The Fairly OddParents

Season 5 Episode 12

Oh, Brother / What's the Difference?

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Oct 04, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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Oh, Brother
Life would be better with an older brother. At least that's what Timmy believes. Someone to protect you when bullies show up, make you look good in front of Trixie Tang, and help you ace all your homework -- that's what Timmy wants. So he wishes for the perfect older brother. And that's just what he gets, a big brother named Tommy. Only this brother is so perfect and so good, he is boring Timmy to tears. And to make matters worse, he has signed Timmy up for an enriching study abroad program in South America that will last the rest of Timmy's career as a kid.

What's the Difference?
Timmy's reading a find-it book when Mark Chang, in his traditional alien form, shows up. His changer is broken, and without it, Mandie will find him. In a last ditch effort to save Mark, Timmy wishes the school was like his book. But she is about to turn the school into a crater if Mark doesn't show himself. If Cosmo and Wanda had their wands, Timmy could just wish her away. But where are the wands hiding?moreless

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  • Disappointing. I really expected more from this plot.

    Oh Brother: Timmy, jealous of his friends who have older brothers, wishes he had one too. Problems inevitably ensue, though, when Tommy, his older brother, turns out to be so perfect that he's boring. On top of that, Tommy wants to ship Timmy to the made-up country Tibecuador.

    This episode wasn't that good overall. I really liked the idea of Timmy having an older brother, and it definitely had a lot of potential. This episode, to me, just fell flat, though. It was boring, and really the only microscopic funny thing was Timmy serenading Vicky. I also sort of liked Cosmo's jealousy, as it was something we don't see very much, but those are really the only two things I liked. This plot resolution felt way too predictable, and the ending was stupid. Overall, a disappointing episode. Grade: D.

    What's the Difference: In order to help Mark Chang avoid Princess Man-die once again, Timmy wishes the world were like his find-it book. Problems once again inevitably ensue, but Cosmo and Wanda can't unwish the wish because their wands have been replaced with turkey legs.

    This episode wasn't better at all, maybe even worse than the last one. I didn't like the plot that much. It was really just another episode where Mark spends the whole time running away from Man-die. Parts of it seemed to drag on, like Crocker working on the crossword puzzle. That part was just stupid. I know he's not supposed to be smart, but he couldn't figure even that clue out? Probably the only redeeming gag was the hippo head toilet. Grade: D-. So, overall, these were not good episodes, and I definitely wouldn't recommend them to the fans. Marebear2009, out!moreless
  • The first part of this episode sucked, but the second one was okay...and Mandie looked fine...even though she's insane.

    Oh, Brother ( 4/10 ) : Could've been worse in a mixed bag kind of way ( 5.5/10 ).

    Pros ( the good )

    - Tootie's cute

    - Tootie beats the crap out of Francis

    - Some funny moments

    Cons ( the bad and worse )

    - I considered the part of Tootie falling for Tommy ( Timmy's former brother ) a confusion since it's not "true" love if they're nine years apart

    - Timmy puked whenever he tried to get Tootie to fall in love with him again and did really bland doing so.

    - Confusing parts of the plot

    Now what's the difference which is a little better than the first part ( 6/10 )


    - Mark Chang, and Princess Mandie

    - Somewhat funny

    - creative idea


    - Some laughably bad dialogues

    - Some parts of the plot is confusing

    - The problem ( in the episode ) could've been solved easily and could've acted more action.

    - Could've been done better.

    Overall: 6.5/10, it's an okay episode even though it could've been done really better than this. Watch the episode if you a fan of this show or just watch tv for the fun of it.moreless
  • Butch has raced through FOP and made it a huge pile of dung!

    Tonights episode was probaly worse than moooooooooving day! And if you read my review for Mooooooooooving Day and didn't see this episode you can tell its pretty bad. The good thing is during the second half I feel asleep. I couldn't find one joke to even fake laugh at, it was just terrible! Lets hope this episode and Mooooooooooving Day are bad. And if not, then FOP has officially lost its touch! :(moreless
  • What the...

    I hated this episode! The storyline of the main character getting a new brother is so old. And he comes from Tib-whatever! Wow! The second episode was pretty stupid too. Why would Timmy make that wish in the first place? It doesn't seem to make a whole lot of sense to write a cartoon about something that doesn't even make sense, right? Right. I really wish that the Fairly OddParents crew could have taken the time to write two good, original episodes. For this is the episode where the show jumps the whale! Oops, I mean shark. :)

    All in all, not a good episode.moreless
  • Oh,Brother: Timmy wishes for an older brother, but things don't turn to be as he expected them. What's the difference?: Timmy wishes for his school to be as a find-it book so he can hide Mark from his evil fiancé.moreless


    Good episode, good plot, funny moments, just a normal work of art from genius Butch Hartman. I loved lines like: "He just came from... Ti... Ti... Tibecuator! (And I wish it exists)"

    Tootie falling in love with Tommy (and forgetting Timmy) and then Timmy trying to get Tootie to fall for him was an excellent twist. What's the Difference?:

    Not so good, the plot was stupid, it did have some funny moments, but it was not good enough.

    First, why did Timmy wish for the school to be a find-it book instead of wishing Mark's fiancé gone???

    Then, the plobrem of needing to find Cosmo and Wanda's wands is beyond overusing. I have to say, besides Mooving Day/Big Wanda, this is the worst I've seen.

    I give it a 7.5 (Great first episode, average second one)moreless
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