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  • Goodbye Forever, 90's Nickelodeon.

    Fairy Oddparents was one of those shows that people really liked during the years 2000.

    It was funny, plots were good and it was often filled with everything that would make you like this show.

    Sadly, now we have this excuse for a show. Now I'll tell you guys why.

    This show ended in 2006. It went out for a while, then came the leap of fate.

    They brought it back on with the Fairly Oddbaby movie, starring Poof for the first time. THAT was when what could have been a funny memory, was transformed into what we have now. This show died like Spongebob has a year ago in 2004. Timmy is a fucking brat, Cosmo is really stupid, Wanda is always nagging and the plot is always focused on Mister Crocker or Poof. The humor: from being funny and likable, it turned into a bucket of vomit and unlikable. Seriously, Nick, what happened?

    I knew this channel was turning from blue to grey when Spongebob, Fairy Oddparents were falling down and when Jimmy Neutron was canceled. Now we have Sanjay and Craig, Breadwinners, failed Spongebob and failed Fairy Oddparents. We do not want this. We want it the way it was before.

  • Seriously. What happened to this show?

    Anyone who had ever watched The Fairly OddParents almost 10 years ago knew how amazing this show was. It had good plots, it could be pretty action-packed at times, and it was funny. During that time, it probably could have gone on to become one of the greatest cartoons ever made. Unfortunately, I stress "could have".

    This show was supposed to end after season 5, but a year after they initially cancelled Fairly OddParents, The creators decided to bring it back. Well, lets just say what what we got wasn't that good. Once Fairly Oddbaby premiered I knew this show had jumped the shark. And it wasn't even the introduction of Poof. The humor that made this show so good just died with that movie, and the characters did a complete 180 from their initial personalities. Timmy became a spoiled brat, his parents went from caring about him, albeit part-time, to practically not giving a crap about him, and Cosmo actually became completely annoying, rather than kind of annoying, but still mostly funny. And I swear, he got even dumber, which I didn't think was possible. The only people who have remained the same have been Vicky and Mr. Crocker, except Crocker has now gotten more screen time.

    The worst thing to come out of the newer seasons is without a doubt that embarassing live-action movie "Grow Up Timmy Turner". I still can't believe that Drake Bell went from Drake and Josh, one of the best shows Nick has ever created, to that abomination. And then they made sequels! What the F***, man!

    The Fairly OddParents has unfortunately suffered the same fate as SpongeBob SquarePants. It was a great show that was brought back after being cancelled, and once that happened, the show went into the crapper. If I were rating the show before Poof came along it would be nearly perfect. But alas, the newer seasons have made the show kinda terrible.
  • Went off a cliff and now its a dusty video tape.

    This show was very funny as I grew up, but they never knew when to stop. When they ran out of ideas, they started throwing new characters in to fill the sad gaps of missing humor. Now its a pretty eclipsed show, you barely see an ad or an video game, nor a kid wearing a t-shirt. The show lost its spotlight. It used to be one of Nick's best cartoons when I was a child.
  • Old dog, old irritating tricks

    Great show. Use to be fresh but now you know the end is near when they gave the show to the dogs. In other words the show went down hill when they added the dog. Like the Scooby Doo show when they added Scrappy.
  • One of the best animated Nick shows I've seen!

    I still think this show is wonderful, even though it kinda changed since Poof and Sparky joined the crew. But... I still like them.
  • it comes on in morning now

    they come on in the morning now so if kids like it they can watch it well friday they had a 1 hour and 30 minute spongebob! on weekends i dont know if it comes on in the morning though.
  • The Old Ones Were Great. The New Ones Are Awful!

    I will tell you my ratings for each season.

    Seasons 1-4: Great. This show has funny jokes, funny characters, and great animation. 8.5/10

    Seasons 5-6: Okay. This show has been going downhill ever since It's A Wishful Life and Fairly Odd Baby aired. But it's at least watchable. 6/10

    Seasons 7+: Awful. Poof was okay in Season 6. But in Seasons 7, 8, and 9 he is very annoying. Sparky the Dog is even worse than Poof. He is exemely annoying. 3/10

    Let's hope Season 9 is the final season.
  • I still enjoy the show despite many continuity errors and plot holes

    I don't hate the show like many people do, but I do understand the mistakes made in each episode. Despite this, I think the show is still as funny and enjoyable as it was when it first aired.

