The Fairly OddParents

Season 6 Episode 17

Poof's Playdate

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Aug 15, 2008 on Nickelodeon
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Timmy wishes for some fairy babies to play with lonely Poof, turning Cosmo, Wanda, Jorgen, the Tooth Fairy, Juandisimo, and Cupid into fairy babies.

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  • Superb episode

    I thought that this was a superb episode of "The Fairly OddParents" and I loved the idea of Timmy wishing that Jorgen, Tooth Fairy, Cupid, and Juandissimo were little babies so that Poof can have little babies to play with. Cosmo thought it looked fun riding in the wagon as a baby so he turns himself and Wanda into babies. With Cosmo, Wanda, Jorgen, Tooth Fairy, Cupid, and Juandissimo into little babies, what is Timmy going to do? who can answer that, haha just kidding. The only thing that I didn't like about this episode was that Timmy's parents only wanted to spend time with Timmy is because they watched that Dr. Bill show and then at the end of the episode, Timmy's parents say "Let's ignore Timmy and watch some more TV". That is what you call bad parents and that made me mad. I thought it was funny that Jorgen, Tooth Fairy, Cupid, and Juandissimo came to Timmy's house for the pancake party. I thought Timmy's parents acting as dogs was very funny. It was also funny when everyone as babies loved the TV while baby Juandissimo loved to look himself in the mirror and then Timmy says "unbelievable". The ending was also funny when Poof wanted Jorgen's binky and then Jorgen takes it away from Poof and Poof has muscles and beats up Jorgen. Overall, despite that one problem, this was a superb episode of "The Fairly OddParents". 9/10moreless
  • Cute Cute CUTE! Poof finds some new bouncy friends in his first ever playdate! But does all go to plan?

    Absolutley the most adorable thing ever!

    In this adventure, Poor lonely little Poof, being the only fairy baby, has no friends but the television, and now only listens to "Larry's Lunchbox". So Timmy gets Jorgen, The Tooth Fairy, Cupid and Juandisimo to come around his house and turns them all into babies so they can be little, boucning friends with Poof on his very first playdate! However, this reminds Cosmo how fun it is to be a baby and without thinking (as usual) turns himself and Wanda into babies too, leaving no-one to be able to turn them back into adult fairies! And, to make matters worse, Timmy's parents have a TV addiction too, and see a show that makes them think they are bad parents, so they try to go on a family playdate with Timmy, leaving the babies to run wild! Can Timmy hide them from his Mum and Dad and save them from the dangers of the house, and will Baby Poof's addiction to "Larry's Lunchbox" turn out to be a good thing after all?

    I thought that this episode was very well written, as it can be hard to make something cute and funny at the same time without one overshaddowing the other, but this episode did it perfectly, and is now with my favourites of Season 7, along with "Mission Responsible", "Hairicane", "For Emmergancies Only" and "Wishing Well". It was also one of the most clever uses of Poof in the show yet. There wsa also no "Nag" or "Idiot" jokes in sight! And to top that up, we get to see the soft side of Jorgen...and the tough side of Poof.....

    In my opinion, this ones a definite watcher. If you see this on, tune in!moreless
Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner/Poof

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen Von Strangle

Susan Blakeslee

Susan Blakeslee

Wanda/Mrs. Turner

Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle

Tooth Fairy

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