The Fairly OddParents

Season 4 Episode 15

School's Out! The Musical

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Jun 10, 2005 on Nickelodeon
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When it's Summer in Dimmsdale, the kids all look forward to summer vacation, but the parents fear that they are getting too wild. Enter Flappy Bob, who agrees to keep the kids in his day care center all Summer. Timmy quickly remities the situation by wishing kids ruled the world.moreless

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  • South Park Bigger Longer and Uncut: The Worse Edition.

    Seriously, this is a bad ripoff of the South Park movie. And all of the FoP movies seem to be garbage (Channel Chasers is an exception)!
  • Musicals rock, but this was one of my all time favorits!

    Well, I gotta say. Give props to this musical. A guy name Flappy Bob gets separated from his family, and the Pixies found it! Oh NOES! 37 years later, here comes a little episode, where Flappy Bob controls summer. Who can stop him? Duh duh duh duh duh! The Fairly Odd Group!

    The storiline could use a few treeaks and turns, the characters are funny, the humor... well, I duunoo. And the music? I... where's the soundtrack?! I LOVE the music so much! My favorite one is Floating with yOu because, it's a good love song. And my second is gotta be Where is the fun? Pretty awesome.

    The only problem? The one thing that stands btwwen the perfect mark? Well, this might have spawned another musical, and the music fits with that musical's part... But, other than that, thanks a lot!moreless
  • School's out! All the kids in Dimmsdale are free to do all they want! But Flappy Bob has something else in mind! He was raised by HP and Sanderson to build a Learn-A-Thorium and ruin fun for kids so the Pixies can rule Fairy World! All this in a musical.moreless

    i like this epi 'cause it's in a musical. i especially like cosmo and wanda's duet and the pixie rap. "i saw her and no other i still lived

    with my mother

    'till i spotted her swirly

    pink hair

    though my shoes

    smell like tarpits

    and i don't wash my armpits

    i like monkeys too much

    but i know

    that she doesn't care"

    it's hillarious! LOLOLOLOLOL0LOLOLOLOL!!! cosmo's stupid, but he's funny! i saw this epi's blooper's on youtube and i laughed 'till i wet my pants! not literally, of course! LOL!!! totally kewl, awsome, soopreme... i'm runnin' out of vocabulary, here! oh well... "kewl"is the main word for this.moreless
  • I loved this unique eppie! It was great!!

    The songs were great and addicting, the situation was suspenseful and wacky (in a good way), and the characters were, as usual, strange and awesome. This has to be my favorite episode aside from Channel Chasers, because it really stands out above the rest. This episode was incredibly entertaining, and it really influenced my opinion of this show. The music wasn't sucky as I assumed it might be, and Fairly Oddparents sure hasn't lost its crazy humor with this one. I'd have to say the love song between Cosmo and Wanda was the best part, although the pixies rap and the disturbing polka from Jorgen were great as well.moreless
  • I like fairly odd parents. Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, Vicky and others.

    I like fairly odd parents. Cosmo, Wanda, Timmy, Vicky and others. This is the first crossover made for two different tv companies. Just Hanna-Barbera has made crossovers, but using their own characters. This is the first crossover made for two different tv companies. Just Hanna-Barbera has made crossovers, but using their own characters. This is the first crossover made for two different tv companies. Just Hanna-Barbera has made crossovers, but using their own characters. This is the first crossover made for two different tv companies. Just Hanna-Barbera has made crossovers, but using their own characters. This is the first crossover made for two different tv companies. Just Hanna-Barbera has made crossovers, but using their own characters.moreless
S. Scott Bullock

S. Scott Bullock

Flappy Bob

Guest Star



Sanderson(Rapping Voice)

Special Guest Star

Method Man

Method Man

Head pixie[Rapping Voice]

Special Guest Star

Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker

Recurring Role

Daran Norris

Daran Norris

Cosmo/Mr. Turner/Jorgen von Strangle

Recurring Role

Faith Abrahams

Faith Abrahams


Recurring Role

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (9)

    • Look Closely at the Pen Mug of Timmy in his office as president. The Design is Patterned after the North Korean Flag

    • Why didn't Jorgen wipe out all the godkids' memories of their godparents when he recalled all the fairies?

    • When Timmy's Dad rips off his clothes the first time, he is wearing the "Miss Dimsdale" gown from when he won the pageant in a previous episode.

    • This episode implies that Mama Cosma also has a godchild as she also was pulled during Jorgen's polka.

    • In Baby Face Francis says Pops the Adult is living in Flappy Bob's Learn-a-Torium for 60 years but this episode shows that the Learn-a-Torium isn't that old.

      The whole "Pops is 70 and hasn't been picked up yet" is a joke.

    • When Flappy Bob signs the contract with the Pixies we can see clearly that he only wrote "Flappy" but when they show the contract after he regrets signing it the signature reads "Flappy Bob".

    • When all the fairies in Fairyland turn to Pixies, Binky says that because they arn't creative and you have to walk, not fly. Yet when he poofs his normal clothes on, Pixies put rocks on his feet and he tries to fly. How could he fly if he just said he couldn't fly?

