended. I liked it when ever it went to a flash back, COsmo would say , "YAY! FLASH BACK!" It made me laugh every time. I like the Remy based episodes and how Jorgen Van Strangle punishes Remy by making him eat Wandissimo's cooked meals for the rest of his life. (Well, at least untill he permanently looses his Fairy God Parent because he is too old or happy)Alot of jokes. This episode is a good combination with Hassle in the Castle. Watch it if you haven't seen it if its on TV.moreless
  • Hassle in the Castle was the best episode so far! Remy Rides Again was also pretty good.

    Hassle in the Castle was the best episode so far! Remy Rides Again was also pretty good. In Hassle in the Castle, Timmy sneaks into Wanda`s and Cosmo`s castle. He thinks this place is awesome. When he takes Cosmo`s wand, Timmy walks into the Hall of Shame. Then he wishes three troubled kids that once were Cosmo`s and Wanda`s fairy god children out of the picture. Now Timmy realizes that they were bad. So he puts two kids back into the picture but one girl stole the wand from Timmy. Now he chases the girl all around the castle. But with the wand she wishes Cosmo and Timmy were birds. Now Wanda came to the rescue. She put the girl back in the picture. Now Cosmo and Wanda take Timmy to the Wall of Timmy. There are 1,300,072 pictures of him.moreless
  • One of the best episodes of FOP ever.

    Hassle in the Castle: Timmy wants to know what its like inside the castle Cosmo and anda live in. So Cosmo and Wanda take Timmy to different castles around the world claiming that its theirs. At nine o'clock, Timmy says goodnight to his fairies and sneaks into their castle. With Cosmo and Phillip on the prowl, Wanda asleep and old Godkids that were bad loose, its up to Timmy to set things straight again.

    Remy Rides Again: Remy Bucksaplenty is back with a new plot. After getting off the island, Remy plans to befriend Timmy. His scheme however is to make Timmy loose his fairies because he has no need for them, which was Wandismo's plan which was Jorgan Von Strangle's plan. Can Timmy save himself and Cosmo and Wanda or will Remy score his sweet, sweet revenge? Tune in to find out.moreless
  • A very good episode.

    This is 1 of my favrotie fop episodes ever. Hassel in the castle was a little better than remy rides again, but there still both good.

    Hassel in the castle

    Ive allways wondered what was in that castle. I thought it was just a bedroom. Turns out, it had evreything. Evrey room you could possibly think of. Plus, this epusode brought back phillip, the gretest nickle ever.

    Remy rides again

    This was very funny. The part about brining in the smartest guy ever, (hes actually a real person) was hillaruos, this episode also showed what happened to remy. Ive benn wating for that for a long time.

    All in all, very good episode, really clever.moreless
  • Have you ever wondered what happened to Remy? Or what is really inside Cosmo and Wanda's castle? In this episode, you find out!

    I loved this episode. With Remy back in another of his evil schemes to get rid of Timmy's fairy godparents, the fun just never stops! He tries to spend his time with Timmy in hopes of getting Cosmo and Wanda to go away, but does he succeed? No!

    And meanwhile, Timmy ventures inside the castle in his fairy godparents' fishtank. He realizes that there are pictures of former godkids in a room, but he's not anywhere to be seen! So he wishes the kids out of their pictures, and soon realizes his big mistake: those are the WORST kids Cosmo and Wanda ever had! So now, he's in big trouble trying to place those rotten kids back in their picture frames before something really goes wrong!

    To find out what happened to them, you just have to watch this awesome episode! ;)moreless
Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

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Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker

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Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (8)

    • How did Cosmo get his pet nickel, Philip, back from Vicky?

    • We learn that Timmy has his own hall of fame in Cosmo and Wanda's castle.

    • Tina Turner (famous African-American singer) who's name appeared in the Hall of Fame for the best godchildren in Cosmo's and Wanda's castle is depicted as a child, on which might be incorrect since Tina Turner is her stage name which she acquired when she was around 18.
      It was probably a different Tina turner, as this one was not African American.

    • Cosmo has a nickel named Philip. We already knew this from the episode where Mark Chang first appears.

    • It is revealed that Cosmo and Wanda have a Hall of Timmy in their castle, where each of the 1,300,072 pictures represents another good time they had with Timmy.

    • According to Cosmo, a suitcase to the face is how some cultures say goodbye.

    • In Hassle in the Castle, when Pierre is sucked back into the picture you can see him on the wall, in the next shot the picture is empty again.

