The Fairly OddParents

Season 4 Episode 7

The Big Superhero Wish

Aired Wednesday 9:00 PM Feb 16, 2004 on Nicktoons Networks

Episode Recap

When Timmy gets tired of the normal everyday routine, and how he never gets any rescuing from his enemies, he goes to Cosmo and Wanda and wishes that the world was like a comic book. As a result, everybody has a superpower, and his nemeses have become supervillains. These supervillains, including Bull-E/Francis, The Babyshredder/Vicky, and Dr. Crocktopus/Mr. Crocker, are then recruited by the Nega-Chin, who was unleashed with the wish to attempt to wreack havoc. Timmy then tries to unwish his wish, but his wish is apparently manipulated by the villains who sense some kind of magic in his "Superhounds", really Cosmo and Wanda, so they can keep their powers but the superheroes can't. They then take these "Superhounds" away, leaving Timmy and his friends, including the Crimson Chin, to plan what to do next. They end up infiltrating the evil lair with the help of some "everyday heroes", including a janitor, a firefighter, and a milkman who didn't help him before when he needed help in everyday situations. He learns a lesson about how people don't have to have powers to be heroes.

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