    This show was made by the great Butch Hartman. This show used to be a great but now the characters have been flanderized beyond belief. Timmy has lost likability and you know a big part of the show was Timmy learning a lesson but you cant keep that plotline for 13 years. And now they're getting rid of all the side characters just to add new characters that are annoying and pointless. We don't see much of Chester AJ Sanjay Elmer (fun fact that's Butch Hartman's real name), Francize Dark Laser, Chip Skylark, The Crimson Chin, The pixies, or anti Faries besides Foop. Timmy has gone to a point of no return. So is Cosmo and Timmy's Parents. Wanda is naggy. Poof and Spark are annoying. Vickie has become to insane and has lost interest. The only character that I enjoy is Crocker because he is still wacky and zany as always. However his episodes sadly have his annoying mother and the him arguing with her has gotten old. Also since he is the villain he has become a punching bag. Its sad such a shame such a great show with a great cast could become such a horrible show. Also don't even get me started on the live action movies. They had so many chances to end it. Fairly Odd Baby, Wishology, Fairly Odd movie Grow up Timmy Turner, and Fairly Odd Pet. This show needs to be cancelled. But you know what the sad thing is. This one of the top 5 modern Nick shows. That's really sad. I'm done!
  • I have a wish to make, I wish this was cancelled long ago

    This has got to be one of the most vapid shows today and well past its prime. It started off as charming, funny, and overall entertaining but now it depends on overused plots, jokes, and characters. Overall it is a rotten pain to watch and even seems to send the message that stuff like child neglect and abuse is amusing. Humorous is one of the last thing to describe it. It started off with Timmy making well mannered but short sighted wishes that had hilarious results to a total brat who now only really cares about himself. He deserves to lose his fairy godparents. Plus they added a baby who now takes up the bulk of the episodes and most recently added a stupid dog that is no different. I could go on but others have done it before and better than me.

    I really wish Butch Hartman would realize that this show is annoying and repetitive with deserved abandonment. He should focus on something else like how to revise and renew Danny Phantom for that show still has loads of potential. I never was a fan of this show, but if I was just reviewing the first few seasons I would rate it from a 4-6 but the newest seasons, episodes, and characters caused me to rate it way lower. I regret that I can't give it a negative rating. This is one of the most overrated shows out there. It's a chore to watch now.
  • What happened?

    The Fairly OddParents was once a great show. It has clever plots, interesting characters, and funny episodes all the way around. I'm not sure whether it was the introduction of Poof, or if it was something else, but the show has just lost its charm. Too much of the attention focuses on Timmy's Dad or Mr. Crocker. Whatever happened to characters such as Chester, Trixie, Tootie, for crying out loud, what about Vicky? She's still in the theme song as the main antagonist. And, of course, the characters have been dumbed down to all hell. Timmy got stupider, so did Cosmo and Timmy's Dad, and Wanda got extremely boring. Poof? I don't really know about him. Speaking of which, where is he? He hardly appears any more. Sparky. Don't even get me started on Sparky. He is annoying, irritating, disgusting, everything that is bad. And they keep using the same jokes over and over and over again every single episode! I'm not saying the show is TERRIBLE, it still has decent plotlines, okay characters, and mildly amusing episodes, but I'm just saying that the show in general has gone rolling down the mountain of good. That's all I have to say. 6/10.
  • WAS a good show

    This show was a really good cartoon until 2008 when the baby came the show went down hill Some people say why do you hate poof he's just a baby? well hes not hes just a waste of animation space. for the next season was horrible it was all about poof all he ever did was cry and poop and be annoying. and the episodes after that they just rushed and made it worst. Then the writers knew that the show was going down the hill so they added a dog it was the worst idea ever. So when that season which i call hell they made really stupid episodes Timmy got more spoiled and greedy and they got rid a Vicky the source of his fairy's. and the next season OH GOD horrible it was the worst Ever. Thanks to the dog and baby if they make a movie when they both die that would be cool but now the shows ruined better luck calling it magic full house just cancel it its over its ruined.
  • Not very good anymore

    I used to love this show a lot until they rebooted it in 2008. So yeah, not good anymore
  • Great.

    The best cartoon of Nickelodeon.
  • Great Show!!!! Until Poof showed up.....

