The Fairly OddParents

Season 7 Episode 32

Take and Fake

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Feb 06, 2010 on Nickelodeon
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Take and Fake
Timmy borrows Mark Chang's fake-a-fier in order to attend Trixie's costume party.

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  • Timmy borrows Mark Chang's fake-a-fier to attend Trixie's costume party when he was the only person NOT invited to her party

    Timmy borrows Mark Chang's fake-a-fier in order to attend Trixie's costume party. This was actually a decent episode of "The Fairly OddParents". I liked it and it wasn't that bad of a LOVE episode. Unlike the other LOVE episodes in the newer episodes, it's pretty bad or just plain weak. Sure the episode wasn't amazing or spectacular but it's enjoyable. To be honest, this was actually OVERALL my second time watching this episode. My first time was when it first premiered which was on February 6th, 2010 so it's my first time in two years I've seen this episode. There are flaws to this episode, though, which does lower my score. First of all, I hated how Trixie invites everyone except Timmy. She even invited Timmy's parents. Also, I don't like how Timmy's parents are going to Trixie's party. Trixie, as a whole, just kinda annoyed me. The episode can be kinda boring and last not least I DID NOT like the ending of the episode with Timmy getting kicked out of the party but it wasn't terrible... just that it wasn't a good ending for poor Timmy. I believe that's all my flaws. But there were some pretty clever and amusing gags or just lines from characters in this episode such as Timmy's dad dressing up as Timmy's mom and Timmy's mom dressing up as Timmy's dad, that guy dressed up as a basket of milk then a water fountain and other disguises, "Wow! you look a rich snobby selfish rich girl" (then Trixie's bodyguards kicks Timmy's parents out of the party), "You're Mr. Crocker hideous" "I heard that", and there's some more because I laughed more than that. It's a decent episode overall and I would probably recommend it. Overall, a good/decent/enjoyable episode of "The Fairly OddParents"... it ain't perfect but it's a pretty good episode to watch. 7/10moreless
  • FOP Love episode 2

    Timmy borrows Mark Chang's fake-a-fier in order to attend Trixie's costume party. Well, this episode was way better than Stupid Cupid, but it is still not excellent, just great to me. No boring scenes at all whatsoever but of course, Tootie's appearance made my score lower. I didn't like the scene either when Timmy got kicked out of the party. Actually, for a new FOP episode standards, it has some humor such as mom and dad dressing as each other, Timmy using Mark Chang's fake-a-fier to attend the party, but it kept getting messed up, and a couple. Overall, a great episode for most the parts...expect for Tootie and the part where Timmy get kicked out. 8/10moreless
  • A slight step above complete garbage, but that's about it.

    This episode was a shining example of all that is wrong with the new writers of this show. You have a slew of characters, many of which have never had any dialogue between each other, and instead of putting them in unique and creative situations with each other, you...... have them recite their personal stock jokes/lines and completely ignore the other characters around them besides Timmy.

    In fact, poor writing is what shot this episode down, much like it has bogged down this entire show for the past few seasons. The character designs were fresh, we got to see our favorite characters in cool costumes and such, but they didn't do ANYTHING. They just sort of stood around, oooh and ahhh'd Mary Sue...... err..... I mean Trixie Tang, while she insulted them, and then they disappeared for the rest of the episode.

    It annoys me, and most other viewers for that matter, that minor characters are being pushed aside. Having some friction between Vicky and Trixie, or Timmy's friends and Mark Chang, or other characters who have never met but were on screen together in this episode, would have been MUCH MORE interesting than "Timmy chases Trixie and fails for the 1974198718947189267412897138914896412nd straight episode". Tootie also appeared at the end, disguised as Trixie trying to kiss Timmy. That makes about as much sense as Tiger Woods' wife disguising herself as one of her husbands' mistresses or something. Both Tootie and Timmy ended up in the trash, which is where all Kevin Sullivan-written Timmy/Tootie plotlines belong IMO. Butch Hartman REALLY needs to take the reins back on the show, in my opinion the romance angles are the only thing keeping it alive because the show itself just isn't funny anymore, yet his writer's are managing to mess even that up.moreless
  • Cosmo can't read? ZOMG! Continuity error!

    Timmy slept by the mailbox in order to get an invitation to Trixie's costume partty. But when he doesn't get one, and even his fairies do. So he goes to visit Mark. Mark is going too, and Timmy "borrows" his transfoming device. He becomes Rex, a charming prince.

    At the party, he is there with Trixie when he accidentally bumps into a random dancer and makes the transformer go shuffle, making Timmy turn into random monsters in the middle ofr the dance. then he decides to go find Mark, who tell him the obvious, gets mad, and revelas his identity. Trixie kicks him out, and at the door, after the fairiees win the competition (CHEATERS! THEY ARE FAIRIES!) Trixie returns telling him she DID want him there (cue to Cosmo not realizing his invitation was for Timmy as he can't read..WAIT WHAT?!), but it's truly Tootie. He shoots her to the dumo. Real Trixie then shoots Timmy to the dump. She kisses him on the dump. End.

    Overall: Average. Some people may think I rate high, but to me 8 is average. And nice cameos at the party. Too bad the were just cameos. 8/10moreless
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