      REPLY: When he said he couldn't fly he said that because he wasn't allowed to.

    • During the song with Flappy Bob not knowing who to trust, Timmy or the Pixies, at one point, you can hear Timmy say something, but his lips don't move!

    • Whenever you see Flappy Bob's family picture, Dad is too the left, Mom to the right, and baby Flappy in the middle. But watch around at the end, when Flappy Bob wishes his parents were there, the picture has Mom to the left, Dad to the right, and no baby in the middle.

      It is a different picture.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Where is the Fun? (Musical Number)

      Timmy: Hey Flappy Bob,
      Can't you see what they've done?
      They needed a pawn
      and clearly you were the one
      They took away your clowny clothes
      your flappy shoes and big red nose
      Just look around
      how could you say this is fun


      Since you were born
      they decided your fate.
      From the style of your car
      down to the food that you ate.
      I know it seems they gave a lot.
      But I'm telling you it's part of a plot.
      A plot that you can stop.
      Stop it before it's too late.

      Head Pixie & Sanderson: Hey Flappy Bob
      You hear what he been spreading?
      The lies that he been telling

      Sanderson: I know where this is heading

      H.P.: Toward turning you against us

      Sanderson: To resent us

      H.P.: And present us

      H.P. & Sanderson: And suggest who are the villains
      Yeah don't you be forgetting
      It was you Flappy Bob

      H.P.: Yeah you were the one

      Sanderson: We protected

      H.P.: And respected

      Sanderson: As though you were our son

      H.P.: And now you're in the middle

      Sanderson: You can fiddle with this riddle

      H.P.: Or you can sign this deal and trust us

      H.P. & Sanderson: That your wishes will be done

      Timmy: Where is the fun?

      Flappy Bob: Who should I turn to?

      Pixies: Where is the fun?

      Flappy Bob: How can I learn who?

      Timmy: Who is the one?

      Flappy Bob: The one I can trust to tell me what's fun.

      Timmy: Where is the fun?

      Flappy Bob: Why should I trust you?

      Pixies: He was the one

      Flappy Bob: You were the one who
      wanted to shun
      everything I always thought fun.

      Timmy: Hey Flappy Bob
      Can't you see in your heart
      there's a role you play
      and dude this just ain't the right part
      I know my actions weren't ideal
      but how your clowny parents feel
      About the path you chose,
      whether or not it was smart
      Where is the fun?

      Flappy Bob: Who should I turn to?

      Pixies: Where is the fun?

      Flappy Bob: How can I learn who?

      Timmy: Who is the one?

      Flappy Bob: The one I can trust to tell me what's fun?

      Timmy: Where is the fun?

      Flappy Bob:I'm so conflicted

      Pixies: But he was the one

      Flappy Bob The one who restricted

      Pixies Your vision of fun

      Flappy Bob And with this pen I'll sign by line item 1

      Timmy: NO!!!!!

      Flappy Bob: Maybe you're right it could be a giant mistake

      Pixies: Ha ha ha

      Flappy Bob: But changing my ways a risk I'm not ready to take This nose, pants, hair and shoes they're all the past and now I choose To wish for a world A world that fits all my views A world where I'm safe

      Pixies: It's over, Turner, you lose

      Timmy: Ahhh!!!

      Flappy Bob: Thanks for the pen

    • Mr Crocker: (as he's being chased by a group of kids) It's not supposed to be my problem until September 3rd!

    • Cosmo My stupid pointy hat, it's a crown again! And still not a manly word to be found! (Jorgan punches Cosmo into the ground) Wow, that was extentuatingly manly!

    • HP: Hi Turner. Don't mind us. We're just here for the show.
      Sanderson: Your misery is like going to the movies for us. Want some popcorn?
      HP: Its unsalted and unbuttered right?
      Sanderson: And unpopped.

    • Cosmo: I know this is a bad time, but what does extrenuating mean? (Jorgen punches him into the ground) I'd rather learn by phonics...

    • Timmy: No way. I'm the president of Kidworld?
      Cosmo: Yep, everywhere except in Florida. They're still voting.

