The Fairly OddParents - Season 4

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  • The superhero TV show, "Catman," may be out of production, but its star, TV's Adam West will never rest as long as there are crimes to avenge! But every time Adam tries to "save the day," he gets arrested for disturbing the peace. So Timmy wishes Adam / Catman into his favorite Crimson Chin webisode where he can fight crime online. But does the Web version town of Chincinatti have room for two superheroes? When Timmy accidentally releases a Genie from a magic lava lamp, he learns that three rule-free wishes are not all they're cracked up to be, especially when the Genie who grants them is a clever trickster that manages to entrap Cosmo and Wanda in his lamp.moreless
  • Beach Bummed
    Episode 13.2
    After some ritual beach-themed bullying, courtesy of Francis, Timmy wishes that he was the strongest guy on the beach.
  • 5/7/04
    After blowing off yet another science fair project, Timmy Turner wishes for access to the greatest laboratory in the universe, where he can easily get his hands on a quick gadget. However, Wanda and Cosmo cannot come along, so they give him an "Auto Poofer" that will automatically poof him back to his room. Poof! Timmy is magically sent to the secret lab of none other than Jimmy Neutron, the boy with the genius IQ. Timmy immediately starts playing with all of the cool inventions that are at his fingertips, much to the chagrin of his disinclined host. But before Jimmy can find a way to get rid of this strange, annoying kid, he accidentally pushes Timmy's Auto Poofer and is instantly transported to Timmy's world. Poof! Now both boys get to spend some time living in each other's three and two dimensional shoes, respectively; Timmy has everyone in Retroville convinced that he's a boy genius, while Jimmy gets to hang out with some real fairy godparents. But with these perks comes two massive drawbacks: Timmy Turner combats a malfunctioning Goddard that's threatening to destroy Retroville, and Jimmy Neutron has to battle Timmy's crazed, fairy obsessed school teacher, Mr. Crocker who has managed to get into - of all places - fairy world.moreless
  • 2/14/05
    Timmy becomes evil and tries to take over the world doing the opposite of what his parents tell him and he tries to make a plan to destroy Dimmsdale.
    Love at First Height:
    Timmy becomes 16 to ride a rollercoaster and Vicky accidentally falls in love with him and everybody want's to be with Timmy believing that he's a Norwegian super model.moreless
  • School's Out!
    School's Out!
    Episode 15
    Timmy's school is out for the summer. But he gets sent to Camp Lernatorium and wishes kids ruled the world. Then, pixies take over. With a mysterious man named Flappy Bob, can Timmy save the world- With Song?
  • 6/10/05
    When it's Summer in Dimmsdale, the kids all look forward to summer vacation, but the parents fear that they are getting too wild. Enter Flappy Bob, who agrees to keep the kids in his day care center all Summer. Timmy quickly remities the situation by wishing kids ruled the world.
  • Genie Meanie Minie Moe / Back to the Norm
    Genie Meanie Minie Moe:
    Timmy accidentally releases a genie from a magic lava lamp.
    Back to the Norm:
    Mr. Crocker receives the magic lava lamp as a present and tries to capture Timmy's fairies in a Roadrunner-like manner.
  • Channel Chasers
    Episode 13
    Timmy wishes for a magic remote control that will allow him to travel inside television. But the magic remote winds up in Vicky's hands! It's going to take Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda to race through television and stop Vicky from using the remote control to take over every channel and, ultimately, the world!moreless
  • 2/15/05
    Truth or Cosmoquences:
    Wanda and Timmy agree to help Cosmo impress people at his high school reunion by pretending he is rich and married to Britney Britney and that they are his secretary and his butler. It works perfectly, until Wandissimo shows up and decides to put the moves on Cosmo's "secretary" - - Wanda!!!
    Beach Bummed:
    Tired of having sand kicked in his face by Frances, Timmy wishes he was the strongest guy on the beach. But when a whale washes up on shore Timmy grows into a super-sized-hulking-human who quickly becomes the main target of a dangerously armed and heavily funded Seaweed Monster Response Team.moreless
  • 11/27/04
    New Squid in Town:
    Just as Mark is about to get married to a space warrior princess named Mandie Mark notices something...She happens to be really beautiful, which Yugopotamians hate! So Mark flees to earth for Timmy's help in hiding out, ending up disguised as a human boy...But that's not all, now ManDIE the warrior princess is after Mark, and if she can't have him, no one can!

    Wish Fixers:
    Timmy starts making really bad wishes. So he wishes he would make only really smart/useful ones. Somehow, Jorgen manages to get them invovled with Pixies Inc. and their wish fixing business. Soon it becomes apparent that the Pixies want to take over again, and the only way to stop them is for Timmy to totally go 5 days without making a bad wish! Of course, is that even possible for Timmy to do?moreless

  • 6/18/04
    Who's Your Daddy?:
    Dad can't go to the father son camp festival with Timmy, He wishes that other kids Dads were his to try and replace him in time.

