The Fairly OddParents - Season 1

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  • Christmas Every Day
    Episode 19
    Because Timmy wishes it would be Christmas everyday, it ends up as a big disaster. He must stop Santa from being banished to February 33rd, a day that doesn't exist. Now, he has to go all the way to the North Pole to stop this madness.
  • 5/4/01
    Dream Goat:
    When Timmy sees that the city mascot is miserable in captivity, he wishes for the mascot's freedom. Vicky takes the blame for stealing the goat, and Timmy is proclaimed a hero, but guilt causes him to wish in his sleep.

    The Same Game:
    Timmy wishes for everyone in the world to be the same when an evil dentist won't give him his ball back. Problems inevitably ensue, and Timmy can't wish things back to normal as Cosmo and Wanda aren't able figure out who he is.moreless
  • 4/27/01
    Chin Up:
    Timmy wishes for the Crimson Chin, a comic book hero, to come to life. But when the Chin discovers that he is imaginary and lives in a fake world, Timmy must restore his confidence. In order to do so he wishes himself inside the comic and poses as the Chin's sidekick, Cleft, the Boy Chin Wonder. The Crimson Chin must now make a decision about his so-called life.

    Dog's Day Afternoon:
    Timmy wishes he was a dog in order to be treated better by Vicky. But when he discovers that he is due to be "fixed", he is unable to wish himself back to normal, no longer having the ability to speak.moreless
  • 4/20/01
    Father Time:
    Timmy goes back in time to stop his dad from winning a trophy that he has stupidly melted with heatvision, thanks to Cosmo. However, when Timmy realises that the trophy is what brought his mom and dad together, he must fix the mistake he made in order to stop his dad from becoming ruler of the entire world.

    After Wanda gets mad at Cosmo on their umpteenth anniversary, Cosmo visits Fairy World. There, his mom, who has always hated Wanda, announces that she has found him two new girlfriends, Twinkle and Star. In order to get Cosmo back, Wanda must compete against Twinkle and Star in a game show hosted by Cupid, but Cosmo's mom will do anything to ensure that he doesn't go home with Wanda.moreless
  • 4/13/01
    A Wish Too Far:
    Determined to impress Trixie Tang, the girl he likes and the most popular one in school, Timmy wishes for a list of things to make him popular. As a result of this, Cosmo and Wanda become overworked, and in fairy court he ends up losing them. Realizing the things that really are important, he must now earn his friends' forgiveness and get his godparents back.

    Tiny Timmy:
    Cosmo and Wanda shrink Timmy so that he can complete his assignment on the microscopic universe but problems ensue when they, who have also shrunk themselves, get eaten by Vicky. He must now go inside her to save them, but stirs up a lot of trouble in the process. To make matters worse, she plans on tearing the house apart and blaming it all on him to his parents.moreless
  • Transparents!
    Episode 14

    When Timmy brings an actual dinosaur to class, his class doesn't believe him, but his demented teacher Mr. Crocker soon figures out that Timmy actually used fairy godparents to create such a creature. Having insisted his whole life that fairies exist, Crocker plans to capture them when he forces a meeting with Timmy's parents who need to be replaced by Cosmo and Wanda to hide the truth. Meanwhile, Chester and A.J. are asked by Timmy to capture the dinosaur to recover the evidence. But the situation turns out to be harder than the thought, with Crocker struggling to discover the truth at almost any cost.

  • Spaced Out
    Episode 13
    After Timmy, Chester and A.J. finish watching an episode of Crash Nebula, they try to act it out. To make things more interesting, Timmy wishes for an alien. But he is brought a real one, the prince of a planet called Yugopotamia, named Mark Chang. He captures Chester and A.J. (who don't know he's a real alien). Mark also falls in love with Vicky. Timmy must find Mark's parents so they can take him back to Yugopotamia before Chester and A.J. find out the truth!moreless
  • Power Mad!
    Episode 12
    After playing a virtual game with ninja bunnies, Timmy wishes for a game that you can't wish yourself out of. When Chester and A.J. then come unexpectedly and go into the game, Timmy realizes that they have to finish the game to leave, so he goes into the game himself. But when Vicky is coming close to a power surge, Cosmo and Wanda have to make sure the power doesn't go out, or all the data in the game will be lost...including Timmy and his friends.moreless
  • The Big Problem
    The Big Problem
    Episode 11
    After becoming rejected from the football team, receiving a babysitter, and bullied by Francis, Timmy wishes to be an adult. However, he soon realizes that being an adult is not what he thought it would be.
  • Super Humor
    Super Humor
    Episode 10
    Timmy wishes to be a superhero like the Crimson Chin, and tries out various powers, ultimately getting into battle with a 3-headed monster. At the end, however, he wished for "super-vision" and he ended up back home with his parents ("supervision").
  • The Really Bad Day
    The Really Bad Day
    Episode 9
    For one day in a certain number of years, a fairy godparent has to be "bad", and it is Cosmo's turn. There is just one problem: he is horrible at being "bad." Timmy Turner and Wanda try to help him. So they enlist in the help of the conqueror Genghis Khan to teach him how to be bad, and soon Cosmo has a plan to blow up the Earth!moreless
  • Scout's Honor
    Episode 8
    While on a wilderness camping trip with the Squirrel Scouts, Timmy Turner tries to earn his "Capturing a Mythical Creature" badge; Not far by, Vicky tortures her own scout group, the Cream Puffs.
  • The Zappy's
    The Zappy's
    Episode 7
    Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda are nominated for a Fairy World award show, but Jorgen Von Strangle, the toughest fairy in the universe, uses his power to "persuade" the judges; Also, Timmy's left buck tooth is loose.
  • The Temp
    The Temp
    Episode 6
    The Temp: Cosmo and Wanda must go to the Fairy Academy to have their Godparenting License renewed, and their drill instructor is the toughest fairy in the universe, Jorgen Von Strangle. While they are absent, Timmy Turner gets a substitute godparent, Jeff the Elf, can only make toys; it turns out that Jeff is a runaway elf from the North Pole.moreless
  • The Fairy Flu!
    Episode 5
    Cosmo and Wanda have caught the fairy flu and whenever they sneeze, their magic effects everything around them. This is problem trouble for Timmy, who has been invited to a birthday party for Tootie, Vicky's little sister. Unlike her older sister, Tootie is madly in love with Timmy!
  • Party of Three!
    Episode 4
    Vicky tries to get proof of Timmy having a party at his house while his Mom and Dad are out.
  • Where's the Wand?
    Where's the Wand?
    Episode 3
    While Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda are playing games, Wanda's wand accidentally ends up with Vicky, who uses Wanda's wand as a prop for her fairy costume at her High School costume party, and Timmy must get back the wand since it is granting Vicky's wishes.
  • Too Many Timmys
    Too Many Timmys
    Episode 2
    Having been left alone with a demanding, "injured" Vicky babysitting him and using him as a servant, Timmy Turner wishes up a bunch of clones to do his chores for him, but chaos ensues when they scare Vicky out of her mind!
  • The Fairly Odd Parents!

    10-year-old Timmy Turner is left alone by his parents with a cruel babysitter, Vicky. After being sent to his room early, beaten and miserable from Vicky's treatment, Timmy throws his Magic 9-Ball against the wall in frustration. The 9-ball breaks, and from it emerge two Fairy Godparents named Cosmo and Wanda, a fairy couple who can grant nearly anything Timmy wishes for!