The Fairly OddParents

Season 4 Episode 0

Miss Dimmsdale / Mind Over Magic

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Nov 07, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Miss Dimmsdale:
Vicky is competing in the Miss Dimmsdale beauty contest and Timmy tries to stop her, so he decides to be a judge at the contest, so Vicky can't cheat in the contest.
Mind Over Magic:
Timmy wants to read minds, so he wishes that he could read minds and Crocker notices that he can read his mind then he creates a helmet to protect himself from getting his mind read.


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  • An Interesting Spoof Of Batman, My Favorite Superhero.

    The First Episode Was Amazing. The Plot Of It Was A Spoof Of The 1960's Batman Live Action Series Starring Adam West As Batman. Now In The Fairly Odd Parents world Adam West Is Catman. Sure The End Of The Episode Was creepy(The catman liking Timmy's Dad(Too Creepy)). Other Than That I Love This Episode. I Loved When Vicky Said, "Hate to Leave You Hanging Catman And Bird-Brain." That Is A Batman Classic, Just Replace Catman With Batman, And Bird-Brain With Bird-Boy. I Also Think That Its Cool That Got Adam West To Voice Himself/Catman. I Am Glad That They are Keeping The Style Of Old TV Show Alive Today, Even If they Are Using As A Spoof In A Series That Manny Consider Retarded(I Still like This Episode). The Only Other Episode That i Really Like Is Catman Meets the Crimson Chin.moreless
  • The first one was kinda messed up and the second was pretty average.

    Well the first one Vicky trys to get Miss Dimmsdale and cheats but in the end Timmy's dad wins. Which is wrong for the whole MISS Dimmsdale thing. And the cat guy wants Timmy's DADS phone number. Two things wrong with that. One, his DAD is a man. Second, DAD means he has and had a son, meaning he is married. Woah. The second one Timmy can read minds. That episode was really average, nothing really happened at all. So it wasn't really good at all compared to some of the other episodes of this show. That's my review. Done.moreless
  • Good episode

    In Miss Dimmsdale, when Timmy finds out that Vicky is participating in the Miss Dimmsdale competition, he decides to be a judge to make sure the winner wins fair and square, but Vicky still cheats. But of course, this is a job for... Dad? Yes, Timmy's Dad wins the competition.

    In Mind Over Magic, Timmy is tired of getting pop-quizzed by Mr. Crocker, so he wishes he could read minds. But when this goes too far, Crocker gets suspicious, and wants to find proof that Fairy Godparents exist by having a 'birthday party' for Timmy.moreless
  • Timmy tries to stop Vicky from winning a Mrs. Dimmsdale; Timmy wishes he could read minds.

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Jason Marsden

Jason Marsden

Chester (2003 -)

Recurring Role

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker/Mr. Crocker

Recurring Role

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (7)

  • QUOTES (20)

    • (Timmy is at the locker room when Mr. Crocker comes out of a locker).
      Timmy: Millard Filmore, 13th president. Your mother called you Flippy.
      (Mr. Crocker hands Timmy the book).
      Timmy: See ya. (Leaves)
      Mr. Crocker: There's only one way a student could be so totally prepared for my quizzes and know that my mother called me Flippy. He was given mind reading powers by...
      (Francis walks and closes the locker with Mr. Crocker inside and leaves)
      Mr. Crocker: (Comes out of the locker) Fairy Godparents!

    • Timmy: (Looks up at Vicky, horrified) Vicky!
      Catman: Vicky? Thats an odd name for a boy, but ok.

    • Crocker: (Thinking after being defeated by Timmy in his pop quiz) How could he have been so prepared? What could have gone wrong? Did I leave the curling iron on? And WHERE am I going to get a child's tears now?

    • Crocker: Hello Turner... (Timmy reads Crocker's thoughts) You poor innocent sap, who has no idea I'm going to be giving a pop quiz on Botswana, the capital of which is Gavarone. Maybe I'll make him cry, that'll be great! I can bottle his tears and sell them on the internet!
      (Timmy takes his seat)
      Crocker: It's time for a POP QUIZ! Quick! What is the capital of Botswana? (Points at Chester) YOU? (Points at A.J.) YOU? (Points at Timmy) You?
      Timmy: Gavarone!
      Crocker: Wrong! F! I mean... right! A?

