The Fairly OddParents

Season 3 Episode 13

Kung Timmy / Which Witch is Which?

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Nov 11, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Kung Timmy:
Timmy practices kung Fu with his dad and he decides to fight with Francis to regain back his house, his dad's car and defend Tootie from Francis.
Which Witch is Which?:
Timmy and A.J have an argument about who founded Dimmsdale, so Timmy decides to travel to the past to find Dale Dimm to give proof to A.J that he existed and that he was the one who founded the city.moreless

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  • Review for Kung Timmy

    This is one of my favorite episodes of FOP. For once Timmy is standing up to Francis and even that isn't enough, but when Francis puts Tootie in the line of danger Timmy gives him a beat down!

    The episode was solid. The jokes were funny, running gags were bearable, and best of all it features the message that you shouldn't hit girls no matter how much they bother you like Tootie bothers Timmy. The only thing that could have been done away with is the silly "stalker Tootie" gags but it wasnt nearly as bad as Homewrecker

    All and all a solid episode, as good as you're going to get from mid-season FOP. It's a shame all the downvoting Trixie shippers brought this episode's rating down to the low 8's... even the tie on episode involving Crocker was pretty good too. Jealous shippers need to take a dirt nap.moreless
  • I think it's good, but... it comes so little.

    Over at Kung Timmy, what happens is Francis steals the Turners house, all because of Dad. Then, Timmy tries using Cosmo and Wanda as his fighting gear. Then, he fights Francis, but he has to defend Tootie, not just for vengance. I thought it had a good lesson, and a pretty good humor step.

    Then, comes Which Witch is Which, or, as I call it, "Fairies vs. Wizards". Timmy wants to say that Dale Dimm is much better that Alden Bitteroot. So, he goes back in time and sees that it was the TRUTH!! But, oh noes! He can't get back to the founder's day parade! So, he has to find the wizard responisible to this. And, guess who it is? Yeap, that's right!.... Uh, mabye you should just watch it because, I'm no spoiler.

    The characters have good taste, both storylines are cliche, but with a twist, humor's okay, and the message? It actually saved my life! But, that's another story, kay?

    Thank you! But, here's the only thing that ended it; How come this episode dosen't air much?moreless

    I think that the first one, the one about Kung Fu captured how much damage rules can do. Gotta follow them, see what happens when you don't? You get punched to a pulp!

    Hey, which witch is which? That one was funny! I never actualyl thought that Crocker could be a witch, I mean, he's been hunting fairies forever. He has a crazy uncle who believe in genies, and a relative of some kind who IS a witch! He also knows a genie. (NORM) This was real funny!

  • Look out, world! Here comes Tootie!

    Kung Timmy

    Wahoo! Tootie returns, Timmy battles Francis...uh...uh...sorry, got carried away there. Anyway, the description goes that Francis is up to his old tricks again stealing Timmy's lunch money. And wouldn't you know it? Tootie appears in the fray amongst a laughing crowd and breaks the schoolgirl stereotype barrier by sticking up for the boy in the silly pink hat. As with The Fairy Flu, you can really tell she cares for Timmy: No one, not even Timmy's so-called friends, show such dedication.

    Alongside the major Timmy/Tootie hints, we were also treated to hard-core karate practice and a fight to boot. Timmy seriously kicks butt! I don't care much about the restraining order or WHY he defended Tootie. One problem, though: If a person can only use kung fu to defend themselves, how did Francis manage evading that rule? Don't you just hate loose ends?

    Which Witch Is Witch?

    No comment.moreless
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Billy Blanks


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Jason Marsden

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