The Fairly OddParents

Season 8 Episode 1

Love Triangle

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 12, 2011 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Poof is upset his parents want him to take the lead role in the school play, but he quickly changes his mind after his new crush, Goldie Goldgirl gets the female lead role, but to get the role, he has to beat his nemesis Foop, who also fell for Goldie.

    Love Triangle: At Timmy's Cosmo is helping Poof with his acting, as he is very fond of it since he played "Table #1" in his school, but Poof doesn't care about the play. Dad tells Timmy he got the role of Pencil#2 on the Pencil Nexus Play. So at Spellementary, Foop is mad at Mrs. Powers for making evetyone rehearse, and Poof agrees. Due to this, they begin a sort of friendship, which ends shorty after Mrs. Powers introduces a new student Goldie Goldgirl, which both Foop and Poof fall for. They both trie to impress her, but end up frustrating each others attempts. So they find an oppurtunity to kiss her on the scvhool play after they lear Goldie is the lead female role.

    So bothj audition, Foop recites a scne giving some personal twists (DOOM! DEATH! ETC!) and Poof just says Poof Poof and wins the Mr. Cookie role. Foop gets to be Poof's substitute and therefore, tries to male Poof injure himself, but ends up getting injured himself. In the end, Foop poofs Mrs. Powers intov a volcano and makes his own personal changes to the script, changing it to: Mr. Cookie . Poof (and DAd mistaking the magic bus for the pencil bus) go to the School for the big night. Poof reads the script on the premiere night and fakes neumonia, and Goldie suggest him to rest while Foop plays Mr. Cookie. He is very happy at first, but then realizes he will have to face all the trap he planned for Poof.

    Poof is gleefully enjoying Foop getting injured on the backstage, so Foop poofs him all the way to Jupiter, were an alien eats his magic rattle. Wanda is worried, as Poof was supposed to be the lead role. Then DAd pops and says his Pencil NexusPlay line and then goes away, Timmy was very confused (I was too). At jupiter, Poof tackles the alien and gets his rattle and Poof's back to the play to play Table#3, Foop's part. so he gets Goldie and she kisses his cheek, making him very happy, and the crowd cheers. Mrs. Powers comes back from the volcano carries Foop away form the play. Dad goes backstage to congratule the crew and mistakes Timmy for a workmate. Then Poof invites Goldie out for icecream, and at the parlor Foop tries to blow up a bomb, but the cobras he freed before comeget him and he blows up. End.

    Bottom Line: pretty generic speical, I though all the way through Poof was WAY too young to kiss Goldie, fortunately it was just a kiss on the cheek. Then the running gags of Goldie calling Foop Floop of Foof was ok, but the gag of Cosmo asking Wanda for coffee via magephone got tiring a bit, but Wanda making the things even made it cool. Then Dad's involvement was stuppid IMO, and in the end, it was an average special, 8.5/10 for some nice visuals and twists.