    I used to love the Fairly Odd Parents, especially the older episodes! My favorite episodes are Super Bike, Channel Chasers, Ruled Out, That's Life and Self Life (the one with Tom Sawyer)

    This show was so great. Not only was it funny, but it was deep, funny and educational as well. There was always a moral in each and every episode of this show. Like in Channel Chasers, it was about what happens when you grow up in life and in Ruled Out, Timmy wished for his parents to care less.

    This was the golden years of the Fairly Odd Parents!

    Now when the Fairly Odd Baby movie aired in February 2008, and when Cosmo and Wanda's baby was born, the show began to decline and the show just became really really stupid!

    It seems like now every episode revolves around and about Poof and nothing else and the dumb ass things Poof does. Have you people ever noticed that none of the original characters like Chester, . Elmer or Trixie ever appear on this show today at all?

    Also, Timmy went from being a really really nice kid to a selfish spoiled brat who bitches out of his ass when he doesn't get what he wants.

    Cosmo went from being kind of dumb, but smart and clever. Now he is just completely stupid and annoying and not like a funny stupid. Like dumb as a post kind of dumb.

    Wanda went from being a role model to Timmy and a caring woman to a naggy old lady who bitches out of her ass about every little thing and nags everyone about everything.

    I never see the other characters anymore. Like Francis (the scool bully) you never see him anymore. I hardly ever see Chester or the smart kid . or Timmy's other friends on this show anymore, Trixie, Elmer, Sanjay or any of them) either. None of the original characters appear on this show anymore. You know why?

    Because every damn episode revolves around Poof or Mr. Crocker, but 75% of the time, it is about Poof.

    Secondly, The plots are getting worse and worse. It is the same crap over and over again. Timmy gets into a dumb situation, Poof does something ridiculous, Cosmo acts like a moron and Wanda just bitches and complains at Timmy for every little thing. Whatever crap happened is gone and there is always a lame gag at the end.

    It seems as though The Fairly Odd Parents is going down the same road as Spongebob is. Getting worse and worse in quality.

    They got to end this show already because it is not worth it anymore. What is the point of keeping it on? Hardly anyone watches this show anymore. I go to a summer YMCA camp and not once, do I ever hear my friends or any kid talk about this show anymore. It's popularity has declined significantly in my opinion. Around and about you never people talk about this show and be like "Oh Louis, did you see the Fairly Odd Parents last night?" "Oh yeah!!!" "You remember how dumb Poof acted?" "buh buh buh"

    Plus, you never see the merchandise of this show around anymore either. Like I go into stores everyday and not once have I ever saw Fairly Odd Parents merchandise in the last 5 years or so. Probably because people have realized how dumb the show is getting, so people quit watching it. Why is this show on if no one is watching it? You know why? Because, Nickelodeon does not care about the viewers at this point and all they care about is profit. As long as they are making money, they do not care and they will keep garbage on their network going, because that is what it comes down to in a nut shell. Money!

    They need to end this show already. It should have ended 5 years ago, but it didn't and that is what bad about it.

    The writers and animators are running out of ideas and the show is deteriorating and it is sad actually because the Fairly OddParents is such a good show and it stinks to see it just dying and dying, but never officially dying! I can just see it will be cancelled soon because of a non-existent audience because already the show has become non-existent (in my point of view) So who knows.

    Do not watch any of the new Fairly Odd Parents (2008-present) unless you want to lose all of your intelligence levels. Watch the classic, gold episodes of the show (2001-2006) and do not even bother watching the new garbage episodes because they are not worth your time. Period.

    The title of this review speaks for it's self. "Great Show!" Until Poof showed
  • Went from a great show to one that needs to die like spongebob!

    This show has went through the same path as spongebob, though fortunetly, the cutoff point of the good and bad episodes is later in 2007, the bad begining with season 6 in 2007! Can't beleive its still running, overall

    season 1-5, 10/10

    season 6 thorugh present 2/10 so that gives it an overall 6/10
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  • From High Status to a Cold World

    In the beginning, FOP was one of the Nickelodeon greats just like Spongebob. When it got cancelled after its fifth season but when it returned in 2008, things started to reach the end. When Poof was introduced, the show got stupid, the new characters were shocking and the gags are now creepy and shocking. When the fairly odd pet came on the show in 2014, it reached its low point. Next to todays spongebob episodes, the series went from crazy laugh out loud humor to a dark world where everyone is annoyed. Its more focused on Poof than it is on Timmy. Foop is an a"". The characters are stupider, Cosmo is dumber, and Mr Turner is plain creepy. Get rid of Poof, get rid of the pet, and Bring Back the classic FOP we used to love. :(
  • Great Show Here

    This show is awesome! Its been even better with Poof. But the dog kind of made me start disliking the show. No need to add anymore random characters. I mean, what are they gonna add next? A singing chimpanzee? Like seriously Poof was enough. But I love this show and it also made up my childhood along with SpongeBob. Hopefully Nick will keep on with this show for some more seasons.

    UPDATE: Isn't it odd that Poof sounds just like Timmy? Man, that is some freaky shit. (Note the sarcasm)
  • Thats the best you got?

    This show ran out of ideas the second show. They think of anything they can make stupid. What they do is they think of some event and then they find a way to make everybody not want to do it or watch it. This show is way too old. Shut this show down.
  • It's not what it used to be.

    What happened to this show? Back in Seasons 1-5 it was great with it's likeable charters, funny jokes and overflowed creativity. But ever since they aired that Fairly Odd Baby Movie, it's just not as good as it used to be. The series was canceled at the end of Season 5, but Butch Hartman decided to bring it back, which wasn't really a great idea. FOP is about an average 10 year old kid named Timmy who owns two fairy odd parents (disquised as pet goldfish) who grant him wishes that wind up to cause trouble in which they must fix while dealing with villians. The premise is creative, but nowadays in the recent episodes it just doesn't live up to its creative premise anymore.

    Timmy is the average miserable kid that gets picked on and made fun of, but despite that, he was kind hearted and knew that magic wasn't the only thing that matters. But he basically went from that to a selfish brat who acts like a jerk. Cosmo was the dim-witted one in the group, but he knew when it was time to get serious, but now, unfortunately, that doesn't happen here, and he's rather annoying than funny, but I'll give him credit because it at least seems like he's trying to be a comic relief. Timmy's Parents went from loving him to becoming inattentive to their son Timmy by not giving a crap about him. Then there's the newer fairy Poof who was added in 2008 as part of the Fairly Odd Baby Special, who is pretty much a waste of animation for the show and is just there to be cute and say "Poof!". The villians aren't even trying now to capture Cosmo, Wanda and Timmy.

    The plots nowadays seem to center too much around Poof and nothing much else, and it gets boring because Poof doesn't really serve that much purpose on the show whatsoever. They also are starting to get repetitive because a majority of the Post Season 6 plots are recycled and mainly center around rehashed plotlines from the older seasons.

    The humor nowadays is just rehashed gags that they use more then enough in one episode to th point were it's not funny anymore and it's just annoying.

    The artwork and animation are still really good, with characters moving smoothly and the artwork looking colorful and matches the atmosphere, but that's about the only thing tolerable about the new episodes.

    FOP was once a brilliant and creative show Nickelodeon once had to offer, now it's just a former shell of its glory.
  • It's a good show.

    The older episodes were just LEGENDS. However, when they introduced us to Poof, the show went down. Poof is pretty much the closest relative to Caillou. In fact, he acts just like him. The repeats get kinda boring after a while of watching it. Most of the movies on this show are crappy, with an obvious exception of Channel Chasers, which was a great TV movie. Despite all these flaws, I still think this show is still good today.
  • My Opinion

    I think the show went down the toilet when they added Poof. If I were the writer I wouldn't have thrown in Poof and Sparky. I like seasons 1-5 more than seasons 6-?. Even the fan fiction (which I wouldn't recommend people not read it depending on your age. The reason why is because the wishes were more awesome and extreme. The show now : ( the show back then : ).
  • Top Shows

    Most ep (01-14)
  • A Great and Entertaining Show

    Despite what all these people are saying, this show is actually pretty great. Timmy doesn't just love the magic, he loves his fairies too. Some people think the addition of Poof and Sparky ruined the show but it actually made it better. Poof is a great character and Sparky is pretty good too. I honestly don't know why everyone's complaining about as this show is still great.
  • I use to love this show.

