The Fairly OddParents

Season 1 Episode 11

The Big Problem

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Mar 30, 2001 on Nicktoons Networks

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  • Honestly, the "did you finish college?" quote alone gave this episode a 10/10

    Really the part alone where the waiter brings the bill and tells adult Timmy "did you finish college?" alone makes this episode one of my faovrites and that quote my favorite in the fairly oddparents and in all cartoons I have watched!
  • Superb pilot of "The Fairly OddParents"

    I thought that this was a superb pilot of "The Fairly OddParents". This wasn't my favorite episode and the plot could have been a little better but it was overall superb. I didn't like that Timmy's parents didn't take Timmy to the movies with them (but at least they're not as huge jerks as they are in the later FOP episodes). I thought Timmy wishing Cosmo and Wanda that he was an adult was a very interesting thing in this episode. Timmy enjoying his life as an adult was pretty funny. It was very funny that Timmy is watching a movie now that he is an adult and he thought the couple in the movie making out was gross and then you see Timmy's parents making out and then Timmy's dad says "You know, I bet Timmy would think this is gross". It was funny when Timmy was learning how to shave and use cologne. It was hilarious when adult Timmy asked the waiter "Did you finish college?" and then the waiter was crying and said "No, why do you think I'm a waiter". Timmy finds out that he needs to wish himself back to a kid or else he would lose Cosmo and Wanda forever, which is weird for the writers to do since this is the first episode of this cartoon. It was great that Timmy wished himself back to a kid again though. Overall, a superb pilot of this cartoon. 9/10

    Note: marebear2009 requested me to review this episode.
  • pilot

    the big problem- timmy wishes he could be an adult, because he does not like his life as a kid. but soon he learns his fairy godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, will leave because they cannot hang with adults. What will he do?

    Power Mad- virtual game. Chester and AJ Trapped? Will Timmy be able to save them and beat his virtual game?

    Good pilot episodes, big problem was probably better, but both were fine episodes, i thought, really good openers to the show, doing a decent job at introducing the characters, and overall these get both A+'s from me, just perfect
  • WHat do you get when you slap an over-used plot into a bowl of stupi animation and comedy this episode!!!!

    The Big Problem: Tired of being a kid, Timmy wishes he could be older in order to go adult things, but his wish backfires when "Da Rules" states that now that he is an adult, Cosmo and Wanda can't grant him any wishes or turn him back into a kid until he is a kid or acts like a kid

    Power Mad: After wishing for a challenging virtual reality game, Timmy goes to the bathroom and leaves it unattended, and Chester and AJ decide to play. Realizing what has happened, Timmy must go into the game and play to save them.
  • Playing games isn't just for children.

    The Big Problem - Bully Francis sees him as an easy target. His parents go to a movie without him. Vicky sends him to bed early. Timmy believes that these problems would go away if he were older. Or would this create more of them? This episode is a delight, not only for its snappy lines (especially from Cosmo), but for the fact that it actually imparts a lesson.


    Power Mad - A.J. and Chester visit Timmy to try out his new video game. Unfortunately, this dangerous game is 'one that you can't wish yourself out of'. Meanwhile, Vicky's overuse of the house's electronics items could spell 'game over' for the boys. A fantastic episode that features some clever and funny TV parodies (take that, "Channel Chasers"!), and an exciting story.

  • The Big Problem and Power Mad! Pretty good start.

    Okay so in the first one Timmy thinks that its not good being a kid. So he wishes to be an adult, but it basically shows all the downfalls of being an adut, at least for Timmy. There is some pluses of being an adult, and one of them is you're able to join the military, but only if you're interested in that kind of thing. The Second one however, was Awesome! Timmy, Chester, and AJ all end up going in a video game that Timmy wished for where you also can't wish yourself out of. Its a great adventure where it also shows teamwork and at the last level are able to stop Vicky, the evil mechanized robot! That was also funny when Cosmo and Wanda unplug the wires and think of all these TV shows where none of them impresses Vicky! Superiority!
  • As the first episode, it became my absolute favorite

    I like both episodes. But, I love Power Mad! Power Mad is my all time episode. Video games are my favorite so I like Power Mad like that. Anyway. Cosmo and, Wanda can make a mean video game! In the big promblem Vicky had a gotaee! Is that possible? Maybe not... And, the levels on Power Mad is the greatist ever. Level 1 looks painful. Ouch. On Level 1 in the video game on is super hard (Have you play it?)! Big promblem had people going to jail and, wanting the're mom and, dad?
  • Very good.

    A pretty good start to a great series. I loved both episodes.

    The Big Problem: Maybe not the best first episode. I hate the way everyone treated Timmy throughout the episode. They treated him as a ball when he was younger and when he was older, don't get me started. He almost had to lose his godparents! And the message was kinda stupid, too. Overall, I would give it a 6.5. It could have used some work.