    • In Hassle in the Castle, Cosmo's wand reads:

      Cosmo's Wand
      If Lost Please Return to Cosmo
      123 Fishbowl Lane
      Timmy's Room, USA

  • QUOTES (40)

    • Cosmo: (Screams) Phillip, roam! Roam for your life! Phillip!!!

    • Timmy: Wow! The Hall of Timmy!
      Wanda: Each picture is another good time we had with you!
      Timmy: There sure are a lot of 'em!
      Cosmo: 1,300,072! (Gets stared at) Phillip's good with math.

    • Cosmo: The Hall of Timmy! Gaze upon it's splendor, Phillip!

    • Wanda: We didn't want you to see the castle until it was finished.
      Timmy: Until what was finished?
      Cosmo: Ta-da! The Hall of Timmy! (Opens the door to the bathroom)
      Mama Cosma: Shut the door!
      Cosmo: Uh, I forgot to tell you, she's staying with us.

    • Timmy: I'm sorry for sneaking into your house, guys. I was just so curious.
      Wanda: Well, you know they say, curiosity killed the cat.
      Cosmo: And Arch-Duke Ferdinand. Not to mention our dog, and three of our pet turtles. But not you Phillip, you're safe!

    • MaryAnn: Yeah, well now I'm gonna take you out, what do you say about that?
      Wanda: I say- Cosmo, you dunder-head!
      Computer: Password accepted.
      (A giant boxing glove punches MaryAnn)

    • Wanda: You've been very bad, MaryAnn!
      MaryAnn: You two deserted me!
      Wanda: Oh, sweetie. We didn't desert you. You abused our magic, took out Arch-Duke Ferdinand, and plunged the world into World War I!

    • Cosmo: Huh? What's that Phillip? She went what way? Lead us, girl! (Rolls Phillip)

    • Cosmo: But before we go, since we're dressed like this...
      Timmy and Cosmo: (Dance)

    • Cosmo: Hey, MaryAnn! Long time, no see! Nice wand, I have one just like it!

    • Timmy: Cosmo, we don't have much time! I-I did a bad thing and-
      Cosmo: I'll say, those grapes don't go with your eyes!

    • Cosmo: (Meets up with Timmy, who is dressed like him) Oh, oh ho! Oh, well, this is embarassing - wearing the same- Hey! Phillip, what's he doing here!

    • Pierre: I will be the one who takes the horrible painful revenge on Cosmo and Wanda! Ho, ho, ho, ho! Which is French for, ha ha!

    • Cosmo: Hello? Phillip and I wanna know if any magical nickel thiefs are hiding in here. If so, please speak up.

    • Sammy: (About getting in the Hall of Infamy) I'm here 'cuz, uh, well, you ever notice how tornadoes always hit mobile homes. I wished that. I hate them metal houses.

    • Timmy: Hi guys, my name's Timmy. I'm Cosmo and Wanda's current godchild. I was sorta wondering if you could tell me what you did to get in the hall here?
      Pierre: I wished that all French people would be rude to Americans, you stupid pink boy!
      Timmy: Whoa, how'd that get you in the Hall of Fame?
      Pierre: (Says something in French) You ignorant toad, you are in the Hall of Infamy, which is the opposite of fame. We are not the best Godkids, we are the worst!

    • Timmy: Let's see, maybe it was through here. (Opens a door to reveal a lion in a happy meadow, screams) Here it is! (Sees a sign that says 'Hall of Fam', short for 'Hall of Infamy')

    • Cosmo: Fine! But if it's the pizza guy, I'm keeping it all for myself! Be brave, Phillip. Be brave for the two of us.

    • Cosmo: (Wakes up) Wanda, did you hear that?
      Wanda: I'm asleep.
      Cosmo: Phillip thinks she heard a noise downstairs, someone should go down there and look.
      Wanda: Good luck.
      Cosmo: But Phillip thinks it could be some sort of burglar.
      Wanda: Cosmo, we live in a magical castle underwater in a fishbowl in a 10-year old's room.
      Cosmo: But the golfball found us, and Phillip thinks it could be some sort of magical nickel thief.
      Wanda: In that case, I wish you a lotta luck. Wandissimo, tell me more about Nugan!

    • Computer: Access code, please.
      Timmy: Uh... (Wanda's voice) Cosmo, you idiot? You dunce? I should've married the monkey.
      Computer: Password accepted.
      Timmy: (Takes Cosmo's wand)

    • Timmy: Godkid Hall of Fame? I gotta see this, I bet it's all about me. Artie Aaronson, Denzel Crocker, Billy Gates, Googie Sarakaya, not me, not me, another not me! Tina Turner? I am not in here? But I am great, I'm kind, I'm caring, they are so dead. Uh, what does kids do that I didn't do to get in the Godkid Hall of Fame?

