The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 12

Information Stupor Highway

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jan 20, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Timmy is writing a e-mail to Trixie, about the school dance, but Timmy's parents come in and make the e-mail all about love, and they send it! So Timmy transforms into computer data to try to recieve the letter to Trixie. While on this adventure, Mr. Crocker video records Cosmo and Wanda, and is going to reaveal it to everyone! Timmy has to stop Crocker before it is too late and loses his Godparents!moreless

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  • Good Episode

    Cool Episode. I like it.
  • Timmy goes into a computer to retrieve an email. What happens? TROUBLE!

    Timmy's parents have "helped" Timmy send a "threatmantic" email to Trixie, and Timmy wants it back, so he wishes he was in the computer. But Crocker sends weird green headed crocker virus things to track down Timmy, who everyone mistakes for the "Pink-Hatted Computer Virus". Timmy gets the letter, but Crocker gets footage of Cosmo and Wanda, and Timmy must stop him. He stops him, and instead emails a video of Crocker in a dress to every email address in the entire world!! AJ has somehow tracked down Crocker is the creator of the "virus" and is arrested. And of course.."Timmy..I'm respecting your priavcy by knocking, but (something I can't remember) my authority as your father by coming in anyway!"

    Series classic!


  • good

    note that timmy's dad said that the hamster give energy to the pc, but when timmy get out, cosmo stops running but the pc is still on, well its a good episode, in fact i liked when all parents were saying "i respect your privacy but i assume my responsability as dad entering anyway" good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good good goodmoreless
  • Timmy turns into data and enters the internet. Meanwhile, Crocker records proof of Timmy's fairies. Tune in. This is a doozy of an episode!

    I must say, this is one of my favorite FOP episodes. The running gag with the battering ram was amusing. It was very funny/shocking to see Crocker wearing his mother's dress. I found it very exciting to see Timmy travel around to other computers, including to a secret city of gorillas (three of the gorillas debated how secret it was). I found Cosmo and Wanda's methods of keeping Timmy's father away just funny (especially pulling Cosmo's wand). It was funny to learn Timmy has a secret admirer. I found the chase between Timmy and Crocker's computer heads thrilling. And that final scene where Timmy sent that embarassing footage of Crocker to every computer in the world was a hoot! I give this episode three thumbs up! Also, I get the feeling that some of the ideas in this episode went into the creation Danny Phantom.moreless
  • Timmy wishes that he was in the internet,to retrieve the love e-mail,that was sent to Trixie.

    It all started when Timmy was writing an love letter e-mail to Trixie.However his parents begin to juice things up.Timmy's dad sent the e-mail.Even though,Timmy didn't want to.So he wished that he could go into the computer to retreive the letter back before Trixie reads it.However he is going to find adventure while being inside the internet.Plus even trouble,when Mr.Crocker decide to use his webcam and begin to film Cosmo and Wanda planning to upload it all around computers,showing everyone proof that fairys do exist.We also learn in the im with Trixie and Victoria,that apparently Victoria is the one that likes Timmy.That was before she wrote "No Way He's Gross" heh this was an awsome episode.moreless
Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Crocker's Mom

Guest Star

Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

Recurring Role

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner/Cosmo as Timmy

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

    • Why would Cosmo and Wanda put on a Timmy costume together when they can change shape and it only takes one of them to do so?

    • The message that Timmy wrote to Trixie is seen moments before Timmy's Dad presses "enter" to send it. This is what it reads:

      DEAR TRIXIE Blah GO WITH ME TO THE SCHOOL DANCE yada yada yada HOW GOOD YOU LOOK love love love WE HAVE YOUR PARENTS AND IF YOU EVER WANT TO SEE THEM AGAIN kiss kiss kiss blah blah blah AND YOUR HAIR WICH IS SO blah blah blah yada yada yada DEEP LIMPID POOLS OF blah blah blah yada yada yada blah blah GOOEY GOOEY GOOEY LOVEY GOO blah blah blah kiss kiss kiss SAY YES AND I PROMISE THE SAFE RETURN OF YOUR PARENTS yada love love kiss kiss gooey gooey gooey blah blah blah goo goo goo yada yada yada blah blah blah kiss kiss kiss kiss LOVE TIMMY

    • The hamster that Timmy's Dad uses is named Edie. Edie is also the name of the Crimson Chin's Imaginary Gerbil. It seems to be a popular name for a Gerbil in this show.

    • Apparently, Timmy's parents let him have the master bedroom. In Cosmo Con, Timmy's parents show Crocker that they use the hall bathroom, indicating that they don't have one in their room. In this episode, Timmy has his own bathroom. Master bedrooms come with a bathroom, so Timmy must have the master bedroom.

    • When Timmy changes Veronica's message, couldn't he just press send? He didn't have to change the message, she had already written something.

      He wanted to find out what the girls thought of him.

    • Look Hard:
      When Crocker's mother comes in his room, her legs are orange, but then they recover the original color.

    • If Mr. Crocker's web site has so many pictures of fairies, wouldn't he have already proved that Fairy Godparents exist?
      He wants to capture a fairy, otherwise he can't really prove anything.