    Power Mad: Way better episode. It's about Timmy going into a video game that he can't wish himself out of. Which means if someone resets the game or if Timmy lost all his lives, he'd disappear forever. I liked the plotline. It really added to the episode. This is one thing I miss from the 00-01 year of Nickelodeon. Overall, I would give it a 9.5 for a score.

    6.5 for The Big Problem + 9.5 for Power Mad = 16 / 2 = 8 for an overall score.
  • *yawn*

    In my opinion, this was not a very interesting episode. In fact, these days, I avoid turning the channel to the Fairly OddParents when an episode like this is on. And also, this is the pilot?? Gosh, doesn't seem like it. There should of been a good pilot, where there seems to be a twist that lets you know right away, thats when the show begins. Yeah, that'd be good! These episodes were boring too, and did you hear Timmy, Cosmo, and Wanda's voices in this period of time in the show? They were real low, and it sounded weird. REALLY, weird. Okay, so thats my opinion of the episode. Boooooooo!!
  • Timmy wishes that he is an adult. After shaving, paying bills, acting like a kid, and picking on Francis, Timmy gets put in the slammer. Timmy takes Cosmo and Wanda to a confrence as his "parents". But his crazy teacher tries to prove that faries exist.

    I think the episode was o.k. I like the part when Crocker traps Princepal Waxleplax in the cucoon to prove faries exist. Cosmo and Wanda do not know much about the human way of life. Cosmo and Wanda get really hooked on coffee. I have to agree with the man in the episode. That is plain creepy. The Fairly Odd Parents have not done as well, but I like the episode. I think it deserves a rewarding 8.2 as a rating. That would amazing if a dinosaur could be a show and tell project. This was good to watch that day.
  • not bad

    not bad for a pilot mostly the pilot in most shows will be awful but this one is preety good the episode "the big proble" was an ok episode it was like not that good and not that bad some parts were very funny too and the episode "power mad" ROCKED when i saw power mad i was thinking it was an amazing episode and a funny one too i realy liked it when timmy chester and AJ were in the game it was exciting and funny to me cause i thought that vicky was going to turn off the power and then timmy and their friends were going to be trapped forever but then i thought "how can it be this is only the first episode!" lol so i give it a 7.9/10
  • the first half sucks. the second half was ok

    I was bored with the first half entitled "the big problem". For a pilot episode they could have put something along the lines of Timmy getting his fairys other than him already having them. It was dumb how in the first story Timmy becomes an adult and screws up his adult life. (doesn't have money for dinner, bullies Frances, goes to jail) and then the ending was dumb to. He cried. thats not a good moral. basicly they are saying, hey kids, to get what you want go cry. no. no no no no no. But, part 2 was better. he wishes himself into a video game. I dont have to tell you what happens because, the words video game should be enough. well, see ya. This has been a review from the department of Tynubz. Thanks for reading.
  • Timmy wishes for a video game that's challenging; something you can't wish yourself out of.

    This was actually pretty good for a pilot episode. I didn't care too much for The Big Problem, but I really liked Power Mad. I liked how Cosmo and Wanda were supposed to keep Vicky distracted by reenacting TV shows by themselves. I liked the part where Wanda was a newscaster and then she said, 'Here's Cosmo with the weather,' and then Cosmo is standing there smiling like a dork saying, 'I thought you said feather,' That was just too funny. I also liked the part where Cosmo was a mouse and he was running after the meat on the treadmill.
  • Power mad was very well written for the first episode.

    When Timmy has sunk to be playing \"Ninja Bunnies\" on his game system, he must get a better game! So he wishes for the ultimate game, and Timmy, Chester, and Aj all get trapped in it! The only way out is to win, and the stakes are high! Cosmo and Wanda bring in comedy to stall Vicky from using too much power (too much power=Power surge and Power surge= Goodbye Timmy, Chester, and AJ!)

    In the Big Problem, Timmy wishes he was older, thinking he would look great and solve all of his problems. He is once again wrong and ends up a bald fat old man who can\'t use his godparents.

    very good for the first two episodes.
  • "It's a show about nothing! How do we know when it's over?"

    In "The Big Problem", Timmy wishes for himself to be older. If he stays that way, he'll lose his fairy godparents but Da Rules forbid him from undoing it! This is the first episode where we see Timmy's parents' faces as well as the first appearances of Chester, AJ and Francis.

    In "Power Mad", Timmy wishes for a challenging video game that you can't wish yourself out of. Chester and AJ enter the game, not knowing that once they lose their 3 lives, they'll disappear.

    Power Mad was the better of the two episodes. Especially with the parodies done by Cosmo and Wanda. In particular the Seinfeld parody and "I thought you said feather".
  • The one that attracted the most number of FOP fans.

