The Fairly OddParents

Season 3 Episode 6

Odd Jobs / Movie Magic

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jan 27, 2003 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Odd Jobs:
Timmy thinks his dad needs a new job so he wishes Cosmo and Wanda made a website called www.cooljobs.wand so his dad can get a better and cooler job.
Movie Magic:
Timmy makes a movie with his friends to impress Trixie, but he doesn't enjoy it. So Cosmo and Wanda help him make a better movie, but a movie without his friends.moreless

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  • we know this episode

    This episode was just bad animation was awful and they repeat this episode too much i see that episode like 10 times everyday it would be frickin good if it were a rare episode odd jobs was ok but movie magic was bad i like the first episode a lot better than this one flame me all u want i don't care a bit because it's definitely not good at all. and in the place where i live nobody liked it more than the first episode yeah. diss me all you want i don't care 1 single bit u got datmoreless
  • Great episode.

    This episode was great because Timmy made a movie and he invited all his friends to see it but they all left. I really didn't like the part when they all left and left all Timmy's real friends with him and the rest left. I considered that episode a good one and the way they made Sylvester Calzone who is a parody of Sylvester Stallone in which the character was really funny and the way he beated up the dinosaurs was a really funny part that I enjoyed.

    Also in the other episode Timmy's dad tries to find jobs and Cosmo andd Wanda find him several jobs through internet when Timmy took him there and I liked the way they clicked Cosmo's arm it was funny that part and the multiple jobs Timmy's dad gets and many are funny like a wrestler and a racecar driver in which was really funny especially the wrestling job one and they way he dressed as a pencil during wrestling was one of the funniest parts in the episode.moreless
  • Not really worth my time. Timmy just wasted his time and wishes again.

    Not one of the best episodes at all. But not a terrifyingly horrible one either. Odd Jobs just showed Timmy's dad getting mauled in every job he tried. Not exactly what I like to watch. Movie Magic was much better, and it was even unenjoyable to watch. I just liked how they took Sylvester Stalone, (a.k.a Sylvestor Calzone), and put him in all of Timmy's movie segments to make his movie more enjoyable. Sylvester made that episode almost enjoyable. I'm not a big fan of The Fairly Odd Parents much anymore, but I was when I first saw this episode, and even then I didn't like it.moreless
  • Not too bad

    These two episodes were well done, but still, some things that didn't really get me to notice it that much.

    In Odd Jobs, Dad is tired of being made fun of because of his lame job, so thank you cooljobs.wand! Now he can have cool jobs, but then again, he can be lame at a cool job. In Movie Magic, Timmy wants to impress Trixie by making a movie, but Trixie doesn't like it. So he decides to use Sylvester Calzone to make a way better movie, but his friends don't like that. So when it comes to Movie Night, he uses the lame one with his friends, and wins the award for comedy, but Trixie still isn't impressed.moreless
  • Not the greatest episode, but, then again, not the worst.

    In "Odd Jobs", Timmy's dad is embarrassed because he doesn't has a cool job, as a matter of fact, he's a pencil pusher. He, then, starts looking at a website made by Cosmo and Wanda (cooljobs.wand) for a new job. He chooses Racecar Driver, Wrestler, Astronaut... He ends up liking his original job, being Timmy's dad.

    In "Movie Magic" Timmy wants to impress Trixie with a film making award, so he has to make a movie. He uses his friends for the movie, but ends up very lame. He wishes for a proffessional actor to then present the lame movie made by his friens. Ends up winning the award for comedy when he wasn't even listed for.moreless
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Jason Marsden

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