  • QUOTES (34)

    • (Crocker downloads video of fairies on the computer.)
      Computer: Upload comencing. 1%.
      Crocker: Yay!
      Computer: 0%.
      Crocker: BOO! Curses 10-month-old techonology! (hits keyboard)
      Computer: Negative 1%.
      Crocker: DRAT!

    • Timmy's Dad: (Opens fortune cookie) Confucius say, "You will use a battering ram to invade your son's privacy". Well, OK, I don't want to make Confucius a liar.

    • Timmy's Dad: Giga-gasp!

    • Timmy's Dad: Ha, I'm a genius! Now I'm gonna go make ice cream out of bird seed and gum!

    • Timmy: Cosmo, Wanda, quick! Turn the computer off before Crocker finds out whose fairies you are!
      (Cosmo whacks computer with wand, computer explodes)
      Cosmo: That's off, right?

    • (Lyel, Kevin, and Bruce, three gorilla scientists see Timmy on their computer)
      Bruce: Lyel! Kevin! A computer virus!
      Lyel: Good heavens, Bruce! The humans must have discovered our secret society of super-intelligent gorillas!
      Kevin: Well, if it's so secret, how did they discover it?
      Bruce: You know, Lyel, he's got a point.
      Lyel: Oh, get off my back, Bruce!

    • Crocker's Mom: Denzel! Could you stop with the crazy long enough to help mommy?

    • Crocker: Some people would claim that its the work of a hacker, but I know some child must have wished himself into the internet using his... FAIRY GOD PARENTS!

    • Crocker: No! Must send date again. Where is that file? Where is that file?
      Timmy: Oh, you mean this file?
      Computer: Upload commence, 1%...
      Crocker: What?

    • Cosmo: (To Wanda while banging the computer) I can't get it to turn on. Uh, oh no, not me, there is no way I'm gonna -
      Wanda: (Turns Cosmo into a gerbil and herself a cat) Run, gerbil boy, run!

    • Digital Crocker Head: Must record digital proof of Fairies!

    • Timmy: Wow! I'm in the center of the internet! All the data goes in there, gets copied in there and gets sent to every computer in the world! And that's where my data's going!

    • Mom: Now let's talk about my not so perfect hair and not so shiny eyes.
      Dad: Ok... uh... I'm in trouble, aren't I? (Get's dragged away by Mrs. Turner)

    • AJ's mom: (Comes in and looks around AJ's room) Honey, you really need to redecorate.

    • Dad: If I have to be miserable because of your letter, so do you!
      Mom: (Grabs Dad's ear) Get back here!
      Dad: Still in trouble, gotta go! (Gets pulled away)

    • AJ and Businessmen: (Barging in Crocker's door with a battering ram)
      AJ: There he is! This is where I trade the source of the pink-headed computer virus!
      Businessmen: (Capture Crocker)
      Crocker: No, no!
      Crocker's Mom: Oh, Denzel! Where could I go wrong?!

    • Denzel: Mother! I hate modeling your dresses! Still, it does make me feel pretty... (Poses seductively)

    • Timmy: Oh no! I pinged!
      Crocker: Hey, who pinged?

    • Wanda: (Dressed as Timmy) Uh, Dad. The computer's busted!

    • Timmy: I'm as far away from home as physically possible and I got here in a millisecond!
      Dad: Good thing this Chinese restaurant is only 3 steps away from our hose!

    • Cosmo: (In reference to the letter) It's threatening, and romantic, it's 'threatmantic.'

    • Veronica: Do I think Timmy Turner is neat? Actually, my love for him burns with the white-hot intensity with of a thousand suns, but I can't let Trixie know that. (typing) No way, he's gross.
      Timmy: Oh, great. The crazy one likes me.

    • Veronica's Mom: Veronica! Dinner!
      Veronica: Don't call me that! Call me Trixie!

    • Veronica: (Chatting online with Trixie) Trixie, how R U? Veronica
      Trixie: (Writing back) Dear Veronica, I am fine. And popular. I am just about to read all of my email.

    • Computer: You've got mail from a desperate boy!
      Trixie: I would just delete it, but that would be rude. I like to personalize my rejections.

    • Dad: (Seeing Mr. Crocker in a dress on the computer) Timmy, you know you're not supposed to be on those kind of websites!
      Timmy: That's my teacher.
      Dad: Well, it does make him look pretty.

    • Timmy: (Inside computer) I wish you guys would stay here and guard the computer!
      Cosmo and Wanda: (Swing wands)
      Timmy: Did you really have to swing your wands for that one?
      Cosmo and Wanda: Uh, no.

    • Trixie's Dad: Trixie, I'm respecting your privacy by knocking but asserting my authority as your father by coming in anyway.
      (Bashes the door down)
      Trixie's Dad: Phone for you!

    • Timmy: Cool! I'm surfing the Web! Literally!

    • Crocker: Yes, yes, yes!
      Mom: Denzel, will you scrub mommy's feet?
      Crocker: Yes- I mean no!!!

    • Cosmo: (As Timmy) Do you mind? I'm doing my homework!
      Dad: In the bathroom? But that's where I do my bills!

    • Crocker's mom: Go Denzel Go Denzel!

    • Timmy: Let's get digital!

    • Cosmo: (To Wanda) Pull my wand. (Makes a loud farting noise)
      Dad: Whoa, what has your mother been feeding you?

  • NOTES (10)