    • Francis: (Waving a stick and referring to Crocker dangling above them) Hey! Maybe the candy's in his pinata!

    • Crocker: What's your favorite pie! Come on! Scream it in your heads!
      Kid #1: Apple!
      Kid #2: Boysenberry!
      Elmer's Boil: Take-over-the-WORLD-Berry!

    • Elmer: (Thinking) I wonder if anyone will notice my boil has a mind of its own...
      Boil: (Thinking) Silence you fool! Wait... turn your head! Turn your head!

    • Timmy: Pop quiz! Who promised you candy if you came to the gym?
      Kids: Crocker!
      Timmy: Who doesn't have candy?

    • Timmy: Why is Vicky brown-nosing Adam West and blackmailing the mayor?

    • (Captured by Vicky who has them dangling over a boiling pot of weenies)
      Timmy: What do we do!?
      Catman: Well, in a moment, the director will call cut, and a stage hand will get us down for doughnuts and coffee. I like my coffee with milk because I'm... part cat.

    • Doctor: (Referring to Dad in drag) Well we were here after Adam West, but this guy's much crazier.

    • Dad (Outraged): Where does it say that a man can't be beautiful?
      Guard: Actually, right here.

    • Timmy: (To Catman about Dad) He's not going to call you! Really!

    • Catman: (Referring to Dad) Say think I can get her phone number?
      Timmy: That's no she! That's my dad!
      Catman: So you have it then!

    • Chester: You said there would be candy!
      AJ: And brain food!
      Elmer: And something to stop my boil from controlling my mind!
      Elmer's boil: SILENCE YOU FOOL!

    • Timmy's Dad: Who said a man can't be beautiful?

    • Adam West: See you in one week.
      (4 days later)
      Adam West: Hi Timmy! See you in 3 days.

    • Adam West: Check the 2nd pocket to the left.
      (Gets sprayed with pepper spray)Timmy: Ahh!!! Pepper spray!
      Adam West: Sorry. Cats can't count.

    • Vicky: (To Adam West) I cleaned your cat litter, washed your cat cave, and clean your cat... cats for free! Bye!

    • Kid: CHOCOLATE!
      Girl: RASPBERRY!
      Elmer's boil: Take over the world berry.

  • NOTES (12)


    • AJ: You fragged my frigate!
      Obvious spoof on the old board game Battleship Who's iconic catch phrase was "You sank my battleship!"

    • Timmy's Dad: Quick! to the Turner-mobile!
      This is an obvious reference of the Batmobile from the Batman series.

    • The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron:
      In "Mind Over Magic", near the end of the episode, Crocker tries to block Timmy's mind-reading ability by telling the children to "Think! Think!", in the same manner as Jimmy Neutron when he tries to get himself out of trouble.

    • Mind Over Magic: Scene
      The part when the kids are all in the gym and thinking at Timmy is a parody of "Mute", an episode from The Twilight Zone.

    • The episode title "Mind Over Magic" is a reference to the term "Mind over Mattter".

    • Scene Changes: (An image appears swirling with fast-paced music playing in the background whenever the scene changes)
      Allusion to the scene changes from the 1960's "Batman" series, which featured the Caped Crusader's bat symbol swirling on the screen.

    • Adam West: (While going through his utility belt) Cat-a-rang...
      Adam West's "Cat-a-rang" is a parody of Batman's "Bat-a-rang," which is just a normal boomerang with an odd name.

    • Vicky: (To Adam West) I cleaned your cat litter, washed your cat cave, and clean your cat... cats for free! Bye!
      Adam West's "cat cave" seems to be a parody of Batman's "bat cave."

    • Adam West: Catman
      Adam West is most famous for playing Batman in the 1960's TV show, Batman. In The Fairly OddParents, his superhero identity, Catman, is an obvious parody of Batman. His costume, cape, utility bet, and serious personality are all very similar to Batman's.