The Fairly OddParents

Season 8 Episode 2

Invasion of the Dads

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jun 18, 2011 on Nickelodeon
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The Mr. Turner clones return to Earth and kidnap Timmy's Mom to bring her back to their planet, so Timmy, his real father, and his fairies go off to rescue her.

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  • Cosmo: Timmy, Timmy, Timmy.......I lost my train of thoughts

    Soooooo, we start with a bunch of funny scenes that establish that when Dad tries to fix somethign, he just floods it (and in the toilet's case, he makes it get cable TV). Dad then gets depressed and goes to live in the trash can. Timmy then tells his fairies how he's sad but luckily, there's only one Dad, and Wanda states that Timmy had wished a planet of Dads back in episode Add-A-Dad (S07E02B). Then we get a scene there, where the Dads are needing Mom, and a Dad scientist finds out where to find one, and they all go to Earth. There Timmy tries to politelty tell them Mom's off-limits but the Dads refuse. After some failed attempts, the Dads decide to use their Timmybot to make him wish for stuff and drain the fairies' magic.

    That works, so then they take Mom and go back. Timmy then decides to ask Mark Chang for transport and with Dad, they all go to Dad planet. There, the Dads have Mom trapped and locked, and Timmy is wanted by the Dad police. Also, the Dads want to send their planet through a wormhole to be alone with Mom forever. Dad infiltrates on the Mom palace saying he caught Timmy, and then he switches clothing with the Dad scientist. Then, the wormhole plan is put to action, so then Dad gets the idea to "fix" the control panel, flooding it and foiling the Dads plan. They eventually escape, and Timmy wishes for a planet of Moms for the Dads. Then, in the stinger, the Moms come for the Earth's kittens, but dad floods the barbacue and sends them flying away.

    Overall: Great special. Dad & Cosmo being the funniest parts of the episode. The "I'll fix it" joke was great, "Come on, I just opened a door!", the Wanda's ego gag had me laughing too. Also, it was nice to see Mark again. And I know some will complain about Cosmo's behavior, but I don't mind it. So yeah, a solid 9/10.moreless
  • This episode is beyond awful. Children should be prevented from seeing it, especially female children, and it insults the intelligence of anyone else.

    This episode is proof positive that Butch Hartman and his crew of writers have real contempt for female characters and probably females in general. Cosmo's continual abuse of Wanda is especially obnoxious here, and the implied idea that she has to put up with it sends the message to children that women have to put up with jerkass males and that it's FUNNY. Cosmo's excuse of "I'm stupid and I'm not accountable for my actions" is a dud of a joke and doesn't explain the fact why he's also unamusing. "The Fairly Oddparents" is now a show that is a disgrace to the Nickelodeon network. I didn't think it could fall any farther in quality, but this episode proved me wrong.moreless
  • A planet of Timmy's dads come to capture Timmy's mom

    After an awesome episode of "SpongeBob SquarePants" which started off my morning perfectly, their was a new Fairly OddParents special that aired for the Father's Day morning of premieres. This idea seemed pretty weird to me when a bunch of Timmy's dad came to Earth to capture Mom. If you saw the FOP episode "Add-A-Dad", you already know that made that wish in that episode and it's good to see that writers remembered. Nickelodeon takes forever to air FOP episodes and it makes me mad because they're WAY behind on airing the new episodes but you can watch the unaired new episodes on the computer. Okay, to my review, this episode was overall great. It wasn't my favorite episode and it definitely wasn't as good as this morning's new SpongeBob episode "The Hot Shot" but I did like this special. Good to see Mark Chang again because his appearances are funny. The running gag with the water squirting was just getting very old though. The writers need to know that using the same joke over and over isn't funny... it's funny the first couple of times but it gets old fast after that. This special also felt too rushed. There were some funny parts like Cosmo as a magnifying glass, Wanda as a ice cube, and Poof as a bug. Also, Mark F. Changs reference was very funny because it's a reference to the chinese restaurant "P.F. Changs". Cosmo (as a magnifying glass) melting Wanda (the ice cube) was also funny. Although, it was WAY too preditable but it was good that Timmy wishes a planet full of Timmy's moms for a planet full of Timmy's dads. Overall, this was an overall great special and I enjoyed it even though it wasn't the best... Nickelodeon, catch up on airing new episodes of FOP because you're WAY behind right now. 8/10moreless

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