    Timmy is sick of Vicky messing up his house then blaming it on him, so Timmy gets his revenge on Vicky by doing the same.moreless

  • Fairy Friends and Neighbors:
    Timmy starts to get dragged to every boring thing his parents do, because their neighbors hate the Turners, who are being really annoying... about everything. He then wishes that they had good adult friends to hang out with. Those friends: Cosmo and Wanda! When they start doing all kinds of stuff, Timmy is trapped with Vicky 24/7!!
    Just the Two of Us:
    Timmy wishes that Timmy and Trixie were the only living things in the universe. Trixie goes nuts and demands Timmy to worship her, as much as she usually gets from much more boys! And Cosmo, being the dumb type, thinks Wanda is dumping him for Timmy, refusing to let Timmy unwish the wish!moreless
  • 5/18/04
    Power Pals: Timmy's friends are tired that he is always pushing them around, so they form an anti Timmy force. Timmy wishes for some Super Friends to be his new friends. But pretty soon they begin pushing Timmy around like he used to with Chester, AJ, Elmer, and Sanjay. Timmy tries to find his old friends, but when the "Power Pals" find out there is an Anti Timmy league, they try to destroy it but Timmy and his friends confuse them with a distress call supposedly sent from another galaxy.

    Emotion Commotion:
    After being embarrassed in public when his bathing suit comes off while swimming, Timmy wishes he has no emotions. This personifies his emotions into small creatures which act like their emotions, and Cosmo keeps them in a box. With no emotions, Timmy is not afraid of anything and does dangerous daredevil stunts, and is approached to be a secret agent. He is sent on a mission to a cliched-evils-genius-hideout-volcano to rescue some prisoners. When he is about to jump in to the base, he says he is tired of having no emotions, so Cosmo and Wanda release them from the box. Timmy didn't mean right now, and has to complete his mission with his emotions.moreless

  • 2/16/04
    In another case of "Be careful what you wish for," Timmy wishes the world was more like a Crimson Chin comic book, and Cosmo and Wanda turn him and all his friends into superheroes!
  • 6/14/04
    Odd Couple:
    Timmy finds out that when Cosmo tells Wanda and Mr. Turner tells Mrs. Turner about how much they love them, the completely forget about what they were shouting at him for. Thinking that it was a good idea to distract Vicky so she doesn't bully him anymore, Timmy wishes for someone that's a perfect match for Vicky, along comes Ricky which is in fact like her if not even worse and they fall in love with each other. Timmy is having a great time with out her tough when Mr. Turner suggests that the two should baby-sit together he starts to get twice the amount of bullying then he usually gets, he wants this to stop tough because they are meddling with true love Cosmo and Wanda cannot un-wish the wish so they have to find another way to rip them apart.

    Class Clown:
    Timmy tried to win the heart of his one true love, Trixie by wishing that he was the funniest guy on Earth but when he finds out that Cosmo's man eating plant he gave her is going to eat her at 12 midnight he tried to un-wish his wish but Wanda and Cosmo is too busy laughing to take Timmy seriously.moreless

  • 2/20/04

    Vicky Loses Her Icky:
    Vicky becomes extra mean and tortures Timmy, forcing him to wish for her to be nice. When Timmy wishes that his mean and nasty babysitter would be nice, a magical bug containing Vicky's evil essence crawls from out of her butt leaving behind a sweet and docile teenager. Vicky is now a total saint. But the evil has to go somewhere, which means that the bug is on the hunt for its next host.
    Pixies, Inc:
    Pixies, boring magical creatures who treat magic like a business, have bought Fairy World! Under the new management of the monotonous and very corporate Pixies, everyone's wishes are being denied for being too much fun. So Timmy challenges the head pixie to a winner-takes-all game of miniature golf. If Timmy wins, the pixies will leave fairy world, but if he loses, Cosmo and Wanda will have to leave Timmy forever.

  • 3/19/04
    Baby Face:
    Timmy is sent to Flappy Bob's Learnatorium, because Vicky can't take care of him (because he had wished her to have a fish head.) He encounters Francis there, and in order to hide from him, he wishes he was a baby. However, the wish backfires on him when he realizes that he cannot talk anymore, and therefore, he can't wish himself back to 10 years...
    Mr. Right:
    Tired of being constantly wrong on everything, Timmy wishes that when he talks to people, he's always right. So, when he says something, it instantly happens. But trouble occurs when he says to Mr. Crocker that he doesn't have fairy godparents...moreless
  • Lights! Camera! Adam!:
    Timmy is an stunt-boy in the Crimson Chin movie where he uncovers a plot to discredit the Chin.

    A Bad Case of Diary-Uh:
    Timmy wishes that he could read Vicky's diary so that he can use her secrets against her.

  • Parent Hoods
    Episode 2
    While on vacation, Timmy's parents get arrested for a crime they didn't commit!
  • 11/14/03
    Hard Copy:
    While Wanda takes a terrifed Cosmo to the doctor, she leaves Timmy with a magic photo copier that can make copies of anything. He then makes a life-Dark Laser action figure that tries to destroy Dimmsdale.

    Parent Hoods:
    Timmy's parents are mistaken for wanted outlaws that look like his parents, and Timmy tries to catch the real crooks.moreless
  • Shelf Life
    Episode 1
    Timmy wishes that Tom Sawyer would come out of his book and help him write his book report. Tom, being the lazy swindling type, steals Cosmo's wand and goes into a few well known books and edits them, forcing Timmy, Cosmo and Wanda to follow him and end his antics.
  • Miss Dimmsdale:
    Vicky is competing in the Miss Dimmsdale beauty contest and Timmy tries to stop her, so he decides to be a judge at the contest, so Vicky can't cheat in the contest.
    Mind Over Magic:
    Timmy wants to read minds, so he wishes that he could read minds and Crocker notices that he can read his mind then he creates a helmet to protect himself from getting his mind read.