The Fairly OddParents

Season 2 Episode 4

Super Bike / A Mile in My Shoes

Aired Daily 7:00 AM May 10, 2002 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Super Bike:
The father/son bike race is coming up, and Timmy's dad made a bike especially for Timmy to ride. The problem is, it's poorly built and doesn't even work. Despite Cosmo and Wanda's warnings, Timmy wishes for a super bike, and it's definitely super. But it hurts his dad's feelings that he doesn't use the bike he made, and the super bike tries to control Timmy's life.
A Mile in My Shoes:
Timmy thinks Cosmo and Wanda have it easy being godparents, and vice versa. To prove each other's points, Timmy becomes a fairy and Cosmo and Wanda become normal kids. But Timmy can't control his magic and has to undergo training from Jorgen von Strangle, and Cosmo and Wanda have a tough time dealing with Timmy's parents, Vicky, and school.moreless

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  • Good episode but it could be better.

    This episode Timmy wishes for a new bike because his dad made him a crudy bike that didn't value nothing at all. Then Timmy goes to a bike riding marathon and loses and he and his dad start laughing because of that. I think this episode was good but I expected a little more of it because it was about Timmy's bike and the story could be better in many ways in the episode and it was average but I think the episode was not so good but it was great for the series and it served as a filler episode to the series. I give this episode a 8.1 great rating for my review.moreless
  • Super Bike and A Mile in my Shoes weren't really great.

    In Super Bike, Timmy wishes for a cool new bike, as his Dad made him a cruddy one, and super wishes are super dangerous, mentioning Super Toilet. But this new bike decides to take over, and Dad's all sad now, because he's not using the bike he made him.

    In A Mile in My Shoes, Timmy and Cosmo and Wanda decide to switch places, so Timmy Godparent, and Cosmo and Wanda Turner. They think that each other's lives are easier, but wrong! Jorgen is worse than Vicky for Timmy, and Vicky is worse than Jorgen for Cosmo and Wanda!moreless
  • Terrible sums it up in a nutshell

    Super Bike

    No comment.

    A Mile In My Shoes

    If Boy Toy and Inspection Detection didn't take their toll amongst Timmy's ranks, then this one did a better job. Chester and AJ sided against a lone Timmy in a game of dodge ball without conscience (a childhood memory most would rather forget). Did you see their unscrupulous smiles? I've nothing to say about Cosmo and Wanda's training day, or Timmy's wish...okay, I guess there's ONE redeeming quality: Timmy has finally learned to appreciate his godparents' ordeals and vice versa.moreless
Carlos Alazraqui

Carlos Alazraqui

Mr. Denzel Crocker

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Tara Strong

Tara Strong

Timmy Turner

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Grey DeLisle

Grey DeLisle


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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (12)

    • When the Super Bike is near to Chester's van, when he is just like playing around, look at Chester carefully. He doesn't has braces!

    • Super Bike marks the first time a title card is not used at the beginning of the episode. However, it did get shown in the end which features the bike Mr. Turner made for Timmy in a spotlight.

    • In one shot in A Mile in my Shoes, I think it's after the first volleyball scene when Timmy gets home angry, his eyebrows are gone!

    • In Super Bike, when Dad comes into Timmy's room, he said that he wanted to give Timmy a gift (the bike) for no exact reason, but later when Timmy rushes to see what his "gift" is, Dad said that he made it for the him for the big race.

    • When everyone is throwing dodgeballs at Timmy, one of the girls looks like Tootie, but less nerdy.

    • In A Mile in My Shoes when Jorgen does wand-ups to Cosmo and Wanda, he counts 1,2,1,2,etc, yet when he does them to Timmy, he counts 1,2,3,etc.

      So he counts different. Maybe he does that for new fairies.

    • In A Mile in My Shoes, Timmy came to school, only to be caught up in a war of dodgeball. But when he came home, he complained he got "rained and volleyballed on!" Plus, he had a volleyball stuck to his face, but they were playing dodgeball.

      The joke is the fact they played with volleyballs, which really hurt.

    • In Super Bike, the bike pulled off his right mirror. But when Timmy opens his garage door later in the episode, his mirror is back on.

    • In Super Bike, when the Super Bike is in dragon form, he talks with an evil, animal-like voice. But after falling apart, when he says 'Timmy, don't go!' he speaks in his normal, human-style voice, still in dragon form. After that he just has the dragon voice. Perhaps he can control the voice.

    • In A Mile in My Shoes, when Vicky breaks a dish and dumps garbage in the sink that Wanda was using to wash dishes, and gives her a shovel, one shot later the garbage disappears.

    • In Super Bike, after dad takes off the cloth covering the homemade bike, one rusty pipe handlebar handle snaps off. A shot somewhere after that has the handlebar ends switched.

    • In A Mile in My Shoes, when Timmy was a balloon, his bucktooth vanished for a while

  • QUOTES (25)

    • Timmy's mom: Lets tuck Timmy in.
      Timmy's dad: With mighty fighting robot action!
      (Top of robot detaches and flies off toward Timmy's room)

    • Wanda: We're sorry we can't poof you to school, sport.
      Timmy: That's okay. My dad can drive me, as long as he hasn't done anything stupid to the car.
      (Switch scenes)
      Timmy: You built a giant fighting robot out of the car?
      Timmy's dad: Sure! The Dinklebergs have got one! You can always take the bus to school.
      (We see bus drive away)
      Timmy: Nooo! Wait!

