The Fairly OddParents

Season 3 Episode 3

Microphony / So Totally Spaced Out

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Aug 01, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Microphony: Timmy, Chester, AJ, Sanjay, and Elmer are stuck with Vicky all summer so Timmy decides to use a magical microphone to tell the parents how Vicky is to them.

So Totally Spaced Out: Cute monsters take over Yugopotamia and Timmy must save the Yugopotamians.

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  • So totally Spaced out had too many puns in it.

    It wasn't very funny, because there were bad puns throughout So Totally spaced out. For example: Timmy Turner! You have Re-Turnered!

    I just don't get it. And this was kind of bad too:

    Timmy says-Deafeating these guys will be a piece of cake!

    And then it shows Vicky eating cake. To some little kids, that might be funny. But it's not as funny to the older audience. I'll give it a 5.5, because the second half - Microphony - was actully pretty funny. And one more thing: Why did his parents think that Timmy would enjoy a new breakfast cereal more than an allowance?moreless
  • This review is about So Totally Spaced Out.

    So Totally Spaced Out: A special surprise is in every box in the Yugopatamion planet, called the Gigglepies! They all freaked out because they were too cute. So Mark Chang wants Timmy to help him out by defeating them. Since Vicky wants Timmy to do her chores, he says yes. The Gigglepies said words in rhyming sentences. And they find out that Manure gets rid of them.

    I think my favorite part of the episode was when the yellow Gigglepie whose name was Trilie said ''Hi I'm Trilie, the trust Gigglepie. I noticed you three as you fell from the sky. And then Timmy and his fairies are like ITS SO CUTE! And Timmy says he didn't care and he was holding the shooter out. Then Trilie skips away happily and says that she will take them to Overlord Glee, which was the leader GigglePies.moreless
  • A Decent episode

    In So Totally Spaced Out, a secret surprise in every box is attacking Yugopataimia, the gigglepies! Of course, they may seem harmless, but their not, and now they desperately need the help of Timmy Turner, man who is not afraid of cute stuff, to get rid of the giglepies.

    In Microphoney, Vicky has to babysit Timmy for the whole summer, while his parents get to go to the beach and relax with the other parents. So Timmy starts a radio station with a magic microphone to hide his voice to get Vicky out of business.moreless
  • The Gigglepies are super cute!

    This is one of the many Fairly Oddparents' episodes that I know by heart, especially when they arrive to Yugopotamia to save them from the Gigglepies. So, these Gigglepies hipnotize them with their cuteness and rhyming sentences, but they aren't able to hipnotize Timmy because, well, he's a ten year old boy! At the beginning he's like: "Oh, it's sooo cute; and now I don't care." Luckily, Timmy was able to rescue the Yugopotamia villagers thanks to Cosmo that actually tries to eat a Gigglepie and says that they taste like manure. To the aliens, manure is the rarest of all delicacies, so they eat them all and save their planet.moreless
Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

Recurring Role

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker

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Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner/The Giggle Pies

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