The Fairly OddParents

Season 4 Episode 8

Power Pals / Emotion Commotion

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM May 18, 2004 on Nicktoons Networks



  • Trivia

    • In Power Pals, AJ explains that Andromeda is 57 million light years away. In real life, it is 2.5 million years away.

    • In the episode Power Pals, the light-year unit is used incorrectly. Near the end of the episode its 57 million light years LATER. This wrong because it implies that the light-years is a unit of TIME.* IT IS A UNIT OF DISTENCE. A light year is defined as the DISTENCE light travels in one year.

      Reply: *not necessarily, is like saying, we'll see us in 500 miles, and then after that distance, could appear the message, "500 miles later", and that means you walk the 500 miles.

    • Wanda told Timmy that the parahnas would kill her and Cosmo, but how is that possible if fairies live forever?

      Edit: Fairies can be killed, but they can't die of old age.

    • In Emotion Commotion, while Mr.Crocker was trying to humiliate Timmy about his incident on the pool, look at Timmy's blue book, it keeps switching positions.

    • We learn that Timmy's common sense emotion is the emotion that allows him to make a wish. Reply: No it is not. What they meant was the fact that Timmy can wish without common sense, but he is dumb without it.

    • After the "Locker Party" that Cosmo and Wanda throw, Timmy pours Aqua Seltzer into the fishbowl. Jorgen is then seen in Timmy's bed but after the Power Pals barge into Timmy's room, Jorgen is no where to be seen.

    • At one point in Emotion Commotion, Timmy says, "I'm bored." But boredom is an emotion.

    • In "Power Pals," Timmy wished for super friends. Timmy should't have been able to wish for that because of the episode, "Super Bike", Cosmo and Wanda said after Super Cat, they didn't want to grant, "super" wishes. So the correct quote would actually be, "I wish I had power pals!" Hence the title of the episode.

    • If Timmy had no emotions, why did he react to Cosmo about to return all of his emotions back? Wouldn't he just not care? (Because Timmy knew he will get scared before the jump,and as Timmy told to Wanda he is now thinking quite logically)

    • When one of the Power Pals chucks a crystal into a drain to create "The Table of Frienditude", the crystal bounces under a table and into a drain directly under said table. However, when the shot pans out, the drain is beside the table, not under it.

    • After Timmy gets out of the pool, he crawls out shaking, and covers himself up with a sign, yet on the video they watched, he jumped out smiling, and doesn't use the sign.

    • Trixie lets Timmy be her boyfriend. When Timmy says it doesn't make him feel though, Trixie rips off a button she put on him, tearing Timmy's shirt. However, when we see Timmy again, which is in a few seconds, his shirt isn't ripped and put together perfectly.

  • Quotes

    • Cosmo:: Hey Timmy! Got your emotions!
      Emotionless Timmy:: Cosmo, no wait don. I. "Cosmo returns Timmy's emotions to him and he looks down, realizingn the situation" Ah! I'm scared to die! I'm guilty that I got my best friend and the girl who's dating him in trouble! AND super mad at SOMEBODY for not waiting to give back my emotions!

    • Timmy: But if they finish their mission they might come back and kick our butts!
      A.J: Andromeda Galaxy is 65 million light years away I think we won't see them for a long time!

    • Sanjay: Welcome to the Anti-Timmy Force Five! Dude!

    • A.J: Oh look! It's the kid with no friends.

    • Super Sam: I think we been tricked!
      Joan Jet: Should we go back?
      Wet Willie: No! He said there was water there! I say go!

    • Power Pals: Come on Timmy! Just a few more steps!

    • Cosmo: (when Timmy puts a parahna in the fishbowl with him) Timmy, Help!
      Timmy: Are you nuts? That pirahna will kill me! good luck though.

    • Trixie Tang: I'm ignoring you. I said I'm ignoring you! STOP IGNORING ME IGNORING YOU!!!!

    • Crocker: Explain Timmy's naked appearance with words starting with the letter U.
      AJ: Uncorenated
      Sanjay: Unintelligent
      Chester: Un...un...he was naked!

    • Emotionless Timmy: (Says nothing as sharks look at him hungrily)
      Sharks: (Notice that he's not scared) AHHH!! He's not scared!!! He's weird! He's weird!

    • Emotionless Timmy: I don't.

    • Emotionless Timmy: No. Wait, Cosmo. Don't.

    • Emotionless Timmy: Without my emotions I am thinking quite logically. For example, the reason they couldn't build a boat on Gilligan's Island is because it would end the series. The reason they can't build an airplane out of the same material as the little black boxes is because it would be too heavy to fly. And obviously the chicken came before the egg.

    • Veronica: Look who deided to wear clothes today! (Points to Timmy, Timmy does not react, says nothing)

    • Dark Mark: Why do they always run?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Emotion Commotion: The daredevil guy putting an apple on Timmy's head and then crossing an arrow through it.
      This is a reference to the famous myth story by Conrad Buff, The Apple and the Arrow, on which a father, William Tell, was commanded to shoot an arrow through an apple placed on his own son's head. The son, William, was considered the bravest person on the land.

    • The logo seen on the Power Pals' computer screen is quite similar to the Mac OS logo.

    • Power Pals: All of the Power Pals
      Wet Willie: A spoof of Aquaman
      Joan Jet: A spoof of Wonder Woman
      Super Sam: A spoof of Superman
      Dark Mark: A spoof of Batman

    • Emotion Commetion: Aqua Seltzer
      Aqua Seltzer, the medicine Timmy uses for Wanda and Cosmo's cold, is just like Alka Seltzer.

    • Joan Jet: Character
      Joan Jett's name is taken from a rock musician's real name.

    • Power Pals: Appearance
      The Power Pals are a parody of the Justice League of America, who are a group of the most popular D.C. Comics superheroes. The Power Pals consisted of Super Sam, Wet Willy, Joan Jet, and Dark Mark, which are parodies of some of the members of the Justice League, Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Aquaman, and the Flash.

    • Title Card: Pictures of Timmy's Different Emotion Faces
      The title card is parody of The Beatles' Hard's Day Night.

    • Timmy: Being emotionless has given me quite some logic!
      After this, Timmy mentions why they never made the characters of Gilligan's Island get off the island, because then the show would have to end. Actually, that isn't completely true: Brain had conquered the world twice and everything was normal next episode.

      RE: We must to take in count is not the same logic a cartoon than a Live Action TV Show, this a LA show, the sequence of what happen in previous episodes must be followed. You can see Pinky and the Brain in disorder and except for the episodes where Snowball appears, you'll not notice an order, but if you see Full House or ALF in disorder, with time you'll notice it. So Timmy was not wrong.

    • Timmy and the Agent: Dr. Vulcan
      It seemed appropriate - logical, even! - that the super-villain that the Agent sends Timmy to rescue Trixie and Chester from, given Timmy's lack of emotions, is named "Dr. Vulcan" - given the Vulcan race's famed devotion to logic (note Timmy's use of the word "logically" and no emotions)

    • Mr. Crocker: For today's vocabulary quiz, watch Turner's naked performance on last night's episode of Dimmsdale's Most Embarssing Videos, and describe it with words that begin with the letter "U"!
      The name of this show is a parody of America's Funniest Home Videos.

    • Veronica: He just standing. It is not working! (Screams and runs away)
      In a episode of The Simpsons called Bart-Mangled Banner. The bullies picking on Bart. And Bart just stand there. (like what Timmy did) The bullies got scared for him run away. (like Veronica)

    • Timmy: (Monetone) No, wait!
      The monetone of that was a parody of Ben Stein because he always talks slow.