The Fairly OddParents

Season 4 Episode 16

Nega-Timmy / Love at First Height

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 14, 2005 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • This has to be one of Timmy's greatest alter egos ever.

    Nega-Timmy simply has to be one of my favorite episodes. Sick and tired of taking orders from his parents, Timmy wishes that he can do the exact opposite of what they tell him to do. This backfies, however, when they tell him to be good. He then transforms into a mixture of Snidly Whiplash Jr., a young vampire, and a ten-year-old Jeckyll and Hyde. In short, he becomes pure evil. I also loved the Bad Parent Hunter. He was an excellent pardoy of Jeff Corwin, the Corckadille Hunter. I would say that Nega-Timmy was one of the best Fairly OddParents episodes ever.
  • Two well-written episodes.

    I loved it. Whenever Timmy was told to do something, he must do the opposite. And when they say be good, he turns into an evil dracula-like monster set out to destroy the make-up centre, allowing women (and man) to look ugly!

    Another love-based episode starring Vicky and Timmy, it was great. Timmy as a 16-year old was funny, and I must say he looked cool. No wonder Vicky fell for him. It's funny how everyone calls Timmy 'Gah' and all have Gah dolls of him! That was cool!
  • Two very poorly written episodes if you ask me.

    Fairly Odd Parents used to be such a good show but now it sucks real bad. Timmy becoming evil, the bad parent hunter, adult land? Pleeeease. There were a few good things, and here they are.

    Nega Timmy

    Tons of Wanda bashing (I love it since I really hate that kill joy)
    It ended.

    Love at first height

    There was a commercial before it.
    It ended.
    Good Wanda bashing.
    The Splene Puncher and Dull World were pretty funny.
  • Nega-Timmy ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!

    I Love Him!!! Once I First Watched It, I Thought "This Is Gotta Be Fake" But It NOT!!!
    Nega-Timmy: Timmy Wished To Do The Oppisite Of His Perents Told Him To Do!! But Thing Goes Wrong When Dad Said "Just Be Good" And Timmy Turns Evil! EVVVILLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!!! In Fact, Here Is One Of The Quotes!!
    Dad: Timmy! Go To Your Room!
    Timmy: (Fires Missle And It Shoots Through His Room) What Room?!

    I'm Giving It 10 Out Of 10 For Good Preformance!!!
    Not Sure About 'Love At First Height".
    Oh, I Remembered Now!

    Love At First Height: Timmy Want To Go On A Ride, But He's Not Tall.
    And So He Wished He Is Tall Enough To Go On The Ride And Guess What?
    Timmy Goes With Vicky On The Ride!!!!
    And So He Named Himself GAH.
    Vicky: Oh Gaaaah!
    Timmy: AAHHH!!!

    I'm Also Giving This 10 Out Of 10!!!!
    One More Thing! Vicky: Where's Gah?!
    Timmy: He Had To Go Back To Norwegia.
    Vicky: I'm Coming, Gah!!!!!!
  • one of the best episode

    i love this episode when i first saw this episodes it was awsome though its too bad that this is one of the most rarest episodes in the series. Even though i saw it twice i loved it and even if i havent seen it like 50 times its fine with me because if this episode would be airing every day like some episodes ill HATE this episode

    Nega-Timmy was awsome and funny when he attacked his teacher, and the episode Love AT first sight was preety cool but not as cool as nega timmy. I realy think that this episode is the best episode in the series you dont see episodes like this on TV anymore

    Love at first hight was an awsome episode but yet its super rare like Nega-Timmy which is sad
  • I'm only doing Nega Timmy, since that's the only one I've seen.

    When the Turner's were watching television, they seen that the Bad Parent Hunter has capture them! They vow to make Timmy good in every which way. But, Timmy, really unresponsicble as he is, tries wishing he was working the OPPOSITE of what his parents say! Wanda, however, tries as hard as she can to take this easily as possible. Poor gal.

    It worked, but... too well. When Dad says "Be Good, son" guess what? OMG, it's Danny Phantom, the evil of mandkind! No, Timmy has turned into an EVIL man! And he starts trying to take out ALL the makeup in the tri-st- I mean, Dimmsdale. (seriously, is this the inspireation for Dr. Doofenshmirtz?) Cosmo takes it a bit easy, but Wanda? Her hair tear off because of the wish! When Timmy's parents find out, Dad tells Timmy to be as evil as possible, which reverts the wish! Guess Dinkleberg won't be turned into mush, huh?

    The episode was pretty funny, with Wanda being the fun parent, Cosmo's secret and his attack with the laseer hitting Crocker. BTW, Crocker was the only fix up. Other than that, this eppy goes somewhere in my top ten. Not sure, but it belingss there.
  • Yay!!! Nega-Timmy!!!....Gahhh!!!

    These were two hilarious episodes. Nega-Timmy was cute. He had more than one tooth. His evil plan was to destroy the make up factory, making social life cease to exist in Dimmsdale. This was a unique plot. It's better than destroying the capital or kidnapping the mayor. Crikey!

    Love At First Height was mildly interesting. Timmy grows up to have the body and looks of an international supermodel. And to top that, Vicky falls in love with Timmy's 16 year old self. The heart stopper was a great ride. At the end of it, you go into an ambulance and head straight to the hospital. The parent land was kinda dull, but who couldn't love everyone's favorite filtering organ, Kenny Kidney? Good episodes.