    • Wanda: (sleeping, chocolate passes by) Oh, Wandissimo! You're-you're doing the dance of a thousand chocolates?
      Cosmo: (sleeping, chocolate passes by) Must, win, race! Phillip, nickel, there's chocolate in the road? Look out, Phillip!

    • Timmy: I bet they didn't want me in here because it's totally dull and boring! Eenie, meenie, that one! A giant TV room! An arcade! A Timmy's Favorite Food Room - complete with micro-wish oven! Cool! I wish I had a plate of chocolate chip cookies! I wonder why Cosmo and Wanda didn't want me in here, this place is awesome!

    • Timmy: (inside Cosmo and Wanda's castle) Oh my gosh! This place is huge! Look at all those doors!

    • Timmy: (attempts to open the castle door)
      Computer: Voice recognition password required.
      Timmy: Uh... uh... (Wanda's voice) Cosmo, you... idiot?
      Computer: Password accepted.
      (door opens)

    • Timmy: So, how can I get inside that castle? Let's see... mini-sub, no. Universal castle map, no. Skeleton Key, uh-uh. Hey, my old shrink suit! Perfect!

    • Timmy: This is so unfair! Why won't Cosmo and Wanda let me inside their castle? (mocking Wanda) You can't wish yourself inside... whoa! I never realized what a great Wanda impression I do.

    • (clock turns 9:00)
      Timmy: (lies in bed awake, tries to sleep, gets up and sucks thumb)
      (clock turns 9:01)

    • Wanda: Oh, well, bed time, gotta go, night night, love you! (goes inside the castle, comes back out) Kiss, kiss. (goes inside the castle)
      Cosmo and Wanda: (come out of the castle to get the golfball out, go back in)

    • Timmy: What? Let me see the rulebook.
      Wanda: I would, but I don't have it with me.
      Timmy: Where is it?
      Cosmo: Inside the castle.

    • Timmy: Can I go to your castle now?
      Wanda: No!
      Timmy: OK, if you guys won't invite me into your house, I'll just wish myself in!
      Wanda: You can't, it's- uh...
      Cosmo: Uh... against Da Rules!

    • Timmy: Let's see, you took me to Peely Puttsticks, Winzord Castle, Frankenstein's Castle, Hirscht Castle, and Prince Charming's Castle.
      Wanda: He sure was charming.

    • Timmy: So, can I come into the castle?
      Wanda: Well, OK!
      Timmy: So this is your castle, huh?
      Cosmo: Yeah, sure. As far as you know.
      (a golfball comes in)
      Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda: (scream and run)
      Cosmo: Bogey!

    • Wanda: What fish game do you want to play now?
      Cosmo: How about fish hide-and-seek?
      Timmy: There's no place to hide in the bowl.
      Cosmo: We can play inside the castle, there's plenty of roo- ooh, nothing. No place to hide, nothing cool in there!

    • Timmy: Uh, actually no. The guy who's it doesn't win.
      Cosmo: Oh. Well, it's still nice to be wanted.

    • Timmy: (laughs) Here I come! Tag, you're it!
      Wanda: Oh yeah? Tag, you're it!
      Cosmo: I'm it? Yay, I win!!!

    • Timmy: I always knew my shrill, girly 10-year-old voice would come in handy!

    • Chester: (to Remy) You are wiggedy-wiggedy wack G!
      AJ: I asked nicely. (shocks Chester with a taser)

    • Crocker: Hawking! I've done the math! 2+2 isn't 5, it's 6!!!

    • Chester: Yo, Rem-Dog! What's the 411?

  • NOTES (7)


    • In "Hassle in the Castle", Timmy has the same kind of pink pajamas as Danny Fenton from "Danny Phantom."

    • When Cosmo, Timmy, Phillip and Mary Ann are running through different doors and across the hallway into another door, this is an obvious reference to the old cartoon Scooby Doo.

    • Cosmo and Wanda's Castle: Being bigger on the inside then on the outside
      This is a reference to Snoopy's house in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz. Snoopy's house is bigger on the inside then it is on the outside. This is revealed in a peanuts strip when all of Charlie Brown's friends went inside and in the article for Snoopy on "Wilkipedia, The Free Encyclopedia". It has a Basement, recreation room etc.

    • Hall of Fame: Tina Turner
      This is a reference to the famous singer of the same name.

    • AJ: Quit it, Un-Coolio!
      This is a reference to the singer Coolio.

    • Babysitter: Susie Califragilistic
      The Babysiter that Timmy gets after scientists put Vicky in a shuttle is based on Mary Poppins. Her name also references part of Mary's favorite word.