    • Cosmo and Wanda's Duet

      Wanda: I was lost 'till he found me and although he confounds me,
      By his crown is where I know I should be.
      Yes, I know he's a moron with a brain made of boron,
      And, yet, I'm drawn to him magically.
      Through ev'ry moment of turmoil,
      And moment of pain,
      Through all of our misadventures,
      One thing remains:
      Facing pixies, bullies, and jar-heads,
      I'll never be blue,
      As long as I'm floating... with you.
      Cosmo: I saw her and no other. I still lived with my mother,
      When I spotted her swirly, pink hair.
      Though my shoes smell like tar pits and I don't wash my armpits,
      I like monkeys too much but I know she doesn't care,
      And I know that I'm forgetful.
      I know I'm dim,
      And even though I've just eaten,
      I know I'll swim.
      I know it doesn't matter,
      If I can't count to two,
      As long as I'm floating with you.
      Cosmo and Wanda: Even though we're in deep here and they might make us sleep here,
      Here with you, dear, is where we both make our stand.
      Wanda: I'm braced for attack and,
      Cosmo: Knowing she has my back end,
      Cosmo and Wanda All I need is his/her hand in my hand.
      Wanda: I know I can be nagging.
      Cosmo: I know you're naggy, too.
      Wanda: I know that I'm demanding.
      Cosmo: Oh, man! Is that true!
      But one thing I'm understanding,
      Cosmo and Wanda: No matter what we go through:
      I'd rather go through it,
      I know I'll get through it,
      If I'm floating through it... with you.
      (song ends)
      Cosmo: You know you really are kind of naggy.
      Wanda: Did you get the key, Cosmo?
      Cosmo: Yep! Operation: Distract Jorgen with a Stupid, Gooey Love Song works ev'ry time!
      Jorgen (while crying) I saw her and no other... Ooh, and the part with the fingerprints. Fingers aren't shaped like that! That is love!

    • Pixie Rap

      We're Pixies, yeah...
      W-w-w-w-w-w-w-we're Pixies! We're Pixies!
      Check out our mad, wicked mixies!
      We got square heads, and big pointy caps;
      Clean out your ears and hear my rap!
      Yo, HP - YO!
      You in charge!
      I may be small but my goals are large
      I'm not a hater, but I must cater,
      To my mission, my ambition
      to be the world's administrator!
      I'm Sanderson, I'm anti-fun,
      And all those fairies, can bite my bun!
      With my boss HP, we're gonna be, the big-time rulers!
      --You got that Chief
      We're Pixies! We're Pixies!
      And since the nineteen-sixties,
      We raised that clown to be our tool,
      To beat the fairies so we can rule!
      We're Pixies! We're Pixies!
      It's going just as we predict-sies!
      We can't stop now, the time is near,
      Where Fairy World, and this world here,
      Are ruled by us, by us you hear!
      By Pixies... by Pixies...
      Strong like Bill Bixby!
      We're Pixies! Yeah!
      We're Pixies! Yeah!
      WE'RE PIXIES! Yeah!

    • "Pull Back the Fairies"

      Jorgen: With my muscles
      I will hustles
      with the fools who dare discusses
      da (something)
      I will (something)
      to my authority.
      To my knuckles
      you will buckles,
      like a chicken you will cluckses.
      For I so do love the rules
      and I know the rules love me.
      You will learn to fear my mighty fist,
      if my song won't help you get the jist.
      And though you fools might disagree
      but you will all answer to me.
      With this polka,
      I will choka,
      but first this frappe mocha. (clears throught)
      I was shocked-a when
      I woke-a
      to a world where kids all ruled.
      With my biceps
      i must try-ceps
      though the kids are now denied-ceps
      the magic with the supply-ceps
      for your jobs must be reissued.
      Oh, I love to get to draw the line,
      and you morons make it all the time.
      For the rules are very clear.
      And now this time is here...
      for me to
      Pull back the fairies.
      Pixies: Pull 'em back. Pull 'em back. Pull 'em back.
      Jorgen: Bring them all home one-by-one.
      Pull back the fairies.
      Pixies: Pull 'em back. Pull 'em back. Pull 'em back.
      Jorgen: Now that my mocha is done.
      Pull back the fairies.
      Pixies: Pull 'em back. Pull 'em back. Pull 'em back.
      Jorgen: Now that the kids have the reins.
      Now it's pulling, pulling, pulling, back the fairies
      so I can bring them pain.
      Pixies: Hey!

    • Jorgen: Do you want to stay in Fairy Jail for the rest of you're life, or do you want to blame Cosmo?
      Wanda: NO!!
      Jorgen: (good cop) Please?
      Wanda: NO!!
      Jorgen: Good cop over, BLAME COSMO!!!

    • Cosmo: There's just enough pretty color for one of us to slide down the rainbow bridge! Wow. There wasn't a manly word in that sentence.

  • NOTES (5)


    • The pixies sing "strong like Bill Bixby" this is a reference to the fact that Bill Bixby played Dr. Bruce Banner/Hulk in The Incredible Hulk.

    • Superman

      The whole scenario of the Pixies finding Flappy Bob in a cornfield and of Flappy Bob's parents sending him in an escape craft to save his life is reminiscent of Kal-El, a.k.a. "Superman," from the DC Comics universe and how his father, Jor-El, sent him from Krypton to save him and their way of life and how he lands in a cornfield outside Metropolis and is found by the Kents.

    • The story of how Flappy Bob was separated from his parents are similar to the story of Clark Kent in Smallville. They both fell from the sky in a spaceship in Kansas. Also like in Smallville, Flappy Bob's parents gave him up to save him from death.

    • When Cosmo says "Except in Florida. They're still voting," when Timmy finds out he's president of Kidland, that was a clear refrence to the 2000 election of Bush and Gore.