The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 11

Mooooving Day / Big Wanda

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Oct 03, 2005 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Made me cry. Seriously.

    Moooooooving Day: I really hate hypnotics. I really do. Especially when the hypnotics are MILK! Seriously, everyone was creepy to the highest degree, and there was no end. And, really, it wasn't very funny. Well, except for the part with the slow movables. That was plausible. Still, it had very little to no comedic timing on it's hands.

    Big Wanda: Now, I hate this episode the most, and not because Cosmo and Wanda are jerks as usual. No. Because it didn't have any moral support. I mean, Big Daddy is a TRASH man! How is he rich?! And, I really can't stand how Wanda fixed up the place. I hate the girly motto it took. And, finally, we gotta hate the scene where Big Daddy and Moma Cosma kiss. I mean, jeez, you're kids are married!

    Bottom line, don't bother watching or recording it. Unfortunatly, I had the liberty to do both.
  • One wierd episode and one fail episode

    In Mooooving Day, Timmy feels sorry for his mum who iis failing to sell any houses and wishes for her to be a magic saleswoman( well actually, Wanda makes him make the wish, Timmy is to busy being lazy *rolls eyes*). She becomes so good that she ends up selling their house for a home in Dimsdale Acres, where (and this is where is gets wierd folks) everyone is braindead on Zombie Cow Milk. WHAT?

    This episode to me was just wierd, although I did like it a little better the second time I watched it, I will admit. At the most it was a bizare idea that had nothing to do with anything and was basicly another "Timmy runs away from stuff" episode. However I will admit that I did find:

    Everyone: (Braindead) Do it! Do it!

    Cosmo and wanda: (As braindead cows) Moo it! Moo it!

    Crocker: (braindead) Fairies! Fairies!

    funny, along with the really slow scooters.



    In Big Wanda, Wanda's Dad Big Daddy, who we previously saw in Talkin' Trash, gets kidnapped (as well as his horse head shaped pillow, Mr. Ney Ney). While Cosmo & Timmy try to find Big Daddy and his mysterious kidnapper, Wanda is left to look after the family buisness, changing the mafia-esque drab building into a pink, colourful, girly happy land!

    Now, this sounds like its a lot better then the other part by discription, but the characterisation was poor, to say the least. Cosmo, who, in Series 1, cried as soon as he was apart from his wife certainly didn't mind being sperated in this episode to find Big Daddy. Well, more then that actauly...he was dissapointed to find his wife hadn't been murdered! "There go my dating plans". Ok, that's out of character, twisted and unfunny.

    All in all, I "rather disliked" ;) these episodes myself: found them to be mostly unfunny, wierd and even twisted. However, someone who prefers wacky and off the wall episodes of FOP will enjot this pair.

    - Cuddlesnowy
  • Chaa

    Farily Odd parents, in my opinoin, got better as it went. Some episodes weren't so great, or almost remakes of other episodes. But this one stood out! This was great! In moooooving day, Timmy's mom sells their house and they, along with everyone else in Dimmsdale move to a rich neighboorhood, filled with hypnotizing... milk? Very funny. Very, very, funny. That was great. And Big Wanda was better. The pink, the fettocioni alfredo, all of it! It was definetly worth seeing again. In ripped on Godfather just like everything does... but they had their own, new jokes. Great job, Butch, great job!
  • This was not a very good epsiode.

    Ever since the last couple of season, Fairly Odd Parents had gone down hill. The characters have became Out of character. Timmy has become more selfish and bratter than ever. Cosmo saying something about some toy horse name Mr. Naynay and is getting stupider and stupider. Wanda has to constantly yell at him and you know the rest. Why do they came up with such dull plot lines? I hope season 7 is better than the past seasons. The characters characterization did not deserve to be abuse like this. I think they should give a chance for each character to redeem themselves in the season 7.
  • MILLLK!!!!!!!

    MOOOOOOVING DAY: Timmy's Mom Sale Is Going Downhill!! So Timmy Wised That His Mom Would Make A Better Sale! Then She Made Them Go To Dimmadome Acres! But When They Go And Get An New House, Milk Plombems Get To Timmy's Head!! All Of The Town People (Except For Timmy) Turns To Milk Infected Zombies!!!!!
    Everybody: Do It! Do It!
    Cosmo and Wanda: Moo It! Moo It!
    Crocker: Fairies! Fairies!
    BIG WANDA: Big Daddy Gone Missing!! So Wanda Desided To Take Over His Job Just Until He Was Found! Thing Goe Wrong That Bid Daddy Was Kippnapped By MOMMA COSMA!!!!!!!!!