    • Cosmo: (After clipping the hedges) There! All nice and symmetrical! Wow, I didn't even know I knew that word.

    • Timmy's mom: Ahh! someone replaced my slippers with bike pedals
      Timmy's dad: Ha ha, gotta go. (Gives money to Timmy) If your mom asks?
      Timmy: I did it.
      Timmy's dad: You're a good boy.

    • (Talking to "Timmy")
      Timmy's Mom: Oh, sweetie, you feel warm, and you look positively green!
      Timmy's Dad: Warm? green? those are all the symptoms of steamed broccoli! Get the thermometer! and the salad shooter!

    • Dad: (Grabbing the cow with the robot) And I can use this for my milk powered engine!
      Fairy Cow: Moo?

    • Timmy: Hey guys! What's new!
      (Cosmo sparks flint under water and creates a fire for their wet meat)
      Wanda: Uh... the laws of physics?

    • Vicky: Wow! It's so clean I can see myself! (Drops plate) and now I can't... good thing the Garbage Disposal's busted! (Dumps a bag of garbage into the sink and hands Wanda a shovel) START SHOVELING! I'll be busy sleeping.
      Wanda: She's worse than Jorgen!

    • (Timmy spends all night transforming until he finally turns into a gold fish by dawn)
      Wanda: Good morning, Timmy!
      Cosmo: Good morning, Timmy!
      Timmy: Hey guys! I finally got the fish thing down! Check it out! Gills!
      Wanda: That's great, Timmy! I wish you were a puppy!

    • (Timmy enters the gym from the rain)
      Timmy: What's going on?
      A.J.: We're playing Dodgeball...
      Chester: And it's drys versus wets...
      A.J.: Think fast!
      (The entire class throws dodgeballs at Timmy)

    • Timmy: You're not a very nice bike and I don't want to ride you anymore!

    • Wanda: I wish he had a muzzle.
      Timmy: (Poofs a puzzle)

    • Super Bike: Timmy! Don't go!
      Cosmo: Super Bike, meet Super Screwdriver!
      Super Bike: Super Toilet.
      Cosmo: (Screams)

    • Timmy: My dad loves me!
      Super Bike: How do you know he's not lying?
      Timmy: How do I know you're not lying?
      Super Bike: Well, I'm a bike.

    • Dad: Hey! That's not the blender I made you!

    • Cosmo: It took the plunger... the whole plunger!!!

    • Cosmo: Hey! I conquered my fear! (gets flushed)

    • Timmy: It's quiet... too quiet.
      Cosmo: It's wet... too wet.

    • Dad: Good news, honey. I'm fighting the Dinklebergs' robot car tomorrow!
      Mom: (In the living room) Timmy? What are you doing up this late? It's way past your bedtime!
      Wanda: (As Timmy) But-
      Dad: No buts. Straight to bed, young man, and don't make me get the giant robot in here.
      Mom: (In the kitchen) Timmy? What are you doing in here? You were just in there.
      Cosmo: (As Timmy) Uh... No I wasn't.
      Dad: Well, that settles that. But you know you're not supposed to be eating sweets this late at night... or change from pink to green.

    • Cow: Finally! Dairy World!

    • Timmy: Fairy World?
      Vampire: Scary World.
      Timmy: You're not that scary.
      Vampire: Well, here's a picture of your grandma's feet!
      Timmy: It burns! (Poofs)
      Timmy: Fairy World?
      Hairy Guy: Hairy World.
      Cow: Dairy World?
      Timmy: Hairy World.
      Cow: Oh, darn it!

    • Wanda: Super Bike, meet Super Toilet.

    • Wanda: Cosmo, are you aware that we're in a fishbowl filled with water?
      Cosmo: Sure. That's why I want to light a fire so I can dry all this wet food.

    • Super Bike: Super Toilet.
      Cosmo: (Screams) So much clogging!

    • Cosmo: (Doodles a monkey on a notepad) Hey, look! I made a monkey!
      Jorgen: (Turns Cosmo into a monkey) So did I! Monkey Wandups now!

  • NOTES (3)


    • Title: A Mile In My Shoes
      The title is a reference to the old idiom that to learn more about someone, they should "Walk a mile in their shoes", meaning learn what is is like to be them.

    • When Timmy walks into school out of the rain, the kids tell him they're going to play dodgeball, the teams being "drys vs. wets." This is a reference to Prohibition, the movement in the 1920s that led to the ban of alcohol. Those who supported the ban were called "drys," and those who opposed it were called "wets."

    • Superbike: If I can't have you, NOBODY CAN!
      An allusion to the suspense film Fatal Attraction in which a woman rejected by a married man she loves uses that quote and attempts to exact her revenge.

    • A Mile in My Shoes: Salad Shooter
      Dad said he would go get the 'Salad Shooter.' The Salad Shooter is a home appliance manufactured by Presto.

    • A Mile in My Shoes: Tranzor Z
      The fighting robot with a car attached as the control's is a take of the 1980's Manga Tranzor Z.

    • A Mile in My Shoes: Scene
      When Wanda said, 'We're going to Fairy World,' and the words 'Fairy World' zoom in in 3D, it was a parody of how they would do it with the words 'A Filmways' at the end of shows like The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres.