The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 7

Odd Squad

Aired Daily 7:00 AM May 12, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Odd Squad
Timmy wishes Cosmo was a talking car so that he and his fairies can search for the missing Mama Cosma.

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  • can someone say tacky?!

    ok, one of the worst fairly oddparents i have ever seen. i mean the whole "How long do we need to be still"

    "Another 5 more minutes"

    or something like that. but that was so stupid and thats the kinda humor i totally hate. another thing is the lame name. the odd squad? C'mon Butch

    there was one part that i laughed, it was the part where Timmy practically knocked down every single building in his way and he was like "That building's old" it was funny when he gave the excuses ending off with "my bad"

    the plot line was stupid because the ending was so obvious that Mama Cosma was not missing. typical storyline and no originality

    the ending was pretty lame too

    if youre anti-FOP, DO NOT WATCH THISmoreless
  • T.T. Cruiser and the Odd Squad. LOL

    I thought that his was a very well written episode of "The Fairly OddParents". I thought Timmy wanting to act just like his favorite show "C.C. Cruiser and the Hot Rod Squad" was cool and funny. The gang trying to look for Mama Cosma because they think she's missing was funny. The line "It's time to rock and road" was also funny. Timmy driving horribly all around Fairy World and destroying the buildings were funny. The truck after the gang was funny and all this time it was a nice lady driving it but I don't like what kind of truck it was. It was funny how all this time, it was just Mama Cosma and Jorgan playing the "Bridges" card games at 7:00pm. It was also funny that Timmy, Wanda, Poof, and "Carsmo" mistaken Mama Cosma for a horse that had a green tail. The freezing thing was funny in the beginning and the end and then when they said how long they have to freeze like that, they said a few more seconds or until the ending fades in black. I didn't find the plot of this story to be annoying at all. It was also funny that Jorgen came to "The Odd Squad" at the end of the episode and told them that someone was stolen his teddy bear and they go find it. Overall, a perfect episode of "The Fairly OddParents". 10/10moreless
  • Average one, to me...

    Before I start, I wanna think they should add this quote for this eppi, to make it funny.

    Timmy: Oh! We'll be the Mob Squad! I'm Linc.

    Wanda: Timmy, I'm Linc.

    Timmy: Why do YOU get to be Link?

    Wanda: The magic fro, baby!

    Timmy: Fine! But I call dibs on Pete.

    Cosmo: And what's my ego?

    Timmy/Wanda: Julie! (Wanda snickers)

    But, anyways, this episode has a terrible storyline, but at LEAST Mama Cosma wasen't so kept up with her son. At LEAST Cosmo didn't turn into a biggie jerk man. Well, this epiosde, the characters, I think, changed. Terrible storyline, like I said. And the humor... kinda like it. See, it's not getting worse! It's just... okay!moreless
  • Kind of annoying.

    This episode was a spoof on some old show called the Mod Squad. Timmy really likes it and wants to be just like the main character and go on a mission well he has his trusty odd parents with their magic, so they make it so. A mission to find Mama Cosma ensues and also annoying, sometimes funny jokes, very short action and, FOP's trademark technique, repeating jokes, which really gets old after a while. And what also really gets old is Timmy almost always saying: Time to rock and road!!! AAAAAAAAAAAUUUUUUGGGGGGHHH!!!!!!!!!!!! Over and over again, I was praying to make it stop(not literally but almost.) But if you want to see an average, not so good, not so funny FOP episode, watch this.moreless
Jane Carr (II)

Jane Carr (II)

Mama Cosma

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen Von Strangle/Carsmo

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner/Poof

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