    9 Out Of 10!
    See U Around!!! Comso: (To Wanda) Hey, Next Week There's A Farting Contest, You Should Start Cooking!
    Me: Some Beans!!!!
  • Moooving Day: Timmy wishes his mom can sell any house, so she gets money and they move to "Dimmadome Acres", where all the people are milk-drinking zombies. Big Wanda: Big Daddy gets kidnapped and Wanda takes over the buisness.

    Moooving Day:
    Didn't like the plot, first of all, why did everyone live in Dimmadome Acres (Even the McBadbat family, which is supposed to be poor, could afford to live there). The whole barfing thing was ridiculous. And Dimmadome's evil plot just doesn't make sense.

    Big Wanda:
    Big Daddy getting kidnapped by Mama Cosma!?!? No sense at all! The whole episode was a waste of time. Only good thing: Funny comments or situations (same in Moooving Day)

    These are the worst FOP episodes I've seen, I give them a 6 for their lack of everything
  • Mooooooving Day: Timmy\'s mom sells all the houses in Dimmsdale and everybody moves to Dimmadome Acres, where \"Got Milk?\" is not just a slogan but a way of life. \"Big Wanda\": Wanda takes over the family business after her father is kidn

    Two very interesting episodes.

    \"Mooooooving Day\" features two main plots - rather unusual in a short cartoon - in that we have the plot involving Timmy\'s mom (still unnamed) and her real-estate sales slump (cured by Timmy\'s wishing her the \"Magic Touch\") and the second plot involving Doug Dimmadome\'s attempt to make millions by using the milk-hypnotized citizens of Dimmsdale (which ultimately include Cosmo and Wanda!) as cow-yanking slave laborers.

    Frankly, I liked the plot involving Timmy\'s mom more than the Doug Dimmadome plot - which seemed rather farfetched, although it still tied into DD\'s other moneymaking schemes - razing the old western town, trying to move the basketball team to Alaska, etc. Unfortunately, the \"sales slump\" plot was exhausted rather quickly, which is probably why a second plot was needed. Still, it was good how they were able to use Timmy\'s mom to get the Dimmsdalians back into their homes after Dimmadome Acres is restored to its natural beauty.

    \"Big Wanda\" was a pivotal character development episode, introducing or re-introducing virtually all of Wanda\'s family (with one notable exception). The identity of the kidnapper was a good (if somewhat obvious) twist, but the additional twist of Big Daddy falling for Mama Cosma was a stroke of genius, even though it now begs the questions: What happened to Cosmo\'s father (who we\'ve seen only in flashback) or Wanda\'s mother (who we\'ve never seen at all)?

    Wanda\'s moves to \"pretty up\" Big Daddy\'s garbage business, while also obvious, were still well handled - the gangster type who \"wouldn\'t know about\" the ficus plant, or stripes being slimming, was a great gag. Timmy and Cosmo\'s attempts to find Big Daddy were likewise funny (and gave us one of the very few times we\'ve seen Cosmo using his legs and feet while in his fairy form). The \"Mister Nay Nay\" gags weren\'t all that funny, but even then they tied the horse pillow into the plotline by having Mama Cosma try the old \"bomb in the pillow\" trick.

    These episodes were more interesting than entertaining, but overall succeeded in adding to the legend that is The Fairly OddParents.

  • Words pretty much fail me as I try to describe this piece of garbage.

    This show has lost it. Lost everything - its humor, its warmth, its likeable characters, EVERYTHING.

    Cosmo is a bigger idiot than ever. Seems he not only doesn't love Wanda anymore, he wishes she were dead. Is'nt that a riot? Not.

    Timmy is someone I don't know anymore and don't want to. The script for this ep was lame beyond belief. I have lost all respect for Butch Hartman. He LET this show become crap. It has jumped the shark bigtime. I used to love this show and it breaks my heart to see what it's turned into.