    The Fairly Odd Parents was a part of my childhood and I wanted to grow up and remember it forever, but now I never want to see it on air again.

    the show use too be so charming and amazing but slowly there was a decline in quality

    I'm going to split the review up into 4 categories: Story, Characters,episodes,humor,


    The story is about a 10 year old boy named Timmy Turner is neglected by his parents, failed by his teacher, beat up by bully Francis, constantly rejected by his love Trixie Tang and is abused by his mean babysitter Vicky. Timmy is greeted by Cosmo and Wanda (and later their baby Poof) who are Fairy God Parents who grant his every wish.


    Timmy started out as a kid people could relate to He was nice and caring but still had flaws and faults. by season 4 and 5 Timmy had developed into a mean, inconsiderate jerk, who only loved his fairies for their magic. He was selfish and irresponsible and an all around unlikable brat.

    Cosmo and Wanda: Cosmo and Wanda use to have such a loving relationship but now all Como does is insult Wanda's Nagging and insult her weight (like any aging marriage) He also did this in the first 3 seasons but usually once every 10 episodes and as a one time joke. Cosmos' character was always stupid but now he has become too dumb to live and Wanda was the smart, voice of reason but now she is just a complaining Nag.

    Poof: a space waster with no personality who hogged all the spotlight when he was first born.

    Vicky: The main antagonist of the show barely shows up anymore and when she does, she is some kind of psychopathic demon child. in the older episodes she was literally just a mean teenager (I'm fine with both but I just wanted to point it out)

    The show has decided to now focus on a parody character called Darth Laser (who I hate) and Mr Crocker (who has somehow turned into a psychopath like Vicky)

    Timmy's parents went for ignoring Timmy to outright Neglecting him.

    Tootie went from a girl who had a crush on Timmy who we could sympathizes with because she was a Vicky's sister and went through her torment more than Timmy. Now she is one of the villains who will do anything to make Timmy hers

    all of Timmy's friends an schoolmates (That I actually liked) never show up anymore. they added a lot of depth and life to Dimmsdale because the show is really boring when it focuses on the main 4.

    Next is the infamous Sparky. He is one of the worst characters in the entire series. He is a fame hog who makes awful jokes and the only person he interacts with is Timmy.


    The episodes were terrible in season 5 which ultimately led to its end but Nick wanted to revive the series which ended up ruining it. after the stupid baby was born, every episode was about it and Cosmo and Wanda stopped giving Timmy extreme wishes. Another thing that saddens me is the lack of continuity. If I had to chose the worst episode ever It would be a tie between "It's a wishful life" and "Timmy's secret wish"

    It's a wishful life (the episode where Timmy wished he was never born) almost feels like suicide supporter because they most likely mentally scared Timmy (leading to his jerk-ass personality later on) The moral of "doing good deeds not for praise but because it is the right thing to do" is a great moral but is contradicted by the stupid episode and makes it meaningless. The creators even apologizes for making this.

    Timmy's secret wish caused way to many continuity errors. cop out ending and the wish had way to plot holes in it. They ruined a good Danny Phantom nod by not adding Clockwork into the episode. It's secret things like these that make me loves shows but the fairly odd parents lacks this.

    HUMOR: The show is still funny but it has gotten pretty mean and sadistic.

    Overall this show is awful and like Spongebob should end.

    final rating 1/10

  • Miss this show

    So happened to this show? The dog came and now what? I loved fairly odd parents when I was very young. Now they just slap some new character and they think it's okay? That's not all. It's repetitive. "Oh Look its against the rules!!" Fuck the rules, and Timmy needs to understand that fairy god parents aren't slaves. He doesn't love cosmo or wonda. He only loves their magic. And now there's a dog? Wtf is going on?
  • Awful

    Just like Spongebob; love the older episodes, despise the newer episodes, both shows have been on the air for far too long, overused plot ideas, boring, and the characters have awful mixed personalities. They only seem to play the older Fairly odd parents on Nick toons, but rarely. It's a real shame.
  • The show is going downhill

    I didn't mind Poof being introduce because I do like him, but why Sparky? He's just annoying to me. The newer episodes are getting worst too. I also didn't like how they changed Cosmo from being dumb but also smart to just utterly stupid. It's not like I'm giving up on it because I still like characters like Jorgan and Crocker, but this show is not like it once was.
  • Started good, but went on too long

    The show was kind of funny when I first saw it. However, after more than 10 years, the show feels like it just should have wrapped up and ended. The show dragged on far too long that watching it feels tiering. I say Nick just does the finale by 2014.