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The Fairly OddParents

Season 7 Episode 9

Temporary Fairy.

Aired Daily 7:00 AM Sep 29, 2009 on Nickelodeon
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Episode Summary

Temporary Fairy.
Jorgen serves as over-adventurious Timmy's temproary godparent when Cosmo and Wanda become too busy with Poof.
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  • Not that bad but I was never a fan of this episode

    Jorgen serves as over-adventurous Timmy's temporary godparent when Cosmo and Wanda become too busy with Poof. This was a mediocre episode of "The Fairly OddParents" in my honest opinion. It's not a horrible episode but I was just never crazy about this episode though like I wasn't feeling it. I hated what a jerk Timmy has been to Cosmo and Wanda and Jorgen was actually getting on my nerves here and he honestly wasn't acting like himself here in this episode. There are laughs here and there though like Jorgen turning into a giant rhino then Wanda asks "why did you turn into a rhino?" and then Jorgen responds "What! rhinos are manly", Timmy's dad looking for him including the very ending of the episode with him saying "Oh, Timmy isn't at the center of the earth", The part near the end of the episode when Timmy wishes Jorgen in diapers, sucking on a pacifier, etc. then he humiliated Jorgen in front all of the fairies at the stadium so Jorgen wouldn't be Timmy's temporary fairy anymore, and there's probably a couple of more as well. The storyline, not bad but it just didn't grab me enough to enjoy it more, the humor wasn't bad and there were no repetitive running gags here so that's also a reason why I don't hate this episode. I don't recommend this episode though because I don't know if you'll like or not, that's all up to what you see in this episode. Here is one example on why Timmy was a jerk to Cosmo and Wanda... when Timmy said "Goodnight" then Cosmo and Wanda said "Goodnight Timmy" and Timmy responds "Not at you, I'm talking to my cool temporary fairy" and it's wrong for him to replace Cosmo and Wanda like that. Overall, this episode was not that bad but It was just never too crazy about this one... not an episode really worth watching again but it's worth watching if you want don't want to see the bad FOP episodes. 5.5/10moreless
  • Another Fairly Odd Parents episode I'm reviewing that sucks

    When Timmy goes to visit his father's office, he wishes up a pencil that will last forever. This impresses Dad's boss so much that he hires Timmy and orders him to fire Dad. Geez, the newer episodes of the Fairly OddParents are really not as good as the old ones. I had a desperate question: why does Nick air the season 6/7 episodes so much, I'm sick of seeing of them...I suffered in watching them especially the bad ones. However, not all the season 6/7 are awful, I just think both of those seasons are mixed to me...but I liked season 6 a tad better because Nick doesn't overair them like this stinking season. I just wish Nick hurry up and air Farm Pit already, this season is the reason why is the worst (it's good, but still pain in the butt to watch because of the NONstop reruns!! <:(. Speaking of this episode, it's sucked! It is my second least favorite episode for the season that kinda sucks for some simple reason. The plot is absolutely ridiculous and didn't made a point at all. I only laughed a couple and that's it. Overall, this episode is very bad and awful...please avoid this one...sorry if I kept talking about the newer seasons of the FOP. 2/10moreless
  • Dad & Cosmo: Well, Timmy isn't in the center of the Earth but I'll keep on looking!

    Okay so Timmy is on a day where he wants everything to the EXTREME, but Wanda makes his wishes baby proof so they turn really dull. Cosmo then tells "Timmy" that every godchild can request a temporary Fairy if they are not happy with their current. Timmy wishes for one and Jorgen arrives to do the job. He grants the extreme wishes extremely well, and Timmy is happy with it. But then he starts to get tired of the extreme.ization of all his wishes and needs to find a way to get rid of Jorgen. Wanda & Timmy come up with an idea. Timmy wishes Jorgen was only wearing a diaper, was in a playpen and was in the middle of Fairy Stadium, and that fairy stadium was full. Jorgen, embaqrrased, decides to stop being Timmy's fairy. Timmy then wishes for sth extreme, Wanda baby-proof's it and he was it's perfect.

    Overall: I liked it, but Timmy was kind of a jerk towards his fairies (Like when he said I love you to Jorgen but not to his fairies), but Cosmo's plot with "Timmy" the beaver was great. And Dad looking for Timmy was hilarious too.moreless

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