    This is a good episode. The drawing might be a little course but it's the best attempt for someone that have been doing five to seven minute episodes for some time. The writing is OK and the TV part in Power Mad has parodies from shows like Seinfeld, I Love Lucy and many others. It starts of at the Turners house which is appropiate. How Timmy's house look like, where does he sleep, etc. The Big Problem introduced the faces of Mom and Dad. Power mad introduced Chester and AJ. Only in The Big Problem where Timmy was involved in the football club. After this episode (except Timvisible) Timmy was not involved in the football club. That's all I have to say.
  • Good Show.

    The Big Problem: I didn\'t find it interesting at all. Timmy wishes to become an adult and he can\'t wish anymore because he is an adult. The only part I liked was at the end when Francis was going to shave. Power Mad: Excellent! Thrilling! Adventurous! I don\'t know what to say about this episode because it was very good, and I used to watch Seinfield alot. But even, the levels were very creative and the scenes were Cosmo tried to put something in the TV was hilarous. And from the videogame, I think the best level was the final level, although I didn\'t really understand how Timmy kept getting points even though he was dead.
  • One of my favorite episodes from Fairly Oddparents!

    I love this episode! I even know it by heart, especially the one about the video game! Timmy first wishes for a more challenging video game, because his previous game was about fuzzy bunnies that used carrots as weapons. So, when he goes to the bathroom, Cosmo and Wanda grant him his wish, only to find Chester and A.J. playing his game. Timmy wishes them out of the game, but learns that they can't be wished out of it, nor survive if they lose their lives. So Timmy decides to go in and rescue them, and ends up losing a life in the very first level.
  • Not a bad series start, I guess.

    The Big Problem
    Timmy gets tired of being picked on and so wishes he were an adult, but difficulties WILL ensue. We are introduced to his two friends Chester and AJ, and another major antagonist: Francis. Just by looking at his expression, one can easily tell how hard it is to see around the gray bully's negative aura. But later episodes demonstrate just how formidable an opponent he proves himself towards Timmy.
    The episode seemed okay enough, I suppose. I'm glad Butch Hartman chose to let his audience see Timmy's parents in full. Though, Chester didn't have to purposely stand in one place letting Francis flick him on the head. Glad the bully got a comeuppance anyway. And when exactly did Vicky learn karate?

    Power Mad
    No comment.
  • Just wasn't such a good episode in my eyes.

    In The Big Problem, Timmy wishes he was an adult. But all sorts of problems happens as his bills are big, he gets beat up by Vicky, and worst of all, he can't make wishes. Timmy is sent to jail and Cosmo and Wanda have to transfer to a different godchild. So he starts to cry, acting like a kid, he becomes a kid again, and the jailer lets him out to be a free kid.

    In Power Mad, Timmy is playing a videogame, but Timmy has to go to the bathroom, but Chester and AJ mess around with the videogame that he left out, so he wishes himself into the videogame to find Chester and AJ, but there's even more trouble, a power outage, so they try to get out of the videogame ASAP.
  • The Big Problem - Timmy is tired of being a shrimp, so he wishes he was older - with disastrous results, as he loses his parents, his home, and his hair. Power Mad - Timmy wishes for a video game that "you can't wish yourself out of".

    It's interesting to see these early episodes of FOP as not only are the style of animation and some of the voice characterizations slightly different, but the early episodes have a certain freshness and spontaneity that first hooked me on this series all those years ago.

    "The Big Problem" is, of course, the first episode aired after FOP was granted series status, after its initial run on "Oh Boy! Cartoons!" and already the changes are beginning - we finally get to see Timmy's parents, for instance, although to this day, we never know their first names - and Cosmo's voice is beginning to be pitched higher, although it would take several more episodes for it to reach the annoying whiney high pitch that it now has.

    It's also interesting to see how in those early episodes, Wanda was just as looney as Cosmo. I miss that aspect of Wanda's personality, although it occasionally still comes out in her love of chocolate and Wandissimo's backrubs.

    "Power Mad" is one of the best of the early episodes (the "carrot in the Matrix gag is terrific!), and one of the first that engages in parody - Cosmo & Wanda's takes on TV shows are priceless - the William Shatner/Saturn Awards/"Rocket Man" bit was dead-on perfect, down to the multiple angle shots and tuxedo with untied tie. The "Lucy" bit was a neat piece of "What would a 50's sitcom be like if it was politically correct?", and Cosmo's "Seinfeld" line - "It's a show about nothing - how do we know when it's over?" is classic. Getting to see Timmy's noble side (when he sacrifices himself to save Chester and A.J.) was a huge plus.

    Excellent episodes!

  • Out of thouse i like power mad better

    A big problem isn't that good of an episode but I love power mad so much its one of my favorite episodes i mean its a combonation of FOP and Vidio games all in one it rocks so much i wish i could have a game like that - southbark